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A couples run!


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  1. 1. =w=

    • Erika's route
    • Ephraim's route
    • Pick for yourself. ^_^

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LutexArtur is more canon than KylexLute.

I'd go with Ephraim's route. I don't know why. Maybe it's because Lute will be your only mage for a longer while and that just means you'll use her more? *shrugs*

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I'm going to leave this to the wind, as I don't really give advice on which routes to go on.

Now, I'm pretty sure that Lute's promoting to a Mage Knight, right?

lol Sage.

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Since you are doing a couple run, Kyle/Lute, shouldn't you better make Lute as Mage Knight?

Kyle is on da horse after all, it would only be fair if Lute also got one. =/

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It's only 1 move difference, that doesn't automatically mean they're never in range.

But when doing duo runs I usually find them splitting up quite a lot anyway.

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