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Fire Emblem Draft Marathon!

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I come here to you all today with a desire to try something a little intense to fill some time! I'd like to participate in a draft marathon of Fire Emblem! Not the whole series mind you, the way I figured is we'd each pick a game from FE4-FE17 (Geneology to Engage) in the order of our draft and draft, then play those games and total the turns up to determine the overall turn count! I'm happy to include any alternate rules anyone ones to do if we all agree (SOYO, running CC in 8, etc!) or goofy rules (Randomizing a game, 100% growths, etc) with exceptions to 13-17 because I cannot emulate those games and thus cannot random or otherwise mod them.

Alternately to replying here you can join my discord where do draft FE and Pokemon and we can plan there!: https://discord.gg/ceKNrXy5pm


1. Cormag





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