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  1. [some sort of rank] Danger K. Danger, enlisting as a pilot in the Harutopian fleet.
  2. The grey goo one and the one Parrhesia seems to have had adventures with. (Hey look, I love Utsuho and Integrity enough to actually post on the forums.)
  3. With the barriers fallen, Arrin saw the others begin their final assault. Not ready to give in to his injuries, he staggered forward, calling on all his reserves. A veritable miniature storm was forming around his upraised hand. Spots were forming in his vision, and they weren't solely due to the brightness he was creating. Shouting wordlessly, Arrin threw the gathered lightning forward at the demon king.
  4. I'm late. I don't care. Happy belated birthday~!

  5. Happy birthday kdanger!!



  8. happy happy birthday kdanger!!

  9. i will either zap a target that is chosen for me or if people are okay with waiting a couple days i can pick a target and zap it
  10. Arrin attacks Wind Harpy A. (5,5,2) Hit! Wind Harpy A takes More Than Four Damage. Arrin kills Wind Harpy A. Will add fluff when sensory overload lightens up and I can words good consistently again.
  11. okay so WHO IS UP because it sure ain't me
  12. holy what did i draw some fire emblems for warmup sketches (holy what am i posting in something other than the LoAF topic) my image sizes are really fucking huge anymore and i'm bringing them all over from tumblr so spoiler cuts ahoy [spoiler=FE10 Mia- limited palette meme] [spoiler=Marcia] [spoiler=TITANIA] [spoiler=Ninian] [spoiler=Lute] [spoiler=Lyn] [spoiler=Kelas from LoAF] i have more fanart happening on my gaming blog (mostly ace attorney and swtor), if you've been wondering where the hell I went it's there also a shitload of ridiculous shouting but i only linked the art tag here because this is the art topic idk
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