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Somewhat Silly, Somewhat Serious Question:

Somewhat Silly, Somewhat Serious Question:  

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  1. 1. Which group suffers from more depression?

    • Lucina, Bunny Lucina, Brave Lucina, and Valentines Lucina, watching Legendary Lucina be the only one to get Future Vision.
    • Chrom, Bunny Chrom, and SwordCavChrom, watching every single Chrom released after them get some variation of To Change Fate.

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Apologies to the mods if this should really go in FFtF, it's technically a FEH question so I put it here but if it's really more FFtF could you just move it over there for me thanks.

Anyhow, the serious half-rhetorical question behind the silly poll: Why the frick can't I give these super old Units anything good from their newer selves? I'd contend that the Blazing Durandal Eliwood argument doesn't apply as much, since you have to use Skill Inheritance to do it, meaning you still had to go through the effort of getting the new powerhouse Unit and then had to sack it for your older one.

The obvious exception if they ever decided to do this being Gray Waves of course, since they've made it abundantly clear that Gen 1 Dancers get nothing.

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Hey, ackshually, Valentine's Lucina gets access to future vision as well! ...Anyway, I feel like Future Vision is unironically easier to use than To Change Fate! so they get my vote.

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Makes no sense to me old units getting prf skills from the most recent ones. It would be weird for these units getting a new skill from nowhere, like OG Lucina getting Future Vision or Og Alm getting Lunar Flash.

I confess that I would like for them go back in doing weapon evolutions like how they did in the first years. Marth getting access to Exalter Falchion, giving Eirika Storm Sieglinde, Tiki be able to use Divine Mist and Brave Lyn would enjoy having Swift Mulagir. As long it doesn't affect the color of the unit for the tome units or creating a different color for an existent tome, of course. So no Virtuous Naga to OG Julia since Legendary is blue and OG is Green.

Also, not doing it with recent units of the past years. No Holytide Tyrfing to OG Seliph. And it has to be a same name weapon. No Claude going from Cunning Bow to Failnaught or Wind Parthia.

But I understand why they stopped doing weapon evolutions. Brave Roy was a clear example of that, that why going for him that is a 5* exclusive when you can go for Eliwood who is easily accessible? Of course that's comparing 2 heroes from the main pool that have no Prf skills outside their weapons. It's not the same of comparing OG Marth to Legendary Marth that are both infantry sword units but even though OG had access to Exalted Falchion, Legendary would still have Fire/Shining Emblem and Binding Shield to make him the superior version.

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