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Trying to get into the series(again)

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I'll be direct as possible About two years ago or so, I tried getting into FE, starting with this remake... Not gonna lie, I loved it, but I did it wrong and it was frustrating, which made me not finish the game. I decided to give the series another try, specially because the later games looks much better.


My mistake was that I started on H5 right of the bat, which was a huge mistake... Today I decided to try again, this time giving my pride a break and lowering the difficult a bit. However I still don't know which of the Hard difficulties are the more balanced one, I still want a good challenge, but I don't want to soft reset every chapter 60 times before one of my strategies works.


Which difficult I pick? When I tried Normal it was a bit of boring because I facerolled tons of chapters.


EDIT: Turns out I already finished the game on H5... :facepalm: I do have pretty bad memory(thanks meds) and I have vague memory of doing it, but I remember more the frustrations and billions soft reset than actually finishing it. Guess I'll move to FE12, which I confirmed I didn't play yet.


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I definitely would recommend H1 or H2, and if it feels really easy try playing a bit faster.

I don't mean warp skipping but seizing rather than waiting for every wave of reinforcements, it adds a new challenge and makes the late game less stompy because you didn't power level all your units keeping a decent challenge throughout the game.

That's what I recommend man but you play however you want, seize is a pretty good objective for any play style. Best of luck to you.

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H2.  H1 isn't much worse than Normal IMO.

If H2 is too easy, give H3 a shot.

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