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Rate each Fire Emblem from 1 to 10.

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1 hour ago, Tryhard said:

that's more than I expected!

I used to be a bit harsh on it because i was afraid future fire emblem games would keep the stuff I disliked from it (specially dungeon crawling). Since Three Houses didn't, and actually took the good stuff from it, I now feel somehow more positive about it.

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Genealogy: 8. Experimental mechanics, compelling worldbuilding, lot of respect for the unique things it does.

Binding Blade: 6. Fairly simplistic. Not bad, but far from my favorite. 

Blazing Blade: 7. Great cast of characters, cool map design, still a bit simplistic. 

Sacred Stones: 8. Love additions like the branching classes and skills. Rather easy, but the core story is good.

Path of Radiance: 6. Pretty fun overall, not really keen on the difficulty or balancing overall. Great story though.

Radiant Dawn: 10. Love its storytelling style, the key players are great, and gameplay is gold. Admittedly a touch imbalanced. 

Shadow Dragon: 8. Barebones, sure, but the dialogue and challenge are good. The game that made me fall in love with the series.

Awakening: 7. Great all-around game, even if it's too easy to cheese. Good character designs, best avatar we've had.

Fates: 6. Mechanically one of the strongest ones we've seen, but it's let down by awful story and uneven map design. Cool new classes though.

Echoes: 7. Great presentation, love the voice acting, combat arts are neat. Most of the maps are bad though, and player freedom is limited.

Three Houses: 9. Incredible customization options, great worldbuilding, strong cast of characters. Just a bit too long to play at times.

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Geneology of The Holy War: 7. The map design is a bit of a slog, but the story for this game was amazing.

Thracia 776: 9. A near masterpiece of a Fire Emblem game.

Binding Blade:  6. The game plays fine, and actually has a rather good main villian, but other that it doesn't really stand out from the rest as much.

Blazing Sword: 9. A GBA classic, and my personal favorite of the series.

The Sacred Stones: 8. Though it may be arguably the easiest title in the series, it had a really good story and cast of characters.

Path of Radiance: 6. Imagine what I said about Sacred Stones being easy, only this time it didn't have writing I liked.

Radiant Dawn: 7. A tad bit better than Path of Radiance, especially in the gameplay department, but the latter half of the game's plot just goes down the drain.

Shadow Dragon: 5. If it wasn't for Marth's character alone, this game could easily get a lower score.

Awakening: 3. Shonen bullshit with boring gameplay.

Fates Birthright: 3. Even more shonen bullshit with boring gameplay.

Fates Conquest: 6. Shonen bullshit but this time the gameplay is actually interesting. Still doesn't excuse the horrible writing though. 

Fates Revelation: 0. Trash.

Echoes Shadows of Valentia: 4. Outdated. Maps. That is all.

Three Houses: 6. Disappointing. Edlegard and Dimitri's storylines are brilliant, but Claude's plot is kinda lame and the gameplay is nowhere near as good as other titles.

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Never played 1-3 since I played their remakes.

Fe4: 5, it was okay, I never see myself playing this game again. The story is pretty good, the twist is something that games today would never do. But the gameplay is the definition of tedious, so much nothing for so many turns. The item system is horrendous on a blind playthrough, as are the secret events (hero axe, pursuit ring, etc)

Fe5: 6. Things get a bonus for trying something different to me. But in good conscious I can't go any higher when I think about a game with 24x in it, or any of the other countless middle fingers to blind players. 

Fe6: 4. Unit balance is terrible, efficient play requires having Roy be rescued at all times, sacae has some total nonsense. The story had a cool idea with Zephiel teaming up with  dragons without being crazy or possessed and they decided to do nothing with it. 

Fe7: 7. I like that pretty much every character is viable with not a ton of investment (outside of HHM). Bonus points for being the game that finally realized the same turn reinforcements are cancer. Probably slight bias as i played this one first. 

Fe8: 7. Branching promotions was cool and I'm sad this is the only game that has it. I thought the story was neat in how each route gave you very different sides of Lyon. The game is too easy even on hard, and 20 chapters is really short. 

Fe9: 6. I replayed this about a year ago, I saw a lot of posts praise the story but it just felt cheesy to me. Never played maniac, but the game is way too easy. I have the actual GameCube version and this game absolutely loses a point for how slow everything is. But not as bad as...

Fe10: 4. If you play this on wii and not emulated, make sure to have something else to occupy your time, because enemy/ green/ yellow phases can and will take 3-5+ minutes on some maps, and this is with animations off. Story is all over the place, just like the unit balance. I got to 3-13 and all of the archers died immediately. 

Fe11: 7. A much needed return to simplicity. I love that it gave dodge tanking the nerf hammer. I like the difficulty choices, the game can be easy or ridiculous but the player gets to decide. Prologue being locked to normal was dumb.

Fe12: 8. Took 11 and improved almost everything. Kris may be an awful addition to the story but he's invaluable to me in lunatic reverse. 

Fe13: 3. I'm glad it saved the series. But ambush spawns in the middle of maps. Gameplay that's a broken mess that actively encourages low manning and even soloing. Mid game marriage pushed the worst part of the fan base to the lime light. 

Birthright: 3. Basically awakening again; but ambush spawns but replaced with 10000 regular reinforcements. 

Conquest 9. Story is the worst in the series and the characters are lately horrendous, that's what holds it from 10. That said, oh man the gameplay. This is the only fe imo where int sys said "How did people break our games before" and actively balance against that. Dodge tanking is dead, as it should be. Shuriken and poison (and inevitable end) exist to deter you from soloing. 1-2 range weapons FINALLY got the nerfs they needed for 20 years. Maps actually feel different, even if Kitsune Lair is stupid. Xander just needed to be a bit weaker, even on lunatic he still breaks the difficulty. 

Revelation: 1. There is nothing positive to say about this game. 

Shadows of Valentia: 5. This is a weird game for me. Gameplay is bad, story is bad. But the presentation is 10/10 and the characters are likeable enough that I've replayed it a few times, which is more than I can say about a lot of this list. I wish the magic system got another shot on a less bad game. 

3 houses: 6. Honestly the more time passes the less fondly I feel about it. It tried a ton of ambitious stuff, but it feels like no one play tested any of it. Monastery is extremely tedious on repeat playthroughs. I'd skip it, but lol at getting through the awful stat inflation of maddening without it. A second game with the kinks ironed out of this system could be the best in the series. 

I sounded really harsh I think. Oh well, I also believe in using the full 10 scale. 

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I will only rate the game I finished (which means no 1, 2, 3 & 5) and try to be as objective with my rating as possible which means that some entries that I like more are rated lower than entries that I like less.

Genealogy of the Holy war: 5. I like fe4 but it has flaws that are hard to overlook (boring maps & super easy if you know what you're doing). The fact that those flaws don't bother me and the things that it does well are things I find important (story, music & unique ideas) don't make it a great game. 

Binding Blade: 7. Good gameplay, introducing the support system and a decent story are why this game scores higher than most games. A weak soundtrack and copying too much from fe1 are what keep it back from being great.

Blazing Sword: 6. Varied objectives, an average soundtrack & better characterisation are improvements over fe6. The story and gameplay are unfortunately worse. 

Sacred Stones: 6. It's fe7 with grinding, slightly worse gameplay and a much better story.

Path of Radiance: 3. Has gameplay just as boring as fe4's, visuals as mediocre as fe11 (when looking at the console it's on) and a story that is better then fe6 but not as good as fe4.

Radiant Dawn: 7. Great gameplay, great music & trying out new things makes this one of the better games. Shame about the story otherwise it would be a 9.

Shadow Dragon: 7. Simple but it works. Does nothing horribly wrong but nothing amazing.

New Mystery of the Emblem: 8.  Best gameplay in the series and great music are the reason why this is the best Fire Emblem. Story isn't good and characterization is lacking but at least it isn't terrible.

Awakening: 4. This game is like candy. At first you love it, but after awhile you get sick of it and start hating it (for those who want a clearer explanation, fe13 seems pretty good when you don't think too much about it, but upon further inspection you start to see the bad game design and script that lacks any substance and is basically a drama facade). Decent supports and good music keep this from getting a lower score.

Fates: 4. The score is the overall score of the 3 games combined. Revelations is 2 (only good thing I can say is that it's playable), Birthright is 3 (it's Awakening with even worse writing) and conquest is 6 (The gameplay is great, everything else is either mediocre or terrible).

Shadows of Valentia: 5. Great music, visuals and voice-acting all in service of a mediocre game.

Three Houses: 6. The gameplay is decent. The writing varies between good and bad. Music & voice-acting is great. The visuals and presentation are seriously lacking and keep it from being one of the better games in the series.

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Seeing people but their reasons makes me wanna do it to uwu

FE4 - 7

Great story, pretty decent cast overall. Gameplay isn't necessarily bad, it's just extremely tedious (especially in the gen 1 maps) due to bad terrain and such, there's definitely an emphasis on mounted emblem being the best way to play the game (which imo, is a bad thing because it doesn't encourage diversity) due to how obnoxiously large each map is. I like the concept of each chapter having the player seize various castles/points and having different groups of spread out (think chapter 7), final map is also quite fun. 

FE5 - 9

One of my favorite games, I like that it is possible to make any unit work due to scrolls being very useful and there isn't too much of an emphasis on mounted emblem due to the variety of map design with indoor/outdoor (and a mixture of them) maps. I like the inclusion of defend and escape maps and, the escape manster arc is probably one of my favorite story inclusions in all of FE. Cast is pretty weak personality wise outside the main characters and bigger minor characters (Linoan, Asvel, Sara, etc.) weakest aspect gameplay wise imo is how incredibly easy it is to warp skip the late game maps (which are all pretty hard, especially chapter 22) due to the random influx of warp staves (which are staves that players should use sparingly). Overall, very solid game.

FE6 - 6

Not bad, I just find it very boring. Story is pretty good, has a lot of obnoxiously frustrating maps, with Sacae being kinda cancer with all the dodgy units (also Chapter 20x Sacae/B is probably the worst map in the game). Cast is also very boring despite the inclusion of support conversations. I like the difficulty of the game but, it's still pretty boring.

FE7 - 6

Prefer the story of FE7 over FE6 but, it's still ok. Gameplay is aight and the cast is pretty strong overall except for like how they shoehorned Lyn into the game since she doesn't contribute much outside her story arc (which is still very random).

FE8 - 8

Pretty basic overall. Nothing really wrong with the game honestly, the cast is solid, the gameplay/map design is pretty good, it's just really undertuned in terms of difficulty. Story to me is kind of generic but, it still works.

FE9 - 8

One of my more favorite stories despite it being sorta cliche in a way. Tellius has a pretty strong cast overall and the gameplay is the weakest aspect of the game imo due to the emphasis on mounted emblem and the map design supports this in every way. Weak map design overall just because you can send a boosted unit (Jill, Marcia, Titania usually) and they'll just solo a pack of enemies during enemy phase which isn't a good thing imo. BEXP is a great mechanic since there's an incentive on playing fast and allows you to catch up units falling behind if necessary. Replayability isn't that good because there's only a handful of units that are really good, but the game is easy enough where you can use pretty much everyone.

FE10 - 10

My favorite FE game to date. One of my favorite mechanics is the divided army (and stories) just because I enjoy using a wide variety of units, and this divided army concept allows me to do so which is nice. I like that you can face off old allies which gives a bittersweet feeling to the game. Map design is also pretty weak (same problems as PoR as you can send in someone to solo a pack of enemies) but, I like the variety of maps that doesn't emphasize mounted emblem. Another weak aspect is that the game guts some unit's availability (Tormod, Geoffrey, Elincia, Pelleas, Muarim, Vika, etc.) for whatever reason which I don't like. But I still really enjoy the game and I can generally play it without complaining about the weaker aspects of the game.

FE11 - 5.5

Same reasons as FE6, I like the difficulty but the game is just so boring. Like FE9 in a way, there's only a handful of units that are worth using, only difference is that FE11 is a lot harder than FE9 which gives you little reason to use anyone besides like Caeda, Lena, Abel (idt Cain is worth using outside drafts imo), Wolf/Sedgar, Jagen, Wendell, Barst, etc. Cast is incredibly boring since the game focuses on Marth, Caeda and Jagen and the majority of the characters just lack substance. Pretty traditional FE game overall, and I do think it's a better model for future FEs but, doesn't change that this game is boring to me (also the graphics are really ugly too).

FE12 - 7

Story is 10x worse than FE11's just because they basically took FE3 Book 2 and replaced some of the words that say "Marth/Jagen" with "Kris" (or w/e you named your avatar) and basically shoehorned an unneeded avatar into the game. I prefer the gameplay a lot because of the map variety and that there's a lot of units that are worth using (and I like that you get quite a lot of really amazing units early on). Solid game gameplay wise, but the story is just very bad. Cast also got more fleshed out but, the supports are still really generic and bland.

FE13 - 4

Hot mess of broken things in the game (Galeforce, unlimited Rescues, spotpass, Nosferatu, Rally skills). Gameplay is very frustrating, especially on Lunatic early on. Lunatic+ is just a wtf game mode that feels like they took an easy route on making the game harder (like did anyone test Lunatic+ out before releasing it? It's just obnoxiously difficult for no reason). Cast is pretty boring or bad but, has some pretty great characters overall. Not really sure about the whole waifu marriage thing but, child customization is kinda fun tbh.

Birthright - 1

No... I get it's supposed to be easy but like... it's just waaaaaay too easy with the lack of enemy skills (outside boss units), decreased overall stats (especially Speed since Nohr classes tend to have less speed but more bulk), and also the added addition of grinding. Story is better because it makes sense that Corrin goes against Nohr, which is much better than CQ/Revs but it's still not good. Also don't really need to speak about Corrin because... that's someone elses post.

Conquest - 6

Story is really bad because Corrin joining Nohr and invading Hoshido for a chair (well throne) makes no sense. Gameplay however, there's some really well designed maps in Conquest (specifcally Chapter 9, 10, 12, and 16) among other terrible maps (Chapter 11, 17, 20). Lunatic Conquest is fun, as the added enemy skills (and weapon variety) forces you to be creative with strategies. Cast is better than BR but still weak in comparison to other casts in the series.

Revelations - 4

Story is also incredibly bad, since the first half is a scavenger hunt for the royals (and other playable units in BR/CQ) and the 2nd half is incredibly rushed (and randomly drawn out in terms of the interactions with Arete). Favorite part is child customization, considering you have access to both BR/CQ units and armories available. Every map has a gimmick which is very annoying to deal with (and very unnecessary imo).  

FE15 - 6.5

Kind of a forgettable game imo but, I quite like the cast and the voice acting of the game is exquisite. Map design is terrible honestly with how bare and open almost every single map is on Alm's side, and how obnoxious the terrain is on Celica's side (boat maps, deserts, swamps). However, post game Thabes is pretty fun overall and Grima being there was a surprise at least.

FE16 - 7

Favorite cast to date, I like how most of the characters feel unique (against other characters within the game, not the series) and yet they are fleshed out pretty well fore the most part. Gameplay is incredibly repetitive (BEs play the same part 1 for both CF/SS in terms of dialogue/events (all routes have the same gameplay), AM/SS/VW play a very similar part 2, except AM branches off at some point and SS doesn't have Gronder). Monastery is fun in the first play through in part 1, then gets tedious and doesn't make sense in part 2. Overall, pretty fun but gets really old really quick. 

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FE4: 8/10. Amazing soundtrack, memorable characters and a great story (in Act 1). Was not afraid to experiment and do something new and imo it worked out very well, and the lack of polish in some areas adds to the game's unique charm. And then, the dull, barebones, wyvern fest that is gen 2 happens. The game also has a really great dark fantasy esque aesthetic, which carried over into FE5 giving the games a unique, retro tone.

FE5: 7/10. This one I'd place lower than Genealogy. The soundtrack has some good tracks but on the whole a significant step down imo. The gameplay is unique and tries something new, however, and fits the game's overall tone well. I didn't warm much to the characters outside of a few, and the story is imo quite dull, especially when compared to that of FE4.

FE6: 4/10 This one was probably the most boring FE I've played. Lengthy, repetitive maps that seemingly dragged on forever. Annoying soundtrack. The only story I skipped through on my first playthrough because it was so uninteresting. 

FE7: 4.5/10 Well, it's a step up from FE6 I guess? But not a big one. Soundtrack is still bleh, one of my least favorite casts, slightly better but still boring story, dull gameplay. As you may have figured out I'm not a big GBAFE fan, so might be the best time to say I hate GBA graphics and animations. The colors are far too bright and hurt my eyes, and everything looks way too cartoonish. And the animations just look over the top anime levels of ridiculous.

FE8: 5/10 Well it's my favorite of the GBAFEs because it has a soundtrack that doesn't suck and some characters I actually like. The graphics and gameplay are still mediocre at best, however, though the game does feel like a bit of an improvement in the graphics department. Gameplay wise, it's passable. 

FE9: 9/10 And now for some good FE again. FE9 had significant graphical improvements, as well as a solid soundtrack and a likeable, memorable cast. The story is imo the best in the series, and the gameplay, while easy, is definitely still solid and enjoyable. My only real criticism is the game's pace: it's near unplayable without speed up.

FE10: 10/10 Perfection. Soundtrack, graphics, characters and gameplay were all perfected in this one complete package. And the story, despite its faults, was still very engaging for its scale and stakes, and honestly, for FE standards that automatically makes it among the best in the series. This is a game I have come back to again and again: I have probably completed around 200 playthroughs by now.

FE11: 7.5/10 Now this was a game I was surprised to find myself really enjoying. Sure, the story and characters are barebones, but the game is aware of this, and it's not the focus. What is is the gameplay, which here is excellent. It's a strategy game, plain and simple, and it delivers.

FE12: 7.5/10 Most of what I said about FE11 applies here, though FE12 introduces some likeable new characters as well as an attempt at a slightly deeper story. However, these changes are cancelled out by the introduction of the self insert.

FE13: 4/10 This one is difficult for me, since I did find Awakening a fun time when it released and on my first couple of playthroughs. But then I went back to it a couple of years after it released and found it just... Unplayable. The gameplay was so repetitive and dull, and overfocused on galeforce and pair up cheese. Not to mention the constant anime tropes and aesthetic. 


Birthright 7.5/10

Conquest 8.5/10

Revelation 6/10

Honestly, the Fates games I found to have solid gameplay across the board, even in Revelation (which I believe to be overhated in terms of map design). The games are however held back by story, characters and anime aesthetic. They're still highly enjoyable for purely their gameplay, however, and I can look past their anime aesthetic to appreciate the solid strategy game underneath.

FE15: 9.5/10 Now this was a game I adored and I'm not entirely sure why. The characters and music were both excellent and the story was passable, but honestly, I really enjoyed the gameplay? Definitely not a common opinion, but hey, I'll rank the game highly nonetheless. 

FE16: 3/10 And now, the snooze-fest that is fire emblem three houses. Repetitive would be an understatement. It's a shameless copy paste of the same elements over and over. The story had potential but threw it out of the window, and the characters are obnoxious one note anime tropes constantly shoved down your throat. To top it all off, the game looks like an early Wii U game. 

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Fe4: 4

Part one is pretty cool, but part two just dive-bombs in quality. Seliph is boring and requires Lewyn to give all exposition to him, plus the maps just don’t feel as tied to the overall narrative. And I mean, if half the game sucks, that’s still half the game that sucks. 
FE5: 9 

It’s a masterpiece. The thing keeping it from a 10 are all those people today who can’t watch the VHS or read the manual. And the fact that the game doesn’t pull punches. But once you adapt to that you begin to understand what the game wants out of you. It wants to tell you their narrative. Leif doesn’t know what’s gonna happen. One moment he’s returned to his throne, the next Dorius dies because of him. The gameplay, music, dialogue, characters, everything reflects this desperation, and it’s amazing. When I beat the game, i finally felt this euphoria, like a light out of the darkness. But not in a “oh the game is over finally” but a “wow... we finally won!” Idk, it was magical.

FE6: 7

The story is basic, but it’s not offensive or infuriating. It’s dull, but still goes somewhere. The gameplay is very tight and has some of my favorite maps in the series. The difficulty feels hard enough to challenge but easy enough not to infuriate me. 

FE7: 6 

I need to revisit this one, it’s been awhile. I remember it being really easy. The story is deceptive, but the characters are pretty great.

FE8: 7 

this one is fun. The characters I love and I think monsters are dope. The class system is great, and it has probably one of the best lineup of villains. I’m a little lazy and don’t feel like going in depth with this.

FE9: 7

FE10: 7

FE11: 7


FE13: 3

FE14: 1



I’m too lazy to finish my ratings, sorry.

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Awakening : Back in the day, I think I would've easily given this game a solid 9/10, but now, other games have come out so it's flaws stand out a bit more. The game is fun, and I've always loved how it brought in a more casual mode and has been a good introduction game for newbies. 8/10

Birthright: This game felt almost pointless, I wouldn't say that it was a complete disaster or mess or anything, but it didn't really need to exist except for people to buy two Fire Emblems. Worth playing through at least once though. 5/10

Conquest: This feels like "Fire Emblem Fates"while it's not as strong as Awakening it's a stronger adventure than Birthright and I actually quite enjoyed it. If it had some more solid writing, maybe more fans would've enjoyed it more. Also, it feels really immature at times with it's fanservice, Awakening had this too, but Fates dialed it up to 11. 7/10

Echoes: One of my favourite Fire Emblem games. I loved Alm and I loved Celica and it was neat to go into different paths with them. I also really enjoyed the art direction the game had. 8.5/10

Three Houses : A almost perfect Fire Emblem game. 9/10

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I'm doing this very subjectively, these are just my opinions. I'll only rate the games which I've played through to the credits, branching paths or not.





FE4:   9.5 - pacing is my only gripe



FE7:   8.5 - solid all around.

FE8:   7 - very forgettable.

FE9:   8 - story is cliche, but relatable. gameplay is solid but too easy (NA version)

FE10:   6.5 - RD feels messy and has too much going on for me. maps are exhausting, and endgame roster too limited.

FE11:   I played this one but blitzed through and don't really care for it.

FE12:   8 - Really enjoyed New Mystery, I played it after Awakening so I was used to the MU crap.

FE13:   7 - I was crazy for Awakening when it came out, but Fates showed it up in so many ways imo. Highly unbalanced.

FE14:   9 - One of my favorites. Branching stories hadn't really been done like this before Fates. A strong cast gives the thin story some punch. More fun, yet also more mature than Awakening to me. My Castle laid the foundation for the Monastery and stands on its own as a functional between-battle hub. Refined Pair-Up system. Loads of quality DLC. This is the 3ds FE experience to me.

FE15:   7.5 - Some different mechanics, some broken ones too. Enjoyable, worthwhile, and not very replayable or enduring.

FE16:   8.5 - Can be quite overwhelming. I appreciate the depth, but it makes it less accessible - before starting a battle I have to check: weapons and durability, accessories, crest items, abilities, equipped battalions and their endurance, adjutants, combat arts, ENEMY effective weapons, drops, movement types/weaknesses, etc. Sometimes I'll turn on my switch, I had just entered the preparations menu, and I'll just turn it back off because it's too much. Aside from that, I tend to prefer Fates' playful environment to the stuffy atmosphere of Three Houses.

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When I read the title I thought we were rating the actual Fire Emblems in the games, like the actual items that are called the fire emblem. I was a little disappointed but this is okay too.

I'll rate the games I played in order of best to worst.

1) Three Houses - 9
While not my favorite game of the bunch, I do consider this one the best. Most people complain about how repetitive it is, but I think they would feel this way about replaying any FE game 4 times in a row. Remember this is 1 game with 4 paths, not 2 separate games like Fates was (Thank Sothis). I don't mind though, I'm on my 8th run and having a lot of fun with my 78k renown.

2) Path of Radiance - 9
I can't help but rate my favorite FE high. I agree the animations are slow and somewhat clunky, but the story, the world, the characters, the gameplay, I simply love it. Please keep the remake as it is now except with some updated gameplay like speed and enemy range.

3) Echoes Shadows of Valentia - 8
Repetitive, bland map design, bad story. Then why do I rate it so high, you ask? The characters. The characters are amazing, they save the whole game for me. Though that may be a bit harsh, I also liked the gameplay quite a bit.

4) the Sacred Stones - 8
As with Shadows of Valentia, this game gets a high score from its amazing characters, which lets me overlook a less than ideal story. Though this game also has good gameplay and nice maps, which makes me feel a bit weird about putting it below SoV. Guess it's time tSS gets voice acting.

5) Radiant Dawn - 8
More characters, updated system, still slow. Basically PoR with some upgrades. I love the split stories aspect, but it really needed some work. As mentioned before an autolevel would've helped a lot. Also I really missed the support conversations.

6) Fates Conquest - 7
I dislike all its characters, the story is bad, and I cringe hard at all the fanservice. But man the gameplay is awesome! 

7)  Sword of Seals (Binding Blade) - 7
Near the end of this game, I actually agreed with the big villain. I can't rate a game that can do that low. (Fae won me back to the good side though, don't worry.) Reinforcements that move the turn they spawn is hell though. Otherwise very average in everything, which is not as bad as it may sound.

8 ) Awakening - 6
I hated the game when it first came out. But since Fates I know it could've been worse and I started enjoyed Awakening for what it has. And what it has is a fun skill system to play around with, and that's all I need for multiple playthroughs.

9) Blazing Sword - 6
I like replaying my FE games, and this one has always been my least favorite to replay. I mean the story is okay, the characters are okay, the gameplay is okay, but having to use the same 3 lords every game? And 2 of them aren't particularly good? That's where I choose another game to replay.

10) New Mystery - 6
I played this game about 3 times, but I can't really remember it. It was quite forgettable, which isn't a good sign. Though I remember really liking the avatar system more than any other, so that's something.

11) Fates Revelations - 5
Playing around with skills is fun, let's stop there I don't feel like ranting right now.

12) Shadow Dragon - 5
One of my friends will kill me if she sees this, but the only redeeming quality this game has are the save tiles. The characters are mostly blank slates and the story is forgettable. It kinda feels like an unfinished game.

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FE3: 7/10. Really fun and has good gameplay but the only thing holding it back is the engine. The cursor is pretty bad and makes the game a lot slower. Also, no danger area was a terrible idea.

FE4: 8/10. The first FE that played somewhat fast (but only on player phase lol). This game doesn't really have that great of gameplay, although I'll admit I enjoy it a ton. But when you have a cast that's as cool as Genealogy's and a story that's as good as genealogy's, you get a good game

FE5: 10/10. My personal favorite, story wise, gameplay wise, and top 4 cast wise. Just love this game. The scrolls were such a good balancing mechanic. Movement is the best it's ever been in the series, the engine is the best it's ever been in the series, I just have so many good things to say about this game

FE6: 8/10. I've played this game like 5 times, and every time it was fun! The only GBA fe game that will really hold my attention. I feel like recruitment and character balancing is also some of the best it's been, even if there are garbage units, even if you want to call Rutger a broken unit, he's still swordlocked. Great game with good maps and a nice cast.

FE7: 4/10. Holy shit I hate this game. Not only does it have two shitty earlygames instead of just one like a normal mediocre fire emblem, the character cast is just kind of uninteresting outside of characters like Pent/Louise and Lucius. Not to mention this game has some of the absolute worst balancing and enemy design in the series. THe one thing I'll give this game is having a significantly better soundfont than FE6 (almost every fe6 song in fe7 sounds better in fe7), but it's wasted on about 5 mediocre map themes. The plot is also pretty terrible too, but that's not exactly the be all end all for a fire emblem game, but for one as boring as fe7, it really needs a somewhat decent story....

FE8: 6.5/10. Pretty good mindless fun. Decent story, great soundtrack, but it's held back by terrible balancing and the (in my opinion bad) addition of the split class system. But overall, I always enjoy FE8, even though it may be really easy.

FE9: 7/10. I used to call this my favorite game but it's fallen a bit recently, but it's not really the games fault. FE9 is the single greatest entry point to the series, that's an opinion I still have, and am unlikely to lose. Has a lot of my favorite characters like Stefan and Lethe, and some very good balancing and game design. I'd argue that it's the most universally well thought of fire emblem, but some will say it's too easy.

FE10: 9/10. I actually love this game's story and I like Micaiah a lot lol. She's pretty unpopular which is kinda disappointing because I'd say she's the most well written female lord, and her character arc is pretty good. Other than the story, this game has very, very fun gameplay, and I love the idea of jumping between armies. 3h could've been so so much more fun if it was structured like radiant dawn, but it decided to go a completely different direction.

FE11:  8/10. It's good. The replacement character mechanic is actually good, and other than Fates, this is the best reclassing has been in the series. Ngl though, if this game had prologue across all modes and not just normal and had a Falcoknight class, then it'd be 9/10.

FE12: 6/10. It's worse than FE3 lol, the only thing fe12 contributed was a really good final map theme and I guess reclassing? but for fucking around, I prefer playing shadow dragon. Idk. Just not the biggest fe12 fan

FE13: 4/10. Fuck this game lol, it's the worst non-gaiden game in the series. Shitty cast, shitty design, shitty maps, the whole game is honestly garbage. If I wanted to fuck around with broken units I'd just play Shadow Dragon or Fates. or randomized genealogy

FE14: 8/10. UNPOPULAR OPINION LOL but I loved Fates. I know it's story is garbage but I still loved it. The music was great, the cast was endearing somehow, and the gameplay (this is mostly conquest i guess lol) is legit some of the best in the series. Loads of fun to play every time, and even though Revelation is pretty garbage, I had fun with the hoshido units and nohrian units in the same army so it holds a high place in my heart

FE15: 3/10. If you want to be a story driven game at least have a good story, god damn.

FE16: 5/10. Eh? I'm not a JRPG fan. I don't like recruitment in this game and I don't like the story much. That being said, I've put like 100 hours in to it so something must have drawn me? I just don't really like the monastery though lol and tbh I'm not a big fan of the non-Claude lords

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Blazing Blade: 7.5/10 - Not exactly a bad game. It's good for beginners but when I got around to playing I already finished playing several other Fire Emblem games so it didn't give me that magical feeling it gave those whose first game was this. At least it has one of my favorite lords in it (Eliwood).

Sacred Stones: 9/10 - My favorite of the GBA games. Had lots of interesting side characters that I liked.

Shadow Dragon: 9.5/10 - I might be one of the few who actually like the simplicity this game gives. Plus I love retro games and the original cast of characters at least looked interesting to me. Really the only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because it was made for the DS which unfortunately resulted in it having those ugly looking battle sprites

New Mystery of the Emblem: 9.5/10 - Avatar worship aside I think this game might even be better than Shadow Dragon (definitely involves more strategy than having Caeda gut everything with Wing Spear). Really liked how the avatar creation was implemented and I wished other Fire Emblem games with avatar creation had something similar (just tone down the need to have everyone praising me for every little thing I do please). Also, bad looking sprites still prevents me from giving the game a perfect 10.

Awakening: 9.5/10 - My favorite of the 3DS Fire Emblem games. Had a colorful cast of characters and I always find myself bringing my 3DS out sometimes and doing a quick run through the game. Really the only thing I disliked was same turn moving reinforcements which ends up with getting someone killed sometimes.

Fates Conquest: 9/10 - Yeah, the story for this one was not great. However, it was the first Fire Emblem I played so I will always remember it for that at least. It also has great gameplay and map design.

Fates: Birthright: 6/10 - Choosing to play it after Conquest was probably not a good idea due to much more simple the maps and objectives were. Having my least favorite cast of characters doesn't help it either.

Fates: Revelations: 5.5/10 - Felt like Birthright 2.0 with worse map design seeing how many of the early recruits on the map were the Birthright exclusive characters.

Echoes: 8.5/10 - Has one of my favorite cast of characters and I liked their design but I really hate the grinding this game kind of expects you to do. Also didn't like characters only being able to hold one item at a time. It felt like a case of sticking too close to the original worked against it.

Heroes: 9.5/10 - Really edging on being one of my favorite Fire Emblem games despite being a mobile game. But hey, I like the simplicity design of the game and being able to use just about every character in the series is what draws me to it. I just wish it didn't have the gacha mechanic tied to it.

Warriors: 8/10 - I think it was a good game and I enjoyed every minute of the 500+ hours I spent on the game but the PR for the game pre-release was very bad and the roster could have been a little bit better.

Three Houses: 7/10 - Great game with a great cast of character and story. However, what holds it back to me is the need to play all four routes to get the full story and playing through the same twelve chapters every single time is such a slog and even the latter half for three of the four routes feels too similar to each other. Also, some of their decisions for DLC left a sour taste in my mouth hence the seven out of ten (wave 4 could still change that though I doubt it).

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  • FE1 - 4/10. Really tough to sit through these days. Very basic, very slow. It gets points for legacy and setting damn near every archetype in the series, but there's really no reason to play this in this day and age.
  • FE2 - 2/10. Borderline unplayable, IMO. You take the slowness and the basicness of FE1, then add extra RPG elements like random battles and item drops to grind for, along with some of the most obnoxiously slow map design in the series.
  • FE3 - 7/10. Fire Emblem's finally playable! Solid gameplay mechanics and actually paced pretty well.
  • FE4 - 7.5/10. Like FE2, it's completely different to any other FE. Unlike FE2, it's very playable and actually manages to flip series convention on its head in a manner that doesn't completely ruin the playability of the game. Also has the strongest lore/story of the series, at least for the first half.
  • FE5 - 9/10. I largely consider this the first "modern" Fire Emblem. This is the Fire Emblem that comes closest to actually being what I consider the perfect Fire Emblem game. It's well paced, it has solid gameplay mechanics, the story's actually good in terms of it being Leif's journey, great character designs, and some of the most unique objective design in the series. Downsides include: Veld, Raydrik, 20 stat caps across the board and enough dick moves that seem to exist only to fuck over blind players.
  • FE6 - 6/10. Back to basics kinda game after the SNES games blew the series up in terms of gameplay mechanics, but playable and actually challenging. Overall solid, but unremarkable.
  • FE7 - 7.5/10. Straight upgrade to FE6 in pretty much every way except challenge.
  • FE8 - 4/10. The game's just a chore to play, and I really question a lot of the design decisions. I really hate the monster maps, the story's really bad outside of the Lyon plot which only takes focus in the last leg of the game, it's probably the easiest FE up to this point, the characters I find to be very uninteresting, and all around it just feels like half of a game. It loses a full point for just clearly being a slapped together product. Saving grace is the romhack potential.
  • FE9 - 7.5/10. Brings back a lot of the mechanics of the SNES era. It's got solid writing, probably the most well rounded cast of FE characters both in terms of gameplay and writing, the maps are all fairly engaging, the introduction of the base mechanics is a very welcome addition, and it just all around a very good FE. Shame about the difficulty.
  • FE10 - 8.5/10. This is the closest FE has come to reaching the ideal FE in my mind after FE5. It expands on FE9 in meaningful ways, the overall story is fine(Though there are a fair few bad character moments within it), and the game actually tries to engage you through gameplay.
  • FE11 - 5.5/10. This game feels like a very confused mess of trying to mix old and new elements. It tries to stay too true to FE1, and the implementation of core FE mechanics that have been introduced since, like the weapon triangle, were not really considered in terms of greater game balance. Also it's just... really boring. And for the first time since the NES, which isn't the NES's fault, the game looks terrible.
  • FE12 - 7/10. Yes, I'm a crazy person who thinks FE12 is way better than FE11. It addresses a fair few of FE11's issues, and the other new mechanics seemed to actually be introduced with some careful consideration(Well... except Kris).
  • FE13 - 4.5/10. A running theme with games I like is how engaging the gameplay is. Awakening put ALL of its eggs in the meta-aspects of Fire Emblem, and put no effort into the actual gameplay element. Every new idea they introduced, they introduced TERRIBLY. Team building can be fun, even though there are many obvious issues with the game balance, but I absolutely loathe actually playing this game more than any other game outside of the OG NES titles and Revelation. The story's bad, I hate the shift in tone IS took with character design and character writing, and I don't think I can stomach to play this game ever again.
  • Conquest - 7/10. As absolutely horrid the story is, this game nails gameplay. Maps are fun, though they go way too overboard in the last quarter of the game, and I actually like a few of the characters here(Nyx being probably the best character in Fates).
  • Birthright - 5.5/10. Awakening again, but somebody on the team actually gave a bit of a shit about gameplay balance and map design.
  • Revelation - 4.5/10 - Oh god, why. It has all the strengths of Fates' gameplay, but oh my god did they over correct WAY too hard on the map design. This is the only game in the series that seems to be actively challenging you to actually enjoy it. There was also 0 consideration given to unit balance.
  • FE15 - 6.5/10. Oh hey. FE2 is actually funnish now. This game, out of any other FE, benefited the most from modern game design. It's no longer slower than molasses, and the RPG elements actually feel welcome due to how barren the strategy elements of this game actually are. The characters are actually fairly charming, and don't feel like straight-up cartoon characters for the first time since FE9... well, except for Deen and Faye. If I put myself in the mindset more of "I'm playing an RPG" instead of "I'm playing a strategy game", I can enjoy this game quite a lot.
  • FE16 - 7.5-8/10. Still feeling this game out, but my overall feelings are definitely more positive than not. I didn't hate the cast, the story was actually tolerable(TWSITD got the shaft, but what evil cult group is ever well developed in these games?) and it feels like the most successful blend of old school FE and modern FE.
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In the order I played them:

FE7: 8.5 - great cast, decent story, great gameplay. Still a top tier FE. Its biggest "faults" are maybe the smaller scale story and inconsistencies, but honestly these things don't bother me that much. 

FE8: 7 - the cast and story to me are good, but not among the best in the series. The best part of SS is the gameplay, I loved the openness and freedom compared to 7.

FE6: 7 - really like the game, it's very fun to play despite being so bare bones. Might have something to do with me liking Elibe but I just always have a good time going back to it.

FE9: 9 - an almost perfect FE. The only negatives imo are the bad graphics/cutscenes and that the difficulty could be higher.

FE10: 9 - same score as PoR. While the presentation is a lot better (I honestly don't dislike the graphics), the story has more issues than its prequel and the lack of supports is disappointing.

FE11: 3 - it's good fun if you can't or don't want to play any of the others for some reason. The main cast is cool but there's so much dead weight, and the story is decent, but it isn't told in a very interesting way. Still can't understand why they went for that god awful graphical style.

FE13: 5 - mostly everything about it is just mediocre or disappointing. Bad story, bad writing, mediocre cast, mediocre gameplay.  

FE4: 8 - the gameplay is definitely the low point as there are so many things that feel dated and can make it a chore to play. Story, cast, and music are among the best in the series.

FE14: Birthright 6.5, Conquest 7, Revelation 0. Overall 6.5 (not an average). Birthright is passable, thanks to the interesting aesthetic that feels refreshing. Conquest is saved from having the most embarrassing story in the series by having amazing gameplay. The soundtrack is overall really good, and I like most of the cast well enough. Revelation is pure garbage, it doesn't do anything right.

FE15: 8 - held back by the maps and the bad characterization of Alm and Celica in the later parts of the game. Otherwise a great title with a lovable cast, good writing, and great presentation. 

FE16: 9 - best "modern" title. Positives: amazing cast, world building, OST, story is very good, gameplay is phenomenal, voice acting adds so much value. Negatives: graphics could be better, Hard mode is too easy, certain routes and story bits should've been better fleshed out, monastery can get boring.

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Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword - 8

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones - 10

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance - 8

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn - 9

Fire Emblem: Awakening - 7

Fire Emblem Fates - 6

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia - 9

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - 10

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On 2/10/2020 at 5:45 AM, forsettipatty said:


Alright, you really gotta tone down the hate.  I felt that your FE16 rating was pretty good, so try along those lines.  Take this from someone who gave a game in the FE series a 1.

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Misremembered that one rating

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From Personal experience:

FE1: haven't played

FE2: 4/10

FE3: haven't played

FE4: 8/10

FE5: 9/10

FE6: 5/10

FE7: 9.5/10

FE8: 7.5/10

FE9: haven't played

FE10: 8/10

FE11: haven't played

FE12: 9.5/10

FE13: 4.5/10

FE14: 7/10 (as a whole)

- BR: 8/10 (very biased)

- CQ: 8/10 

- RV: 3/10

FE15 (SoV): 6/10

FE16: haven't played cus i'm too damn broke




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