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Luis Liberato

Ideal IV's for Seliph

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With Seliphs new refine he now able to be built in a multitude of ways from a mage killer to a brawler.

But I was wondering, what are his best IV's? 

When it comes to boons I would say that it is between either attack or defense. With a boon in attack he is able to kill mages more reliably if you go for a DC build but on the other hand with a defense boon he becomes pretty tanky an is ideal for a refined Tyrfing build

Banes are more complicated though. I would say that it could be speed, hp and res. The only issue is that with sacrifising one he is left very vulnrable in some way. For example with a res bane he retains some speed and won't be doubled besome units but the issue with this is that mages will wreck him and it can be argued that he willl be doubled either way. Hp is another option but with such high hp you could give him infantry pulse and that would work great on him. Though it can be argued that hp may be his best bane if you decide to go for a defense boon. I say this because you could then go and give him even defense wave and he will do great.

So what are your thoughts on this and what would you say are Seliphs best IV's?

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