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Ziggy McDougal

FE12 H4 0% Growths FINISHED

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To my knowledge this is the second completed run of Lunatic Reverse on 0% Growths (the first one to complete the run being Scraiza). And to tell the truth, I borrowed a lot from Scraiza's run when it came to things such as statbooster distro. The main objective of this run was mainly to see how far I can get without employing any savestate abuse, and then to complete the maps as quickly as possible by any means necessary. So once chapter 15 hit, the reliability of my strategies took a massive dump, as I prioritized turncounts above most everything. This also meant that a couple strategies would revolve around suicides (namely, chap 15, 16, and 19). Savestate abused was employed at chapter 15 simply because 90% of the viable roster was basically getting ORKO'd. 



Speed - A

Survival - E

Tactics - C 



p1 - 5
p2 - 6
p3 - 11
p4 - 11
p5 - 9
p6 - 4
p7 - 6
p8 - 42

1 - 11
2 - 14
3 - 29
3x - 8
4 - 16
5 - 24
6 - 48
6x - 1
7 - 7
8 - 6
9 - 11
10 - 4
10x - 1
11 - 44
12 - 22
13 - 31
13x - 8
14 - 58
15 - 27
16 - 19
16x - 4
17 - 17
18 - 6
19 - 20
20 - 34
20x - 65
21 - 14
22 - 6
23 - 5
Endgame - 2

Final - 656

Noteworthy Statbooster Distro


Palla - 2 Angelic Robes, 2 Speedwings (2 more on chap 21), 2 energy drops, 2 dracoshields
Katarina - 2 Angelic Robes, 4 speedwings, 5 Spirit Dusts, 1 Dracoshield
Arlen - Arms Scroll (for early excab)

Etzel - 1 spirit dust (to ohko chap 21 wyverns)

Minerva - 2 energy drops

Staff Usage


Hammerne - 2 rescues, 1 again

Rescue - ch4, ch6x, ch7, ch15, ch17, ch18, ch19, ch22, endgame (six left, used 5)

Again - ch17, ch20, ch 23 (used 3) endgame (2 left, used 1)

Link to the playthrough

Chapters 1-5

Chapters 6-10

Chapters 11-15

Chapters 16-20x

Chapters 21-Endgame

Endgame + Records

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Three things:

1. Got rid of the duplicate topic.

2. I'm moving this to the FE12 section.

3. I'd like to see more than a bunch of random screenshots.  What exactly was each strategy?  Why did you do what you did on those maps?

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I'll be skipping the prologue since it's really just memorizing movements, even in Vanilla H4.

Chapters 1-5


Ch1 - Hero!Arran+RP (17 AS, 19 Atk) goes to town on the first 2 axe mooks while the third prioritizes Draug. Really the hardest part of this is turn 1. The axe mook and the hunter past the fort, near Lorenz, are baited with Cecile and drawn away from the fort.


Ch2 - Sniper!Arran+RP has enough AS to double and ORKO the wyverns. Rody with a javelin and a steel lance can take care of the lady sword thief (but it isn’t exactly reliable). Cecile baits a couple soldiers and cavs away towards the left so I don’t get overwhelmed. Then Cecile dies baiting a draco away from the main party. Savepoint rigging ensues, but nothing too serious.


Ch3 - Gordin and Cav!Catria take the first pack of dracos while General!Arran, Warren, and Ryan move west to take care of the three dracos from the mountain. I didn’t really have to kill Matthis if I took the way around, and in hindsight it’s basically the same distance, but I decided to cross the bridge and have Matthis suicide.


Ch3x - Palla goes Draco and eats 2 speedwings, and 2 angelic robes. Arran also goes the Draco to rush over to Wrys.


Ch4 - Palla cleans up the mooks near the starting point on turn 1 EP and gets rescued by Yumina to clean up everyone else near Ogma. Had to forge a +10 hit javelin since hit rates were very shaky. I also recall giving Palla a couple energy drops (2 I think). I got a bit carried away and killed Yubello but w/e.


Ch5 - Palladin with RP due to high res base. The Armors were a bit tricky to deal with when combined with the ballista, so I had to save point rig a bit. Palla takes the round trip to clear the way for Marth to get to the village, and Arran savepoint rigs to get the physic staff.


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Chapters 6-10x


Ch6 - The reinforcements were slightly annoying, but the best way of dealing with then was to have the Archer sit in front while I pick of the coga-line one at a time. General!Palla really put in work and Paladin!Catria with the Lady Sword made my life a lot easier this chapter


Ch6x - one turn. You know the drill.


Ch7 - burned a rescue here to get Palla to the thief with the robe asap. Save point rigging ensued near the latter portion of this map due to the endless reinforcements.


Ch8 - Cav!Gordin to recruit Jeorge. Draco!Arran went south to stall the reinforcements. Draco!Palla took care of the snipers. Nothing too fancy.


Ch9 - before, on regular H4, I would burn a rescue to avoid triggering the mages, but waterwalk and catria's baiting made it so I can recruit Etzel to escape Astram without any staff usage. Jeorge eats a lot of starshards and an RP use on order to conserve Parthia and OHKO the dracos with a silver bow.


Ch10 - 4 turn with Sniper!Palla and Minerva. ORKO the shaver mages on turn 1 EP and Dracopope (Wendell) recruits Arlen on turn 3. Pretty easy chapter.


ch10x - 1 turn


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3 hours ago, eclipse said:

It took 29 turns to cross the bridge on Chapter 3?

Well Marth had to visit the village with Bord, then march across to recruit Julian and then seize. In practice, going around takes just as much time as crossing the bridge if you attempt all the side-objectives.

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Chapters 11-15


ch11 - Fielded 4 male mages, with Caeda to ferry around Excalibur between them. Palla with RP and Scorpio could ORKO the Wyverns and Jeorge with starshard help could OHKO them with the silver bow. Had to savepoint rig against the SMs, but nothing too severe. Mallesia with Physic came in handy here as well.

ch12 - I was actually on a shortage of javelins here, so I couldn't just solo with Palla. Clog up the bottom forts on turn 2. Then I just turtled up near the spawn point and baited the turn 4 wyverns to fly around towards the south-east forts. Palla and SM!Minerva took care of the Fire Dragons that stormed me from the front. The savepoint was also very useful since Palla's hit rate ranged from 50-60%. I also needed it for the Fire Dragon with Pisces. 

ch13 - SM!Palla, Catria, and Minerva all came in handy here. Catria could ORKO the DMs with the lady sword and Palla + Minerva could ORKO the Ice Dragons with wyrmslayers. Etzel and Arlen pull off some Excalibur shenanigans once Palla clears the right flank. After the first couple of turns, the rest of the chapter eases out and I could take my time. Palla waits just across the river to make quick work of the Boss so Marth could seize the same turn.

ch13x - Quite a hectic chapter and lost Leiden after messing up with his positioning. In hindsight, it would have been better to keep him alive with his high base speed, but it turns out I didn't really need him. The basic strategy being to move towards the top and then the right once all the ballistae were taken care of. Marth at base can actually eat a single ballista hit so I was able to take advantage of that and get's Iote Shield fairly quickly.

ch14 - Surprisingly, the only combat Palla really sees is against the first couple of ice dragons and then the thieves. Then she waits next to the wall and makes the Ice Dragons and the DMs form a conga line near the 1 tile-wide corridor to the left of the building near the spawn point. Arlen took advantage of this to train up his staff rank. After that, it was a matter of simply picking them off one by one. The second part of the chapter was also fairly difficult, as I had to deal with the dragons in Tiki's room as well as the reinforcements that spawn outside. Tiki helped a lot this chapter, but most of the heavy lifting was SM!Catria and Minerva. Palla reclasses to General btw.

ch15 - and now, the reliability of the run takes a massive dump (also yay suicide strats), as savestate abuse has just begun. Jake and Beck reclass to zeker for waterwalk so they can rig devil axe crits turn 1. Minerva and Xane then take care of the bishop and the ballista to the left. Had to use a rescue here to keep Xane out of the longbow archers range. Clog up the forts on turn 6 and have Palla maneuver around the southern reinforcements to move towards the middle island with the shops and the armories. Once the reinforcements were taken care of, the rest of the chapter was actually fairly chill. Deaths: Dolph, Jake, Beck, Est


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Chapters 16-20x


ch16 - Minerva rigs 2 crits against the thieves and magic convoy teleports the Geosphere to make rigging less of a hassle. Palladin for the higher res and HP base so I can deal with the swarm bishops a bit easier. Maccelan and Cain both die here. Jeorge reclasses to Horseman to recruit Astram. Once the chests have been open, the reinforcements spawn, so I have to get everyone inside the room so Minerva and Peg!Malice can bait the enemies in the room and the reinforcements around the outside of the map. Nothing too serious aside from the fact that I rigged nearly every hit to be a crit.

ch16x - 2 berserkers for devil axe crits. Palla goes draco. Then everyone huddles up and clogs the forts. MU at base can actually survive a single round against Katarina, so I made sure to take advantage of that. Also the snipers are taken care of easily by Palla since they try and attack from the outside.

ch17 - Quite an easy chapter actually. Palla rigs a crit against the thief with Nosferatu on turn 1. Katarina kills 2 warriors on turn 1 and a draco with shaver on enemy phase. Had to burn an Again and a Rescue since opening the door causes the reinforcements to spawn. So Marth has to recruit Samson and Sheema and seize all on the same turn.

ch18 - crit rigging galore. 3 dracos (Palla, Minerva, Samson). Rig silver lance and poleaxe crits against the paladins so Marth can visit the village on turn 1. Then conga-line my way through the armors and bishops to seize. Abel actually went SM here since he can ORKO the bishops with the devil sword.

ch19 - the infamous chapter 19. 3 sacrifices here and 4 units I failed to recruit. Horace and Abel rig silver lance crits on turn 1 so I don't waste nosferatu. Minerva rigs a crit against the armor in front of the boss and has the geosphere equipped so Draco!Dice with the hammer can rig an OHKO against the boss, preventing the reinforcements from spawning and dying in the process. Aside from that, Nostank for days and march to the throne. 

ch20 - I had to break the swarms here. Once that was done, Xane and Katarina take on the heroes on player phase. Katarina whips out Nosferatu and Xane rigs a crit on enemy phase with Thoron. After that, everyone hurries up and gets inside the room with the chests to avoid confronting the reinforcements. Katarina takes out Nosferatu and blocks the entrance to the room. Xane rigs 2 aura crits against Hardin and Marthipan seizes. 

ch20x - quite a boring chapter. Bait out the longbow archers one by one, break Eremiyah's meteor, rig a bit, seize. And I dont think I even needed the extra Aura can Excalibur, so all this chapter really did was add to my turncounts.


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Chapters 21-Endgame


ch21 - 3 dracos: Palla, Minerva, and Midia. Send them towards the left and around. Palla rigs a Gradivus crit while in range of one of they Wyverns so that I can bait out a meteor. Then the three dracos move around the top and kill the thieves asap. Nosferatu helped a lot here due to all of the overlapping ranges. Nothing too serious here aside from the first couple of turns, as the Meteor and Wyvern combination wasn't something I was able to circumvent with nosferatu.

ch22 - Ymir reclasses to sniper and eats an Arms scroll. Michalis reclasses to SM, eats an RP, and gets a forged wyrmslayer. The basic strategy was to bum rush as quickly as possible, abusing Nosferatu, rigged Parthia crits, and Michalis ORKOing pretty much everything thanks to his 30 speed with RP. Once I reached the room, Minerva rigs a Hauteclere crit, Katarina rescues Marth, Michalis ORKOs the Mage Dragon, and seize to end the chapter. I escaped through the skin of my teeth with this one due to the reinforcements.

ch23 - Oh boy. Had to rig a Parthia crit on turn 1 EP. Michalis roflstomps 2 Mage Dragons and Ymir takes out one with another use of Parthia. Katarina and Palladin clog up the corridors on turn 2. Then I burn 3 agains on Michalis and Katarina. Michalis deals with the dragons and Katarina rigs a Starlight Crit against Gharnef. 

Endgame - I was actually supposed to kill Medeus with the Thoron forge since Scraiza killed him with his bolganone forge. Minerva talks to Maria, use a bunch of rescues and rig 2 crits. Ofc, with Mage speed cap of 25, either Xane or Katarina has to bite the bullet. Since I did have 2 again uses, I could have 1 turned the map, but I didn't actually consider it until after I published the playthrough.


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