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Character Art

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-eye color: Blue

-hair color/style/length: black/spiked somewhat (like ike's is fine, if not... meh)/uhhhh, i guess the length of Ike or Sothe's hair (around there)

-skin color/markings (if any): just white

-basic physical description (short/tall etc): I'm 6"4'... no i mean seriously, i'm 6"4', oh! and make me buff if possible :)

-your character's class/weapon: Lord, and my special weapon we lords have I named "Kleever" (i made it up :D )

-basic description of clothes: blue pants, red shirt (if 2nd color possible, make it yellow), and if i have a cape or something like that i want it dark blue (if not possible, then green), shoes are black, sword is gold

and a large coke to go


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oooooh. I remember that from a while ago. cool cool, can't wait to see the final sprite!

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