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What if SSBU’s Classic Mode was more like SFV’s arcade paths?


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As much as I adore SSBU’s Classic Mode, I’ll admire that every route being six fights and a boss kind of restricts is potential. So what if it was more like Street Fighter V’s arcade paths, where you go through a different number of fights depending on the path chosen? I made a while Google Doc about it but here’s an example:

Jigglypuff: All Original, All 64

  • Stage 1: Link
  • Stage 2: Yoshi x18
  • Stage 3: Fox

Bonus Game 1

  • Stage 4: Mario and Luigi (team battle w/Pikachu)
  • Stage 5: Pikachu
  • Stage 6: Giant Donkey Kong (team battle w/Ness and Captain Falcon)

Bonus Game 2

  • Stage 7: Kirby x12 (each with a different Copy Ability)
  • Stage 8: Samus
  • Stage 9: Jigglypuff x30

Bonus Game 3

  • Stage 10: Metal Mario
  • Final Stage: Master Hand
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