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  1. I suppose here's the proper place then. I thought there would be a channel in Discord. Seems I was wrong. Anyways... I'm sorry for how I acted. I kept blaming not only you but past GM's and the like (such as Florina or Mr_e_s) for my terrible attitude, habits, and everything while never taking responsibility for the things I did. I did my best to make it centered around me and my feelings and problems instead of playing the game making me stupidly-rotten as a RPer. I don't blame you guys for resenting me and the like if you do. However, I'm at the point now where I need to make peace with my past to move on. I hope that, by at least offering an apology for how terrible of a player I was, I can show that I am moving on and improving; especially by finally taking responsibility for how terrible I turned out. As bad of GM's as they were people like those two didn't make me or define how I responded to them or anything. But it was my choice to develop the rotten and self-centered attitude that made me so hard to work with and mine to keep it going every time things didn't go my way. Maybe I'm not fully there yet, but I have taken large steps to correct my attitude, and making peace with how terrible I was is one of them so that I can move on to not be so terrible.
  2. In theory yes. Oscar isn't as powerful as Boyd, as fast as Mia, as defensive as Gatrie, his ranged weapon isn't as 'good' as Shinon and gets no bonuses and his 'edge' is that he has higher movement. In practice, Oscar is more defensive than Boyd, Stronger than Mia, and faster than Gatire with a better ranged weapon than Shinon and they barely have anything to compete back. FE has been tilted in favor of the mounted units for a long time since, even if their stats are 'lower' they need to have the stats to get the job done, and if they have the stats to get the job done than there's little reason to get the over-invested foot soldiers who have lower movement to boot. Plus with lances being so common any unit who can use axes gets a big boost and almost all mounted units can get axes while plenty of foot soldiers are mono-locked out. It's a bit better in RD where the advantages of the foot soldiers becomes more appearent but mounted units still get great all-around marks. Edit: And to top it off they all have things like great support bonuses and Paragon.
  3. Honestly you shouldn't be using them, but for a different reason. Namely because of how BEXP works in this game. In a nutshell every time you level up via BEXP you're guarenteed 3 stats. No more, no less (unless you have less than three stats that can be leveled up). As a result it's very common for people to cap one or two high-growth stats like, say, Mia's speed, then drop BEXP onto them to get guaranteed points in stats that are typically spotty. Do it right and you get units at 20/20/20 capped in every/almost every stat (no one is going to fret over Boyd's MAG stat).
  4. Well, supports wouldn't be that hard to do. Just make it so that, upon reaching a certain level, an actual support talk scene can be seen in the base. If the player decides to have someone like Ilyana switch sides than the punishment is on their heads. It still beats the crud out of 'barely anyone gets any supports at all' and someone like Vika would be immensely greatful for even one convo.
  5. For me I tend to start up auto-battles when I'm at work.
  6. Mia is already superior to Zihark in both games, but that's for the tier lists, not here. If I had to make a list... - Unbreakable weapons. This one really annoys me, especially now that both fates and Shadows showed it can be done without breaking the game balance. Maybe not things like the siege tomes, but certainly at least the mundane weapons. - 1-2 range swords in PoR. Sword users really got the bad end of the stick. Not only were there a lot of lance users but swords didn't have a 1-2 range option. Give them some 1-2 range stuff so they can compete! - In line with the above, rebalance the game a bit. Switch out some lances for some swords and axes. Put in a few more anti-horse weapons. Make Bows 2-3 range. Lop off that stupid light weight problem. General stuff to make it so that going mounted axes isn't the guaranteed best. - 'Legacy mode'/'transfer mode'/whatever. A new mode for PoR, maybe even the default. Doesn't actually 'change' the game but, instead, when a character 'dies' they merely retreat and any bonuses, supports, and what-not from PoR get transferred over to RD. Maybe make the transfer bonuses a bit more potent as well, like merely promoting gives a unit a +1 to all stats in RD or something. But that's neither here nor there. - 'Tower of the Goddess'. After beating the game the player can access a special mode in which they will start with all characters at level 1 and are tasked with climbing Ashera's tower, beating up foes along the way. At certain points (once every ten levels or so) they reach a boss/checkpoint which, if they clear, they unlock a stat-booster that can be used on all future playthroughs. Reaching 100 will give extra bonuses. - Restore a lot of supports and endings. Yea. This one is pretty straight-forwards. Even if it's something just as simple as having Lethe head off with Ike on his journey if she A-ranked in both games it would be better than the slap-in-the-face we got with these RD endings. Probably more, but I can't think of them ATM.
  7. Hello all and welcome to my auto-battle guide. This guide exists for one simple reason; to help newer players or players looking to build an auto-battle team get up and going. Within you'll find a simple primer reviewing what autobattling is, why to do it or why not, how to approach it, build a decent team, and hopefully getting underway. If you like this guide and feel it's useful, please give it a sticky request. Autobattling is a very interesting art within FEH. By pressing that little button control will be taken away from the player and let the game control their characters. Normally this is a pretty terrible idea. It is still a bad idea. However, it is a bad idea with MERIT when it's done in the tempest trials. By opting to autobattle the player can be freed from having to play through a series of five or more maps and, instead, watch TV, play with a friend, play a game, read a book, cook a meal, or many other things, all while earning points for the tempest trial. However this isn't always the easiest thing and this guide is meant to help you out. Part 1: The A.I. and you. The A.I. is a special little beast, in that... less than positive phrasing. There's no beating around the bush, it's stupid. It will make frequently dumb decisions and sucks at tactics, but you need to work with it if you want to make a viable team. The A.I. is predictable, however, and that means it can be worked with. Our goal is to minimize it's 'stupid' tendencies and to try and get it to... suck as little as possible. The A.I. will... Always attack if it can get a kill. Always attack if there is no other option, even if it means unit death. Always attempt to use movement skills if possible. Focus on ending a map at the first chance. NOT plan ahead. NOT bait, set-up, or anything else strategic. WILL enter into infinite loops. WILL leave units exposed. These are all terrible things. A player can realize it's best to set up outside the enemy's range for a strike next turn, use a defensive unit to bait out opponents, heal, opt for safety over suicide, and so-forth. However you must deal with this in order to autobattle. As such... Remove abilities like smite, drawback, and the like. If you catch the computer having entered into an infinite loop, remove the skill that caused it. Remove attacking weapons from healers (or set them up with skills like Breath of Life) Not pick units which require strategy to use properly over more... basic... units. A frail, but powerful and ranged unit like Brave Lyn might be exceptional in the players hands but the computer will likely have them rush out into the open for a quick kill at which point they'll be exposed and quickly killed on map 1 leaving you at a disadvantage for the remaining maps. As such units that are frail (and not healers) are NOT ADVISED if possible. The A.I. simply can't use them properly. So, in simple terms... The A.I. is a dunce. Don't use units that require thought and planning on your auto-battle team. Remove any ability that could result in an infinite loop. Try to focus on simpler units over more complex ones. Part 2: Building your team. When it comes to actually building your team, it's important to remember that you are not building a team for the arena or even for PvE challenges. Your team is being built to last over a series of multiple maps without player input. Every player will have different units to top it off, so saying something like 'always put Hector on your team' is meaningless since many players don't have Hector. So, instead, I'm going to break down the various aspects and explain what you want. A) Movement: There are four kinds of movement. Infantry are the baseline, moving at two squares per round and needing extra movement for forests but are unaffected by things like trenches. Armored units move at 1 space a turn but tend to be fairly strong and unaffected by forests and trenches. Mounted units move at three per turn but can't enter forests and struggle with trenches. Flying units move two spaces and are unaffected, movement-wise, by terrain BUT HAVE AN INNATE WEAKNESS TO BOWS! If you are making a team, DO NOT USE FLIERS! The player can deal with their weaknesses but the computer can not. All it takes is one screw-up and, suddenly, your flying unit is dead. The only reasons to ever use a flier are if they are the bonus unit and you have no others or if you don't have enough **** or ***** units to fill out a team. Mounted units can be a bit spotty as well since a simple forest can neuter them. By no means should you avoid them, just be careful. Infantry units are nothing special on the whole. Armored units, however, are where it's at IF you can get a solid team of them. Most people are not pumping Hectors, Winter Tharja's, and distant-counter Effie's. If you can get a solid team that reinforces each other, armored is the way to go. Otherwise, avoid fliers if at all possible. B) Weapon type. The maps leading up to the final one are random. Only the final map will have anything resembling a weapon typing so it's probably not the best idea to try and design a team just for the final map. However, building a mono team is also a bad idea. In general, pick two colors (colorless doesn't count) and try to make sure you have at least one unit on the team. This should help at least a little bit. But, if at all possible, try to make sure that there is one staff user on the team. A healer will go a long way in the trials, even if they're just a *** with no weapon. Restoring that HP really adds up in the long run. There are ways around this, but it's never a bad idea to have one healer on your team. C) Skills: Avoid skills with drawbacks like the plague! Things like Ruby Swords and Triangle Adepts are fine when the player is controlling them, but the computer will gladly suicide your ruby sword triangle adept into the only enemy lance user and ignore the rest of the team with axes. Likewise, skills which do things like damage the user are to be avoided at all costs. Mae's tome might be powerful, but she has to make it last over five maps, possibly without healing. That's not going to end well. Draw-backs in general are bad ideas for the trials no matter how minor or easy the player can work with them. However, some skills are very valuable. Weapons and skills that allow countering at both ranges are obvious godsends along with any weapon or skill that provides healing. This extends to renew and Breath of Life. Normally these skills aren't that good but being able to get back 10 HP every other turn when you're probably going to have 20-40 turns and can't afford to die even once? Awesome. Additionally skills that can reduce incoming damage are VERY valuable! Don't go out and load everyone down with Pavaise, but if you can get a few C-skills to reduce enemy damage or buff allies DEF/RES it will be very helpful in the long run. Also, abilities that deal automatic damage are... mixed. They aren't useless since you want to kill stuff before it can even launch a counter if possible and lower HP helps with that, but damage isn't one of the primary goals of an auto-team. D) Rarity: Always try to have at least **** units if possible. The stats and skills really help out. Anything lower should only be used if it's the bonus unit. ***** units are the best to use always. Try and get the team full of them if possible, though it's not a game-ender if you have to use **** units. E) Level: We're looking for at least level 30 if possible. If you don't have level 30 units hit up the training tower and/or do manual runs of the lower ranks of the tempest to get up there. Put in simple terms, get gold or silver units, make sure none are fliers or have pesky drawbacks, put on your bonus unit and a healer of possible, and profit. You will also want to build a SECOND team if possible. This teams goal is not to clear trials but, rather, clean-up after the first team. Even with a grade A team you'll lose on occasion. Because the A.I. is dumb and had your mighty sword user attack a Sapphire Lance Triangle Adept while at 2 HP. So you will occasionally fail, and that's when you bust out this team. It's goal is simple. Clean up the mess. Doesn't have to be good; just has to exist and do its job. Part 3: Playing. There are three primary difficulties for auto-battles. The hardest difficulty is the first and this should be avoided! A few players may have teams exceptional enough to handle this, but in general you'll want to avoid it as it's begging for the A.I. to fail and waste your time. The second hardest is far more likely. This is where players willing to gamble should go. You'll get more points per run, but also fail more often. If you find your team can't handle this, drop down one more. You'll still earn plenty of points and most certainly clear the 30 difficulty though this is the least efficient way to handle this trial. While lower difficulties can be done going for the highest difficulty your team can handle at least 60% of the time is what you should be doing. As for set-up, turn off combat animations and support animations, turn on continuous auto-battle, and so-forth. You want to remove these things to speed it up (and it's not like you're watching anyways). Every 5 or 10 minutes look back and check on your team. If you notice them in an infinite loop figure out what you need to do to end it. If your team in struggling maybe watch a run or two to figure out what's going wrong (don't PLAY, just watch. The A.I. needs to handle it). Make sure to have plenty of energy bottles on-hand as well if you want to make this super-fast. I hope this will help you build a solid auto-battle team for ease of trials. Going through by hand will always be the *most* efficient way, but for those who want to do other things, like work, this should help out a bit. --- Grand Conquests A new addition to the mix, Grand Conquests allow the player to pick up a large army of units to fling into battle with much more than 4 on the field at one time. This changes how to approach the situation immensely since new elements are on the field. First off, camps and forts. A new addition to the game, camps and fortresses are unique unit-spawners that can also allow units to teleport between unoccupied squares. When under player control it's easy to simply block off a space by placing a unit on it, but the AI does not do this making the situation harder than it needs to be. Also, their focus tends to be on flipping the camp/fort, which is good... except that they can't assess risk and if their hard-fought turning will simply be undone by the AI next turn, possibly at the cost of a valuable unit and the like. Secondly, the new system means that where a unit is placed matters even more-so than before. In tempest trials, while it mattered, every unit you sought to place would be fielded and was set. Now certain units may or may not be fielded and the balance is entirely different. When making your army, do your best to ensure that you do NOT just go through from top to bottom to add units to your roster! The worst thing that can happen is starting a battle with, say, almost entirely red sword users against a rounded army and your mages and green units aren't coming up for another five or six losses. Additionally, the balance is drastically different. Armored units, while perfectly fine in the trials, will struggle to keep up with the main army while fliers don't have to worry about surviving multiple maps and how one bow-user can outright end an otherwise-successful run. As such here is what you should desire. Movement: Mounted is the best, especially for the AI. The high movement will allow them to cross the map quickly to put pressure on enemy bases. Likewise, flying units, while still unfavorable to utilize in excess, are desirable to have for their ability to cross terrain and hit camps easy. Armored is the WORST due to the low movement and less need for durability. Weapons: Unlike in the Tempest, where a lack of a healer could be a painful thing, in the GC there is no such worry or restriction. Maybe try to space it out so that you'll have one healer on the field most of the time, but offensive power, being able to ensure that the enemy is off of their camps so you can claim them, is essential. It is foolish to shirk defense for offensive prowess (a newly spawned unit has to walk to the front lines after all), but more defensively-inclined options can be more-or-less safely ignored. If anything movement and range are the two 'key' things. Several mounted mages can quickly close the gap on a fort, clear it, and claim it for other units to warp in for example. As such units who can reliably net kills will be essential. Difficulty: Due to the number of units deployed the difference in the gap between the player and opponent will be greatly magnified. As such the AI should be able to survive on 30 and 35 with ease assuming you're deploying level 40 units. However, this does NOT hold true for actually CLEARING the map via getting all camps/forts. This is largely because it's poor AI struggles to muscle in on the final fort, especially without losing units which really hurts since there is a 10 turn time limit and they're likely on turn 5 or 6 by the time they even start to move towards the fort. Nevermind clogging passages with mages in front leaving them unable to actually attack the enemy fort (and exposed to fire). Even if the opponent was level 1 the AI would likely not have a 100% clear rate. However... Map selection: Unlike the tempest trials (which only had the final map set and semi-randomized maps otherwise) the player can choose, at least somewhat, where to fight. If possible it is best to pick maps with minimal bottlenecks and barriers to the end. If you can pick the decent maps and avoid the ones that the AI struggles with you'll boost your clear rate immensely. In short: Unit movement probably matters the most. Make sure your weapon types are mixed up throughout your battalion, an offensive tilt is nice, and make sure to pick the maps that the AI can handle. Do that and you'll be getting a solid full clear almost all the time.
  8. Sure. I'd love it. Especially if they updated and redid some mechanics and characters. Things like re-adding cut supports and giving supports flat-out to RD. Buffing certain characters like Fiora. Not to mention a few more tweaks. A full-on update and the like instead of just a cut and dry port.
  9. First off... You don't need to level Mist up for said fight. Unless you're looking for 100% completion/carry over it's okay to run. Even without it you can still win said fight without Mist. It's just less RNG-based (though it still kind of is). Anyways. The main issue with this situation is that Rhys is already leveled up while Mist is not. It sounds like Rhys is going to promote soon and you're starting to near the promotion point. So here's what I'm going to say. 1) What mages are you going to use? Soren, Ilyana, and Tormod can all pick up staffs on promotion (and knives blow). If you're using two, or maybe even one, of them, it may not be worth leveling up Mist and, instead, focusing on getting one them them to promote instead. 2) What's your team comp? Both of them can offer good supports to good units (Titania, Mia, Keiran for Rhys and Titania, Boyd, Jill for Mist). Mist's element is better but that's all for naught if you're deploying Keiran. There's a whole lot of philosophy involved in the supports but 'which units are you actually using' is near the top. 3) Mist relies on swords to attack. This means that she's either going to need attack-boosting supports (her 20/20 STR is only 16) or the Sonic Sword (which has limited uses and will need mending via Hammerine). Rhys relies on Light tomes which are terrible and he's not fast anyways (20/20 speed of, like, 21), but he's also the only unit who can use Purge and his weapons are easily replacable/he won't rely on supports. 4) How keen are you on speed completion? Mist's mount makes her easier to use in people gunning for low turn counts, but that doesn't matter anywhere near as much if you're not moving as fast.
  10. MC: Considering both PoR and RD, Elincia. Ike is just kinda... there... as a character. He's really bland on the whole. Elincia at least has something to her. Cavalier: Titania. Yup. Mage: Ilyana. So cute! Myrmidon: Mia. No one should be surprised by this. Fighter: None. Largo is barely there (not even there in RD) and Boyd rubs me the wrong way. So I hate both. Soldier: Nephenee. Duh. Knight: Gatrie. OTP Tree in a skirt! Archer/Bow Knight: Astrid Why did she have to fall for that ****er Makalov? Rolf is a VEEEEEERY close second, especially due to underdog status, but he doesn't get Paragon. Thief: Volke. I hate Sothe. Medic: Mist. This might shock people; but if it wasn't for the damned Mia vs. Zihark debates I'd use Mist over Rhys as I find her more interesting and certainly enjoyable on the whole. Why they had to make it so she could only end up with Boyd, I dunno. Pegasus: Tanith. I don't know why but Marcia really never did anything for me. Each time I use her her stats end up in mega-screw territory (I once got THREE 0-ups in a row when BEXPing her). So, yea... Tanith Wyvern: Jill. No duh. Cat: Lethe. Tiger: I hate both. Hawk: Tibarn Dragon: Eh. I don't care one way or the other about them. Too little screentime. Other: Giffca. Screw Naesala for getting Leanne!
  11. He wasn't buffed. They just let his true beauty shine forth unto the world.
  12. I'm pretty sure that, canonically, all characters are stated to survive unless they HAVE to die.
  13. Hmmm... In general I'd say it's probably Paladins since they wildly unbalance the games. But, on a more specific level... Hmmm... I'd probably opt for the laguz classes as I REALLY hate having to work around their gauge.
  14. It's perfectly fine if Faye/Kliff get ranked low on a Celicia route run, but I do feel that a tier list for a game should do its best to include every character. I also feel it isn't fair to go 'well Alm could really use Faye/Kliff more, so let's put them at the bottom of the list' since, should the player recruit them, they may not be at the bottom. It's part of why I added that in my tier list FAQ (among other things like Ilyana in RD and the sibling split path in SS). Because saying 'well Faye's better off paired with Silaque instead of Genny so, even though she'd be very useful due to anew, she's ranked low.' isn't really fair or accurate for tiering.
  15. Well, with any list usually the average stats get utilized since, like always, it depends on how your characters grow. Nothing is stopping one person from having a playthrough where Silaque gets every stat on a level-up just as much as the converse. Personally I'd outlaw village spork usage for a tier list as well as all DLC (except the ciphers since that's the only way to get certain characters). The villager-units would likely need to be tiered following each of their individual classes; and that's gonna make it extra annoying for ones who can be recruited on both paths... but it most certainly can be done.
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