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  1. I like to don the grey, paint my face, and roam the township. What's Halloween without some genuine terror?
  2. I tried for a second but Clarine and Saul started slapping my shit around. yeah I've been using Alan and Lance, purty good. ALSO I've been using lot as a filler because I feel that fighters are underrated. HE SUCKS EVEN AT LEVEL 12. AND I FED HIM A BUNCH OF STAT BOOSTERS. UGH. I actually liked Wolt for a second before I got sue. I HAVE CONCLUDED THAT RUTGER AND DIECK ARE THE BEST.
  3. hero!garcia and berzerker!ross 4lyfe hey bb gril <3
  4. its been a while. i just finished replaying fe7 and i learned something new. Erk sux dek. WELL now I'm going to play FE6 for the first time. Who should I use?
  5. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  6. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

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