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  1. This is admittedly a concern. I've joked with friends that IS will, in response to Engage underperforming, go back to having mediocre maps because clearly that was the selling point of Three Houses while keeping the shallow story. But I think they're smart enough to know why the games performed as they did.
  2. It is... okay. The gameplay is good; the map design, while not as interesting or varied as Conquest, is still a decent step up from Three Houses, and the combat is honestly some of the best it's been in a long time; the break mechanics make the weapon triangle more meaningful (and indirectly buff armored units by exempting them from its downsides), daggers' debuffs are now way more intuitive and simple than Fates' varying stat changes, and the Emblems add a great deal of complexity without being overwhelming. Having every weapon type in a single game could have been overwhelming, but it actually manages to be surprisingly balanced in that regard, with bows, tomes, daggers, and arts all serving different-but-important niches without stepping on each other's toes. The Somniel is an improvement over the Monastery in some regards; it's not nearly as cool, of course, and the lack of chapter-specific dialogue does reduce characterization opportunities, but it's concise enough to let you do your "chores" quickly and get on to the next chapter, which I appreciate, especially once I realized I don't have to exercise, fish, and wyvern ride every single break. It's still not a perfect system (the fact that I called them "chores" should make that obvious), but I didn't grow tired of it the way I did the Monastery on repeat playthroughs. But now the bad stuff. Character designs are really hit-or-miss. The environments may be gorgeous and a big step up from Three Houses, but I don't know why they hired Mika Pikazo as the lead artist here. I love her art but its (intentionally) overdesigned nature is not a good fit for Fire Emblem at all, as seen with characters like Timerra and Hortensia who just have way too much going on and look bad in motion. The script, plot, and characters are bleh. I will admit I was expecting a total trainwreck like Fates, and mercifully the plot was closer to Awakening instead, which is... adequate. There were even a couple twists that genuinely surprised and engaged (heh) me, like Chapters 11 and 22. But compared to Three Houses it's about as shallow as a puddle. The four nations feel like generic Super Mario Bros. worlds instead of functioning countries with different sociopolitical situations like Fodlan. The characters are really shallow and cartoonish. I wound up only really liking maybe three or four of them, and even then only with heavy qualification. Freakin' Raphael had more personality and nuance in his left bicep than half of Engage's cast combined. Compared to Three Houses, Engage just feels... dumbed down in every way except the gameplay, and it's weird. I don't like it. This is all compounded further by Engage having one of the worst localizations I've seen in a while. It's seriously bad. I don't know how many people here bother comparing the original Japanese version to the localized version, but it's almost as bad as Fates' localization in terms of randomly rewriting entire characters and censoring stuff that didn't need to be censored (I'm not even talking about the S-supports). Perhaps it's getting less attention because it didn't remove an entire gameplay feature like Fates did, but it's still not good at all. The only consolation is, like Fates itself, at least it's a mediocre script getting butchered by Treehouse instead of a good one. 6/10. I normally value gameplay over writing/story, but with RPGs I value both, and Engage really underdelivers hard on the latter. I'm honestly glad that it sold less than a third of Three Houses' sales, hopefully that sends a message to IS/Nintendo of how future titles should be.
  3. It's for weapon attributes, not weapons themselves, but if you want to make a weapons sheet you can do that.
  4. Added preliminary pages for weapon attributes and stages! If you'd like to start adding to it, including adding columns I didn't think to add, be my guest!
  5. Thank you for your contributions. I wonder if we should consider adding more columns or sheets for more data.
  6. I will add that. I figured it'd be a good thing to have, too. Edit: Added.
  7. I also added Nino and gave her her Iris's Tome from Heroes, too.
  8. Yeah if there's no precedent for a secondary class, we can just give them whatever feels natural. Or base it off an alt from Heroes, if they have any.
  9. Thanks for participating. If it's not too much trouble, though, you gave Castor a bow class for both his primary and secondary classes. As stated at the top of the character sheet, I'd prefer to make sure characters don't have the same weapon type in both their classes, for (hypothetical) mechanical reasons. Do you mind giving him a different secondary class?
  10. Haha, I figured that was you adding Brom. How fitting he's the first Tellius character to be added. You can add more characters by adding new rows to the spreadsheet. Right-clicking on an existing row number and clicking Insert 1 Row Above.
  11. There's been many threads in this sub-forum for theorycrafting elements of a future Fire Emblem Warriors title, but I figured it might be fun to create a community-editable spreadsheet for us to all contribute to and build upon. You may find it here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RKkl1W8Vq146VLO_i1XvVYXxwABw6jcu5jpZzvAd3fA/edit?usp=sharing Right now, it includes a list of characters and a list of classes/movesets. You are free to add whatever new characters and classes you like! There are other fields we can fill in, too; giving each character a secondary moveset, giving characters prf weapons, and we can even add more columns or pages as desired, if you want to get involved in creating new skills, tertiary classes (if you think two isn't enough!), or whatever other data you might wanna keep track of for this project. Please do not vandalize the spreadsheet. Removing somebody else's contributions constitutes vandalism (unless, of course, you're undoing their vandalism). If you have an issue with something on the spreadsheet, please leave it as a note or bring it up in this thread for discussion. Besides porting over all the characters, movesets, and prf weapons from FE Warriors 1, I've also added a handful of new classes, some Three Houses characters, and assigned secondary classes to a few characters. Oh, and I might as well bring up a topic of debate; what should Linde's moveset from FE Warriors 1 be called? It's not a light magic class so I hesitate to call it Priestess, Saint, or anything like that, but there aren't many other anima mage classes to name it after.
  12. Class-changing (specifically each character having a secondary class), combat arts, and each unit having a personal skill for me. Most of the rest of the gameplay I honestly think FEW1 did better than Three Hopes. I definitely don't want to see the war map return, keep Story Mode and History Mode separate.
  13. Yeah, I guess that's fair enough. It's not the story itself that bothers me about alt-history musous (in fact they have better stories), it's the way the side missions insist on being canon-compliant too for some reason. I just miss the Adventure/History Mode of the original Hyrule Warriors and FE Warriors, I want to navigate a bunch of freeform missions with strange combinations of characters instead of whatever makes sense story-wise. I would trade out Three Hopes' story-contained war map for separate story mode and side mode in a heartbeat.
  14. I admittedly prefer the more freeform "big crossover" style musous over the Age of Calamity/Three Hopes style alt history, but that would definitely be a good place to do one. That or as an alternate telling of Reverie, that way you have a pre-existing excuse to But this is probably getting a little off-topic. I wouldn't mind discussing it elsewhere.
  15. I would kill for Trails of Warriors. Realistically, though, I'd enjoy just an FE Warriors 2 that uses what it's learned from both the original game and Three Hopes to deliver a satisfying experience with tons of hours of content.
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