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Binding Blade: Lyn Mode

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A very simple hack that replaces Roy with Lyn. This includes his bases, growths, portrait and promotion.

I considered replacing the Rapier and Sword of Seals with the Mani and Sol Katti, but decided against it, as the point of this hack is to see if Lyn's stat line fairs better in Binding Blade than it does in her home game.

Roy's portrait is of course replace with Lyn's. I've also hunted down every reference to Roy in the text and replaced it with Lyn. Titles like Master or Lord Roy have been retrained as Master and Lord Lyn, mainly because I didn't want to mess with the text too much to cause line errors in the display. References to Roy as Son of Eliwood have been changed to child. I've probably misgendered Lyn in a fair few instances (there was a lot of text to replace, by far the longest part of making this hack), so if you see any "he"s or "his"es in reference to Lyn, do tell.

And for those of you who are into all that, replacing Roy wholesale with Lyn and not changing the dialogue makes Lyn and the majority of the female cast completely gay. You're welcome Lillina X Lyn shippers.

Oh also just for convenience, I made Hard Mode available from the start.



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