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What if some of the DLC characters were in the base game?


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Let’s say Smash Ultimate got another year to cook and some of the DLC characters were in the base game…but then you got to choose brand new characters to fill the slot left behind. Which existing DLC characters would you move to the base game and which characters would you pick to fill the now-empty slots? For me:

Base game

  • 70. Piranha Plant
  • 71-72. Pyra / Mythra
  • 73. Byleth
  • 74. Min Min
  • 75. Banjo & Kazooie



Vol. 1

  • 76. Joker
  • 77. Hero
  • 78. Crash Bandicoot
  • 79. Estelle Bright
  • 80. Terry
  • 81. Steve

Vol. 2

  • 82. Chun-Li
  • 83. Dr  Eggman
  • 84. Sephiroth
  • 85. Ring Fit Trainee
  • 86. Kazuya
  • 87. Sora


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That DLC pick in the list is feels like way too much 3rd Party characters and not enough first party characters that Sakurai wouldn't add that much for DLC wise because some people wanted to see some 1st Party added to the DLC like in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U had and they might get sick of seeing 3rd Party only line up. I know that Vol. 1 in the actual release has too much 3rd party characters since Byleth is the only Nintendo character in Vol. 1 while Vol. 2 got more Nintendo characters added in to justify the amount of 3rd Party Reps. For this topic: I feel like the first five transferred into the base game should be like half of 3rd party characters while the Vol. 2 DLC has about couple of new 1st party Nintendo characters like say add Alear from Fire Emblem Engage and Noah from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 who debut in 2023 should get added to the game as DLC to give more year on adding an another year. I would also add a new SNK Fighter Franchise Rep like say who isn't included from the Song Tracks, Stage Cameo, nor Spirits to give to make Terry Bogard no longer the only 3rd Party Fighter without a 2nd Different Franchise from the same company. (I would say maybe add Kaede from The Last Blade, Simea from Crystalis, Hanzo from World Heroes, etc.) And add a new Retro Fighter in Ultimate since Ultimate didn't have a newcomer from a Retro NES game like Ice Climbers, Pit, R.O.B., Duck Hunt, etc.

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