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Help with portaits

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So, I'm trying to make some portaits for my hack, but I don't know how to make them in the style that it needs to be. I use the Fire Emblem Character Creator to make the portraits and paint.net to edit the image. Whenever I try to decrease the size of the portrait I make, it gets all distorced and ugly. Can someone helps me with this?

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Have you tried the Sprites subforum?  If it's a matter of artistic things, your answer might be in there.

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I had the same issue.

You need your character's pic and a pic editor program (Use gimp, it's free)

1)open gimp with that 192x192 pic.

2)go to Image>Scale image.

3)In that option change 192 for 95 (width) and 192 for 99 (height, make sure that padlock is opened)

4)On resolution put 105x109 and "LoHalo" and click on "Scale"

Make sure that looks good, and then export it.

Good luck and I hope this "tutorial" helped you a lot.

Quick Edit: I recommend you to use a old pc/laptop, because results look better

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