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Godzilla: Humanity in Chaos (Signups/OOC/Discussion)

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This is for a Godzilla Roleplay.  Below are the events that set up what sort of situation this is.

The Appearance



August 9
The city of Nagasaki is bombed by the Fat Man.

August 15           
Following the bombing and the Soviet Union's declaration of war, Japan surrenders signifying the end of the second world war.

August 28           
The occupation of Japan is established with General Douglas Mac Arthur as Military Governor.

September 2     
The first immediate reports from both American occupiers and Japanese citizens of "a gorilla the size of a whale" coming ashore.  Investigations are sent to see if the report isn't to simply frighten the occupiers.

September 5     
The existence of "Godzilla" is officially recognized.  General MacArthur orders for an attack on the creature as a force of nature to be handled.  the reports of Godzilla's immense size is enough to spark the occupying forces to assemble for an all out offensive as though it were a full scale military force.

September 12   
The city of Sasebo is utilized to prepare for the offensive on Godzilla who is calculated to be arriving.

September 13   
The offensive is a complete disaster.  Losses include the mass majority of the American occupying forces along with General MacArthur.  The city is leveled by Godzilla's rampage.  The day is recognized by many as The Occupational Disaster which brings the question of Godzilla into a worldwide view.

September 15   
President Harry Truman finally evaluates the threat of Godzilla to be too great for conventional military engagement and that there is only one option to ensure Godzilla does not present a consistent threat.  After estimation that Godzilla would be headed for Kumamoto, President Truman orders for the dropping of another Fat Man assembly to see to Godzilla's ultimate destruction.  The city is ordered to evacuate to prepare for the drop.

September 17   
A day that shook the world again.  Despite the city being destroyed by the drop, Godzilla remains very much alive.  Reports even go so far as to call him undamaged and possibly ready for another citywide destruction.  Long and arduous debates being on how the Godzilla situation would be handled.

September 22   
After deliberation President Truman calls Japan a lost cause and orders for a full withdrawal of all occupying forces remaining.  With no one else to give attention to Japan's new force, the island nation is forced to handle the beast on its own.  General Secretary Josef Stalin offers similar sentiment declaring much of Asia to be too significant a threat to the future of the Earth.  The danger of Godzilla is recognized as a force for both nations to prepare for a possible random invasion should Godzilla begin another rampage on their respective soil.  Afterwards there is speculation in Japan what sort of monster Godzilla is.  Some speculate that he is sent to be divine retribution for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki while much of the nation sees him as a worldwide threat that cannot be ignored.

September 26   
Despite seeming to have settled in the remains of the bombed Kumamoto, Godzilla continues to show interest in its surrounding as it marches through Yatsushiro unopposed before seeing it leveled to the ground by his most recent rampage.  By now both America and the Soviet Union have denied offering aid to Japan fearing that the efforts of reconstruction would only be met with Godzilla's wrath.  Japan is left in a forced period of isolation much like its days prior to both World Wars.

September 29   
The Institute of Advanced Study proposes the theory for Godzilla's presence and the ideal living conditions.  Godzilla still standing after the destruction of Kumamoto has some propose that the residing radiation may have provided him with the signal to awaken to its ideal living conditions millions of years ago.  It is pointed out that if this is the case that Godzilla's presence in the Kyushu region can be expected to last for at least the next thirty years where only then would they have an idea of Godzilla's ideal living conditions.  The half life effects from the various forms of radiation makes for a great deal of concern.

October 1           
The rampage of Godzilla continues its way into Hondo forcing the Japanese government to order for a complete evacuation of the Kyushu region.  Fukuoka is the only remaining city planned to be permitted under the evacuation order for planned study of Godzilla in the future.  Evacuation plans are prepared under the assumption that Godzilla does arrive, or worse yet cross the island into Chugoku on the mainland.

The Soviet Situation



August 29           
The RDS-1 is used as the Soviet Union's first nuclear weapons test.  Information is revealed to the American CIA about the test but the awakening of another monster much like Godzilla is kept secret.  Soviet officials confidentially refer to the monster as a "flying hydra".  Hoping to avoid the mistake again in Japan, the Union choses to continue many nuclear tests only in Semipalatinsk in hopes that the hydra would not leave its spot.

September 26   
Continued nuclear testing in the area the hydra resides in results in overall successful plans to keep it secluded but surrounding villages become victim to reported thunderstorms the creature brought.  General Secretary Stalin recognizes the beasts' massive power codenaming him among his fellow peers to have knowledge of it as "Korol Gidra".


October 7           
Former Soviet scientist Dubov Borislav Victorovitch arrives in Tokyo to stand with Tomoyuki Tetsu to announce the existence of the "King Ghidorah" the Soviet Union was holding.  Both men announce the formation of the Advocacy for Nuclear Halting Committee.  The Committee's international goal is to push for all superpowers to cease nuclear ambitions or risk the arrival of more Godzilla creatures.  Through most of the Committee's existence it is able to convince nations not to utilize nuclear weapons on one another, but not even come close to convince the complete disarmament of such weapons.

The Escalation



April 2  
The streak of the Committee preventing nuclear weapons from use is ended once President George Wallace points to the growing spread of unchecked communism in Asia.  Relaizing the futility of sending troops in harms way to cross with Godzilla, the President orders for the atomic bombing of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hanoi, Hai Phong, Pyongyang, and Hamhung.  Across the coasts of mainland Asia, millions dies and governments fall into complete anarchy. 

April 4  
General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev is quick to point to the Americans as the culprit for such a day of mass destruction.

April 5  
President Wallace responds to the claims as he accepts responsibility while emphasizing the threat of growing communism in Asia as a greater concern than the presence of Godzilla.  The speech notes of complete dismissal of Victorovitch and Tetsu's warnings of the awakening of new Godzilla creatures.  Even with such a condition the concern of communism's spread could not be easily dismissed.  This day marks the decline of the influence the ANHC has.

April 7  
The damage to China continues as reports of King Ghidorah flies over Hami with a thunderstorm leaving much of the city.  The day progresses as it makes periodic strikes of lightning on Baotou, Hohhot, and Chifeng.

April 8  
Godzilla arrives on the shores of what was once Beijing where he meets with King Ghidorah.  This day marks the first battle between monsters that a handful get to see firsthand.  After many hours of battling a monster with a strong resemblance to the Ankylosaurus appears and offers Godzilla assistance in pushing King Ghidorah out of the Chinese mainland.

April 9  
With King Ghidorah now confirmed to exist, President Wallace points to how the Soviet Union was hoping to use him as a weapon for their own purposes.  He ultimately points to how little regard they had for their former Chinese allies.  He offers the feuding Chinese states the choice of accepting America's support in building their defense or risk facing the destruction from surrounding monsters to threaten them.  Soviet leadership denies such accusations but their unwillingness to send relief effort of significance doesn't give them a bolstered image.

April 10
In Vietnam, a Pterodactyl beast is freed from imprisonment while in Korea a Titanosaurus with traits of a Spinosaurus appears.  The report is submitted to the ANHC who classifies the three new monsters.  The ankylosaurus as Anguirus, the pterodactyl as Rodan, and the monstrous creature in Korea as Titanosaurus.  Concerns of the future awakening of further Godzilla creatures are more appreciated given the results of the bombings.

April 11
Concerns in mainland China begin to mount as the four monsters gather together at the site of Beijing.  The continued destruction by the gathered monsters bring many to worry about the future of their land.

April 14
Prime Minster Nakada Shozo gives an offer to the Soviet Union and America that the dispense of Nuclear materials on the island of Kyushu will prevent Godzilla from leaving his home area and prevent further destruction across Asia or even the world.  The deal is agreed on by both nations as the area that was once Kumamoto is bombed with several atomic weapons.

April 15
Despite continued insistence from key representatives of the ANHC, nuclear weaponry continues to be used on the former city where the four monsters from Beijing now head over to reestablish their homeland.  The Japanese Prime Minister continues to iterate that the warnings from the ANHC are only suggestions that the whole of mankind cannot afford to test.  He calls the choice of waiting out the monsters until they reach their peak age of living as their only option.

April 21
Both Tomoyuki and Dubov announce the reformation of their organization recognizing how close to nuclear devastation that they would have to take more serious action in hopes of preventing Godzilla's destruction.  This day makes the formation of the government funded GAMMA.  Dubov begins to divulge various scientific advancements he made in the Soviet Union.  Hopes of having a force comparable to Godzilla begin to mount in the Japanese government.

Humanity in Chaos



March 20            
Dubov Borislav Victorovitch finishes final draft on what methodology could be done to build a manmade weapon to confront Godzilla.  Unfortunately, the project will require materials too little in availability.


May 15
President Wallace is assassinated to leave him succeeded by Curtis LeMay.  With little protest he points to the Soviet Union as the aggressors who have broken the final warnings.  He convinces congress to hold a committee on the most serious level.

May 21
Congress officially declares war on the Soviet Union.  General Secretary Brezhnev regrets the decision but decides that the aggressive choices made by America can only be met with equal force.

May 22
War erupts in Europe as the Warsaw Pact stages the first offensive against NATO.  Berlin is absorbed quickly but the major battle in Germany begins at Wolfsburg and Travemunde.

May 24
President LeMay orders for a full deployment of American forces to Europe with intention of helping NATO push back against the Warsaw Pact and finally into Moscow.

June 2  
Intelligence from the CIA warns of plans from the Soviets to use King Ghidorah to their warfare purposes for an easy victory.  President LeMay decides that the best course of action is to call the Japanese for their support in using Godzilla on the frontlines.

July 24  
As the war in Europe continues, two unidentified objects collide with Earth.  One lands outside of Tacheng in China while the other lands in the Philippines at the foot of Mayon Volcano.

July 29  
A joint expedition of Japanese and American explorers to uncover the crashed objects.  Despite protests from high ranking officials at GAMMA, Japan's government is considering following up on America's request to send Godzilla into the lands of Russia to ease the effort for American soldiers.  Preparations are made underway to prepare for this transfer.

August 4              
The explorers in the Philippines confirm to the Japanese government that the crashed object is that of a massive structure unlike anything humanity has ever conceived.  More importantly it is discovered to be housing a huge supply of beryllium, one of the two materials Dubov required for his project.

August 12           
Prime Minister Shozo offers a trading initiative to purchase a sizeable portion of copper from America offering to present money to support its economy.  The motion is accepted with hopes that Godzilla is soon to be deployed according to their deal.  Information on the crashed structure is not revealed to public in hopes of keeping the world public from panicking.

August 29           
Ensnaring Godzilla proves to be more of an effort than initially anticipated.  Fortunately, the Soviet Union has ran into issues of controlling King Ghidorah but signs of the war ending do not appear as the fighting continues in East Germany.  At this point in Japan, Prime Minister Shozo pushes for a GAMMA initiative to employ the nations entire unemployed and imprisoned population to a major construction project.

November 1      
Vowing to see the war with the Soviet Union through until the end, Hubert Humphrey is elected as the United States President.


May 14
Construction has reached completion as Tokyo unveils GAMMA's first combat measure against the likes of Godzilla.  Tomoyuki and Dubov unveil the creation dubbing it Mechagodzilla.  It only now requires a power source that the United States has agreed to assist in supplying.  The war in Europe continues to advance at a slow pace due to the winter where the NATO forces are reaching the border to the Soviet Union in Poland and Hungary.  The expedition force that discovered the structure near Mayon Volcano has continued its expedition across the South Pacific for possible after effects of the crash along with other known discoveries.  Currently situated in Micronesia.

May 22
Present Day

Basic Rules:
1. No God moding, no duh.
2. Try to use proper grammar, punctuation, and paragraph style as best you can.
3. Every roleplayer gets to use as many characters as they feel will move along the flow of the roleplay.  Just try not to take every potential choice from everybody.
4. Romance and violence is welcome, but please try to keep things PG-13 at most (Just so we don’t risk getting locked.).

Use the following profile structure to create your character(s).

Speaking Character:

Appearance: (Description or picture works)


Appearance: (Description or picture works)

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An RP involving Godzilla and the gang? Sounds interesting, but I think the scenario you give isn't quite fleshed out. More so since there's no quite main scenario here. Like, okay, East Asia is soon going to be swarmed with monsters, but what exactly we'd be doing if we sign up?

This is probably a minor side-detail but, does neither Trinity nor Little Boy really triggered monsters?

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I could probably work on that bit.  I didn't exactly go in with much of a fleshed out scenario since I wanted to give the entries some kind of flexibility as to where everything can go afterwards. 

I could probably give a bit of an invitation somehow to allow people to play things out on a political intrigue scene or allow for the chance to be humans trying to survive the devastation while two monsters duke it out with one another or be a scientist of some kind for the ANHC.  I actually did have a scenario planned out where this sort of timeline can end up in WWIII if the right factors play out.  Although any help for making this a better set-up for a roleplay would be helpful.

I didn't exactly consider the other assemblies since I figured since the Fat Man was the most recent assembly at the time back in '45.  I'd imagine that the different kiloton yield would probably awaken differing monsters of differing size, or at least depending on a lot of other factors anyway.  Otherwise I'd imagine some of the later Mark types that developed later on up to '69 would be able to produce similar results.

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I still think you need a starting specific scenario as a base. Like, with only that short timeline, there's nothing as a reference guide. Like, will the focus be only where the monsters will spawn? Does anyone can start anywhere in the world permitted? Will something happen to herd us all together? Or it's a "many scenes across the world" type of thing?

That sort of stuff. You previosly mentioned you had a possible-WWIII scenario in mind. Maybe write that out in the opening post as well.

Edited by Acacia Sgt

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