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Corrin: Fateful Prince ((WIP/revamping))

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Corrin: Fateful Prince

With the multitude of legendary weapon-packing sword lords on the market, it can be difficult to stand out and make much of an impression, which is just such a problem that Corrin faces, with his balanced but unexceptional stats that make it hard to compete with the upper echelons of sword units like Ayra, Ike, or Mia. A fresh breath of life was just what Corrin needed, and though Yato's unique refinement is perhaps a bit too... overly specific to be exceptionally good for anything but highly specific support, the additional refinement options combined with the +2 to all stats that all of the refinements give Corrin a surprising, useful degree of versatility, allowing him to hit much better stat thresholds than he could have ever hoped to before his sword was refinable. Sometimes, just that little bit extra is all you really need. 

Level 40 stats:
HP: 38 / 42 / 45
Atk: 29 / 32 / 35
Spd: 29 / 32 / 35
Def: 24 / 28 / 31
Res: 21 / 24 / 28
Total: 157~159

Default skills:
Weapon: Yato (refinable)
Assist: --
Special: Dragon Fang
Passive A: Def+3
Passive B: Obstruct 3
Passive C: --

Blazing Yato (speed-focused)
General Use, Arena Offense/Defense, Chain modes


Suggested IV: +Atk/-Res*, +Spd/-Res*, +Spd/-HP, +Atk/-HP

  • +Atk/-Res (Spd Seal) : 47 HP | 53 Atk | 40 Spd | 30 Def | 23 Res
  • +Spd/-Res (FB Seal) : 47 HP | 50 Atk | 40 Spd | 30 Def | 23 Res

Weapon: Yato [Spd]
Assist: Reposition / Swap / flexible
Special: Moonbow / Luna^
Passive A: Brazen Atk+Spd 3* / Swift Sparrow 2 / Atk+Spd Bond 3 / Fury 3
Passive B: Wrath 3 / Desperation 3
Passive C: Speed Smoke 3 / flexible
Sacred Seal: Flashing Blade^ / Spd+3

> Brazen + Wrath = best
  - +Spd w/ Flashing Blade Luna = ideal
 - +Atk/Spd+3 Moonbow = minimally less good, but ve
> Fury + Desp = budget

Shadow Yato (tanky)
General Use, Arena Offense/Defense, Chain modes


Suggested IV: +Atk*/Def, -Res*/HP/Spd

  • +Atk/-Res: 47 HP | 53 Atk | 34 Spd | 34 Def | 23 Res

Weapon: Yato [Def]
Assist: Swap / Reposition / flexible
Special: Ignis
Passive A: Steady Breath
Passive B: Quick Riposte 2-3
Passive C: Atk Smoke 3 / flexible
Sacred Seal: Close Def 3


The Third Wheel (support)
General Use, Chain modes


Suggested IV: any

Weapon: Yato [Special]
Assist: Reposition / Flexible
Passive A: Fury 3 / Triangle Adept 3 / AtkSpd/Def Bond 3
Passive B: Escape Route 3 / Wings of Mercy 3 / Chill skills / breaker skills
Passive C: Drive Spd 2 / Drive Atk 2 / Drive Res 2 / Spur skills
Sacred Seal: Drive Atk 2 / Drive Def 2 / Spur skills

In making use of Yato's unique refinement, you're basically opting to sack some of Corrin's battle potential for the sake of pumping up a single unit even further-- and while the boost it grants is extremely strong, upping the usual S-rank ally support's +2 to all stats to a whopping +6 to all while adjacent (and +5 from 1 space away, still pretty substantial, which can be enhanced even further with the use of Drive or Spur skills in the Sacred Seal and C-skill slots. Altogether, it's possible to reach some pretty crazy stat boosts from only Corrin's support-- two different drives grant +8-9 to their respective stats along with the +5-6 to all else, while stacking Spurs can net a maximum of +14 to a single stat while adjacent. Altogether, Corrin makes for an excellent support bot that can be tailored to the individual needs of any partner, truly the dream husbando all your units will be desiring. 

Unfortunately, due to the singular and selective nature of Yato's buff, Corrin is somewhat held back from being a buff bot on the level of units like Marth and Eirika due to the fact that it can only ever be applied to one unit at a time. As such, this makes Corrin a prime support partner for Summoner-Supported units, as well as team comps that lean heavily on a single unit for most of the heavy lifting-- truly the most tragic and selfless of third wheels to a relationship. Whether summoner-supported or no, blue units like manaketes, Berkut's Lance-users, and strong blue tomes are also excellent support partners to give Corrin's benefits to, since his place in the weapon triangle means that he's easily able to assist them by covering their weapon triangle weaknesses. 

As far as Corrin's combat-related skills go, chances are you'll largely want to stick to budget options that provide offensive utility, or otherwise give additional support, once again depending on the unit who he supports. Fury stacks well with Yato's self-buffs for a decently-rounded stat spread of 53 Atk / 37 Spd / 33 Def / 28 Res along with Corrin's decent HP, and stacks well with Escape Route. Triangle Adept can be used to specialize at beating greens for a blue support partner; Wings of Mercy works well with Desperation mages to let Corrin come to their aid; breaker skills can be used to widen Corrin's favorable matchups as needed; and lastly Chill skills, while expensive, can provide useful support when Corrin's direct involvement is unneeded. Lastly, Bond skills are a higher-budget option that increase Corrin's battle performance when glued to his partner's hip; if you're spending the dew to get this refinement for him, might as well go big with skill investment. 


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This one is done. Sorry if it's a bit half-assed, I kinda lost interest in Corrin halfway through working on it and it's hard to argue that he just kinda loses relevance more and more with each new swordie they introduce x3x Here's hoping for a Yato refinement one day!

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Welp! Seems like we're due for a (minor =__=) update on this one.

Seems like Yato's new refine is basically only good for making your husbando/waifu even more broken by having him support them along with summoner support-- the ultimate third wheel.

I feel like this is one of the few legendary weapons where one of the generic refines is actually better than the special one for general usage... flat boost of Spd+5 or Def+6 is actually pretty useful along with the other boosts. Actually now that I think about it, this could warrant more variety for Corrin after all...

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