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Battalion Tier List post DLC?

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Hi all,

I've been using this tier list as a guideline until now, but seven months later and with all the DLC out (possibly), would you still consider it the best list out there? And where do the DLC Battalions fit in?

Thanks in advance, everyone!

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To me I didn't find any dlc battalions that great imo. The maids(i forgot the names) are decent, but not amazing. 

I would say it is prob the most accurate, but I would include battalions that have gambits such as:

Dance of the goddess. Absolutely ridiculous how good it is. Should def be added.

Retribution. Or at least make special note of kingdom archer cause it is so early and can help you deal with annoying enemy archers.

Impregnable wall. Imo this is pretty good especially in maddening. 

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The DLC battalions are largely very good. I don’t know wtf the above poster is talking about. 

The three Nuvelle servants come early, are all C rank, and have stat totals that crush the other C rank battalions other than the battalions the lords come with in part 2. In particular, one has +8 str with +10 hit and crit, while the other has +8 mag and +10 crit and avoid. Both have +1 def and +7 res. That’s comparable to the best of the endgame battalions. 

What this means is characters with authority boons get an even bigger stat boost early game, and characters with authority banes (e.g., Felix, Hapi) have perfectly acceptable endgame options that aren’t too difficult to qualify for, which does a lot to offset what would otherwise be a notable weakness. They pull a ton of weight, and the two with focused stats should both see heavy use. 

As to the battalions obtained through the dlc paralogues, they’re also generally good. Hapi’s has stats competitive with the other endgame magic-based battalions (+8 mag, +10 hit and crit), and will likely make the cut on someone. Constance’s also has good stats and is the only flying battalion with a magic focus, meaning it’s an automatic pick if you make anyone a dark flier, and a solid pick at any rate. Both have AoE gambits as well which is nice. 

Balthus’s has the highest boost to both str and mag in the game, so it’s another auto-pick if you have a mixed unit. Even if you don’t, it still gives a solid +7 to whichever stat you’re using, plus a really well rounded boost to both defenses (+5), making it an attractive option for tanks or units that need a little help defensively that still want offense. 

Yuri’s is the only one I don’t regularly use, as +5 to str and mag is pretty mediocre, but the gambit can be good. Anna’s is also pretty niche but an upgrade to the E rank stride battalion on purely support units if you get their authority high enough. 

For non-dlc battalions, there are a few key gambits (the AoE dance, stride, retribution, a few others) to look out for, then you want the best stats you can get for your authority rank. Battalions to look out for include Fraldarius Soldiers (great stats), all 3 of the battalions that come with your lord unit in part 2, Gautier Knights (good stats plus stride), Blue Lion Dancers/Opera Co Volunteers (AoE dance gambit), and Indech Sword Fighters/Black Eagle Pegasus Co (good stats plus retribution).

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