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  1. Gathering some feedback on recent changes if some here want to cast their opinions: Cheers
  2. Safari? 1) Working on this right now actually, should be much more obvious for people on desktop. 2) Ah, so you are talking about the hero portrait tiles, not the card layout stuff in general. Hero index page or homepage? Regarding the FE4 crew next to PA banner, its just showing you the 8 most recent heroes. Automatic haha. 3) Which containers? I can do pretty much anything you can imagine, its just a matter of effort and priority :). I can't add any features to reddit though, markdown is about the best we can do outside of bots posting when you type !Ayra.stats. I actually think those bots are kindof annoying but maybe some people like it? I need a bit more dynamic sorting and filtering for a handful of pages. "advanced search" if you will. Thanks folks
  3. For sure, thanks @Rafiel's Aria! You are in a similar place as some others, and wanting some guidance rather than raw data makes a lot of sense. Sorry to hear about your computer. A few people have said it doesn't work on their older PC's, I need to pin down exactly how old we are talking. Awesome feedback here, thanks @eclipse! Would you prefer if the menu was fixed to the left-hand side in the open position, effectively scrolling with you on the page? Is there anything in particular for desktop that you wish was different? For example, tiles are something you point at as "mobile"ish. On mobile, you get a single column in most cases, so the tiles can't really exist outside of desktop, unless you are talking about the hero tiles. Some prefer tables to a grid of hero portraits, in case that's what you're talking about. Hardly anyone uses the forum/reddit markdown stuff, so I'm not sure how useful it really is. Seems like a timesaver to me though! Cheers
  4. Defiant skills trigger at the start of turns on the battle map, so they are not assumed to be active in the simulation. You can assign a 7 in the bonus field for the given stat to simulate the buff being active.
  5. None of the new abilities that require custom logic are implemented yet. I plan to do them this weekend. These should all be working now. Thanks! Not a bad idea. Might be easier to just use a bookmark! Search on KageroChart already goes directly to the hero page. As people continue to link KageroChart pages search rankings will improve. Gamepress/Wiki had a couple month head start and existing content to boost them up.
  6. That's actually some info from the damage simulator that needs cleaned up. You're seeing raw output without formatting, basically.
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