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  1. It's funny but if Rhea is a bit of Garon in that sense, then you could also say she is like Medeus with her motivation and a Camilla in everything else about her personality and appearance. Yet Medeus is considered evil despite his reasonings to be spiteful because of what happened to the earth dragons and Camilla... Well let's just say there is a very VERY vocal minority that hate her despite how popular she is, but this is probably the inverse with Rhea, who ranked low in most popularity rankings despite her significance. And really... She doesn't have any more of a noble reason to obsess over the player character than she does. Which is actually a valid and well established cause for both. So it begs the question why one is treated so differently than the other, maybe it really is all about the difference in popularity?
  2. That people still try to pretend that Garon being OBVIOUSLY and BLATANTLY evil from as soon as the prologue chapters is somehow a major revelation to either the player or the characters, is hilarious. But I already explained what this is about right? The problem is not really just Garon, but the state of mind of everyone in the game that refuses to see this. None of that about Xander is true. You set up a false precedent about "Xander being bad in Conquest" and then veer off into stupid theories about "the game wants you to know what happened the other route as well to understand it". It's false. The story of Conquest is understood by itself. In fact, there are even more examples about the theme of hate in Birthright. It might actually be the common theme of both routes. The most ridiculous claim of all however, remains the projection of victim politics into war. "Yeah but who is the victim country of the war with its moral high ground over everything, who is the evil aggressor?" Our good old "good Vs evil kingdom" stupidity that we are doomed to watching into the end of time as long as this video game series has an audience in literal children. A reminder that the same ignorance about history and war that plagued TH discussion was present since Fates. I explained what the theme of Conquest is and provided proof of it. Takumi is only one out of dozens examples such as the sparing of Rinkah, Elise's medicine, Yukimura's refusal to surrender, etc. You can't go about denying all the facts because they would betray your false preconceptions. The counter point you brought up is completely stupid and based only on your own hate for attractive characters and I won't bother with it at all. No @EltosianKadath you are confused. I already argued my point properly and when @Eclipse tried to raise a strawman that I was somehow defending Garon as a good person, she realised her mistake when I pointed out the fallacy as well as the double standard of comparing him to other evil manipulators in the series. But instead of accepting their mistake they responded with aggression. Such a shame. You keep going down that argument, but it's already been disproven for its contradictions. You still have not really managed to prove any of what I am saying wrong. All these plot points in the story I keep bringing up are still right there but your RABID hate for the game is leaving you unable to accept them. It's getting pretty ridiculous how you repeat excuses such as "it doesn't count!!!" Every time I raise another point to prove my argument. Personal insults won't work on me it should be obvious even to you by now. You keep trying to make me respond in kind but failed to get a reaction out of me, right @ArmchairGeneral? You even made a post to poke fun at me because I would be banned. Which is still up by the way, despite being a blatant attempt at trolling. A pity however because despite how I keep reporting offensive posts like yours they do not ever get removed. But hey guys, looks like you got what you wanted. You derailed a thread that was discussing a topic you do not want to accept. And the moderators that also HATE free discussion will lock this thread as well based on this excuse that you set up for them. But as they continue to refuse to remove all the rule breaking posts, it's probably for the best. It's what they wanted to do from the beginning isn't it? Unfortunately for them I didn't give them the opportunity they were fishing for by responding to their insults.
  3. Cut the chase. Why are the insults directed at me still up in this thread?
  4. Correct. Garon is a slime monster, this is fact shown in the game. It's not some revelation that he is evil. Eclipse seems to miss that part or misunderstood my point and is arguing against a strawman instead. Are you going to quote more of my posts to clarify? Go ahead. No thanks. I think I debated just fine until I was called a "manchild" and a "cunt", "troll" that my post is as good going to the toilet, and a bunch of other insults that you pretend to ignore. It's pretty funny that you haven't posted anything on the subject itt yet except complain.
  5. Oh no you probably didn't notice. I did engage them, but apparently as soon as they got offended for being proven wrong they started throwing insults around to derail the thread from reaching a conclusion they dislike and got away with it because they are mods. I was called a bunch of insults already with no repercussions to the poster. I suppose this is the kind of behaviour that is normal here. I don't think I did anything wrong. It's pretty funny how you are still pretending to be blind to a whole page of off topic insults and belittlement but immediately jumped to me. The offending posts from Integrity are still up by the way. Who are you kidding? Not sure what are you even talking about. Am I wrong for report ling someone insulting me because they are a mod? Integrity has even insulted me in a pm in the past but after I shared it with another mod they just ignored me. There must be some serious problem with the moderation here.
  6. The problem I think is that the theme of Conquest directly challenges the preconceptions that are set up in FE about the enemy being evil and the player being the hero. Or about "just" wars. So it's not just about me but the game itself. If they say "you may have a point" then they would have to deal with those questions that I bring up that the game is asking us. And they definitely don't want that. The only other video game I can think of that challenged players like this and caused similar reactions by those who are too sensitive and don't want to be challenged is Spec Ops: the Line. That game also has a massive controversy created by those who could never imagine themselves in the place of a soldier on the "evil" side. It's like saying the soldiers that fought in the 2003 Iraq war that was blatantly illegal and justified on falsified evidence were evil or stupid and should have tried to murder the Bush administration that so obviously set it all up, instead of the evil Iraqis. I think this is all a problem mostly to do with the American public and how they have been fed a narrative of good Vs evil since the last century, this thread blew up with toxicity during American hours after all.
  7. I don't think I did. Check again. Remember: people disagreeing with you does not make them bad. It's your own problem to deal with.
  8. It doesn't matter how many people share an opinion or not. This point of view has been argued based on what is shown in the game and its detractors have been shown a few times to contradict or are ignorant of what is happening in the game, such as not understanding that Garon is a slime who just does Anankos's bidding to destroy Nohr and Hoshido. So this point of view still stands as valid. And we all just saw what happens when you hold that opinion as Integrity's insults just showed to everyone. If you have to say something on topic do that instead of containing that someone is disagreeing with you.
  9. Haha wow an actual moderator and admin throwing insults because they don't like what people are discussing. After they were proven wrong about what is happening in the game as others already proved by citing in game text. And they DID derail the thread with insults as soon as they started losing the argument. Like babies that are throwing a tantrum when they don't get what they want. None of the reports for literal insults are going through of course, why would they, the mod can insult people and get away with it. No, Integrity, the thread is not a shitshow. It is YOU who is intolerant and toxic.
  10. I never tried to say Garon is an agent of "good". Why are you arguing against a strawman? Or are you saying the game is bad because he exists? Did you say the same about Gharnef, Manfroy, Jedah, Veld, the Senators, Valibar, the Slithers, and their respective games? Do they have free will? Or do they not count? Do we hate all of FE because the "manipulator" has been a staple since the first entry? That's not my point. Did you read my original post? Are you following at all? Garon is not the real cause of everything bad happening in Fates. He is not the final boss in Conquest subverting the expectations with how it is set up throughout the campaign. In Revelations he is not even fought at all, he is irrelevant.
  11. You tell me eclipse. I don't think anyone ever said about three houses: "the demonic beasts are evil". Your "Garon" is a tool of the manipulator with an extremely transparent evilness that our characters are either unable to face or refusing to acknowledge because of their disposition. This is tragic. And it is meaningful when considered with what I said earlier about the "true evil" that is holding back the world in Fates.
  12. Garon is a slime not a character. Did you miss that part eclipse?
  13. Yeah, they have been debunked, many in the last thread too. The issues people have with the execution is just that usually. So the "flaws" you mention aren't relevant at all to what I said on the OP?
  14. There's no overlooking any of the minor flaws. Most of them have been debunked as myths or misunderstood by people who didn't try hard enough to understand the game anyway. But the game still is brilliant. Not sure why those "flaws" are relevant to the topic of its theme though. Unless you mean to say this theme I am trying to decipher is what you call a flaw because you dislike it? Go on.
  15. The game is genius in its symbolism. It's a pity it flew over so many people's heads. The reason Takumi is the final boss is because the true evil is hate and Takumi represents just that. What pushed people to war in Fates was not Garon but their hate. Even when Corrin refuses to follow Garon's orders to kill the prisoners of war they literally ask to be killed themselves. They hate you so much that they prefer to die than be your prisoner. Some even commit suicide. This is why war happens in Fates. There is no such evil thing as fighting a war. Hate is the only thing that's evil. Three houses also followed up on that theme in AM and CF. Hubert's input on that was genius: "When I was a child, I feared such trivial things as divine punishment and grudges held by the dead. These days, I fear zealots and grudges held by the living instead." Continuing from the last thread, I want to hear others' opinion on this. What do you think about my interpretation?
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