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Create a moveset for an Echo Fighter

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Just as the title says, this thread is for Echo Fighter movesets. Classic Mode routes can be made as well, but that’s optional. Only rule is that differences can’t go TOO crazy. Here’s one I made for Alph, were he an Echo of Olimar:


Intro: Same as Olimar’s.


Stance/Idle 1: Same as Olimar’s.

Idle 2: Same as Olimar’s.

Idle 3: Same as Olimar’s.


Notable Palette Swaps: Brittany, Charlie, Alph, and then the rest of Olimar’s alts.


Walk: Same as Olimar’s.

Jog: Same as Olimar’s.

Dash: Same as Olimar’s.

Damage: Same as Olimar’s.

Jump: Same as Olimar’s, except now there’s a triple jump using the Winged Pikmin to briefly hover.

Crouch: Same as Olimar’s.


Movement Speed: Same as Olimar’s.

Size: Same as Olimar’s.

Weight: Same as Olimar’s.


Weapon of Choice: Alph enlists the help of 2 Winged Pikmin and a Rock Pikmin instead of Olimar’s 3 normal Pikmin.


Jab: Alph sends each Winged Pikmin to quickly tackle the opponent (7%, small knockback)

Forward+A: Same as Olimar’s (9%, OK knockback)

Down+A: Same as Olimar’s (7%, small knockback)

Up+A: Same as Olimar’s, but the Winged Pikmin spin around instead of Alph jumping and spinning (8%, small knockback)


Air+A: Same as Olimar’s, Alph spins two Winged Pikmin around himself (11%, OK knockback)

Air Forward+A: Same as Olimar’s, except Alph karate chops the air (12%, OK knockback)

Air Back + A: The Winged Pikmin lush whoever’s behind Alph (9%, OK knockback)

Air Up+A: Same as Olimar’s, but with the Winged Pikmin going in different directions.

Air Down+A: The Winged Pikmin take Alph and ram him into the ground; he bounces back up when he hits an opponent (13%, OK knockback)


Dash Attack: Same as Olimar’s (11%, OK knockback)

Edge Attack: Same as Olimar’s (9%, OK knockback)

Get-Up Attack: The Winged Pikmin rush in to lift up Alph, hurting anyone around him (8%, OK knockback)



Smash Moves

Forward+A: The Winged Pikmin propel Alph forwards (21%, medium knockback)

Up+A: The Winged Pikmin fly vertically upwards and slam opponents above Alph (17%, OK knockback)

Down+A: The Winged Pikmin circle around Alph (16%, OK knockback)


Grab: Same as Olimar’s, but with the Winged Pikmin.

Pummel: Same as Olimar’s (1%)

Forwards+Throw: Same as Olimar’s (10%, OK knockback)

Down+Throw: The Winged Pikmin let go of the opponent, fly up a bit, amd the tackle the opponent (12%, OK knockback)

Back+Throw: Same as Olimar’s (13%, OK knockback)

Up+Throw: The Winged Pikmin fly high up, and them soar back down to pile drive the opponent (15%, OK knockback)



Special Moves

B : Rock Pikmin Pluck; by holding B or pressing it three times, Alph pulls out a Rock Pikmin. Pressing B near the Rock Pikmin allows Alph to carry it like a heavy item.

B + Forwards : Rock Pikmin Throw; Alph takes the flower head of the Rock Pikmin and tosses it at the opponent (24%, medium knockback)

B + Up : Winged Pikmin; the Winged Pikmin carry Alph as they all fly to safe ground. When a Rock Pikmin is being carried by Alph, it has the weight of Olimar’s three Pikmin.

B + Down : Rock Pikmin Whistle; Alph calls back the Rock Pikmin to his party.


Final Smash: End of Day; same as Olimar’s (10% (launch), 10% (ascent), 15.1% (Red Bulborbs), 10% (descent), 12%/10% (explosion); 57% total, devastating knockback)


Gimmick: Like Olimar, Alph uses Pikmin as a means of resource management. However, there are some differences:

-The two Winged Pikmin can never be lost

-The Rock Pikmin has the weight of Olimar’s 3 Pikmin

-When the Rock Pikmin is picked up like an item, it can be dropped on opponents (12%, OK knockback). When B + Forwards is used, the power is slightly increased by 1.1x.


Taunts: Same as Olimar’s.

Winposes: Same as Olimar’s.

Icon: Pikmin series logo

Boxing Ring Title: Astronaut in Training

Victory Music: Pikmin series victory theme

Kirby Hat: Alph’s hair and nose.

Classic Mode: Short and Sweet! (Fights against short and young characters)

Stage 1: Kirby, Pikachu and Pichu on Dream Land 64 (Planet Popstar)

Stage 2: Young Link and Toon Link on Great Bay (Saria’s Song (Melee))

Stage 3: Ness and Lucas on Onett (Bein’ Friends)

Stage 4: Lemmy and Isabelle (Kapp’n’s Song)

Stage 5: Little Mac on Boxing Ring (Minor Circuit (Original))

Stage 6: Olimar on Garden of Hope (Garden of Hope)

Boss: Marx


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Game: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Echo of: Zelda


Intro: Micaiah warps onto the stage using a Rewarp staff. 

All her magic attacks are based on light-magic or staves. It's explained that, thanks to Yune's Blessing, her tomes have unlimited use. 

Standard Special: Thani: A burst of light at close range. Deals more damage and knockback the heavier the opponent is. 

Side Special: Purge: operates exactly like Din's Fire, but light instead of fire. 

Up Special: Rewarp: teleports herself to another part of the stage using a Rewarp staff. Operates exactly like Farore's Wind, but with the rewarp animation from Radiant Dawn. 

Down Special: Sothe: Summons Sothe to protect her and strike the opponent. 

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Shadow the Hedgehog

Echo of Sonic the Hedgehog. Shadow skates rather than runs, and his Specials mix in Chaos energy.

  • N Special: Chaos Blast - Shadow's version of Homing Attack charges Chaos energy and releases it in an explosion when Shadow connects with his target.
  • S Special: Fire Dash - Shadow uses a fiery version of Sonic's Spin Dash.
  • U Special: Chaos Control - Shadow warps upward.
  • D Special: Fire Charge - Shadow uses a fiery version of Sonic's Spin Charge.
  • Final Smash: Super Shadow

When winning against Sonic, Shadow will declare "You're not even good enough to be my fake!"

When Sonic wins against Shadow, Sonic will say "Better luck next time, faker!"

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Replacing Chrom as Roy's Echo

Most of Chrom's animations are retained, but also mirrored since Alm is a lefty.


Here's what changes:

  • Aesthetic change: Attacks that had a fire effect and fire damage in Roy's moveset instead have a blue glowing effect and do aura damage.
  • Costumes: Fighter class (default) w/ 2 color alts, Hero class w/ 2 color alts, Conqueror class w/ 1 color alt
  • Weapon of Choice: Royal Sword (there's enough Falchions as it is)
  • Stance/Idle: SoV battle stance
  • Jab: 3-strike combo used when exploring dungeons
  • Dash attack: ^again, one that's used in dungeons (though it should be sped up otherwise it'll have way too much end lag)
  • Neutral B: Flare Blade w/above aesthetic change, OR...
    • Neutral B Alternative: Parthia. Functions like Byleth's Failnaught except: no special charge, but charge can be held indefinitely. Dmg/knockback is nerfed accordingly. Arrow does fire damage. 
  • Final Smash: Scendscale
  • Taunts:
    • Up Taunt: Short circular motion w/Royal Sword before holding it up toward the sky (like SoV Falchion normal finisher attack, minus the attack)
    • Side Taunt: Alm sheaths sword and puts arm out to the side (SoV victory animation [swords]) and says "Alright!" (critical quote)
    • Down Taunt: Plants sword and puts fist on hip (SoV Conqueror class victory animation [swords]) and says "I've got this." (character select quote)
  • Victory Pose 1: Does side taunt, but instead he says "I'll never yield!" (victory quote) [Come to think of it, he's pretty much recycling one of Marth's old victory poses]
  • Victory Pose 2: Does a 720º tilted horizontal swipe (Conqueror crit) and says "This is how it's done!" (critical quote)
  • Victory Pose 3: Turns left shoulder slightly towards the camera then bends arm up to just below chest height (Heroes artwork [Alm: Hero of Prophecy]) and says "I will defend Zofia!" (Reference to SoV cutscene "A Battle of Heroes" when he asks "who will defend Zofia?!")
  • Classic Mode: Idk about specifics other than the final battle would pit you and an allied Red-alt Lucina w/ a Fire Flower (Celica) against Rathalos (Duma) [I know the Royal Sword shouldn't be able to scratch Duma, but Smash already takes creative liberties]

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Assuming echo fighters must be of the same franchise the original fighter belongs to

Black Knight (Echo of Ike):
the fact that they use the same fighting style is justified by PoR and RD, and his armor wouldn't be a problem in terms of agility, they state that the Black Knight is still very fast and agile despite that heavy armor he always wears
Implying echo fighters can have different stats than their original counterpart, i'd raise BK's weight to at least 120, while leaving other stats untouched (height, hurtboxes, run speed, walk speed, air speed and so on)

the only moves i'd change are Up B and Neutral B:
his Up B would be a simple teleport, similar to Palutena's, and he'd use his Warp Powder
his Neutral B would be Eclipse, a move that, if fully charged, lands 5 consecutive hits while taking some steps forward, dealing a total of 50% damage and very high Knockback (a little lower than Roy's Neutral B), at the cost of having very slow start up and cooldown

His Final Smash would be Great Eclipse, a more dramatic and brutal version of his Neutral B

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Shadow the Hedgehog


Intro: Shadow Chaos Controls onto the stage.

Stance/Idle 1: Shadow has his arms folded, looking towards the opposite side of the screen.

Idle 2: Shadow occasionally glares towards the camera.

Notable Palette Swaps: Mephiles, Black Doom, Gerald Robotnik, Pink Metal Shadow, Blue Metal Shadow, Yellow Metal Shadow, Green Metal Shadow

Walk: Shadow walks with his fists curled up.

Jog: His jog from Sonic Adventure.

Dash: His signature slide across the floor using his Air Shoes.

Damage: His damage animation from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Jump: Same as Sonic’s.

Crouch: Same as Sonic’s.

Weapon of Choice: Shadow’s hand-to-hand fighting is similar to Sonic’s, but he also has Chaos powers.

Standard Attacks
Jab: Same as Sonic’s, except Shadow punches twice and then follows up with an upward kick (9%, OK knockback)
Forward+A: Same as Sonic’s (9%, OK knockback)
Down+A: Same as Sonic’s (7%, small knockback)
Up+A: Same as Sonic’s (10%, OK knockback)

Dash Attack: Shadow pushes the opponent by slightly hovering with his Air Shoes (9%, OK knockback)
Edge Attack: Same as Sonic’s (11%, OK knockback)
Get-Up Attack: Same as Sonic’s (7%, small knockback)

Aerial Attacks
Air+A: Same as Sonic’s (9%, OK knockback)
Air Forward+A: Shadow’s first kick from Shadow the Hedgehog’s intro (11%, OK knockback)
Air Back + A: Same as Sonic’s (12%, OK knockback)
Air Up+A: Same as Sonic’s (13%, OK knockback)
Air Down+A: Shadow’s downward punch from Shadow the Hedgehog’s intro (14% with a meteor effect, OK knockback)

Smash Moves
Forward+A: Shadow’s kick when he uses it on Silver in 06 (17%, OK knockback)
Up+A: Same as Sonic’s (20%, medium knockback)
Down+A: Sonic’s down Smash from Brawl (16%, OK knockback)

Grab and Throws
Grab: Shadow grabs the opponent in the chest.
Pummel: Shadow punches the opponent with his open hand (3%)
Forwards+Throw: Shadow simply tosses the opponent (9%, OK knockback)
Down+Throw: Same as Sonic’s (9%, OK knockback)
Back+Throw: Shadow teleports behind the opponent and kicks them from behind (11%, OK knockback)
Up+Throw: Same as Sonic’s (8%, small knockback)

Special Moves
B : Homing Attack; same as Sonic’s (18%, OK knockback)
B + Forwards : Light Speed Dash; similar to PAC-MAN’s Power Pellet, but with rings. Also, you can’t change the angle of the rings (12%, OK knockback)
B + Up : Chaos Control; Shadow teleports in the direction the player moves the control stick.
B + Down : Gravitational Charge; one of Sonic’s custom down specials from Smash 4 (3% per hit, small knockback)

Final Smash: Chaos Inferno; Shadow uses Chaos Control to slow down time. Rouge and Omega appear to attack opponents; Rouge dashes around by flying, similar to Super Sonic (3% per hit, small knockback) and Omega fires giant laser beams that rain down all over the arena as pillars (10%, OK knockback)

Gimmick: Echo of Sonic.

1: “I’m the Ultimate life form.” Shadow’s loosely mimics his pose from Sonic 06.
2: “How pathetic.” Shadow’s pose for when he leaves the stage as an Assist Trophy.
1+2: “My name is Shadow…” Shadow mimics his artwork for Sonic Adventure 2.

1: “There’s no time for games.” Shadow loosely mimics his pose from Shadow the Hedgehog’s box art.
2: “Anyone who gets in my way is my enemy.” Shadow’s victory pose from Shadow the Hedgehog, when he gets a Chaos Emerald.
2a: “Game over, Sonic.” Vs. Sonic.
3: “This is the ultimate power!” Shadow’s victory pose from Sonic Heroes, along with Rouge and Omega.

Icon: Sonic series icon.

Boxing Ring Title: The Ultimate Life Form

Victory Music: youtu.be/ICE8ZPfIrck

Kirby Hat: Shadow’s quills and ears.


Classic Mode: “I think YOU’RE the faker around here!”
Stage 1: Dark Samus on Brinstar Depths (Multiplayer 1 - Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)
Stage 2: Dr. Mario on Green Greens (Fever)
Stage 3: Lucina on Castle Siege (Shadow Dragon Medley)
Stage 4: Mewtwo on Frigate Orpheon (Red/Blue Medley)
Stage 5: Wario (overalls) on Princess Peach’s Castle (Underground Theme - Super Mario Land)
Stage 6: Dark Pit and Meta Knight (Dark alt)(free-for-all) on Wii Fit Studio (Dark Pit’s Theme)
Boss: Sonic on Green Hill Zone Ω (Open Your Heart), then Master Hand and Crazy Hand (team battle w/Sonic; Live and Learn)


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