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  1. Also what happens if your second wife also has three other husbands (and maybe a wife or two, also)? How does the law deal with it? This isn't so much a rational issue as it is a practical one. I think it would require a total restructuring of legal marriage. Incest is harder to argue against because the only rational argument (genetic issues) is not as big a deal as people make it out to be, and besides that we don't ban other people with genetic problems (who then are actually more likely to have kids with that same genetic defect than a random sibling pair) from having kids. Also, same-sex incest could be a thing. Then of course there is the problem that both polygamous and incestuous relationships tend not to be healthy, on top of being rare, so we likely won't get the necessary public support for them ever to be legalized, even if people stopped viewing them as squicky (because that will happen ever).
  2. This thread is really more about modern cultural stereotypes than anything. Like, today everyone thinks German is ugly, but that's just because most people's only exposure to the language is angry movie Nazis. So of course it can't be on this list, even though it was once considered a very soft language. Meanwhile French is supposedly absolutely beautiful, and, while I have heard perfectly pleasant French, the ugliest sounds classified as "speech" I have ever heard have come from Frenchmen. Of course, all this ignores the great range in dialects in most languages, too. Castillian Spanish is not Colombian Spanish. In the end, any language can get anything done about equally well depending on the speaker and their tone. Especially if you, you know, speak the language. The meaning starts to trump the sound pretty quickly once you understand the language. (Fun and somewhat relevant fact: the Irish [as in Gaeilge, not Oirish] term for "sleeping together" is "slapping skin." Depending on your preferred form of love, that might be a language worth considering..)
  3. I haven't read all of these posts in too much detail, but I've read a fair bit, and there's something I think is a general theme here: why. Where is the motivation coming from? Whose objective are we pursuing? And then, of course, how the different answers to that question can manifest themselves. For instance, as people have said, going to a beach to relax from fighting for your life makes sense. The thing is that that doesn't seem to be the motivation (I think? I haven't spoiled myself for Fates and I never got bikiniDLC for Awakening). The motivation seems to be ~boob shot~ and ~ab shot~. When the motivation is not found internally, it necessarily weakens characters and/or plot. This isn't even a serious/funny issue. (at all, even the tiniest bit) Things can be absolutely farcical, this can be Spongebob, or Disgaea, but it's still critical that characters do things because they choose to. If FE wants to just be funny, I don't care, I just want to feel like there are people making choices within the story, not outside it.
  4. This question is way, way too simplistic. As has been said, it's incredibly easy to do both. Also, this isn't just "is this really practical if you go into the nitty gritty" it's "your outfit should at least not be able to kill you before you make it to the battlefield" that a lot of complaints here have been about. And, as has been pointed out above, it also depends a lot on motivation, both internal and external. Does Camilla care more about being sexy than alive? Okay then. Her funeral. What kind of experience does the player want to have in that particular instance? That's going to affect what they want a lot. In the case of FE, my problem is just how... dissonant it is for me. Like, if it wanted to be all-out farcical (think Disgaea) then I wouldn't be worried about things making sense. But with the at least somewhat serious stories, the idea that every woman would rather be sexy and dead than alive and badass just doesn't make sense. The current character designs make it extremely difficult for me to see them as actual people because they're just, well, dissonant with themselves and their world at large.
  5. This is only about the legal status of marriage, not its religious status. No religious official will, at least under current laws, be forced to officiate a religious ceremony they don't believe in. Though if a same-sex couple wants a Christian marriage, there are plenty of willing pastors/etc. around.
  6. If you aren't familiar with Japanese at all, though, it's not exactly something you could just pick up on the way, at least for most people. Other than some modern vocabulary (e.g. computer) the language shares almost nothing with English. Like, they both put adjectives before nouns, and, um, have most of the same parts of speech? That's not to say it's not worth it if you're interested in Japanese for other reasons, but learning enough Japanese to make it through FE would be no small task.
  7. That's correct. It's been in development forever now,since 2007, and its initial release date was in 2011. They just basically said "it'll be done when it's done so just let us take our time and we'll give you something awesome" (plus there have been various complications on the way) and people just sort of said okay.
  8. A hypothetical unit having a +10% (or whatever would be appropriately powerful) chance of dual guarding/attacking with someone of the same sex could sure be handy from a gameplay perspective, or getting +10% crit, or whatever. I mean, if Ted's stats were good enough, I'd certainly consider using him in VC because I know that putting him next to anyone can buff him. (A Gatrie/Sain/etc. type character could similarly have a personal skill that buffs them around units of the opposite sex.) Assuming characters don't suddenly have way more screen-time this time around it also means that we don't need to deal with that during supports and it can just sort of be taken for granted. A lot of how the specifics would be handled will depend on how romance is handled more generally this time around, though. I mean, if we are going to do the whole everyone can marry anyone thing again, there will always be awkwardness because only the last support can actually be romantic. (Edit: although it would actually be awesome if two same-sex characters realized they were both L/G/B in a support and then didn't end up together.) On the other hand, if only certain pairings exist again, we don't have to worry about it at all because two guys/two girls could just end up having a romantic support organically without anything ever being said about their orientation. I mean, if IS was comfortable doing it that way.
  9. Kind of a random thought, piecing together FE and VC - since we've already seen the inclusion of personal skills, what if we had an LGB character who got a skill like those VC potentials "likes men" or "likes women" and that's how we learned about their sexual orientation, rather than through it being shoved in our faces through dialogue? For instance, in VC it's very obvious that Jan is supposed to be gay, and Dallas is also quite the stereotype if you read her backstory, and you don't need their potentials to know that. Ted, on the other hand, is, IIRC, totally normal except that he both "likes men" and "likes women." That's at least how I "figured out" his sexual orientation. I mean, part of the problem in FE is that most characters don't get much screen time - supports tend to be awfully short, after all - so anything we learn about them is either really obvious or posed as a revelation. If we just use a different outlet for it, we could avoid that. Another option I wouldn't mind would be to have a L/G couple join, although that of course doesn't open the romance for Kamui but who care about that anyway?
  10. Here's the way I look at it: what's the answer to the question "why is the character wearing this?" If the answer is "to give you a boner," that's bad. If it's "to help stay alive" or "to help communicate gameplay abilities to the player" we're in business. Adding in a "and also look good/awesome/badass" is also fine, or "to give an idea of who the character is," but suspension of disbelief is a big deal, and generally practicality/gameplay are going to be the most important for that with 99% of characters.
  11. I'm learning Japanese, German, and Irish - the last currently on Duolingo. I started German on Duolingo, and used some other resources as well (Youtube channels, yourdailygerman, etc.) and tested into fifth semester German at my college/university last semester (had to take fourth since fifth wasn't offered then), so it can be quite an effective tool. Admittedly my actual speaking abilities were pitiful, but everything else was so solid that it only took me ~a month of class to be conversational. I'm interested in just about any language, and I'll probably look at adding at least Spanish for practicality's sake, but it's the weird minority languages that really interest me - thus the Irish.
  12. If you ignore the specific units, magic>>>might most of the time. Magic units tend to not be front-line material, though, so typically you need some might. Awakening would be the exception here, I suppose.
  13. This is kind of the problem. As far as a lot of Americans are concerned, Marx might as well be Stalin, who might as well be Hitler.
  14. Marx is マークス, right? I would guess they go with Max, or something totally different, because, well, Communism. We haven't seen anything like Asseray yet, so I don't think anything else is particularly likely to change, except maybe Kamui. We may still get something random like Stella->Astrid, though.
  15. Laptop, various syllabi/homework assignments, capo, bookmark, clock, hot water heater, tissues, a lot of books, a Mozart statue, tape, stapler, lamp, and a ticket to Hair.
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