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FE Gaiden Manual

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I was just wondering if anyone had uploaded pictures of the FE Gaiden manual online before? Personally, I haven't had any luck finding anything - but I do own a copy of Gaiden and its manual for the time being due to a seller's mistake.
I'd be more than happy to upload a pdf/link of my own pictures of said manual if no one has done so already! Just don't want to do it in vain if scans/pics of it were up beforehand and I was unaware.

EDIT (6/10/19): The manual's scans can now be found here! 
Please let me know if there's any issues in viewing the files. 

Edited by fortune
Updated to include a link w/ my own scans of the Gaiden manual.

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Extremely sorry for the wait!
Just making a quick update / topic bump to let everyone know that I've uploaded my scans of the manual to this drive link.(updated the original post to include this link too)
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to compile them into one big PDF whether I did the scans page-by-page or two pages at a time due to some technical issues, and I may need to rescan some pages that ended up slightly skewed or blurry - but overall I'm very happy that I was able to provide these scans! I'll update again if I'm able to get them all into a single PDF.

Please let me know if there are any issues in viewing the files or if the link somehow gets broken!

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