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Favorite character of each class (pre-Three Houses edition)

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I'm curious as to how I will have to list the Three Houses characters. Technically, they should all fall under trainee. But perhaps each has a canon class to list them as? Or maybe I should open it up such that all trainees can be listed under any class that they have the potential to become?

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Lord: Ike or Celica

Avatar: Robin

Villager/Trainee/Noble: Amelia

Cavalier: Stahl

Knight: Gatrie

Myrmidon/Samurai: Mia or Marissa

Mercenary: Saber

Fighter/Oni Savage: Dorcas

Pirate/Bandit: Don't have one

Soldier/Spear Fighter: Nephenee

Archer: Innes

Nomad/Bow Knight: Astrid

Mage/Diviner: Lute

Dark Mage/Shaman: Tharja

Monk: Don't have one

Priest/Cleric: Rhys

Troubador: Priscilla or L'Arachel

Thief (includes rogues, ninjas, butlers, and maids)Matthew or Kaze

Pegasus Knight: Palla 

Wyvern Rider: Jill or Haar

Manakete: Myrrh

Beast/Laguz (Royal): Tibarn

Beast/Laguz (Non-Royal): Lethe

Dancer (includes Bards, Singers, and Herons): Reyson

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  • Lord

Favorite: Ike

runner up: Alm

least favorite: Corrin


  • Avatar

Favorite: Mark

runner up: Robin

least favorite: Corrin 

  • Villager/Trainee/Noble

Favorite: Kliff

runner up:  Amelia

least favorite: Ewan

  • Cavalier

Favorite: Seth

runner up: Isadora

least favorite: makalov

  • Knight

Favorite: Gatrie

runner up: Tauroneo

least favorite: Bors

  • Myrmidon/Samurai

Favorite: Shannan

runner up: Rutger

least favorite: Hana

  • Mercenary

Favorite: Echidna

runner up: Raven

least favorite:  Jesse

  • Fighter/Oni Savage

Favorite: Barst

runner up: Dorcas

least favorite: Bartre

  • Pirate/Bandit 

Favorite: Hawkeye

runner up: Gonzales

least favorite: Marty

  • Soldier/Spear Fighter

Favorite: Nephenee

runner up: Lukas

least favorite: Oboro

  • Archer 

Favorite: Neimi

runner up: Louise

least favorite: Wolt

  • Nomad/Bow Knight

Favorite: Astrid

runner up: Rath

least favorite: Shin

  • Mage/Diviner

Favorite: Pent

runner up: Saleh

least favorite:  Merric

  • Dark Mage/Shaman

Favorite: Canas

runner up: Knoll 

least favorite: Tharja

  • Monk

Favorite: Lucius

runner up:  ?

least favorite: ??

  • Priest/Cleric

Favorite: Genny

runner up: Rhys

least favorite: Serra

  • Troubador

Favorite: Priscilla

runner up: Elise

least favorite: Clerine

  • Thief

Favorite: Gaius

runner up: Legault

least favorite: Cath

  • Pegasus Knight

Favorite: Florina

runner up: Catria

least favorite: Shanna

  • Wyvern Rider

Favorite: Milady

runner up: Heath

least favorite: Percy

  • Manakete 

Favorite: Nowi

runner up: Myrrh

least favorite: kana

  • Beast/Laguz (royal)

Favorite: Tibarn

runner up: Naesala

least favorite: Skrimir

  • Beast/Laguz 

Favorite: Ranulf

runner up: Muarim

least favorite: Kyza

  • Dancer

Favorite: Ninian

runner up: Silvia

least favorite: Azura

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Lord: Alm

Avatar: Robin

Villager/Trainee: Probably Atlas

Cavalier: Stahl, no question

Knight: Toss-up between Lukas and Kellam

Myrmidon/Samurai: Hmm, I guess Guy?

Mercenary: Kamui

Fighter: Arthur

Pirate: Darros

Soldier: that one invoked soldier who dodged an 80 something% chance against the necrodragon

Archer: Python/Wil

Nomad: Rath

Mage: Erk/Hayato

Dark Mage: Raigh

Monk: Lucius/Izana (if he counts)

Priest/Cleric: Azama, I guess

Troubadour: If I had to pick, I guess Priscilla

Thief: Legault/Matthew

Pegasus Knight: Sumia

Wyvern Rider: Don't have a particular favourite, but I do have a least favourite, and that is Vaida

Manakete: Tiki (the Awakening version because I haven't met her or Bantu in Shadow Dragon yet)

Royal Laguz: Haven't played the Tellius series, and not knowing if Kaden/Keaton count (they are chieftains, but...), I'll say Naesala, because I liked him in Heroes.

Non-Royal Laguz: Kaden/Yarne

Dancer/Bard/Heron: Nils


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Opinions based on mostly Character but unit viability can be a factor



Favorite - Hector

Runner Up - Micaiah

Least Favorite - Corrin if he counts as a lord, otherwise Celica



Favorite - Robin

Runner Up - Kris

Least Favorite - Corrin



Favorite - Ross

Runner Up - Ewan

Least Favorite - Donnel 



Favorite - Forde

Runner Up - Kieran

Least Favorite - Peri



Favorite - Oswin

Runner Up - Gatrie

Least Favorite - Gwendolyn



Favorite - Shannan

Runner Up - Joshua

Least Favorite - Shannam



Favorite - Harken

Runner Up - Inigo

Least Favorite - Caesar



Favorite - Nolan

Runner Up - Orsin

Least Favorite - Johalva



Favorite - Hawkeye

Runner Up - Largo

Least Favorite - Marty



Favorite - Danved

Runner Up - Devdan

Least Favorite - Shiro



Favorite - Shinon

Runner Up - Innes

Least Favorite - Setsuna



Favorite - Rath

Runner Up - Midir (Specifically Midir in the Manga)

Least Favorite - Astrid (Radiant Dawn Only, Path Of Radiance Astrid is Good.)



Favorite - Soren

Runner Up - Lewyn

Least Favorite - Ricken


Dark Mage

Favorite - Canas

Runner Up - Odin/Owain

Least Favorite - Tharja



Favorite - Arthur

Runner Up - Lucius



Favorite - Rhys

Runner Up - Serra

Least Favorite - Azama



Favorite - L'Arachel

Runner Up - Nanna

Least Favorite - Elise



Favorite - Sothe 

Runner Up - Jaffar

Least Favorite - Chad


Pegasus Knight

Favorite - Florina

Runner Up - Tana

Least Favorite - Est


Wyvern Rider

Favorite - Haar

Runner Up - Jill

Least Favorite - Camilla



Favorite - Myrrh

Runner Up - Tiki

Least Favorite - Nowi


Beast/Laguz (Royal)

Favorite - Caineghis

Runner Up - Tibarn

Least Favorite - None really, but if i had to say i guess either Naliah or Skirmir.


Beast/Laguz (Non Royal)

Favorite - Ranulf

Runner Up - Muarim

Least Favorite - Kyza



Favorite - Reyson

Runner Up - Ninian  

Least Favorite - Lara




Favorite - Hector

Runner Up - Soren

Least Favorite - Corrin

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Lord (all main lords, including Elincia and Micaiah, but not including Fates royals)

  • Favorite: Eliwood
  • Runner-Up: Leif (Closely followed by Roy)
  • Least Favorite: Rowan, I guess


  • Favorite: Corrin
  • Runner-Up: Robin
  • Least Favorite: None, tbh


  • Favorite: Kliff
  • Runner-Up: None
  • Least Favorite: Mozu


  • Favorite: Cain
  • Runner-Up: Quan
  • Least Favorite: Like, a lot


  • Favorite: Zelgius
  • Runner-Up: I dunno, maybe Gatrie
  • Least Favorite: Meg


  • Favorite: Edward!
  • Runner-Up: Stefan
  • Least Favorite: Hinata maybe


  • Favorite: Gerick?
  • Runner-Up: Priam?
  • Least Favorite: Yeah, not sure

Fighter/Oni Savage

  • Favorite: Orsin
  • Runner-Up: Barst
  • Least Favorite: Someone from Fates


  • Favorite: Dagdar (I think his previous class is fighter, but oh well)
  • Runner-Up: Your mum
  • Least Favorite: Lots of people

Soldier/Spear Fighter

  • Favorite: Levail (I know, not even playable)
  • Runner-Up: Shiro
  • Least Favorite: Danved (and whatever his other name is)

Archer (also includes Ballistician and Apothecary)

  • Favorite: Shinon
  • Runner-Up: Leonardo
  • Least Favorite: Gordin's little brother

Nomad/Bow Knight

  • Favorite: Sue
  • Runner-Up: Rath
  • Least Favorite: Somebody


  • Favorite: Lewyn
  • Runner-Up: Pent
  • Least Favorite: Uh, don't know

Dark Mage/Shaman

  • Favorite: Tharja
  • Runner-Up: Lyon
  • Least Favorite: Izukkuuuuwduwe


  • Favorite: N-None
  • Runner-Up: Still None
  • Least Favorite: Also None


  • Favorite: Nanna
  • Runner-Up: Maria
  • Least Favorite: Dorothy (I believe that was her name)

Thief (includes rogues, ninjas, butlers, and maids)

  • Favorite: Volke
  • Runner-Up: Jaffar
  • Least Favorite: Hrmm

Pegasus Knight

  • Favorite: Elincia (I put her here, that's right)
  • Runner-Up: Catria
  • Least Favorite: A lot

Wyvern Rider

  • Favorite: Haar
  • Runner-Up: Minerva (Closely followed by Michalis)
  • Least Favorite: Gerome perhaps

Manakete (also includes Xane) and Dragon-Tribe Laguz

  • Favorite: Myrrh
  • Runner-Up: Rajaion (I know right, doesn't do much and he's instantly cooler than most manaketes)
  • Least Favorite: Fae

Bird-Tribe Laguz

  • Favorite: Tibarn
  • Runner-Up: Naesala
  • Least Favorite: Nealuchi

Beast-Tribe Laguz/Beasts

  • Favorite: Nailah
  • Runner-Up: Volug
  • Least Favorite: Yarne

Dancer (includes Bards, Singers, and Herons)

  • Favorite: Ninian
  • Runner-Up: Azura
  • Least Favorite: Elphin, he was kinda weird
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