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Any Myyrh Hacks?

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So I'm looking to play through Sacred Stones again in the near future and I just wondered if there were any simple hacks available that made dragonstones available to buy.  I like using manakete charracters but the whole single limited use weapon thing that earlier fe does annoys me.  

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I doubt there are any that do just this specifically, but it's super easy to do in FEBuilder yourself.

In fact I can just put the instructions here if you go and download FEBuilder first.

  1. Open Sacred Stones ROM in FEBuilder
  2. Click Advanced Editors
  3. Click Shops/Armories (use the search bar if you have trouble finding it)
  4. Pick a shop. Preparations Shop is easiest and should be automatically selected.
  5. Click "Data Expansion" at the bottom. In that menu, change the value in "Total number of new data to allocate" to 9, then select reallocate data and repoint.
  6. There should be a new Iron Sword entry at the end of the list now. Select it, then click "Item" at the right to bring up the list of items and navigate down to where Dragonstone is (AA). Double click it.
  7. Write to ROM.
  8. Save and play. Dragonstones should now be available in the preparations menu armory, though without price editing they will be free. You can edit the price per use, amount of uses, etc. in the item menu if you want to.


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