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Trade help needed with rewards

Ernivus of Celephaïs

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As a shiny and mark hunter I really want to get the mark charm in Paldea and the shiny charm in Galar but damn version exclusives don't make it easy. So I'm looking for ppl that have Violet, Shield and Shining Pearl for dex completion purposes to help me and I'm willing to help in return. I've done a far bit of leg work myself and while I still need to renew my online subscription (will do so in the next few days) I'm pretty much nearing completion so I don't need that much and a fair amount of it is going to be tradebacks. Here's what I require and offer:


Tradebacks of Iron Crown and Iron Boulder for my Gouging Fire and Raging Bolt simply to fill their dex data and two bonus tradebacks of a shiny Graveler and Seadra with Dragon Scale that I came across and I want to use in teams. Also all of my rewards for anyone helping me are in these file in the form of half a box of shinies (Fire Emblem themed) for anyone wanting them. If you need any pokémon exclusive to Scarlet I can catch it for you also, like the prehistoric paradox forms, Cranidos, alolan Vulpix, fire form Paldean Tauros...


Need Drampa, I'll give you Turtonator; Zamazenta too, I've got two Zacian in Scarlet so you can keep the sword doggo I just need the shield canine; Spritzee with Fragrant Sack or straight up an Aromatisse and I'll breed it, I can give you a Swirlix with it's evo item or a Slurpuff whatever you prefer; and finally a Lunatone for my Solrock. SwSh fossils are stupid and tedious to get and a pure RNG fest so besides them I can also get you any Sword exclusive you require but I won't evolve a Galarian Farfetch'd, I'll leave that riveting experience to you so you appreciate the silly duck knight. Are the Kanto fossils also version exclusive in the Crown Tundra? If so, those also so I can forget about version exclusives as a whole.


Glameow and Weedle for Stinky skunk and green caterpillar because BDSP exclusives are super silly and if you can throw in a Mismagius I can get you a Murkrow just to speed things up. Let's be real, BDSP is just unnecesary since it's shiny charm is broken and only works with Masuda method so consider this just a silly bonus, we can all live without a fat cat and an aggresive bee.


Besides that, anyone willing to add me on Switch for future trades or Pokémon battling is appreciated, but for now I mostly want the Scarlet and Sword trades. Anyone interested in helping me and getting a bunch of shinies in return message me so we can trade Discord info and so our pokedexes get filled before the year's over, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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