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30 Day Fire Emblem OC Challenge

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Archetype: Brash Horseman

Name: Felix

Class: Lance Cavalier

Appearance: About seventeen years old - the same age as Theo - with shaggy blonde hair and blue eyes. Naturally, he wears bright red armor over top of his normal, every day, peasant clothing.

Description: Felix is that moody foster kid. You know the one - even if you didn't grow up with anyone that fit that niche, you've certainly heard of it. His parents' were killed by monsters when he was a child, and as a result he's grown up in the starting village's orphanage for almost his entire life. He has a chip on his shoulder and to say that it results in an attitude problem is probably a massive understatement - but underneath that is a surprising willingness to help people and a drive to save the world. He is brash and often speaks without thinking, and has practically no regard for the feelings of other people, though when he hurts them he is often super apologetic.

Crit Quotes: 

  • "It's over!"
  • "It's up to me now!"
  • "You never had a chance."

Additional Notes: Maybe probably has a bit of a crush on Theo - but he'd never admit it.

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Day 3- Brash Horseman



"I hear that, up in Northumbria, they value their dogs more than their weapons. A rich family doesn't have a priceless sword, they have a bloodline of dogs that they own. Pretty crazy, huh?"

Youthful Jelani, barely more than a boy, is full of energy and enthusiasm. He is quite fond of animals, but especially dogs. His family of shepherds owns almost a dozen herding dogs, some of his best friends. He seems to get along with every animal except cats- sneaky and arrogant as they are. The loyalty of a dog, however, that's an admirable trait, and one Jelani tries to imitate in his service to House Scipio.

Jelani's family is well off and has long lived on Scipio lands, and in part pays for the use of this land through the military and civil service of its men. Having his career path pre-decided never seems to have been much of an issue for Jelani. He's quite grateful for the stability it brings his family, despite his carefree and adventure loving nature. In some regards, he's actually happy that things are working out the way they are, but also feels quite bad about it. He and his family are politically active, and Jelani himself is a strong advocate of the Unionist movement, which seeks to more fully unite Oster and Sudemhof.

Jelani doesn't know his own strength sometimes, fitting for his stats. He specializes in strength, defense, and lances, while featuring the superior HP and resistance of your two cavaliers. However, his speed and skill aren't exactly strong suits- not great weaknesses but still a bit of a failing. Those stats that he is focused in still aren't exceptional- above average, but he's still a more balanced unit overall. His class is very good though, so he'll probably see a decent bit of use.

Critical Quotes:

  • "Oh, this is gonna be good-!"
  • "Full force!"
  • "I've only got one shot..."

Death Quote: "Ugh-! Maybe...this was inevitable..."


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Brash Cavalier (Day 3)

Name: Edgar

Class: Cavalier

Appearance: Edgar is a young man in his early 20s with shaggy blonde hair and brown eyes, at a relatively average height and weight. He wears violet-colored armor and a brave expression.

Description: Edgar hails from Davin, a country recovering from a war that happened some time ago. He and his partner Bradley were both friends since childhood, both the sons of feared military leaders. As children, their personalities were practically identical, but they began to diverge as they aged. Edgar, as of today, is a brave and chivalrous young man prone to getting into dangerous situations in the name of "being a hero." With him and Bradley becoming fully-fledged knights recently, this has given them plenty of time to roam the land in search of 'bad guys' to smite. This is ultimately how they came to join Malcolm's group: The pair were fighting off bandits trying to pillage a village along the Davin/Corus border when the heroes arrived to assist them. Edgar was even the one who convinced Bradley to join permanently when he heard the gang's ultimate goal, which Edgar, being the hero-wannabe he is, thought was really exciting. And so continued Edgar's journey to fight evil and protect the Davin way of life.

Crit Quotes: 

"Eat metal!"

"Here I come to save the day."

"Watch and learn!"

The Crunch: Of the Cavalier duo, Edgar is the speedier of the two, with high Skill and Speed and slightly higher Luck. Compared to his counterpart, he also tends to prefer swords, deeming them "far more heroic" than lances, and finds it easier to double early on, but if he can't double, he's likely going to be doing less damage. Ultimately, though, he and the other cavalier are interchangeable, they both do the same job just fine.

Additional Notes: Admittedly, inspired partially by Eduardo from TLP. Also, isn't particularly interested in romance aside from MAYBE Bradley.


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Day 3: Brash Horseman

Name: Castor

Class: Bow Knight (promotes to Ranger)

Appearance: Castor has deep brown hair in a buzz cut. He is tall and muscular, and wears deep orange armor. He is twenty-three years old.

Description: Castor is a new Acleian knight who is extremely confident in his skills as an archer. His bark is worse than his bite, however, and he has thus been stationed on the border with Acelia's ally, the Lamostran Union. His ego is unmatched, and he thinks himself an ideal ladies man.

Plot and Motivation: Castor fights to assist his younger brother, Pollux, who is far more loyal to Acleia itself. He also fights in order to gain the attention and love of Thalia, whom he wishes to court. Though Castor is typically somewhat of a nuisance to be around for most, he protects Pollux with all his strength.

Growth Rates: (total to 290, same as Sain)

HP: 70%

Str: 50%

Skl: 25%

Spd: 45%

Luck: 50%

Def: 30%

Res: 20%

Constitution: 11

Movement: 7

Affinity: Fire

Weapon Ranks: D Bows

Joins at Level 3.

Recruitment: Talk with Pollux, Chapter 2

Starting Inventory: Iron Bow, Vulnerary

Death Quote: Castor: "I suppose you'll have a hard time without me..." Pollux: "Brother!" Castor: "Pollux... live for the both of us..."

Notes: Look forward to Pollux tomorrow! I gave Castor low skill and high luck to represent his character: don't know if that'll give him Dart's accuracy problems later on, though, considering he's a growth unit. Oh well. At least he won't get crit...?

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Oh shit, I almost forgot to do this, I guess I’ll do both at once, at least it’s fitting.

Day 3: Brash Horseman

Name: Furute

Class: Cavalier 

Appearance: Age is on his face, but it isn’t as prevalent in comparison to others of his age. On that face is a brown mustache that rude folks would call a “pedo” stache. His head has no hair on its top. He wears a helmet to hide that he is bald. Around 5’10(178cm, rounded up). His body is slightly out of shape, as he is slightly overweight, but not enough for him to be woefully incapable of combat.

He wears a bright red set of heavier armor, covering his shoulders, chest, upper and lower legs, and feet. flames have been painted on the Armor and very little of the paint remains on it from the years.. Under the armor is a set of short sleeved green shirt and brown pants.

Description: Arrogant and crass, Furute is a passionate looking up in the political world and his social class. Expressive and extravagant with how he portrays himself, being near is quite a spectacle that keeps itself going. Most of it is fake however. He’s a part of an older generation and didn’t get too far. He’s disappointed with his position and uses that anger as a source for his perseverance. His loyalty for the royalty has never been questioned however, and will fight to protect Rukas till he can’t anymore.

Crit/Death Quotes: 3 Crit Quotes, 1 Death Quote

-You curs!


-Woah, M-My horse won’t stop!

Death Quote

-I guess this is how it was meant to be..


The Crunch: The offense focused of the two cavaliers. While he has high bases in strength, skill, and hp for his level, the rest are rather average, with really low res base. His growths are rather equal to his parter, but with with his attack and health growths switched with his friends Speed and Skill growths, He starts with higher weapon ranks in Lances, being able to javelins are base. Should be pretty useful overall, even if his hit doesn’t really improve too much.

Additional Notes: The two cavalier are red and white to represent the rising sun of Japan. This entire set of characters are based off of Japanese shit if you haven’t noticed.

Now for day 4 so I can do my homework tomorrow.

Day 4: Calm Horseman

Name: Sasaka

Class: Cavalier 

Appearance: Definitely older than Furute, although his face doesn’t show it at all. Platinum Blonde hair envelopes his head, uncaring to keep it all tidy. 5’9”(175 cm), with his body being slightly underweight, but still good enough to fight in the war and help out. Especially early on.

He wears a old and rather dusty white set of light armor, covering his shoulders, chest,  lower legs, and feet. Under the armor is a set of long sleeved blue shirt and gray pants.

Description: Calm and relaxed, Sasaka keeps a refined thought and a sharp tounge for any situation, usually to the detriment of his partner Furute. A man of the arts he has often shared a discussion with Rukas, making the two quite close. He’s very apathetic to his cause and is mainly in it for just lack of any other reason, he has nobody back home, they passed on due to illness a while back when he first joined the army to get them medicine. He sometimes worries about what to do later in his life, but usually gets back to the idea of just going with the flow, for better or worse.

Crit/Death Quotes: 3 Crit Quotes, 1 Death Quote

-Would this sting?

-Please, you aren’t that special!

-Oh, how exciting!

Death Quote

-Ah, I guess this is it then.


The Crunch: The speed  focused of the two cavaliers. While he has high bases in Speed, skill, and def for his level, the rest are rather average. His growths are rather equal to his parter, but with with his Speed and Skill growths switched with his friends Attack and Health growths, He starts with higher weapon ranks in Swords. Early promoting into a paladin is probably a good choice, cause he’ll get axes to increase his rather meh attack stat. Should be pretty useful overall, considering it’s a high move unit that can double.

Additional Notes: If this looks rather copy pasted it’s because I rushed it out for his design and Statline stuff, tried to make his personality interesting.

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Lost part of my stuff for part 3 before work today and only have limited data on my phone for the rest of the night, so I'll post both part 3 and 4 simultaneously tomorrow. Sorry folks.

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Archetype: Calm Horseman

Name: Martin

Class: Sword Cavalier

Appearance: Martin is smaller than average, standing at about 5'6" when he isn't sitting atop his white horse. He has cropped brown hair and brown eyes, and both the green armor that he wears as well as the hand-me-down clothing that he wears underneath it do not actually fit him, and it shows - though it doesn't do much to hinder him in battle as much as it adds to a quirk of his character model. Upon promotion into either Paladin or Great Knight, he gets proper armor and clothing that actually fit him. About fifteen years old.

Description: Martin's parents were killed in the same event that killed Felix's, and of the orphans that make up a large part of the Falamh Resistance, the two of them act kind of like brothers, to a certain extent. Martin is shy and timid and often speak with a lisp or a stutter, and is wrought with self-doubt about his skills. He was the person that first found Theo wounded and passed out just on the edge of the village, and the one that brought her back to Amara to help without being aware of who she actually was, and upon Theo waking up quickly became her first friend among the Resistance. 

Crit Quotes:

  • "I-is that okay?"
  • "I don't... want to do this...!"
  • "I-I have to help the others...!"
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Archetype: Day 3, the Brash Rider
Name: Wyalde - Red Stallion
Class: Dragoon (Knights trained in the art of mounted combat with axes and swords.) Basically a Cavalier with tweaked weapon access. Promotes to all the same things.
Appearance: Wyalde is a tall young man, and while it can be assumed that he's quite handsome from the few hints given, his scarlet helmet and golden mask make his true appearance a mystery. Everything but his mouth and jawline are completely covered, so his eye and hair colour are unknown by much of the cast and the player. It's unclear how Wyalde can actually see with his mask covering his eyes, but it's strongly implied that he may actually be blind. Of course, that opens up a pandora's box of questions regarding how he's aware of his surroundings, especially in the heat of battle. These questions remain unanswered.
Wyalde's armour and helmet are a striking crimson ("red sounds like such an exciting colour, don't you think?") with a gold trim. The metal almost sparkles in the light, and between it, the knight's powerful red steed and the bright blue plume streaming down from his helmet, Wyalde is a fetching sight.
Description: It's not hard to tell what kind of person Wyalde is; in fact, he's probably shouting what kind of person he is at you within seconds of meeting him. Wyalde is loud, passionate, excitable, but above all else, chivalrous. Dramatic and impulsive, Wyalde would fit in comfortably with the likes of Arthur, Kieran or Owain as a companion. A wandering knight errant, Wyalde walks the earth "in the service justice, our true queen". Appearing wherever the innocent are imperiled or injustice threatens to take root: he arrives "like a bolt of red lightning" and delivers righteous justice with a swing of his axe. At least, that's how he tells his origin. Regardless of his sketchiness and question mark-shaped past, Cyril and Joanna place their trust in the red cavalier when he gallantly rescues them during an ambush by assassins on the trail back home to Cania.
Wylalde's backstory can be gleaned and pieced together from his support conversations with the cast. The son of a noble house, he was kept hidden away from the world by his family out of shame for his "inadequacies" - in other words, his blindness. With only a steward to truly care for him and raise him, Wyalde grew up dissatisfied with his lot in life, wanting to be like the gallant and heroic knights in the stories his steward told him. Late in his childhood, his family's estate was razed to the ground, and when his family abandoned him - stumbling and lost in the inferno - it was his steward that gave his life to save him. With his dying breath, the steward whispered secrets into Wyalde's ear, secrets that he refuses to share with anyone in any of his supports. Some time after, Wyalde became the person he is today, roaming the world and repaying the kindness and valour shown to him one good deed at a time.
Crit Quotes: "Like a bolt of red lightning!"
*mimics the sound of a bugle sounding a cavalry charge*
"Let's! Go! WYALDE!"
Death Quote: "Heh... I knew... this day would happen someday... But I have to wonder... Did I do enough?"
The Crunch: Despite being brash and red, Wyalde fulfills the "fast and skilled cavalier" niche. His growth in speed is especially impressive, allowing him to run circles around - or run Wyalde upon - his mounted compatriots, securing double attacks with relative ease. It's worth noting that Wyalde and his verdant companion both have fairly balanced growths, so while they may be blessed in different departments, they're both serviceable in their own ways.
Archetype: Day 4, The Calm Rider
Name: Wren - The Green Sentinel
Class: Cavalier
Appearance: A young woman with dusky skin and dark, blue-black hair. Wren has piercing green eyes and a hawklike gaze, and her hair is kept back in two buns on the lower back of her head. She is armed simply, with dinged and scuffed forest green armour that is light and only covering the bare essentials. She wears a padded yellow tunic underneath the armour for what little protection it offers. Her horse is a light brown, and is as sparsely armoured as its rider, with its "saddle" being little more than a woven blanket.
Description: Wren had always admired her father. A soldier of Cania, he was strong and kind, doing his best to be there for his daughter when he could. When he came home one day an arm short, Wren knew that life would be hard for the family from then on. They all worked hard, and in time she followed her father's footsteps, becoming a soldier of Cania on the border. But then, her first day on the job, the coup happened. She didn't know what was happening, but she had a spear thrust into her hand and was told to use it on her own countrymen. Confused, scared and frantic, she did the only thing she could think to do. She ran. While on the run, she eventually wound up meeting Wyalde, and then meeting Wyalde again. And again, and again, and again. By the time she ran into the legendary Wolf of Cania and the prince, she was more frustrated seeing his stupid red armour than she was ashamed of facing her liege after deserting.
Wren is skittish, nervous, and really just kind of a wreck most of the time. She lacks confidence in herself and thus tries to build herself up by aspiring to role models and idols around her. However, she is hard working, diligent and determined, and she has a stubbornness to her that few can deny. She has a strong sense of right and wrong and feels obligated to make the world a better place, but also judges herself harshly for her own failings.
Crit Quotes: "I... I'm not afraid of you!"
"This time, STAY DOWN!"
"Not running away this time!"

Death Quote: "I... guess I shoulda listened, Dad. Wasn't cut out for this... after all..."

The Crunch: Speed and skill are for chumps. Wren is the cavalier you take when you want to hit something once but hit like a freight train while doing it. Gifted in HP, Strength and Defense, Wren is basically what Joanna was probably like back in her prime. Her speed isn't too great - especially in comparison to Wyalde, who is probably, like, three times faster than her - but it's got better potential than Joanna, and her skill and luck are middling, but not terrible.

Additional Notes: Might as well do this together. Wren and Wyalde as a pair are inspired loosely based on Char Aznable and Lalah Sune as far as appearance goes (and in regards to Wyalde's speed and preference for axes). Wyalde is also an affectionate parody and tribute to both the chuuni type characters like Owain and Arthur and the masked mystery characters like Zeke and Bruno.
Edited by Stercus

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Day 3- Calm Horseman



"The cat is everything that the civil should aspire to be. Cats are cognizant, confident, intelligent, elegant- independent."

A level headed horseman. Born a poor boy in a poor family of tenant farmers on the lands of House Scipio, it seemed his fate was written for him. However, Kamau decided that he would pursue to an education and through it elevate his family to a higher position. To fund it, he swore his services to the estate, and is still in the process of saving those funds. It has not dampened his thirst for learning- he voraciously reads anything about history or politics he can get his hands on. These texts have converted Kamau to an adamant supporter of the Sectionalist movement, which advocates the total separation of Oster and Sudemhof.

Kamau is very quiet and observant. His eyes move almost lazily about his surroundings, belying his excellent reflexes and twitchy reactions which have been a subject of teasing since boyhood. It is perhaps for this reason that he so loves to stay indoors and read. He's quite fond of cats, and often went against his mother's orders and give food to the stray felines which occasionally prowled the family cottage. Horses, he can take or leave- but a cavalier is better paid than a footman. Dogs, he doesn't much like at all.

A year or so after enlisting in House Scipio's army, Kamau found himself promoted to its cavalry, and a year or so after that he met Jelani, whose wealthier background brought him into the cavalry immediately. The two are inseparable friends, taking great joy in their debates, and each would readily lay down his life for the other. The pair are escorts to Kato during his investigation, and Kamau has much respect for him as well- though not as much as his fellow rider and friend of many years.

Similar to Jelani, Kamau is mostly well rounded, slightly failing in some areas and slightly exceeding in some others. His advantages lie in luck, speed, and skill, with the third being the highest when compared to other units in the game. He specializes in swords over lances, but isn't too far from Javelin access, and will find himself with more magic swords at his disposal than one might think.

Critical Quotes:

  • "To Sudemhof!"
  • "Perfect precision."
  • "I'm too swift for you."

Death Quote: "If only...I'd seen it coming-"


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Day 4: Calm Horseman

Name: Pollux

Class: Lance Knight (promotes to Paladin)

Appearance: Pollux has shaggy brown hair that hangs over his eyes somewhat (think Lowen). He is tall and slender, with poor posture. He wears emerald armor, and is eighteen years old.

Description: Pollux, like his brother, Castor, is a new Acleian knight. He greatly looks up to Oberon and other veteran knights, and aspires to greatness, but lacks self-confidence. He is quiet and reserved, but is quite skilled with a lance.

Plot and Motivation: Pollux serves under Oberon as his trainee. He fights out of a sense of duty, rather than a personal attachment to the cause.

Growth Rates: (total to 290, same as Kent)

HP: 80%

Attack: 40%

Skill: 45%

Speed: 35%

Luck: 20%

Defense: 45%

Resistance: 25%

Constitution: 8

Movement: 7

Affinity: Light

Weapon Ranks: D Lances

Joins at level 1.

Recruitment: Automatic at the start of Chapter 2

Starting Inventory: Iron Lance, Javelin, Vulnerary

Death Quote: Pollux: "Castor, I did my best..." Castor: (if recruited) "Pollux, no!"

Notes: The tankier cavalier. Slower than Pollux, but has more defense and HP. Don't have much else to say here: pretty simple unit.

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Calm Cavalier/Horseman (Day 4)

Name: Bradley

Class: Cavalier

Appearance: Bradley is a young man in his early 20s with brown hair and eyes, standing slightly taller than Edgar. His armor is a very dark blue with white accents, and he possesses a cautious and calculated expression. Both he and Edgar have rather identical-looking plain, brown horses as mounts before and after promotion.

Description: Bradley, much like Edgar before him, is a cavalier from Davin with a military background, and one who tends to travel from place to place in search of things to do. Unlike Edgar, however, being a hero and charging in recklessly is not necessarily something Bradley focuses on. In fact, he's much more calm and rational, preferring to think things through and find nonviolent solutions to problems. Oftentimes, however, Bradley is rather passive and goes along with the more loud-mouthed and assertive Edgar's plans. This is what led him to joining Malcolm's group, as previously mentioned in Edgar's description. Though reluctant at first, Edgar was his best friend, and Bradley didn't want him getting hurt, so ultimately, he decided to stick around.

Crit Quotes: 

"Here we go."

"My apologies..."


The Crunch: When comparing him to Edgar, Bradley is the slower, bulkier of the pair., preferring lances over swords He specializes more in HP and Strength, with slightly higher Defense as well. This statistical difference will remain for much of the game, and as such one might consider promoting him into a Great Knight to take advantage of his best stats. However, being a cavalier, he and Edgar are basically interchangeable, equal in usability. 

Additional Notes: Bradley wouldn't admit it, but he has crushes on various members of the army, mostly women.

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Archetype: Young Archer

Name: Nero

Class: Archer

Appearance: Nero is older than the other kids, being in about his early twenties to Theo, Martin, and Felix's mid to late teens, but he isn't as quite as old as Amara's thirty-something. He is incredibly tall - standing well over six feet - and he is slim, and very willowy. His face is angular, and his eyes are almost always narrowed and colored a brilliant blue. His black hair is pulled back into a half-ponytail, with the half that remains down brushing against his shoulders ever so slightly. He wears a blue tunic and black tights with a black cloak over top of it. 

Description: When it comes to the Resistance, Nero is Amara's second in command and the member that she has known the very longest, and the one that she trusts the most - with good reason, though most people would be hard pressed to guess as to why. He is quiet and he is aloof, often never speaking out of turn and only offering his opinion when he feels that he very much has something to add to the conversation. He and Amara both intentionally allow there to be an air of mysteriousness around him so as to not blow his cover - the truth is that Nero is actually a member of a noble family from the neighboring kingdom of Huoyan who has been dispatched to the resistance in order to stop Crown Prince Ricard's coup.

Crit Quotes: 

  • "As if there was never any doubt."
  • "... Unimpressive..."
  • "Fly, blazing arrow!"

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Day 5- Young Archer



"True, bow strings are bit sticky- but not too sticky. They have a nice tack to them."

Kato's uncle met his end in the regional capital of Sudemhof, Zweigbleda, and so to that city they begin their northward march. Along the way, they stop at a small town, where their night stay is interrupted by an assault of bandits, eager to capture the young noble. During their battle, they recruit a young archer from a minor noble family with secondary residence in the isolated village. This boy, whose habitation was primarily in said secondary home, was Pythagoras.

The young archer is of mixed ancestry- partly of Sudemhof, and partly of Zephyrus, a kingdom to the far west. A tale from the latter nation has made its way to former, and become quite popular with the Sectionalist faction there. The story tells of a knot said to be impossible to untie, so complicated was it, until it was simply cut by an aspiring monarch. Had he the chance, Pythagoras would have likely untied the knot. He must always have something in his hands to fiddle with- knots to untie are a favorite, and he'll often put his bowstrings in them just so he can loosen them in a never ending cycle. Other objects of his fidgeting include shaking fistfuls of stones or dice, twirling sticks or arrows like batons, wrapping flower stems around his fingers- his hands are truly restless, and Pyathagoras is very mindful of these seemingly meaningless tasks. It's one of many odd quirks he takes seriously- including that whatever feeling he has on one side of the body, he feels compelled to give to the other, excepting it be painful, and he despises to touch anything dusty or sticky.

These habits make him quiet and aloof, if visibly distinct, but when he speaks to others, he does so with great and childlike joy, as well as an innocence perpetually undamaged by conflict. Sometimes he is perhaps too innocent- he doesn't quite understand what is and isn't appropriate for conversation, though tries his best to learn, often taking away the wrong lesson. One cannot deny his earnest nature, though. His heart is clearly in the right place. His motivation for sticking with Kato's group is to explore the world- he has spent so long cooped up in his family's estate, hidden from it- as well as to pursue the justice which Kato's uncle deserves, needing nary more than a basic explanation of the latter to be in full agreement with it.

As a unit, Pythagoras at first seems to be your standard archer with bad bases, but his growths give him very odd quirks as a unit. His resistance of all things is absolutely incredible. His strength is his best offensive stat growth. The amount of luck he has goes beyond the "good" of your starting normal archers and goes into "why do you have all this luck" territory. His growths are actually pretty fantastic- he lacks defense and lulls in a few other areas, but is overall very solid, he just happens to abnormally excel in some seemingly random stats. He also joins with a more-accurate-than-usual Longbow as well as a standard bow, giving him better range coverage automatically.

Pythagoras's unique skill, Restless Fingers, boosts his attack, hit, critical hit, avoid, critical avoid, and skill activation rate when he has certain items in his inventory. Without such items to satiate his needs, he will grow unfocused and use random junk on the field to obtain relief. He does indeed join with such an item in his possession. He can promote into either a Horse Archer, essentially a mounted version of a Sniper, or into an Assassin, giving him access to knives and allowing him to pursue Lethality.

Critical Quotes:

  • "I'm helping by attacking you!"
  • "I hope this is a clean shot-"
  • "This will probably hurt quite a bit..."

Death Quotes: "No more of that, please. I think I've had enough...adventure..."


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Better late than never!


DAY 1:  Lord. The main squeeze of the series. If you lose this character in game, the game is over.


"To put it simply, my father is nothing more than a beast that hungers for control. Many say that he was a great man once, but sometime around when I was born, that man died."

Character Name: Farah

Class: Princess(Axe; foot) > Lord Princess(Sword, Axe; foot) > Hero Princess (Sword, Lance, Axe; foot) (Note: Hero Princess is a forced promo later on in the game to make up for Farah not being able to reclass.)

Bio: Farah is a young adult princess of Roanoke, a country allied with two other countries to form a continent known as Trieste, and the daughter of King Gallon and Queen Elsa. Personally wise, she is a very short tempered person that can't really handle criticism. It usually takes a lot for her to understand her faults or when she does something wrong. The reasoning behind this is her relationship with parents, more specifically her father. Her father is known in Roanoke as being an amazing warrior and a great but blunt leader, but Farah sees him as something different. After witnessing an incident between her mother and father when she was a kid, as well as certain behaviors displayed by her father, Farah feared and hated him. She only saw a monster masquerading as a man and a leader. These feelings went away thanks to her guardian and teacher, Jonas(Spoiler alert, he's the veteran!), being a father figure in place of her real father.

Her journey begins when she saves two runaway slaves that later turn out to know her mother. The older slave, Mira, the mother of the younger slave, Monty, informs Elsa that Saya, the smallest country of Trieste, has lost it's ruler and the heir has gone missing. After hearing a suggestion to send someone to check the current state of Saya and possibly help, Elsa decides that it's the perfect opportunity for Farah to learn more about Royal affairs and asks Farah to lead the group. After another surprise encounter with a bandit leader, Farah accepts, going on a journey that will have many surprises.

Stats/Growth Rates: Lv. 1, HP: 23(60%), Str: 7(45%), Mag: 0(0%), Skl: 9(55%), Spd: 11(45%), Luk: 10(25%), Def: 7(40%), Res: 3(25%)

Inventory: (Info about weapons and items can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MTxQ8gD8jkCvaif8DMyR6shQob1eD1RgOnD-dqOhsHc/edit?usp=sharing ) Iron Axe, Red Medicine

Other: "No, I... I can't die... like... like this... Mother..." -Death quote

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On 10/2/2018 at 11:57 PM, SageHarpuiaJDJ said:

Better late than never!

You also at least drew something, instead of just writing scribbles like the rest of us.

Speaking of-

Day 6- Strong and Tough



"It seems that no matter how strong I get, or how heavy my armor is, there's always at least one bug I just can't crush under my foot."

Adela doesn't seem to have caught onto the fact that she is a woman. Whenever she's ordering people around or talking smack, which is most of the time, she'll demean them as "ladies" for their comparative weakness. Her ceaseless efforts and perfectionist standards had her liege assign her to training the knights- which proved so unpopular that Adela was transferred to personal guard duty, before eventually being entrusted to Kato's cause.

Her family hails from the forest around her liege's estate. They were hunters and foragers, and so Adela has been living off the land her entire life. This has instilled in her an extremely pragmatic attitude, bolstered by her extremely competitive spirit. Adela doesn't like to lose anything ever, she can never appear weaker than anyone or any circumstance.

She's incredibly stern and a brutal critic of other soldiers. No weakness, no whining, no squeamishness- if she can eat nothing but tree bark and bugs for three weeks and still run five kilometers in full armor, you should be able to as well and she better not hear a peep out of you. Bugs are very nutritious, and you can't be an impractical pansy turning down perfectly nutritious food. Her survival skills are certainly impressive as a result of this ceaseless dedication, but the only person who seems to like her perfectionism is her liege, who didn't have to do any of the training.

She claims that she can only respect someone who's might and resilience she can respect. If someone is weaker than her, she says she can't respect them, but if they beat her at something, she'll get very defensive about it. It's a no-win situation. She and Armond could have a very interesting discussion about how much the other isn't respectable.

As a knight, Adela's best stat is her defense. She's got piles on piles of it, accompanied by good strength and skill so she can hit back fairly hard and fairly reliably. Unfortunately, her luck and speed are both abysmal, so she'll probably be getting doubled and hit a lot, but her high defense and the use of shields should help mitigate that issue. Her HP is also very high, but there simply isn't enough HP for her to survive being ganged up on by mages or hammer-wielders. She is still excellent at choking points, though, and her low luck is in part mitigated by her personal skill, which makes her immune to critical hits and increases the defense she gains from shields.

Critical Quotes:

  • "I'll crush you!"
  • "Weak!"
  • "You can't handle me!"

Death Quote: "Is that...the best...you've got?"


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DAY 2: Veteran. The guardian of the Lord in some way or form. Supposed to be a short term use unit, but sometimes can be even more op than others.


"It was a surprise to be held responsible for the life of a princess, but I don't regret being apart of her life, and I will continue to defend her with my own life."

Character Name: Jonas

Class: Great Knight(Sword, Lance, Axe; Mounted, Armored)

Reclass: General(Lance, Axe; Armored), Falcon Knight(Lance, Staff; Flyer) <> Gale Knight(Sword, Lance; Flyer); Paladin(Sword, Lance, Bow; Mounted)

Bio: Jonas is a knight that teaches and takes cares of Farah when her parents are busy. When he was a young man, his hometown was very lustrous. The citizens there never thought they would be put in harm's way, but they proven wrong when a huge raid was made on their land. Many bandits attacked and ravaged the land, causing the once striving town to become a haven for the bandits that attacked. The king was contacted in secret about the attack by Jonas. After arriving there on his own accord with his best soldiers, King Gallon asked for Jonas's assistance with the bandits. Wanting to set an example for his people, Jonas decided to fight along side the king. After the land was liberated from the bandits, Jonas asked to be apart of the royal army to grow stronger in hopes that other citizens will soon follow. The king agrees and made Jonas a soldier.

As a soldier, Jonas worked hard to be the best at his duty, and he was rewarded with a great payoff. He was recognized by the king and was quickly promoted to a knight, and later a general. In spite of how hard he worked, however, Jonas had to deal with accusations of being spoiled by the king, and this lead to him being constantly attacked by his peers verbally and sometimes physically. After withstanding constant abuse, Jonas was give a surprising proposition. The king found out from a female soldier that Jonas would later marry about the abuse that Jonas was going though, and applauded Jonas for not attacking back. The king stated to Jonas that gives signs of a person with great patience, and someone like him would be perfect for teaching his future child. Jonas was surprised with the offer, but he gladly too it.

Jonas is a very fatherly person. He cares very dearly for his soldiers, sometimes neglecting his own self to help one soldier out. He's also not afraid of punishing soldiers as well as scalding, but he barely does that due to his calm attitude. This is a double edged sword when it comes to Farah, because sometimes Farah takes advantage of Jonas's kind demeanor to her liking and tends to get away with it due to being a princess.

Stats/Growth Rates:  Lv.1, HP: 30(70%), Str: 13( 30%) Mag: 0(0%), Skl: 10(25%), Spd: 7(20%), Luk: 6(50%), Def: 12(30%), Res: 6(20%)

Inventory: (Info about weapons and items can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MTxQ8gD8jkCvaif8DMyR6shQob1eD1RgOnD-dqOhsHc/edit?usp=sharing ) Silver Sword, Iron Lance

Death Quote: "I can't fight... like this... but... I must live on... to at least guide her."


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Did someone say better late than never?

Yo, this is a fantastic idea! I'm absolutely hopping on this bandwagon.

Day 1 - Archetype: Lord

Name: Roan || The Baron Cooley

Age: 25

Class: Mage Lord. ("A nobleman who wields arcane magic. Equip: Anima.") Promotes to Master Lord, a mounted class. ("A powerful spellcaster with a grand purpose. Equip: Anima, Dark.")

Appearance: Meticulously mussed brown hair swept back and falling just below shoulder length. Average height and weight, and fairly athletic for a mage. Roan prides himself on his sophisticated-but-earthy look and maintains a dusting of dirt on his cape at all times. He wears a blue and beige garb and a thick brown cape fastened at the shoulder with an expensive-looking emerald brooch. 

Description: The scholarly and adventurous Baron Cooley, a skilled mage. He's self-serving, but genuine.

Bio/Story: First and foremost, Roan is a scholar. Scouring time-worn ruins, deciphering ancient incantations--that's his calling. He's no scholar by trade, though. Roan is the Baron Cooley, and is likewise responsible for the modest town of Cooley. In truth, he leaves the governing to his unfortunate, saintly steward, Sir Carroll, though Roan does sign decrees on occasion. (He once signed two in the space of a week! Truly, governance is tiring work.) This happy arrangement has granted Roan much time for travel and study, and he's known throughout the kingdom of Mugan as a man of learning. Aside from being a scholar and a traveler, Roan is friendly and energetic, and he claims that his people skills are his strong suit. He's also trusting to a fault--guard-captain Dairine has skillfully extracted him from many a dangerous friendship, a service for which Roan is eternally grateful.

On the rainy spring afternoon following the Festival of Warriors, Roan and his companions, Captain Dairine and the young pegasus rider Nevan, arrived in the bustling town of Carbre. The Baron Carbre had sent Roan a message hinting at a great discovery, and on Roan's arrival, the ecstatic baron wasted no time sharing his find: the legendary stone goblet known as the Sundered Cup. However, as the two barons examined the mysterious, unassuming cup, disaster struck. A flash of lightning filled the room, and the shadow of a cloaked figure appeared before them. When the light subsided, the figure and the cup were gone. Now, Roan, Baron Carbre, and their companions embark on a journey to recover the stolen artifact and uncover the secrets that it holds.

Crit Quotes:

  • "Oh, have I got a spell for you!"
  • "You're history!"
  • "You aren't fooling anyone!"

Death Quote"Ah... Dairine, I could use... some help..."

Stats: Roan is a reliable all-rounder with a balanced statline. His only standout stat is his defense, which is high for a mage but would be average for a non-magic unit like a Mercenary. His personal skill "Knowledge is Power" boosts damage dealt when facing non-mage enemies.

Notes: Learned magic by apprenticing under a travelling shaman. His personal wind magic tome is called "Cuhullin". It deals effective damage against fliers and horseback units. High Hit, average Mt, 0 Crit.

"It's horrible that the cup was stolen, truly, it is--but doesn't this smell like an adventure in the making?"

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Accidentally missed out on yesterday so I'm gonna do one now, one later.

Archetype: Strong and Tough

Name: Molly

Class: Lance Knight.

Appearance: Nineteen years old, short, and muscular. She isn't fat (not like Meg), but she has muscle on her body that makes her look a little bit bigger, and the purple armor that she wears over top of her normal clothing is no different. She has long, brown hair that she often ties up in a ponytail that goes to about the middle of her back even when up - and when it's not it would fall squarely past her bottom. She wears makeup on her face, something that most of the other early game cast can't afford, with cherry red lips and a light pink blush hiding her natural freckles. Her eyes are doe-like, innocent, and blue.

Description: Molly is the eldest daughter of one of the rebelling noble houses of Falamh. Her father is a governor who supports the Resistance, though he has to do so from afar and quietly, else he is discovered and they lose who is probably their largest informant. Molly was trained in the use of lances when she was still a little girl, and had always been shown to be rather proficient at the use of them, and though she at first did not want to join the rebellion she felt as though she didn't have any clear choice in the matter - and all things considered, as prissy as she can be, she surprisingly enjoys her role in changing the world. As mentioned, Molly is prissy - she values her appearance, likes expensive clothing and jewelry, and tries not to get her armor dirty if she can help it.

Crit Quotes: 

  • "You'll pay for that!"
  • "You don't have the right to even gaze upon me!"
  • "I'll send you to the goddess!"

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Archetype: Youngest Rider

Name: Luc

Class: Pegasus Knight

Appearance: Like Martin, Luc is young, only fifteen. He has tan skin, sandy colored hair, and golden eyes. He is a little bit larger than average for his age, but that doesn't exactly mean that he looks like he's any older than he is. He wears light fitting blue and white robes, a sign of the Church of the Goddess, of which he was raised in since he was a child. He sits atop a glitering white Pegasus, who is also wearing the colors of the church within the horse armor that he wears and the ribborns that are adorned on him. On the tips of his Pegauses wings' are a glittering gold, on each feather. 

Description: The youngest of three siblings that were raised in the church of the neighboring Theocracy, Aestus, Luc is young and eager to help. He joins the Fallen Resistance when he comes across them running from the Falamh army, and is initially on their side until he is spoken to by Theo or Martin and realizes that he has been tricked into helping the real bad guys. In an effort to prove himself to his siblings and the rest of the Church of the Goddesses' Pegasus Knights, Luc has branched out away from Aestus, and stays with the resistance movement in Falamh in order to accomplis that and to make his siblings proud. He's bright and idealistic, and often serves the purpose of maintaining morale among the Resistance.

Crit Quotes: 

  • "I did my best!"
  • "The goddess blesses us this day."
  • "I will pray for you!"

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DAY 3: Brash Horseman. The red guy. Usually a hothead or uptight. Most of the time they're the strong guy.


"People say that I'm too obsessed with perfection. In spite of this, I've always strive for it, because it gives me a reason to keep improving."

Character Name: Claude

Class: Cavalier(Sword, Lance; Mounted) > Paladin <> Great Knight

Reclass: Soldier(Lance; Foot) > Halberdier(Lance; Foot) <> Gatekeeper(Sword, Lance; Foot); Dark Mage(Dark; Foot) > Druid(Fire, Dark; Foot) <> Dark Knight(Axe, Dark; Foot)

Bio: Claude is a young knight that always works for the best result. As a child, he had a hard time with motivation and never wanted to try anything due to always being scolded for messing up. Feeling bad, his brother game him what seemed to pretty vague advice: "No matter how much you fail, keep improving until you get it perfect. That will be your motivation." This advice may seem bad to some, but young Claude heavily admired his brother. His brother always cheered him whenever he messed up a task and played with him when he needed someone to play with. So Claude took this to heart. One day, when Claude was a teenager, he asked his brother why did he give such poor advice. His brother responded with by saying that he was pretty bad with words, but he knew that he say something or Claude would be a super gloomy kid. Realizing how much his brother cared for him, in spite of knowing how bad the advice was, he still to continue to follow it out of respect for his brother.

In spite of Claude's goal of perfection, he's not good very at some tasks. Sometimes, he's completely oblivious as to how do something, and gets moody when someone has to tell him. He takes his role as a knight very seriously, which some people find amusing since he himself doesn't do everything right, and makes a humorous spectacle when he messes up really bad. In spite of this, he never gets angry at people who do laugh at him, and just notes what he does wrong.

Stats/Growth Rates:  Lv. 2, HP: 25(75%); Str: 9(50%), Mag: 1(10%), Skl: 6(35%), Spd: 6(45%), Luk: 7(30%), Def: 9(45%), Res: 1(30%)

Inventory: (Info about weapons and items can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MTxQ8gD8jkCvaif8DMyR6shQob1eD1RgOnD-dqOhsHc/edit?usp=sharing ) Bronze Sword, Javelin

Death Quote: "Sorry brother... I can't continue on..."

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Added level

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Day 2 - Archetype: Veteran

Name: Dairine || Staunch Assassin

Age: 31

Class: Assassin (Swords, Bows)

Appearance: Dark brown hair cut precisely to shoulder length. Average height with a muscular build. Dairine prefers to lay low--she wears a simple grey tunic, worn green trousers, and a plain brown cloak. She keeps her hood up more often than not.

Description: The captain of the Cooley Guard. Stoic and dependable.

Bio/Story: Dairine is the stalwart captain of the Cooley Guard. Prior to joining the guard, Dairine was a freelancing assassin--the notorious "Snake of South Nessa". However, business became slow after a peace agreement ended the hostile rivalry between the kingdoms of Mugan and Nessa. The once sought-after Snake was strapped for cash and took a cheap, easy job: killing Roan, the Baron Cooley. Rather than murdering him outright, Dairine offered the baron (who was at the time bound, gagged, and draped over a low-hanging branch) a choice: buy out her services, or die a slow, painful death. And the rest is history! Dairine has since become Roan's most trusted (and best-paid) companion. In the eyes of the recruits in the Cooley Guard, she's a reliable leader, an incredible warrior, and a terrifying slave driver, though she genuinely cares for all the recruits she trains.

Dairine accompanies Roan on his visit to the Baron Carbre. Though she was unable to stop the theft of the legendary Sundered Cup, she joins Roan and Carbre on their journey to retrieve it.

Crit Quotes:

  • "This is the end!"
  • "Make your peace!"
  • "You're done."

Death Quote"... My turn has come."

Stats: Dairine has exceptional bases and growths in speed and luck, making her a prime dodgetank. That said, her strength will end up below average, and she suffers from durability issues. Still, she has the potential to be the fastest unit in the game and requires minimal investment. Her personal skill "Dauntless" boosts her Hit and Crit when her HP is low.

Notes: Dairine has been working with Roan for about 4 years.

"You cowards aren't tired enough. Get back to the damn training field."

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On 10/4/2018 at 5:33 AM, AppleJuice said:

Roan || The Baron Cooley

On 10/4/2018 at 9:42 PM, AppleJuice said:

Dairine || Staunch Assassin

These two are funny. Good job.


Day 7- Youngest Rider



"All the time, people tell me I need to be thinking about my future. So I do. I still have no idea what to do with it."

The youngest of three sisters. Their family hailed from a long line of soldiers in the army of Northumbria, a frozen country to the north, and each of the sisters honored the tradition by enlisting as Pegasus Knights. Thrim, quite honestly, hates it. The cold beating on her while she's riding and the harsh instructors and the exhausting training- it baffles her why girls her age are even allowed in. However, her two old sisters are drop outs, so she feels somewhat obligated to stick with it. She tries to spin this into a positive, because she otherwise has no idea what to do with her life. This is perfectly appropriate for her age but she feels it's an inadequacy, and the conundrum brings much anxiety. Helping the player's army gives her some sense of purpose, but while she enjoys helping people along the way, it's all just a temporary arrangement.

Though she remains in the Pegasus Knight program, Thrim is still weak and inexperienced. It really doesn't help her feel better about herself, but regardless of how she feels, she feels she must continue on through it all. Her stern determination is in stark contrast to how easily people walk over her. If someone asks her for a favor, she simply can't say no, even if she knows that things will be perfectly fine if she stays out of it. That and her indecisiveness are things she despises about herself, creating this weird loop of edgy teenage frustration.

Thrim obeys all the tropes of your first Pegasus Knight- she has the lowest strength but her excellent availability and flying make her one of your best units anyway. Her speed and luck are among the best, her skill and resistance quite high, but that's most of what she's got. Her promotions are probably pretty cool but I can't really think of them right now, one will probably be a Falcon Knight but I got nothing for the second. Her use of lances slightly compensates for her low power, and javelin access is pretty neat as well. Her personal skill is Uncertain Future, which increases her avoid and defense but decreases her hit rate and attack as her health decreases.

Crit Quotes:

  • "All according to plan-"
  • "You chose the wrong path, buddy!"
  • "I can't hold back-!"

Death Quote: "So much else...I could've done..."


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DAY 4: Calm Horseman. The green guy. Usually the chill and mellow one that likes to go fast.


"Well, I DO train... I just... forget is all!"

Character Name: Samantha

Class: Cavalier > Paladin <> Great Knight

Reclass: Fencer(Sword;Foot) > Duelist(Sword, Staff; Foot) <> Gatekeeper; Fire Mage(Fire; Foot) > Sage(Fire, Light, Staff; Foot) <> Mage Knight(Lance, Fire; Mounted)

Bio: Samantha is newly knighted Cavalier who's not really the working type. She doesn't train as hard as other knights around her, and is late at training sessions most of time. Because of this, she may seem like she doesn't care about her duties, but she is actually attentive, she is very active and does above average during drills and exercises. Due to her nonchalant attitude, she's always being lectured by her superiors. Jonas, however, hardly scalds her because her sister, who is a higher rank than him, behaves almost identical. Samantha herself, heavily admires her sister because of how successful she is at everything. The reason she decided to become a knight is because of her. Her original dream was to become a cook.

Stats/Growth Rates: Lv. 2, HP: 22(65%); Str: 7(45%); Mag: 3(35%); Skl: 8(50%); Spd: 10(50%); Luk: 5(40%); Def: 7(30%); Res: 4(45%)

Inventory: (Info about weapons and items can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MTxQ8gD8jkCvaif8DMyR6shQob1eD1RgOnD-dqOhsHc/edit?usp=sharing ) Iron Sword, Bronze Lance

Death Quote: "Heh...I Guess...I've been bested..."


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Day 8- Dedicated Priest



"Don't tell me you're one of those self-forsaking heretical 'reformed' types-" 

The continent of Hallstatt is divided religiously- though all agree in the words of three deities given by a manakete who now slumbers forever, there has been great debate over what those words precisely mean and how they should be applied over the centuries. Two sects dominate- the Reformed Creed, and the Zephyran Orthodox Creed. Most of the player's army are followers of the latter- but the priest Castinus is a devout and vocal follower of the latter. Though born in Northumbria, Castinus inherits his name, conviction, and theological training from his father's position as a bishop in the Zephyran Orthodox. At a young age he was sent to study in Zephyrus, where he was considered quite bright, but on returning to Northumbria, it was decided that he was too outspoken and stirred up too much trouble. He was therefore sent out as a missionary, a quest which leads him into the company of Kato.

Castinus does not hide the disgust he feels towards the tenets of the Reformers, as well as his bewilderment towards them. The writings are quite clear to him- and they embrace the orthodox practices. Most of the world disagrees with him and his faith is the one more often subject to polemics, leaving Castinus with a bitter and abrasive attitude. Despite this, his theological knowledge is fittingly the highest of the cast, and he does his best to contain his innate disdain and convince people of his sect's rightness. His attitude also seems to be born of legitimate disappointment- with regards to such important matters as the immortal soul, he is much perplexed by these inaccuracies and the damage they may cause.

For example, the Zephyran Orthodox Creed does not permit the use of magic unless the user has been approved and blessed by an official member of the church. This makes Castinus cautious at best towards the secular mages around him, but he desperately tries to get them to allow him to give them the blessing needed to use magic in a sanctified way. Though he reminds them that he lacks the proper rank to do this properly, their heathenry will at least be lessened.

As a unit, Castinus severely lacks defense, health, and skill, but boasts excellent resistance and luck accompanied by above average speed and magic. He is unlikely to make a good combat unit, but he might survive an encounter with an archer or two and he is a healer, which is very useful. Upon promotion, he can become a sage and gain tomes, but won't have the skill necessary to be reliable with many of them. He can also promote to [ X ], which can [ Y ] but is held back by [ Z ]. His personal skill ties into his Orthodox stance and the idea of divine protection.

Critical Quotes

  • "You are the less favored!"
  • "Judgement has been passed!"
  • "Pray. Make your peace..."

Death Quote: "Oh heavenly things- all that I should have for you..."


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On 10/4/2018 at 8:52 PM, AnonymousSpeed said:

These two are funny. Good job.

Hey, thanks! Glad to please!

Decided to pull a Fates and subvert the archetype a bit today. We'll see if that screws me over later on.

Day 3 - Archetype: Brash Horseman

Name: Nevan || Scarlet Wings

Age: 16

Class: Pegasus Knight (Lances) >> Falcon Knight (Swords, Lances) or Harrier (Lances, Anima)

Appearance: Dark red hair, medium length and swept to the side. Athletic, but short and slim for his age. Nevan wears polished white plate armor with red trim, but between the plates of his armor, glimpses of a patchwork tunic betray his modest birth. It's hidden under his armor, but on his tunic he wears a wing-shaped bronze pin, a gift from his mother. His pegasus, a mare that he named "Scarlet Thunder", is a northern breed with a cream-colored coat and gentle red eyes.

Description: The sole pegasus rider of the Cooley Guard. An ambitious, quick-tempered soldier.

Bio/Story: Nevan is proud to be the first and only pegasus rider in the Cooley Guard. Probably too proud--his quick temper and big shot attitude lead him to butt heads with the older members of the guard. That said, he takes his position seriously and devotes himself wholeheartedly to his training. He's always the first to the stables in the morning and keeps his armor and mount in prime fighting condition. Despite his dedication, he's still a kid and has plenty of room to grow. He's easily provoked, especially when  it comes to Fillin, a haughty pegasus knight serving Baron Carbre. When Nevan is riled-up, his pegasus, Scarlet, will nudge him to calm him down.

When Roan, the Baron Cooley, scraped together the funds for pegasus, he had expected to entrust the creature to an older, more experienced cavalier, but it wasn't meant to be. On the day of the pegasus's arrival, as the town guardsmen lead the pegasus off of the trader's ship, a crowd gathered by the docks. As Roan looked on from the crowd, Nevan and four others were guiding the creature onto the docks when an infantryman stepped on the pegasus's wing. Instantly, the creature reared back and flared its wings, knocking three guards into the river. Without thinking, Nevan calmly grabbed the lead around the creature's neck, and within a second had brought her back under control. In that moment, Roan decided to entrust the pegasus to the young recruit.

After Roan announced that he was departing for Carbre, Nevan immediately requested to accompany him. He and Scarlet don't get out of the village much, so he welcomes the adventure. Nevan also accompanies Roan on his journey to recover the Sundered Cup.

Crit Quotes:

  • "UGH! Now I'm angry!"
  • "Let's ride, Scarlet!"
  • "Yeah, you never stood a chance!"

Death Quotes: "I-I'm sorry, Mom... Scarlet... fly away..."

Stats: As far as pegs go, Nevan has high strength but low speed and skill. His defenses are average for his class: he has middling defense and above-average resistance. His personal skill "Burning Ambition" boosts his hit rate and damage dealt when initiating combat, which will mitigate his accuracy issues somewhat. He also sports a decent magic growth, making him the most promising of the potential Harriers.

Notes: Yes, his favorite color is red.

"Alright, listen here, PAL. This isn't just some 'fancy horse'. This is a PEGASUS, and her name is Scarlet Thunder. Got that? And I don't care WHO just--just--UGH! Milord, can I just kill this guy?"

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