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Hi, would anyone be willing to provide me with a save file from FE4 with hard mode AI unlocked?

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I wanted to try my first playthrough of FE4 with hard mode AI. Much appreciated if someone could send me their .srm, thanks!

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I uploaded this here a while ago, but it should have it unlocked.

Fire Emblem - Geneology of the Holy War.srm 8 kB · 4 downloads

If not here are some instructions for finishing the game on this srm, which should unlock clever mode


Start from the turn46 save for the epilogue chapter

Have Sleiph besiege Julius with the Tyrfing then Canto over to the other side of Lene

Have Shanan besiege Julius with the Balmung

Have Lene Dance in place.

Move Shanan away from the Castle entrance

Have Ares besiege Julius with the Mystletainn and Canto away

Have Seliph dismount before besieging to avoid the bug this was originally uploaded to point out, as Seliph can kill Julius if besieged with Tyrfing



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