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Monthly Murals and Narration - help?

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Collection of the monthly murals along with their ecphrasis describing a part of Fodlan's lore (as described by the Church of Serios?) and lifestyle.

As I mentioned once before, this is something I found to be very interesting and beautifully done. The way they used church-like murals fits very nicely with the game's theme since its history is told by the Church of Seiros and it sheds light on the rest of Fodlan outside of this elite military academy full of nobles. It is the only real glimpse we get of life in wider Fodlan and its traditions as experienced by the people.

So I thought I'd share in case anyone else is interested in these things and for me to have a place where they're organized. I only started collecting these from chapter 6 and having completed Part 1 during this run here are the ones I've collected so far, posted on imgur: https://imgur.com/a/0FihBiK. I won't get around to the first 5 chapters until my next run but if someone else wants to chip in, it can be a group effort.

I recently found someone else posted all the mural artwork as well but without the narrations: https://imgur.com/a/zx448wc

I was considering posting the video clips of each mural and its narration to YouTube as well but there are already video clips available, lumped with the chapter intros. Undecided at this point if I want to upload them on their own or not.

The links that @Silent Mercenary provided in answering my previous question were also great.

Technical question: it seems uploading images to forum posts is a bit finicky. Sometimes it lets me upload more than others (and sometimes I go beyond the stated max total size). Anyone know what the deal with this is? I uploaded to imgur this time because I couldn't put more than 1 on here while in some other posts I've uploaded far more than this.


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