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What if World of Light was a roguelike?


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Nickelodeon All-Star 2 has a brand-new campaign mode that acts as a roguelike, so it made me think "what if World of Light was like this?" I made an entire Google Document fleshing out this idea but here's the TL;DR version:

  • Gameplay: You travel along branching paths through dimensional rifts lifted straight from the Kirby series and each level has a fighter to save. The levels can either be swarms of enemies, action stages or target tests
  • Spirits: Before you can travel to a level, you have to fight one of three random Spirits and beating them opens a rift in the spot the Spirit was at
  • Bosses: The bosses are mostly the same as in canon, but I also added Mega Rayquaza and Magician Type-0 as bosses
  • Endings: While you can choose your ending, to get the best ending you have to rescue every single fighter, which requires a minimum of five runs assuming you take a single path (for example, if you only went down the middle path) and follow it to the end

Essentially, when I was turning WoL into a roguelike, my primary focus was making something akin to a mix of Melee's Adventure Mode and Smash 3DS's Classic Mode and Smash Run.

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