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  1. Here's what I think might happen... There's no reason for a Fire Emblem game to be any larger than what can fit on a 3DS. Therefore, they can just publish the same game on both the Switch and the 3DS a bit like they did for Sm4sh. I doubt that Nintendo wouldn't double release it if there was demand for it.
  2. LOL don't actually show it or your game will 1) be very dark 2) be 18+ by law.
  3. This sounds great! If you need someone to proofread, I can help. I actually know what a comma splice is. Please pick me!
  4. Why not take your younger sibling out for walks? Y'know, get a leash and some poo bags, spend some quality time together, enjoying the fresh air. :)
  5. Are we gonna get a world map like Sacred Stones or nah? I really liked being able to walk around. :)
  6. Is there any way to make super trainees available from the get-go? That would be nice. :)
  7. Games rated E may include "minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence." If this is an RPG, "minimal" won't cut it. This really should be E10.
  8. Okay. I'll probably just watch that one let's play then. :)
  9. Do you have a file with all of the dialogue? I can't be bothered to replay everything since some of it was hard for me.
  10. Does anyone proofread the dialogue? Like I know that there are six writers/editors but I've seen at lease four comma splices during my play through up to 1-8.
  11. Why is it surprising? It's super refined junk food with lots of sugar.
  12. And even if someone is "properly" Calorie counting, that won't matter if the metabolism is made to suck due to other poor habits. Fact of the matter is, y'alls aren't encouraging these habits which are good for anyone (again, with a super duper tiny amount of exceptions). Also, not all Calories are made equally. Things that are less refined (like organic nuts) are harder for our bodies to digest than something more refined, so we won't "get" all of the Calories in unrefined things. Plus, Calorie counting can get stressful...
  13. We easily feel like trash when overeating, though. We also feel lightheaded when we don't eat enough. Our bodies are pretty reliable. Furthermore, if I am not right, then do people manage to lose weight doing what I do while eating healthy food? Like why are you guys chiefly encouraging Calorie counting and not things that are unambiguously healthy like getting plenty of sleep and drinking lots of water? Calorie counting should only be temporary if employed at all. Drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep are good habits.
  14. I was referring to not Calorie counting. I did a quick scan of the page and CTRL+F "Calo" and found nothing, so I'm assuming that that's not relevant to Calorie counting. And there are of course some exceptional cases, but Zerxen is probably not one. If he were one, he should go see a doctor. I mentioned that like three or four times so far. Why are you bringing it up as if I don't know? Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that by Calorie counting, food becomes more of a game. People are more focused on the Calories and not actually enjoying the food (which they should do), thus not feel as satisfied and not feeling full as quickly.
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