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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  2. Did you watch or hear about the 2013 Super Bowl? I just can't believe that you missed that. They're brothers.
  3. If a WR got to 2000 yards than he could get Offensive Player of the Year, not MVP, but definitely OPOY.
  4. My team won! Although the Rams were very very shit, but a wins a win. Also Cordarelle Patterson is amazing and I'm so happy that Christian Ponder no longer starts for the Vikings.
  5. Favorite play? That insane almost TD by Antonio Brown vs the Dolphins (I believe), with all the laterals.
  6. It's been proven that Offense and Defense are pretty equal in terms of winning games.
  7. All Denver Fans: "CUT THE LIGHTS! CUT THE LIGHTS!"
  8. Go Seashawks, second time in the last three years that the first points have been a safety.
  9. My bad, I had meant for it to be right under but my computer took about 20 minutes to post it.
  10. I disagree, Harry basically is a celebrity in the Wizarding world, it kind of makes sense for him to have a girlfriend
  11. I wanted Harry to end up dying at the end, so wanted him to end up with nobody (and by die, I mean at the same time as Voldemort).
  12. Yeah, don't have to tell me that, the fact the Chris Carter had to wait at all became a huge news story every year around these parts (Minnesota). And if you look at the WRs, Tim Brown is still there, Harrison deserves to get in. Isaac Bruce is coming up for nomination next year and he should be a lock. Hines Ward doesn't have a great case (compared to those others I have named) But I definitely think he is borderline. With TO coming up in the same year and Randy Moss soon after that the HOF still has a problem with too many WRs. And at some point how will we judge WRs and their stats in the new pass-happy NFL, all legitimate questions.
  13. So how does everyone feel about the HOF inductees, I'm happy that Ray Guy got in, All the rest definitely deserved to get in, but I have to question Andre Reed being inducted over Marvin Harrison, but I'm okay with it because he (Reed) should have gotten in in one of the previous 8 years he was up for induction. I think the cap at 5 (modern-era) people is tough in the NFL where there are the most players per team, and we see that this year with the Bus, Marvin Harrison, Tim Brown, and others being unable to make the cut.
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