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Carmine Sword

[FE15] : Secret Cool Kids Club Draft

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Cool kids club because all the spots are already taken!

1. This draft is for 3 players.
2. Alm, Celica, Silque, and Mycen are free for all.
3. The game will be played on Hard Mode.

1. Undrafted units can only move and trade items, 4 turn penalty.
2. Every overworld map must be completed; you may do fights/collect treasure one time per dungeon room (no staff/grind abuse)
3. You may fight skirmishes/extra dungeon fights (not farm silver) with just undrafted units deployed and Alm/Celica not fighting.
4. Any unit that levels up in a skirmish has an additional 4 turn penalty just for deployment.
5. Random drops and drops from extracurricular fights banned.
6. No doing extra fights for quests, even if it's the first time that fight becomes available.
7. Forging and sub-quests are allowed; all DLC is banned.
8. Game ends when Duma dies.
9. You can only get one of Sonya or Deen

Available Units

SRC: Saber, Tobin, Faye, Palla, Catria, Claire, Boey, Forsyth, Tatiana, Zeke

Carmine: Gray, Genny, Clive, Atlas, Kamui, Lukas, Delthea, Jesse, Conrad, Sonya

Terrador: Kliff, Mae, Leon, Mathilda, Python, Est, Luthier, Deen, Valbar, Nomah

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Well, the smart thing to do would be to pick Kliff again, but I got him last time so I'll take Gray instead.

Gray let's you 2 turn the first map, WORTH IT.

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DIDN'T NEED HIM ANYWAYS actually I was about to pick him

Clair and Boey even though he's the worst D:

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Act 1

Village Brigands: 2/2

All my dudes double and 4HKO so pretty simple.

Forest Brigands: 4/6

Alm and Gray went up, Lukas got the archer. If the brigands weren't cowards that ran away I could have gotten this done in 3 turns.

Thief Shrine:

Fed it too Silque. Gave her 2 of the speed statues so she could double Brigands.

Merc On A Mountain: 5/11

Silque kills the Merc and everyone else goes right.

I'm In A Fort: 8/19

You really want two ranged dudes here to finish this quickly. Went back and gave Silque the last speed statue so that she could double Soldiers.

Silque killed a bunch of Soliders, including the boss and the jerk in the left room. Everyone else went right to get the Archer.

Lightning Sword I: 3/22

Promoted Lukas before the map.

Gray killed the cavs and a few Soldiers. Lukas and Alm chipped stuff so that they would suicide of Silque on enemy phase. Gave Silque the bosskill again, and she got Warp by the end of the map so WORTH IT.

Lightning Sword II: Electric Boogaloo: 5/27

Warped Gray on Turn 1 so he could engage the upper cavaliers a turn early. Alm and Lukas killed the lower cavs before converging with Gray to kill the upper ones on the final turn.

Deliverance HQ:

Skipped to the end to recruit Clive, then got him and Gray to level 7 to promote them both, then fed the rest of the dungeon to Silque. Also gave her all three attack statues, giving her 16 magic by the end of the dungeon. Lukas also learned Swap.

Doombot Desaix: 8/35

Warped Gray up on Turn 1, then Warped Clive over to kill the right archers next turn, then Warped Alm up to help Gray out. Then I just spent the rest of the map clearing enemies out.


Alm Lv. 9.23 Fighter 32HP/17Str/14Skl/10Spd/10Lck/8Def/4Res

Lukas Lv. 7/4.72 Knight 37HP/18Str/9Skl/6Spd/2Lck/14Def/2Res

Gray Lv. 7/7/4.58 Myrmidon 33HP/15Str/11Skl/17Spd/8Lck/8Def/2Res

Silque Lv. 10.99 Cleric 21HP/16Mgc/8Skl/11Spd/13Lck/4Def/11Res

Clive Lv. 7/2.97 Paladin 28HP/13Str/8Skl/9Spd/7Lck/8Def/1Res 

Act 2

Novis Graveyard: 5/40

Gave Celica 2 strength statues to ORKO pirates and Genny 1 speed just for general doubling.

Genny's too weak to get 4 turns on this map unfortunately. Nosferatu so bad. At least she got DEFENSE.

I'm On A Boat I: 5/45

Nosferatu hit rates are rage. Genny got the bosskill and learned Invoke.

I'm On A Boat II: 4/49

Genny's invoked soldiers killed everything except the boss and the Merc, who Celica killed.

YO HO HO: 5/54

The invoked Soldiers killed everything again, including the boss.

I'm On A Boat III: 5/59

Fed the boss to Kaumi because otherwise he would have gotten no exp at all.

I'm On A Boat IV: 6/65

Mercs too stronk.

I'm On A Boat V: 6/71

Had to do this now in order for Celica to get enough speed to double and ORKO the Necrodragons.

Distracted the Arcanists with invoked soliders and then finished them off with Celica and Kamui.


Bait with invoked and finish off with Celica.

Sea Shrine:

Skipped all of the enemies and just got the Blessed Sword and promoted Kamui. Saving the fights for Atlas.

Conrad: 4/78



Celica Lv. 8.71 Priestess 27HP/15Str/12Skl/12Spd/11Lck/7Def/7Res

Genny Lv. 7.99 Cleric 21HP/11Mgc/3Skl/8Spd/9Lck/2Def/13Res

Kamui Lv. 7/1.00 Myrmidon 30HP/11Str/11Skl/14Spd/3Lck/7Def/2Res

Act 3

Palla And Catria: 5/83

Celica is the only one who can ORKO any of the enemies on this map, which definitely cost me a turn here. Maybe feeding the entire Sea Shrine to Kaumi would have let me get 4 Turns here, but that would come at the cost of Atlas being really underleveled and generally useless, so I determined that doing that wasn't worth it. 

Zombones: 3/86

Maybe I should have taken Palla.

After this I took Atlas over to the Sea Shrine, promoted him to Archer, got him to level 7 and promoted him to Sniper. Also gave him both res and all 3 skill statues in the Sea Shrine, as well as a Pegasus Cheese. I also used the two exp statues to get Genny to level 12 and promoted her too.

Cancer Archer Fort: 8/94

Archer!Atlas was totally worth it here, ORKOing all of the enemy archers except the boss and the Leather Shield guys. Kamui killed some mercs and Genny baited out the boss with invoked meatshields. Celica did nothing because she can't actually reach the enemies with her whopping 1 move in the desert.

Deen: 6/100

Gave Jesse the Golden Apple then went back to the Sea Shrine to promote him to Myrmidon.

Atlas chipped mercs from afar and Kamui finished them off. Genny was really useful here too for chipping Deen and 2HKOing Mercs with Seraphim. Jesse got 1 KILL.

Greith: 11/111

Everyone went up the right side while Celica stayed back to deal with the Myrmidon in the bottom right corner. Atlas could ORKO the Snipers and Arcanists which was super clutch. Had Kamui chip Greith once and then Atlas finished him off with two Curved Shots. Genny expelled a bunch of zombones and Jesse killed the Cantor.

Polnareff: 4/115

Used the money from Greith's to forge a Killer Bow for Atlas.

Sent Sonya and Genny up the mountain to kill the boss and his archer pal while everyone else went right. Got Kamui to level 9 so he can promote in the Shrine after giving him the 2nd Golden Apple.

Dragon Shrine:

Promoted Kamui, then fed the dungeon to Atlas so he could reach level 10 and promote to Bow Knight. He also learned Hunter's Volley which will definitely help in the next map. 

Atlas Vs The World: 5/120

Atlas killed pretty much the entire map. The boss was the only enemy that he needed to crit, but he had 44 crit iirc with Hunter's Volley so it wasn't too bad. Everything else got ORKOed and thanks to 1-5 range on bows would actually die on enemy phase. Genny used Physic on Atlas.

Gave Jesse one exp statue after the map to get him to level 10 and promote him (he's better than Kamui now), and gave the other one to Sonya since she's the only other unit I have right now who is not promoted. Maybe should have saved it for Conrad, but oh well. I then forged a +1 Rapier named "Marf" and sent in to Alm's side.


Celica Lv. 14/1.00 Princess 32HP/17Mgc/16Skl/15Spd/14Lck/9Def/7Res

Genny Lv. 12/5.46 Saint 32HP/18Mgc/10Skl/11Spd/11Lck/5Def/13Res

Kamui Lv. 7/10/2.74 Dread Fighter 36HP/15Str/16Skl/19Spd/7Lck/11Def/2Res

Atlas Lv. 10/7/10/3.77 Bow Knight 42HP/25Str/17Skl/12Spd/7Lck/11Def/6Res

Jesse Lv. 7/10/1.00 Dread Fighter 36HP/15Str/17Skl/19Spd/14Lck/11Def/7Res

Sonya Lv. 8.54 Mage 24HP/14Mgc/11Skl/14Spd/4Lck/6Def/12Res

Fernand: 5/125

Clive went left and took care of Fernand and the cavs. Silque warped Gray and then Alm up to deal with the rest of the enemies. Gray killed the boss. Lukas, er, killed an Archer.

Arcanist Hell: 6/131

There was a skirmish mixed in here, but I don't think it mattered too much.

Warped Clive up to kill the skirmish dudes, Then Gray baited Arcanists so that he, Alm, and Lukas could kill them, then Silque baited the Mire dudes and everyone ganged up on them.

Silque can promote now!

Berkut And Fernand: 1/132

This actually took effort because no one can ORKO Berkut.

Warped Alm up to chip Berkut with the Lightning Sword, then Lukas used Swap on Gray so that Gray would have enough move to reach Berkut and finish him off with the Rapier. Clive then chipped Fernand so that Fernand would suicide on enemy phase (he always attacks Clive for some reason even though Clive has the highest defense of anyone in range). The generic cav suicides on Gray.

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Act 1: 38 Turns

Ram Woods Battle: 3/3
Alm chips everyone, Kliff gets a whole lotta kills.

Fleecer's Forest: 5/8
Alm and Kliff gang up on the Archer turn 1. After that, Alm runs at the boss and Kliff cleans up chumps (with AI manipulation assist from the undrafted squad).
Had to spend a whole turn killing one brigand, but I think a four-turn is out of reach any way I slice it so ayyy.

Thieves' Shrine: Free/8
Fed the boss fight to Alm (finished a Kliff level but that was garbage), promoted Kliff at L5 to basically merc bases.

Ram Valley: 7/15
Kliff not two-rounding things (and being a bit bulkier) is super handy. That is all.

Southern Outpost: 7/22
I kinda hate this game some maps, and this is one of them. Kliff goes left to fight the soldier (with Silque assist), Alm goes right to squish the archer, Silque goes up the center.
Had to feed Silque two speed statues to get through. Blegh.

Southern Zofia 1: 3/25
Does anyone not get three turns here?

Southern Zofia 2: 4/29
If you have Silque eat, she can do three Warps, zapping Kliff west turn 1, Alm north turn 2, and Kliff north turn 4. If Alm has the Leather Shield equipped, the chumps will prioritize Kliff even if Alm doesn't get over the river; most Alms should be able to four-turn.

Deliverance Hideout: Free/29
Fed Python to promotion and then some, gave Silque three attack statues to hit 14, raged all day trying to get an 8-turn and resigned myself to that being unreasonable with this comp.

Zofia Gate: 9/38
I really do hate Echoes earlygame in draft. Haate it. Awful shit.
Actual strat notes: Team goes across the bridge because Silque can't really take three dudes up the center, Python goes and fights Archers, and Silque assembles Kliff/Alm/Python to fight at the northeast choke before aggroing the last couple of enemies (with one last Warp to put Kliff in Desaix's room, before he despawned even! So good).

Name   Class    LV HP AT SK SP LK DF RS Arts
Alm    Fighter   9 34 15 12  7 11 10  4 Wrath Strike
Kliff  Myrmidon  4 31 13 17 19 10  7  8 Thunderclap
Python Sniper    3 30 14  8  7  3  6  4 Heavy Draw, Curved Shot, Swap
Silque Cleric   10 20 14  8  9  9  6 11 Swap


Edited by Terrador

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Act 2: 34/72 Turns

Novis Cemetery: 4/4
Bog standard for this duo.

Zofia Seaway 1: 4/8
Once again, I'm not sucking at the game!

Zofia Seaway 2: 4/12
Turns out that Leather Shield Mae is really, REALLY strong.

Pirate Throne: 5/17
Fun fact: Mae duo can 4-turn this boss with 14 ATK/12 SPE. Swap!Celica might help, but idt you'd get it if you're getting a fast pirate map. The actual answer here is "get two early Celica units if you can".
Hate making Leon live though. Stoopid boy, just stop running at bandits, Valbar's got it handled. (Never thought I'd be saying that.)

Zofia Seaway 3: 5/22
Hey, at least I didn't rig this time. ...except for that 35% Leon bow hit why is this Cantor so swole. Got it first attempt though! Also, 35% w/Turnwheel is not exactly 8% without, don't feel bad about this.

Seabound Shrine: 2/24
Basically, the idea for the 3-turn with a Celica who couldn't double dragons was a lot of AI manipulation to squeeze out damage by letting Mae field EPs, including giving Leon a Fruit of Life.
...then Mae double crits the first Necrodragon out of nowhere PP2, and I fish for the Seraphim crit with Turnwheel on a whim.

Seabound Shrine Interior (First Trip): Free/24
Got everybody Swap, promoted Leon. Saved the back half of the dungeon and all the goodies for Est later.

Zofia Seaway 4: 3/27
Everything just kinda worked out right for this map. Leon OH PEE.

Zofia Seaway 5: 3/30
Mae put in WORK, and Leon sure helped.

Conrad: 4/34
Yawn. Ordinary end to a good Celica route.

Name   Class     LV HP AT SK SP LK DF RS Arts
Celica Priestess 10 26 15  9 10 13  6  7 Swap, Plentitude
Mae    Mage       9 22 15  3 12  7  3 12 Swap
Leon   Sniper     2 30 13  8  7  7  6  1 Curved Shot, Swap
Valbar Knight     1 30 14  5  2  1 12  0 Swap


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Many skirmishes later....

Desaix: 4/136

Warped Gray up on Turn 1 to chip Desaix down to half HP with the Lightning Sword skill that I can never spell correctly, which made Desaix spend the next 3 turns on a heal tile instead of killing everyone. Alm and Clive walked in to help Gray clear stuff out, and then Clive went over to kill the Cantor since he has the most move. Desaix then attacked Slique who brought him down to low enough HP for Gray to finish him off. Lukas killed the Witch.

Cavaliers For Days: 2/138

Determined that the Gradivus wouldn't be worth it with this team since Clive and Lukas are both too slow to use it effectively. Instead, I maxed out the Glue Factory forge and forged the Rapier to +2, as well as turning the Steel Sword into a Brave Sword since Gray can make good use of that.

Warped Gray up to engage the entire right side, where he ORKOed everyone except the boss (he had no chance of death). Clive then went up the left and OHKOed all of the ponies, which was good, since he only doubled like half of them. Alm and Lukas did nothing.

Sylvan Shrine:

Got Lukas and Clive enough exp so that I could promote them after giving them the exp statues. Gray also promoted since he reached level 10 last map. Got a magic proc for 18 magic since I need that extra tile of Warp range to 4 turn Delthea's map.

Bows On The Plains: 4/142

Warped up Gray, then Alm, then Lukas. Clive just ran in on his own.

Delthea: 4/146

Clive took out the left Arcanists, and Silque baited out the right ones after warping Gray up a little bit to bait the Mire guy on the bridge. Next turn she just barely had enough Warp Range to get Gray into the boss room, where he crit the boss. Lukas and Clive killed the Arcanists that Silque baited last turn. Gray kills the other Arcanist in the boss room, Lukas kills the Mire dude down south, and Silque kills the Mire dude Gray baited Turn 1 before Warping Alm up next turn to finish off the guy in the top left corner.


Alm Lv. 14.57 Fighter 35HP/21Str/16Skl/14Spd/12Lck/11Def/4Res

Lukas Lv. 7/10/1.79 Baron 41HP/22Str/11Skl/9Spd/4Lck/18Def/2Res

Gray Lv. 7/7/10/3.99 Dread Fighter 37HP/20Str/17Skl/19Spd/10Lck/11Def/4Res

Silque Lv. 12/3.17 Saint 32HP/18Mgc/10Skl/11Spd/15Lck/6Def/11Res

Clive Lv. 7/10/2.40 Gold Knight 40HP/19Str/12Skl/12Spd/7Lck/13Def/1Res

Delthea Lv. 3.00 Mage Base

I'm In A Swamp: 6/152

Really should have taken Palla.

Slowly trudge through the swamp before Kamui and Atlas get way ahead of everyone and kill the boss and his pal (also the Arcanists). Jesse killed the bottom Cantor and the Dread Fighter and Celica killed a Sniper.

Grave Dragons: 2/154

Did I mention that I should have taken Palla yet?

Purple Dragon Mountain: 5/159

The Dreads and Atlas go down and murder everything. Genny uses physic while Celica and Sonya are just sort of there.

Lost Woods:

Conrad got a level. Whoop.

Edited by Carmine Sword

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Ram Woods 3/3
Can't get the 2 turn here so it's feeding time for Faye while Tobin and Alm do all the damage they can.

Fleecer's Forest 4/7
Alm and Tobin work their way up the map for Alm to bait the boss on turn 3 and kill on turn 4. Faye picks off chumps that try to run away and heal at the bottom.

Ram Valley 6/13
Faye up, everyone else right. Enemies are no match for Clifftop!Silque and the swordies.

Southern Outpost 6/19
I have to ship iron sword Alm to the top left to take care of the soldier after he softens up the middle a bit. The rest of the gang takes care of business with nosferatu spam.

Southern Zofia 1 3/22
Alm and Tobin abused Lightning sword big time while clerics did their best impression of not missing.

Sothern Zofia 2 5/27
Silque warps Tobin, who softens up the upper cavaliers with thunder sword. Alm and clerics beat up the guys at the bottom, then help Tobin clean up on the final turn.

Zofia Gate 7/34
In preparation for this map, Tobin was promoted and fed a couple defense lion heads and Faye was grinded up to level 10 for Rescue. 

Geez, this map. Between tweaking strategies and waiting for the RNG to cooperate, I wouldn't be surprised if this took a few dozen attempts, especially counting that I ended up restarting my run for adequate warp Silque and a Rescue level Faye. 

The main part of my strategy was to get Tobin blocking the healing tile room as fast as possible to prevent enemy retreats. So, turn one I warp Faye, who rescues Tobin, who thunderswords a poor enemy archer. The next turn, Faye rescues Silque, who then warps Tobin in range to start the blockade. Tobin eats a LOT of enemy attacks here, which is why I ended up lion heading him some defense. The other issue is Desaix kicks Tobin's butt if he doesn't kill Slayder in time. To do this I rigged a miss so Slayder would not retreat while Tobin was 2 rounding him.

Fortunately, with the healing tiles blocked off, the map is just about picking off stragglers. Alm Faye (occasionally giving physic support), and Forsythe (sort of) do most of the damage to the dudes on the bottom/middle and Clair helpes with baiting enemies and finishing off low HP dudes. Silk starts in the middle after her warping duties and works her way up to the top. 

Accidentally saved after heading to chapter 2 but the levels are approximately:

Alm: Level 9 Fighter
Tobin: Level 5 Myrmidon
Faye: Level 10 Cleric
Silque: Level 10 Cleric
Clair: Level 5 Pegasus Knight
Forsythe: Level 4 Loldier

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Atlas Vs The World II: Live Free Or Die Hard Kids: 5/164

Atlas went in and killed all the annoying enemies. Kamui followed him to kill the Dreads. Celica eventually came in to kill a demon thwomp. Everyone else killed witches.

Jedah is being a pain so that chapter might not be up for a while at this rate.

Roundhouse: Roundhouse/168

Atlas attacks Jedah over 3 turns so that Kamui can ROUNDHOUSE him for great justice. Genny takes the Mage Ring and murders all of the demon thwomps. Also salty because I'm one thwomp short of 3 turning this map. Something something Palla something something.

Afterwards, got some money from the bottom floor of Duma Tower (and promoted Conrad) to max out the Killer Bow forge, then sent the Killer Bow, the Mage Ring, and a Soma over to Alm's side, then sold the Dracoshield to forge a second Killer Bow for Atlas to use in the tower.

Legion Of Duma:

Uh.. it happened. Got Swap and Shove on both Sonya and Conrad. Sonya hit promotion level at the top of the tower, but it's too late to promote anyone by that point so RIP. Gave all of the statues to ATLAS.


Celica Lv. 14/9.20 Princess 35HP/19Mgc/21Skl/21Spd/15Lck/17Def/8Res

Genny Lv. 12/11.12 Saint 35HP/23Mgc/15Skl/11Spd/13Lck/5Def/14Res

Kamui Lv. 7/10/10.99 Dread Fighter 39HP/21Str/19Skl/22Spd/8Lck/15Def/2Res

Atlas Lv. 10/7/10/10.77 Bow Knight 45HP/32Str/23Skl/17Spd/14Lck/14Def/6Res

Jesse Lv. 7/10/9.73 Dread Fighter 41HP/20Str/21Skl/21Spd/18Lck/13Def/7Res

Sonya Lv. 14.63 Mage 26HP/16Mgc/14Skl/18Spd/6Lck/11Def/12Res

Conrad Lv. 10/3.31 Gold Knight 42HP/19Str/20Skl/20Spd/11Lck/14Def/12Res

Edited by Carmine Sword

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