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  1. Thank you, yeah I know its on virtual console but I prefer handheld, i also love to collect game boy cartridge of things I like, I've called almost every game store nearby nobody had one, but most are unreliable and would over price it even if they had it. My favorite one didn't have it, but yeah I noticed the screw in pretty sure its fake, I might keep looking on craigslist, I haven't tried fleamarkets in awhile so I guess I'll try there, thank you for your help.
  2. The main thing is sure I could get it on VC but its only avalible for Wii u and I have no interest in getting it on there since i prefer handheld, i like to collect game boy games and would rather have the cartridge. I think I'll keep looking though, the pictures don't give enough proof, thank you all for your help
  3. I'm looking into buying fire emblem gba(2003) I've dealt with having to do research to make sure gba games I buy are not fake (pokemon) but the 2003 fire emblem is a lot more expensive, making to more annoying to think you found a good deal, I found this one without a label for $25, but I am unable to tell without the label since I check for the indented numbers, I know there is a way to tell with the screw on the back but I'm not 100 percent sure. I know I can just get a fake one for a lot cheaper but i'd rather have a real one that will also work way better.
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