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  1. I can't swipe up to see an app list? What is MiX? Even looking at the list of Apps within the settings I can't see anything with microG Okay I apparently installed it all wrong and got it fixed, it looked like i was just using the default memu 6.1.1? Which was weird because I was able to launch FEH, restart memu and sitll get it to launch, etc etc. Though I don't see that trebuchet browser that you're talking about.
  2. So the online installer for 6.1.1 just deletes itself from my computer The offline installer works. What i'm lost is does it not create a settings icon or w/e that says microG like in the old microG guide? I can't tell if i'm using the microG files that were from the 2 vdmk files that was provided?
  3. Literally anyone can make a fake though.
  4. I don't see why everyone is so stuck up on "Why is there a Celica but no Alm?" When the sprite of Celica is none that she can be in Gaiden/Echoes. It just doesn't seem legit
  5. This is a completely different looking limited edition box compared to the one that Nintendo Of Europe tweeted out last august. https://twitter.com/NintendoEurope/status/899916834463522816 Unless they decided to add in the sprites? Again, Hero Celica screams fake box art.
  6. I'm confused why Celica has a Hero sprite when she cannot change to that at all?
  7. AmiduOS worked btw, memu crap never worked for me.
  8. I'm trying this method right now it either crashes upon launching (unrooted), or it gives 803 error (rooted) Are you doing something different?
  9. Was anyone able to get the 'Warring Gods' chrome print from gamestop? When I went in, the store manager said he didn't know anything about the chrome print and checked in the back and couldn't find anything, said to check back on Monday. and the gamestop site doesn't even mention the chrome print anymore. Was anyone able to get one or know what happened with this?
  10. There's only a limited edition for western release.
  11. June 22 is their release date, Emma & Lando 500 yen, Shade & Yuzu 500 yen
  12. I would but Emma's gif doesn't want to display here for some reason.
  13. idk how to stop gfycat gifs from displaying huge af, so here's just links to the animations Shade: https://gfycat.com/CaninePointedBobcat Emma: https://gfycat.com/HugeLeftCranefly Yuzu: https://gfycat.com/HastySlimIndianrockpython Lando: https://gfycat.com/BelovedWellmadeAdeliepenguin
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