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I want to make a hack, but which game is the easiest to hack?

Super Mecha Death Christ

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Oops, didn't see the hacking question forum. Can a mod move this please?

I know about Nightmare, and I've done some very thorough testing on FE8, but now I want to create something a little different and FE8 MIGHT not have all the abilities I need. At least I don't think so.

Is there something that'll let me hack Thracia 776 easily?

Is there a way to hack the weapon triangle (FE8)? I'm keeping the triangle, but alter the stats to make it more effective. Like increase and decrease the amount of damage, accuracy, and critical rate.

Is it possible to hack the text in Thracia 776? If not, I might completely forgo a plot. Hell, even if I'm hacking FE8, I might forgo the plot simply because I want to get the gameplay down before wasting my time on the plot.

How much flexibility do I have with altering the win conditions? If I'm hacking Thracia 776, then there's NO NEED to worry about it. With FE8, I might need to do something about it. You know the defense chapters? Is it possible to create multiple points to defend instead of just one point?

Can the map and AI be hacked in either FE8/FE5? I mean, I want to create the maps, but I also need to do something about the AI if I want these ideas to work. For example, I know for a fact that the FE5 AI knows exactly how to use Warp/Teleport staves to pester you, but what if I give these staves to the AI in FE8? Will they be able to use them intelligently?

If I'm to hack FE8, can I alter more of the staff range formula? I might want to consider making it infinite just like FE5.

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