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Custom Characters/Dream Characters Thread

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On 4/18/2018 at 5:34 PM, indigospace said:

I second this statement.

Glad to know that I'm not the only one who wants Layton and Wright in! :D 

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Yep, let's not ignore the Spyro's second trilogy, the Legend of Spyro series, was on the GC, and Crash had a series of Wii games and a DS exclusive party game.

Unlike Crash, though, Spyro never totally vanished, as he was the main mascot of Skylanders. (If Spyro got in, I would go so far as request Skylander Spyro be an alt model for that generation.) So he's had quite a bit of time on Nintendo consoles, but that really didn't prevent Cloud from getting in.

What's funny is that there were many complaints that Crash, Spyro, and Cloud Strife were missing from PlayStation Allstars, Sony's pretty OK Smash clone. FFVII has never had a Nintendo console release, and yet, here we are.


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I have my own top 10 that I would like to share, though in my mind, I feel that they might not be accepted. Understand, I will be trying to stay away from sword-users and Pokemon in this, mostly as... well, a lot of characters are using swords, alongside a vast Pokemon selection, it seems. Starting from 10 and heading to 1 gradually...

For number 10, this one is sort of out there, as he comes from a shared game series... Galen Marek/Starkiller from The Force Unleashed Star Wars games, particularly from the first release. I mean... all those force abilities/combos would be vast, and he wouldn't exactly be a traditional 'swordsman' either, with his lightsaber, though still classified as a swordsman all the same, I suppose. Pick up a Beam Sword with him, and you get FUII Starkiller... though that's way off topic. But, as well as variable force abilities and lightsaber skills, he also has a diverse amount of clothes; Jedi experimental armor, Sith apprentice robes, Sith stalker armor and ceremonial Jedi robes all would make excellent appearance changes (while also cosmetically changing his lightsaber color too, even though the former two are from FUII). Remember, the games were released on the Wii, and I do believe the DS as well, though I could be greatly mistaken. Final Smash could easily be Force Maelstrom, or he could call in the Shadow Eclipse to bombard the field.

Number 9 would be someone a little less expected... Amelia from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, donning her Recruit armor with Slim Spear as her weapon. Due to being a recruit, her combat abilities would seem rather limited, especially with a spear in mind. She'd have great reach, and could even use her spear as a sort of vault if grounded, allowing her to get to higher places. Contrary to her stats in game, she'd be surprisingly fast and nimble, though she would also be a bit clumsy from time to time, yet this could be referenced in her moveset, rather than her moving capabilities. Also expresses great skill with her weapon... Alternatively, could even use her Heroes General appearance with the ax as her weapon (also something I haven't seen in Smash is a full-focused ax-user (Dedede’s and Ice Climbers’ hammers don't exactly count)). Final Smash could be Duessel, or even Franz riding in on their horse mounts(as they were Great Knight/Cavalier/Paladin, respectively) so the two can dual attack. Recruit Amelia could also be a fairly reasonable Assist Trophy as well.

Moving on to 8 would be another blonde, but from a completely different series all together... Colette Brunelle from Tales of Symphonia (as awesome and diverse as Lloyd/Kratos/Zelos are, I'm trying not to have swordsmen on the list). She would be rather unique as she would combine mid-ranged combat as well as melee with the use of her twin Chakrams (while also being a great jumper with those angel wings of hers). Her clumsy form of fighting would be humorous as well, though use of Item Rover could give her a chance to steal whatever item the opponent can clutch, even potentially stealing a consumed smash orb if it connects with the right target. Her angel skills could prove effective in some way, though will take time to charge... but will have many skills she can execute immediately that have reasonable area of effect hits. Her Final Smash, of course, would be her Mystic Arte, Holy Judgment; could heal some damage off herself and nearby teammates (up to 30-50%, the latter only working in team matches), as well as random area of effect beams of light that bombard the field.

Number 7 would be SA-X! ...No? Then how about, just going out there, Sylux instead? I never personally played Metroid Prime series too much, but the character seems interesting enough, and would be a different approach than all those 'Make Ridley playable!' people out there. Hints suggest him to be a future potential obstacle/antagonist for Samus in a later Metroid game, so why not show what more he could bring to the table than what has already known? Could play similarly to Samus, but have a few unique, personal tricks up his sleeve. I wouldn't even know where to start for a Final Smash, however, as I said, never played the Prime series of Metroid games to know. Might even prove to be an effective assist trophy too, but might be better off as a playable character. Plus, don't have to worry of having to scale him down.

Number 6 is going into 3rd party territory, though with Cloud of Final Fantasy VII being playable in Smash 4, suppose I can hope, unlikely as it might be... Akira Kurusu, AKA Joker from Persona 5; not a sword wielder like the other Persona protagonists (instead relying on a knife/dagger), with the choice for a pistol as well (even if it's actually an airsoft gun outside the metaverse) for a range alternative. Arsene would deliver the 'Special' attacks, which are rather variable, but considering how you receive him, access to a (single or few) dark/curse spell(s), a physical attack with consideration of Confidant Abilities being used for different attack setups. His final smash could be having Arsene use Demonic Decree, which for Smash, could be tweaked to work somewhat differently than the original; that, or just use Mamudoon, the (medium-chance) AoE instant kill dark spell, or even a 'Hold Up! -> All-out Attack' sequence that brings in 3 random Persona 5 party members to deliver it. Who knows?

Number 5 will go to a rather niche character that appeared in only a single Castlevania title... Aeon from Judgment; the Magistrate of Time with a large watch that has a LOT of functionality to it, from unleashing beams of light, swinging clock hands that function like guillotines, heck, even has the capability to halt time for a brief period by thrusting it in the ground after enough time has elapsed. He is still capable of some martial art abilities as well in conjunction with his clock lance, making for a rather versatile and unique gimmick character. His final smash could easily be '13th Hour Lament', which was his finale skill in Judgment.

Back into potential 3rd party territory, though then again, maybe not, would be Luneth from Final Fantasy III (the remakes) with number 4. Now... he could be played as a swordsman, but then again, maybe not. Due to FFIII having a job class system and all, he has a large selection of skills and abilities, as well as combat styles, to choose from, so he's not outright limited to sword fighting or fist brawler. Just as job classes are, along with their combat styles, as wide and diverse, so are his final smashes in this case. Fairly versatile character with a lot to play around with, anything could happen.

Moving to Number 3, and yet another potential 3rd party crossing... would be Flonne or Etna from the Disgaea series. I say 'or' mostly because I feel either one of them could work, being polar opposites of one another in many ways, but they do get along well nonetheless; heck, they could work as a team duo, like the Ice Climbers. I don't know. Etna focuses more on physical combat with spears, axes and guns, opting to rip her enemies apart if they insult her, while Flonne approaches things... the Flonne way, with lots of love in the picture with her bow and staff. Etna may not have much for costume variations, but Flonne does, being an angel trainee, archangel as well as fallen angel. Final Smash could be a dual blast of Divine Ray alongside Chaos Impact, for massive carnage.

Onto number 2... Hector from Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade. 'Nuff said. Okay, in all seriousness, again, the use of axes isn't common in smash, and though he is my second Fire Emblem representative on my top 10 list, he is actually somewhat of a main character (though he isn't THE main character, that's Lyn), rather than an optional recruit. In turn, this can make him rather viable and different than the sword-user Fire Emblem representatives (as well as Robin/Corrin) in Smash. His Final Smash, to avoid 'Critical Hit' being the choice, perhaps Eliwood and Lyn come to his side, and they perform a trio  strike that deals large damage, before they leave to let him continue the fight?

The one who deserved my number 1 spot would be honestly a tie for Linkle or Impa from Hyrule Warriors. Another game I never got to play yet… but starting with Linkle, despite her being the ‘female Link’ to some, her combat style is anything but the original hero’s, for she combines dual crossbows with martial arts (which wasn’t seen in Legend of Zelda in… ever). Her movesets could be rather massive to decide on, though. On the other hand, Impa shown a combat form which was rather surprising for a Shiekah, and it amazingly worked from the videos I’ve seen, and just as vast, though throw in some techniques of the Shiekah that even Shiek had yet to implement. I unfortunately wouldn’t know where to start as far as Final Smashes are concerned for either of them really, though I’m sure Shigeru Miyamoto could figure out something creative. I know, we already have a number of representatives from Legend of Zelda already… but I think it’s about time Toon Link retired as a ‘clone’ of his normal self (though they could always make it so the normal Link could have some representations to his toon self in outfits)

Those are my thoughts, personally; what do you think?

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I went ahead and posted a new topic for my spinoff idea.

Back on topic, if Cloud Strife can get in to Smash, then I see no reason why Crash and Spyro can't as well. With Crash N. Sane Trilogy coming to Switch and Spyro Reignited Trilogy likely following suit next year, it would be a good way to promote those games.

Speaking of PS1 games coming to Switch, Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2 gives us a recent rerelease of Mega Man X4 on a Nintendo system, so this seems like a good time to add Zero as a playable character. His playstyle is practically made for Smash, with the greater focus on speed, melee attacks, and moves combining button presses and directional input. His Final Smash likely involves his Awakening form from X5 laying into opponents with a series of sword attacks, though one of his Giga Attacks would also be tempting. His alternate color schemes would include Black Zero, Green (as a nod to the infamous Biker Dude), Zero Nightmare, Colonel, Iris, Dynamo, and Layer.

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