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  1. Try turning spotpass off and on . It happened to me and that helped ,seems spotpass is a tad glitchy .
  2. Well that did the trick . Thanks, It's kinda obvious if you think about it .
  3. I turn on my 3DS , got an alert that a new map and team are available . Go to update and nothing downloads . Try again and unbelievable an alert pops up telling me new stuff is available and that I should go into the wireless menu an update . Yeah ,that's right clicking the update button only resulted in a message telling me that I should click on the update button . My wireless is working fine, the dlc menu updated just fine . The spotpass just refuses to update. This happening to anyone else ?
  4. I'm playing Fallout 3 , Radiant Dawn, Psychonauts ,the Witcher, and Torchlight 2 currently .
  5. I bought Killing Floor and Fallout: New Vegas ultimate edition . I'm thinking about picking up Dead Island too but I've heard its disappointing . So I think I'll probably pass on that one.
  6. Steam is having a Halloween sale you can get triple A titles like Deadspace 2 for REAL cheap. It seems like valve has been looking for any excuse to put on a sale . Its awesome, if your a PC gamer you have to check out the sweet deals.
  7. Yes , outside of Bridgette, and Ethlin the girls will inherit what ever items that they can equip from their mother's inventory and vice versa the boys will inherit anything that they can equip from their father's inventory . In Bridgette's and Ethlin's case ,however, they're sons will inherit their equipment and their daughters will inherit their father's equipment. Ex. Ethlin is holding a light sword before the end of 1st generation in the 2nd generation leaf comes with the light sword . Also it's important to keep weapon rank in mind children can only inherit equipment they can equip .
  8. 5.5 /10 His kind of nice if you didn't promoted cliff into a Mage . Regardless of whether or not Cliff is a Mage ; Ryouto is still a decent unit , with acess to excalibur right off the bat . His growths and bases ; however, are mediocre . He's not dead weight but his also nothing to write home about . He's just okay .
  9. No its fake , I've heard its actually just some-type of modified windows media player that plays movie files with a .3ds file extension.
  10. Looks like you've got a nasty piece of malware . First things first DO NOT give permission to any program that isn't an anti virus you paid for or installed claming to be an anti virus . Second shut down your computer and boot it into safe mode with networking and download a malware scanner and remover like malwarebytes or tsddkiller . Let the program install and update it's database then allow the program to scan and fix any issues . Once the program has removed the malware , download cc cleaner and use it to clear all your computer's temporary Internet files and fix any proplems in your computer's registry . Now if you restart your computer it should be clean and no longer infected . In the future practice safer Internet habits by browsing the web with a no script plugin on your favorite browser of choice to decrease the chance of infection , and using the (WOT) plug in on firefox to stay away from sites with poor reputations .
  11. Yeah what are talking about eclipse ?
  12. I recently bought a sega genesis and a box of games from cousin , inside was a copy of shining force . A few years ago I played the gba version and really enjoyed it . I don't have a copy anymore . So I was thinking about giving the genesis version a shot . Are there any major differences between the two versions of the game ?
  13. How it NSFW ? The comments are pretty hillarous though ...
  14. In this documentary by by Norwegian comedian Harald Eia ; Eia reaches a very different conclusion then what most of you have on the role of biology in gender roles . I'd like to hear I everyone's opinion on it . Also on the subject of inequality manwomenmyth has posted a few documentaries on the subject of Misandry in current western society..
  15. Catria has fantastic growths , and bases . She has great move and can perform a triangle attack with her sisters . A borderline flawless unit , certainly one of the best in gaiden . 10/10
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