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ARCHER! Lunatic+ Run! Kids or NAH???


Should I use kids for my ARCHER! Lunatic+ Run?  

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  1. 1. Should I Use Kids?

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    • NAH

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So, the possible Archers among Gen I units are Virion (by default), and Chrom, Robin, Stahl, Ricken, and Tharja (by reclass). Among the Robinsexuals, there's Anna and Yenfay (again, by reclassing). If you count potential Bow Knights (via Mercenary), then add Gregor (by promotion), Cordelia, Donnel, Flavia, and Priam (by reclassing). And the pool expands further, if classes like Warrior and Assassin are counted.

As for the Kids: Noire, Lucina, and Morgan will have Archer access, no matter what. Up to 4 other kids can get Archer, too, depending on your pairing choices. I.e. Chrom!Brady, M-Robin!Yarne, Stahl!Severa, and Ricken!Nah.

So it's up to you, which way you want to play it. Using Kids opens up more options, but it'll also lead to a lengthier playthrough.

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