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  1. They're more balanced in Thracia than in most games for whatever that's worth. The main culprit is the fact that they are forcibly dismounted indoors. It helps that Warp has unlimited range too.
  2. Come to think of it a lot of the examples I'd give are very enemy phase focused, but they aren't all necessarily Wrath/Vantage related. That 4% hit rate bump can make hitting say 10 attacks in a row 20% more likely for example, and that sort of scenario is fairly common in GBA FE; it really increases the productivity of a unit. GBA FE is kind of funny though since it's possible to rig everything, and even in that context it's important to get skill to make some strategies work.
  3. I'm not talking about the prepromotes here; just the statistical differences between the unpromoted cavaliers and mages. Remember that I have also played and finished MM. I don't have the same experience as you. I definitely have not done an ironman of the game (PoR EP is too slow for me to have any interest in that sort of thing personally), but it's only one of many ways that the game can be played, and my guess is that someone else could do an ironman in a completely different fashion from you and still have similar success.
  4. What about Soren compared to Tormod or Ilyana or comparing the individual Cavaliers? That's what I'm getting at. Unless I'm doing a speedrun or something (where Titania and Marcia are the best units in the game and Bastian is actually useful lol) the choice barely matters; the reward for picking the "best" option is likely just taking a little less time to kill enemies.
  5. I didn't make that statement with other stats in mind because I find that comparing them is a wasted effort. Skill can be underappreciated too because it's not a flashy stat, but I'll address that with my response to SnowFire. If skill is underappreciated this is reason why, I think. You said that skill isn't very important in Engage, and I would agree to some extent. It certainly isn't as valuable as say Fates/Awakening because skill% skills aren't really relevant and engraving will fix hit rates for most units. If I was going to really try and show how important skill is those are the games I'd choose. That being said if for example I gave Panette 3 less base skill and a 10% lower growth then she suddenly has in the ballpark of like 80% hit and crit against late game enemies like Swordmasters and Wolf Knights. That small loss of skill turns a strategy that is 100% consistent into something that's more akin to a coin flip or worse if there are enough enemies there to attack her. Rewinds can help, but at some point Wrath/Vantage is going to be completely unusable. That's where skill is at its weakest (of the games that I have played extensively) too. edit: Another thing that I quickly want to note is that it's more difficult to see what a point in skill is actually doing for you. It's pretty obvious when a point of speed or str allows us to reach a breakpoint. Having an extra few points of skill is going to matter a lot over time, but a point or two of displayed hit are nearly indistinguishable from one another from an attack to attack basis.
  6. Skill is an incredibly important stat across the series. Is this a controversial take?
  7. Whether I agree or not depends on what you mean by building the best possible team. I never found Maniac Mode to be that strict besides trying to make use of bad classes which isn't something that I'd dock it for necessarily as every Fire Emblem game has this problem. I would likely think less of it if it did feel anywhere close to that though. Fire Emblem is a lot more fun when there are a lot of different options in my opinion.
  8. I'm not really talking about ironman runs or 0% growths here really. The point was to show that the game is beatable without using a lot of growth units. Having a few definitely helps, but having Titania soak up a bunch of early exp or using resources like stat boosters inefficiently isn't going to kill any kind of playthrough. There's a lot more out there than what I linked too that demonstrates that. It's probably somewhat outside the scope of this discussion, but this one depends on some outside factors because GBA FE RNG manipulation is pretty silly.
  9. It looks like it, yeah. Growths are a lot stronger than the crit forge glitch though; it's not a catch all way of dealing with enemies.
  10. PoR used to be my favourite Fire Emblem game. These days I find it hard to go back to just because of how slow enemy phase is compared to just about any other Fire Emblem game I'd want to play. It doesn't require this. It has been beaten with 0% growths by multiple people. Otherwise I don't really have any strong opinions on your takes. I would disagree with the skill system differences in particular because I don't find that there are many meaningful decisions to be made in PoR, but it's all personal opinion anyway.
  11. People say that some maps are as difficult as Hard mode in Conquest, but that the vast majority of maps are a lot easier. It's pretty subjective though and depends on your experience with the series. I didn't find that Lunatic was much of a jump from Hard mode in Conquest personally, and when I did eventually get to Birthright I had a lot of Fates experience already which made the game a lot less challenging for me.
  12. I'm probably not best suited to answer these questions, but since no one else has answered yet... I don't know that Subaki has the stats to do it really, so my gut instinct is no, but generally speaking people don't care whether something is worth it or not when playing the games, and there is a lot of room for build and character diversity in fates. There are two ways to approach it. If you go in completely blind I'd say that it's on par with something like HHM; it's moderately difficult but nothing compared to something like Lunatic+ in Awakening. If you plan out your builds and use something overpowered it can be a complete cakewalk, but that's just my opinion.
  13. If you give her Eirika and the appropriate amount of support through skills and forges she can do quite well assuming you want her to be one of your main damage dealers. Spirit Dust will probably help too. It is something of an investment technically speaking, but it's not something unique to her. Personally I like to transition from Griffin Knight when/if I no longer want her staff utility and give her Corrin instead since I find that the utility role fits her better, but that's just me.
  14. I've always given at least one of them to Alear so that I can have them fly through chapter 11. Otherwise I'll use them on whoever I feel like using at the time, and I've tried every character at least once. If you're just playing through casually it's going to be more important to work out to use your emblems and resources to make the characters that you want to use succeed. If you want Citrinne to be your carry for example work out how to get her to one round enemies (give her resources to double if you don't want to spend time rerolling for bond rings) and go from there. I find that it's easiest to do this with units that have one stat that is really good and one that needs fixing, but realistically you can use anyone to some capacity and have almost any unit be a juggernaut.
  15. You'll get some mixed opinions, but there are a certain subset of people that absolutely love fates gameplay (myself included), so my guess is that it would be easily disqualified for this reason, at least judging by the typical fire emblem discussion spots. I'm going to guess that the answer to the topic is Gaiden.
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