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Serenes Forest: The Spinoff

Metal Rabbit

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After days of planning, and weeks of doing as much work as a fat, lazy, unemployed man, I'm starting to write.

This topic will be locked until all 21 chapters of the story are told. I must ask my fellow moderators to not post in it either.

You can always create a new topic elsewhere and ask questions.

This is the introduction to things:




Hi there, If you're reading this for the first time, that's awesome. If you're reading this for the second time, that's even better.

I am Arc, and I also respond to Metal Rabbit. I enjoy writing alot. I enjoy games with awesome storylines. Think of this as a bridge between the two.

This is my hybrid fanfic that I call The World End With Us. It's on the same track as the DS game The World Ends With You. It's a hybrid because it's combined with our own Serenes Forest Sitcom.

Characters, Tellius, are all similar. The timeline, and the story are NOT cannon to anything. It's like this game takes place in another world altogether.

I'm gonna do my best to make a great story. I can't beat the original. I'm still giving this my all.

So this takes place in Daein, maybe hundreds of years after the events of Radiant Dawn.


Introduction to Daein:


Daein's changed in some ways over the years. In some ways it has not.

It's advanced pretty far in terms of technology. It even surpasses Begnion in that sense. However, Daein also has the largest crime rate and population in Tellius.

The government has changed as well. There is still a royal family, but most of Daein's decisions are crafted by its assembly. The royal family is there to smile and look good.

Of course, that has nothing to do with the game. I just wanted to passively explain that you will not read about Micaiah at all. Stupid lusting fanboys...

With huge population and crime, there are alot of deaths here. There's constant chaos, overflowing of emotions and will. It's ideal for the game.


The Reaper's Game:


The Reaper's Game is the backbone of the story. In this game, the players all enter for the same reason. In order to play, they must give up what they treasure most.

Their goal is to survive for seven hellish days in Daein, and they have to defeat that week's Game Master. Winners get their entry fees back. The others do not. Not that it matters though.

Reapers were once players who couldn't, or wouldn't win the game when they played. They turned down a road of chaos and destruction. Their mission is to kill players. They're scored for it too.

The Game Master is a highly skilled veteran Reaper. They assign missions to the players, and they issue commands to reapers underneath them. Any players who make it to day 7 will face the Game Master, and whoever loses is erased.

Entry fees, Reapers, Partners... These are all intergral parts of the game and story. Forgive me if I'm being vague, but all will be known by the end of this story.

And I will obviously continue to write more. Just be patient...

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Here we go...


Day One


(3 people stand on a tower overlooking Daein)

Girl: When does the game start?

Man: Just be patient. They need to make sure everything's in order.

Girl: And they couldn't have done this sooner? They had all that time they could have used.

We weren't even supposed to have to work this week!

Other Dude: I don't really mind... this gig's all I have really.

Man: That's both sad and not the least bit suprising.

They needed to plan another game because of all the accidents happening.

Girl: Those weren't accidents.

Man: They were according to public records.

Other Dude: YAAAWWNN

*they look at him with annoyance*

Girl: You got something to say short fry?

Other Dude: They only thing more boring than waiting up here is waiting up here with you two.

I'm goin' to the RG for a bit...

*He jumps, and his wings unfold to let him glide*

Girl: Why is he even one of us? He's just Noise...

Isn't he?

Man: I always assumed he was a new breed of laguz...


Man: The game's starting.

Girl: The noise are gonna eat well today...

*they glide off the building too*


(Daein Castle Square)

Kid: Ugh... where am I? Castle Square?

*he looks around and sees the same overcrowded area*

Kid: Excuse me!

*he's ignored*

Hey! I just wanna know what time it is!


Kid: Oww! The hell?

*he's got a timer and a message on his hand*

"Reach the Caulder Building. You have 60 minutes, or face erasure."

The Caluder Building? That's easy. It's right over here!

*he tries to go out of the square, but a barrier prevents him from leaving*

Kid: Dammit...

*he hears screaming behind him*

*He turns and sees other people being attacked by re-animated corpses*

Kid: !

I-I don't wanna die here!

*he runs from the zombies*


(Dirt Street)

Kid: *pant*

Crap! They're still after me!

Strange Dude: Well duh! You haven't formed a pact yet you idiot.

Kid: You can see me?

Strange Dude: I'm a player too. Course I can see you.

Listen up! If either of us are gonna get through this, we need to pact now!

Kid: What?

Strange Dude: Just trust me! I won't let ya down.

Kid: ...

Strange Dude: Take my hand before we're noise food!

Kid: Alright!

*they glow as they form a pact*

Strange Dude: Now let's take it to 'em!

*he runs up and starts waving his arms around, creating shockwaves*

Strange Dude: C'mon!

Kid: I can't fight though!

Strange Dude: Try these out and see which ones you can use!

*he tosses him a few pins*

Kid: Pins? You're freaking kidding right?

Strange Dude: Nope.

Kid: *holds out a red one*

It's not working!

Strange Dude: *struggles with Zombie Noise*

Well try another!

Kid: ...

*takes out another and starts waving his arms around like an idiot*


*just then he picked up a street lamp and threw it at the noise*

Strange Dude: Psychokinesis? Awesome.

*finishes Noise with a slash*


Strange Dude: Close one...

Hey, the name's Hika.

Kid: I'm Tashi.

Say, what were those zombies?

Hika: They're called Noise. They're like monsters here in the UG.

Tashi: UG?

Hika: I forgot... you've never played before.

I'll answer all of your questions after we finish the mission.


(Castle Square)

Hika: C'mon!

Hooded Man: ...

Objective met. Wall cleared.

*he leaves and the barrier falls*

Tashi: How...

Hika: Hurry up man!

*they reach the entrance of the Caulder Building and the timer on their hands fade*

Hika: Ha...

Tashi: You said you could answer my questions?

Hika: Sure can.

*someone glides down next to the pair*

Man: You know, for a player you seem to know alot about the game.

Do I suspect a spy?



Day One: Noise


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Day Two


(Inner Ghetto)

Tashi: ...

Is it the next day?

*he realises he's in the most ghetto area of the Nevassa Slums*

Tashi: I haven't been down this far before.

Where is he?

Hika: *yawn*

Good morning partner...

Tashi: ...

Hika: Did we get a mission yet?

Tashi: Who the hell are you?

Hika: I'm Hika... your partner.

Tashi: You know what I mean!

Hika: Fair enough. I spend my spare time stealing women's clothes off of lines.

I have an uncontrollable Dragon fetish. My mom was only 17 when she had me...

Tashi: What the hell are you talking about!?

Hika: What are you talking about?

Tashi: Remember yesterday?!



Man: You know, for a player you seem to know alot about the game.

Do I suspect a spy?

Hika: What?!

Tashi: Spy?

Man: Think about it. He knew alot more about the game than you do from the beggining.

Hika: That's BULL-

Tashi: Why DO you know more about the game?

Hika: You're kidding me! You believe that reaper bastard?

Man: Hah, I think it's time I let the noise play around with you.

*he summons more zombies*

Girl: Hanz, let them go. There's always tommorow.

Hanz: ...You two are lucky. I'll give you that.

Girl: Let's meet up with MR.

*she leaves*

Hanz: Wait for me Fox!




Hika: Oh yeah... forgot about that.

Tashi: How do you know so much about the game?

Hika: That reaper was BSing you. Trying to put us out of sync.

I'm not a spy.

Tashi: You still haven't answered my question.

Hika: Fine...

I know so much because this is my second time playing the game.

Tashi: Huh?

Hika: When you last all seven days and erase the Game Master, you win.

You get your initial entry fee back, and then the player with the highest score wins big.

Tashi: What do they win?

Hika: It's why everyone here plays. To get another shot at life.

Tashi: *looks astonished*

Hika: Dear goddess, you didn't know that we're all dead?

Tashi: I can't remember anything but my name...

I'm... dead?

Hika: Yep. Me too.

Tashi: But you won the game! Why aren't you alive?

Hika: See, here's the kicker: Even if more than one person wins the game, only one comes back to life.

My last partner won. She went back.

Tashi: Then what happened to you?

Hika: They gave me the option to re-enter the game for another shot at life.

Tashi: Damn...


Hika: And that would be the sound of the next mission.

*looks at his palm*

"Erase the the soul-eaters of the ghetto. You have 240 minutes."

Tashi: Oww!

Hika: Soul-eaters?

Tashi: Don't they just mean Noise?

Hika: I'd think so, but I've never heard of anyone calling them that before.

Tashi: Well, you've only been playing for 9 days.

Hika: So? Let me tell you Tashi: Alot can happen to a person in a week.

Tashi: Alright, so we just gotta clear the noise?

Hika: There's some now!

*mauthe-dogs are roaming the streets, followed by bonewalkers*

*Hika runs up and slashes them with shockwaves*

Tashi: Okay!

*he tries picking up things and fails*

Tashi: Why won't it work!?

Hika: Psychokinesis in only good when there are obstacles. Otherwise you're screwed.

*a mauthe-dog slashes at Tashi*

Tashi: >_<


*A bone walker hits Hika into a wall*

Hika: Damn, these guys hit hard...


Tashi! Use these!

Tashi: The rubble!

*he picks up the rubble and flings it at the skeletons*

*A minute later and the noise was all gone from the area*

Tashi: Yeah!

Hika: Hold up...

The timer's still going.

Tashi: What the hell? That's all the noise here...

Hika: ...What's that there?

*points to an old man*

Old Man: Damn, good for nothing assembly shutting me down. It was ONE rat!

Tashi: There's a noise!

*there's unformed noise circling the man*

Hika: Call it.

*the noise forms into a tiger*

Tashi: It looks like a Feral One...

*it attacks*

*Hika continues with his slashing, Tashi keeps floating objects at the noise*

Tashi: The rubble's gone!

Hika: Yeah, when you hit a Noise enough times with the same object, it breaks and you can't use it.

Kinda like weapons in the RG.

Tashi: Why can't we use weapons instead?

Hika: You're gonna have to take it up with the narrator.

*the tiger fades*

Old Man: Huh? What am I doing here? Musta walked too far.

I'll just leave this forsaken ghetto and find a new venture.


Tashi: ...

*the timer fades*

Hika: We did it.

Tashi: Hey, you noticed how he acted differently after the noise was gone?

Hika: There are a bunch of different types of them. Some are just there, your generic enemies.

Some like to possess people in the RG. Not all Noise are alike.

Course, the Noise who possess people eat away at their souls. They made that man like that.

They get a kick out of people's negative emotions. It's like crack to them.

Tashi: If you knew all this, then why'd you play dumb earlier?

Hika: I wanted you to figure it out for yourself.

Hanz: How touching. You actually care for your partner.

Tashi: You're that jackass reaper from yesterday!

How dare you try to trick us!

Hanz: Not "us". Just you.

Tashi: What gives you the right to do this anyway?

Hika: It's his job to erase players.

Hanz: That's right.

Tashi: Let's go right now!

Hanz: Ha! You wanna take me on?

Tashi: Did I stutter?!

Hika: Leave it Tashi. We can't fight him anyway.

Hanz: Reapers are forbidden from directly attacking Players unless there's special circumstances.

It's why we summon noise to fight. But if you really want to fight me, you'll have to wait till Day 7.

Hika: So you're this week's Game Master...

Hanz: What's weird though is that Day One didn't have a GM. The mission was sent by the Conductor himself.

And I was made GM just this morning.

Tashi: We'll be there!

Hanz: Heh...

Even if you manage to survive the week, you can't beat me.

Hika: When Players become Reapers, they become unbelievably stronger.

Hanz: I believe you know that personally?

*Hika turns and looks away*

Hanz: Thought so.

I need to go, later noobs.



Day Two: Souless and Less of a Person


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Day Three


???: Yo! You awake yet?

*another dude wakes up*

???: Finally. You're not really interested in winning the game, are ya Night?

Night: Piss off Def.

Def: The mission should be here any time now...

Night: Why bother? Someone else will take care of it for us.

Def: Fine. You can get erased. I'll come back to life you selfish bastard.


Def: There's the timer. Mission says:

"Snatch the golden pin from the Reaper. No time limit."

Def: Ow...

C'mon, let's go!

Night: That's not much to give us to go on.

How many Reapers are there?

Def: We have all day to find him.


(Castle Square)

Def: There are a bunch of them here!

Night: Hey Reapers! You have the pin?

Reaper: Nope.

Night: You?

Reaper: Maybe... but you gotta go get me a soda first.

Def: Noone can see us though...

Laguz Reaper: They can in certain places. If you see a shop marked with a skull and crossbones, you can enter it like a person in the RG.

Def: Cool. Let's go Nightmare!

Reaper: Nightmare? What are you, emo?

Nightmare: When I become all powerful, I'm gonna kill you first.


Reaper: What an ugly son of a bitch...

He really IS a nightmare.



*Def pays for a soda*

Nightmare: Yo, give me some gold...

Def: What for?

Nightmare: I think I just broke a mirror...

Def: Your friggn kidding me!


(Castle Square)

Def: Here ya go.


Reaper: Thnx.

*he leaves*

Def: Hey! What about the pin?

Reaper: I said I might have it. I don't.

Now you and ape face get lost.


Nightmare: I hate this...

Def: You also sunk all our gold. Way to go.

Nightmare: I actually used to be pretty handsome.

They made it my entry fee.

Def: How can beauty be an entry fee?

???: Your entry fee is what matters the most to you.

That guys musta been a hell of a narcisist.

Nightmare: I do my best.

???: W'ever.

*leaves, and they see a golden pin on him*

Def: There it is!

*the Reaper goes towards the arena*

*they try to follow them, but a barrier stops them*

Nightmare: Not again...

Reaper: Wanna clear this wall? Go get me a soda.

Def: We just got you one!

Reaper: I want another. Deal with it.

*the wall disappears*

Nightmare: That was odd...

Reaper: Dammit.

Nightmare: So you weren't the reaper in charge of the wall?

Reaper: Nope. Some other players must have cleared it.

Def: Let's go!


(Monument Passage)

Nightmare: This is the area where all the statues of past Kings and Queens are.

Def: Shush.

*they listen*

Fox: You listening Metal?

MR: Barely.

Fox: You go that way and I'll go this way.

*they exchange pins*

MR: So this one's the real one, right?

Fox: Yeah. Go before someone sees us.

MR: Kayz.

*he walks torward the Old Arena*

Nightmare: I don't like this.

This smells funny.

Def: Funny like your face... now c'mon.

Nightmare: You're a bastard!


(Ghost Arena)

MR: *sigh*

Damn this is boring...

Def: Hey Reaper! Hand over the pin!

MR: *looks up*

Ha... things got interesting.

Why should I do that?

Def: Because we said so!

MR: Fine. I'll do it but you gotta do me a favor first.

Nightmare: Which is?

MR: Erase this noise I was gonna make.

Thing is though... you can't run away.

Think before you agree to it.

Nightmare: No thanks...

Def: We'll do it!

Dude! We need to complete these missions and there aren't any other leads!

Nightmare: I question your rationality...

*Metal Rabbit puts up a barrier around the exit*

MR: Here ya go!

*he summons a Red Dragon*

Dragon Noise: RROAAR!

MR: Have fun...

*the dragon swipes at them, the duck in time*

Nightmare: Take this!

*he shakes the earth, immobilizing the Noise*

Cook it!

Def: *he holds up a red pin and flames rise from under the noise*

Pyrokinesis is awesome...

*The dragon uses a long range breath attack*

Nightmare: Dammit... That took half our HP.

Def: You mean yours...

MR: No, he's right. When you pact with someone, you share HP with them.

So one can dodge all the attacks he wants, but if his partner keeps getting mauled, they'll both lose.

You can only live 3 minutes at the most if your partner's erased. Then you'll join them...

Nightmare: This is all your fault!

Def: Shut up! If we keep hitting it with attacks it'll be too stunned to move!

MR: This is fun...

*eats popcorn*

*The dragon slashes at the pair*

Def: Nightmare... it was good fighting with you...

Nightmare: Def... You're a douchebag.

*just then their timers disappear*

Def: Huh?

MR: Damn, right before the good part too...

Someone else cleared the mission.

Nightmare: But then...

You tricked us!

MR: It's my job. But I have to say it was entertaining watching you almost get killed...

Def: What about the Noise?

MR: *sigh*

*he warps up to it and delivers a flurry of jabs, and finishes with an uppercut*

*the noise got erased*

Def: Why'd you do that?

MR: Like it matters. Noise are merely tools. They aren't pets.

They can't feel pain. All they do is eat.



Day Three: Dark Minds Think Alike


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Day Four


(Top of Daein Tower)

MR: You ruined my fun yesterday Fox...

I was about to pull off an awesome trap.

Fox: They got me from behind, and if you say "That's what she said", then I will end you.

MR: Damn, you're in my head...

Hanz: Got my coffee?

*Fox gives*

Hanz: Alot of players were erased so far. We're down to about 6 pairs.

Fox: I really hope we can finish them off today...

MR: Because of the Parade?

Fox: N-no, I just don't feel like working the rest of the week.

If we erase them all now, we won't have to come in...

*she leaves*

Hanz: I don't care... I really wanna fight that smart little bugger.

Teach him to badmouth me...

MR: You mean the same guys that got the best of Fox?

Hanz: You got it...

I'll think of something to keep them alive, but still put them in danger.

After all, it's not my thing to give anyone special treatment.

MR: It seems to me that you are just by wanting to isolate them and erase them with your hands.

Hanz: I didn't ask you. I gotta go plan stuff.


MR: My master's expecting me...


(Reaper HQ)

*a man behind a desk is talking to someone on the phone*

*the desk he's sitting at says conductor*

Conductor: You're kidding me... we have to do it next week too?


I know, it just aggrevates everyone when they have to work all the time.

Couldn't we just up the player count?


Well, the only consequence would be overflow if they survive.


Alright, later...

*hangs up*

Female Reaper: Conductor?

*he spins around and you can see that it's Vincent*

Vincent: Yes NT?

NTG: The Game Master wanted me to run this by you before putting it in motion...

*He reads*

Vincent: Clever. It's got Hanz written all over it.

NTG: Sir, why was Hanz made Game Master this week... you said I could...

Vincent: It was the Composer's decision.

NTG: Of course...

Well I'll contact Hanz...


(Castle Square)

Hika: Yawn...

Huh? He's still asleep? He's beat me up for the past 2 days...


Tashi: Huh...?

Hika: Wake the hell up.

Mission's coming any minute.

Tashi: How do you know?

Hika: Because it always comes right after your partner wakes up.

Tashi: Oh yeah...


Tashi: Ow... why do timers hurt us?

Hika: I've gotten used to it.

Today's mission is "Light the city on fire. No time limit."

Tashi: Huh?

Hika: Yeah, this one's weird...

*all around them there's construction for the parade later*

Tashi: Well let's look for clues.

Worker: *sigh*

I keep telling him its not gonna work!

Tashi: There's noise possessing him.

*he calls it out, and it turns into a wolf*

Tashi: Wrong day doggy!

*he picks up a huge piece of plywood and kicks that Noise's ass*


Hika: Ha, I didn't even do anything.

Worker: Of course! I'll just blackmail him...

*walks away*

Tashi: I wonder if we did the right thing...

Too late now anyway.

Hika: Hey, maybe its time to teach you about imprinting!

Tashi: What's that?

Hika: It's easy, all you need is a meme, a phrase in other words, and you can put it in other people's minds using your player pin.

For instance...

Tashi: Oww!

Hika: I imprinted something on you.

Tashi: Fat cats are fat...

How is that helpful?

*They get the meme "Fat cats are fat"*

Hika: It's just an example. It works on people in the RG too.

Tashi: I've been meaning to ask you about that. What's RG and UG?

Hika: The UG is the underground. It's where we are right now. It's like a different world compare to the RG, or the Real Ground.

*gestures to all around them*

Tashi: I think I get it...

Hika: Try imprinting on someone.

Worker: What am I gonna do to blackmail him though?

Tashi: ...


Worker: Fat cats are fat?

Of course! He's alergic to cats!

Tashi: ...

Hika: Messing with people is fun.

Foreman: I need to find something... what was it?

Tashi: ...


Foreman: Fat cats are fat?

That doesn't make any sense...

Hika: Not every meme is appropriate for all situations.

Tashi: Thanks...

Foreman: We need some kind of oil to light the torches around the city.

Damn. Can't remember.

Hika: Let's go elsewhere and see what we can find.


(Caulder Building)

Tashi: What's here?

Hika: Listen.

Techie: Where's that worker? I have the kerosene he ordered.

*they get the meme "Kerosene"*

Tashi: This is the stuff that foreman needs!

Hika: Then let's not waste time. Head back.


(Castle Square)

Tashi: There he is.


It's not working!

Hika: He's got noise around him...

Foreman: What the *achoo* hell was he thinking?

I hate cats! *achoo*

Hika: I'll handle this one since you did the last one solo.

*he fights another wolf*



MR: Hey! You home?

???: I wasn't expecting you so soon. I'd have tidied up.

MR: How are ya Arc?

Arc: Been better... I've actually been really swamped lately.

MR: Me too, but I guess you don't go out and erase people.

Arc: Nope. Listen MR,

It's always nice to have a chat with my favorite reaper but I really need to work...

MR: Say no more. I'm gone.

*flies out window*


(Castle Square)

Tashi: Now.


Foreman: Kerosene? That's it!

If we leave a trail of Kerosene that connects to all the torches, we can light the whole city in a matter of seconds!


Hika: All that's left now is to wait I guess.

(Later, near dusk)

Counciler: People of Daein! With this swish of a candle, the parade shall start!

*he signals to a teenage boy to light it*

Dude: Sir, it's not lighting...

Fox: C'mon, you can do it...

Counciler: Let me try... move CG.


Hika: Isn't that the reaper we outsmarted yesterday?

Tashi: I think so.

Fox: C'mon...

Tashi: What's she doing?

MR: He's not gonna be able to light it...

Tashi: A reaper? What do you want?

MR: There's a noise in that candle that's stopping it from lighting.

Tashi: Let's move!

*Just then CG succeeds*

Tashi: Huh?

*the mission disappears*

Night: Finally, that took some figuring out...

Def: At least the mission's over. Sit back and enjoy the parade.

Fox: ...

*she leaves*

MR: She's concerned about that RG guy... I know just who to talk to about to find that out.


Tashi: ...?



Day Four: Daein


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Day Five


(Reaper HQ)

Vincent: ...

*he's on the phone again*

I'm very sorry to hear that.


Were... were you going to plan something different for the next week?


Well I think the rules shouldn't just be bent... and I'm sure the higher plane would agree with me on that point.



NTG: Is this a good time sir?

Vincent: What is it NT?

NTG: The current project is going exactly as we planned.

Vincent: Good...

NTG: Is there something the matter sir?

Vincent: It seems a relative of the Composer passed away.

NTG: Will they be playing the game?

Vincent: We won't know until 2 days from now.

You were mentioning the project?

NTG: Yes, he will certainly survive until Day 7.

Hanz may be a good reaper but he's predictable...

A foolish choice for a GM...

Vincent: It was the Composer's choice. Would you be prepared to say those words to his face?

NTG: N-no sir. I spoke out of turn...

Vincent: Yes you did, and now you may leave...


(Great Bazzar)

Tashi: You up yet?

Hika: Yah.

Tashi: I was wondering...

How come we still won the mission?

Hika: Didn't I tell you? It doesn't matter which players clear it.

When someone wins, everyone wins. Lucky they did too, or else we'd be erased.

Tashi: Hm.

I've been to this bazzar before. Got my watch stolen...


Hika: And that would be the mission...

It says "Reach the cemetary behind the First Church of Daein, you have 90 minutes."

Tashi: Ow!

Hika: Stop complaining and get a move on! That's pretty far away from this place.



MR: Yo Arc!

Arc: *he's on the phone too*

Uh huh... well sorry about that man. I know she meant alot to you...

MR: *ahem*

Arc: I'll get back to you.

*hangs up*

Can you be any ruder?

MR: I'm sure I can...

Arc: Of course...

*rolls eyes*

MR: I wanted to know something about Fox.

Arc: The Reaper girl you work with?

What do you want to know exactly?

MR: I wanna know if she has any living relatives.

Arc: I'd have to look it up. Shouldn't you be erasing players anyway?

MR: Fine...

But tell me when you've got the info.


Arc: Will do...

*waves very lazily*


(Castle Square)

Tashi: Where's the church exactly?

Hika: Not a follower of the goddess?

Tashi: ...not really.

Hika: Well it's over past the Caulder Building.

*they leave*

Def: C'mon! We can so beat them there...

Night: You heard them, they'll take care of it for us.

Def: Lazy bastard...


Night: What the hell?

*looks at hand*

It has a new mission for us... "Reach the Nevassa Gates. You have 20 minutes."

Def: Something's not right here...

But what else can we do?

Night: We can wait for those two losers to finish it for us...

Besides, this is obviously a trap to erase us.

Def: Why do you say that?

Night: Because if everyone has the same mission, then why aren't those two lackys coming back this way?

The two missions involve opposite ends of the city.

Def: If you're right and they do clear the mission, then great.

But if they get erased or they have the wrong mission then we're screwed if we just sit here.

We need to do this for ourselves.

Night: ...fine...

Def: Trust me.


(Caluder Building)

Hika: It's down that way...

Tashi: ...

*walks right into a barrier*

Reaper: ...Wanna get past this wall?

Then play my game.

Tashi: ...okay?

Reaper: Like a bolt from the blue! It's time for Reaper Review!

These three questions are about thing's you've learned so far!

Get them all right or else you can't pass.

Tashi: We can do this.

Reaper: Question 1!

What's the name of the fiery, red headed reaper gal?

Hika: Fox.

Reaper: Okay. Question 2!

What are Fox's favorite pins?

Tashi: I don't know that!!!

Hika: She uses Force Rounds and Barrier class pins.

Tashi: How do you know that?

Hika: Because it's multiple choice you idiot...

Tashi: Oh...

Reaper: Uh-huh... Question 3!

What is Fox's phone number?

Hika: Ok, now you're just being rediculous...

Tashi: Stalker...

Reaper: Hey! I resent that accusation!

Fox: Hey stalker! Let 'em through.

Reaper: Why?

Fox: I said so, that's why.

Reaper: Fine...

*the wall goes down*

Tashi: Why did you help us?

Fox: I didn't.

*releases a noise on them*


(Nevassa Gates)

Def: *pant*

Made it!

Night: Wait! The timer's not going away!

Def: What? It was a trap!

Night: I told you so...

???: It's not a complete loss...

*a female reaper clothed in blood red clothes shows up*

You can still be erased...

*she summons noise*

Night: Dammit...

Dude: Objection!

???: Huh?

*she turns around*

Dude: Sorry, I always wanted to do that...

Anyway, you can't do that NT.

NTG: And who the hell are you?

Dude: Why does it matter? You're not allowed to assign another mission.

It's one per day, and only the Game Master can do it. What you're doing is in violation of the rules.

NTG: How do you know so much about us? You don't have wings so I can only assume you're a player...

Dude: Go piss off.

*she gets mad*


NTG: Hello?

Yes sir?


Right away...

You're all lucky I don't have the time to erase you. I have errands for the composer.

*she leaves*

Dude: You two should get moving on the real mission. You've only got about 28 minutes.


Def: Let's go...

Night: But I hate running...


(Caulder Building)

Tashi: Ha... that... was... hard.

Hika: You're all red in the face. Ha.

Fox: You're not bad. You took down that noise.

I guess you can pass now...

*she leaves*

Hika: Only 15 minutes!



*Timer disappears*

Tashi: Great... we did it!

Hika: *sigh*

It's been fun so far...

Tashi: You say something?

Hika: Nope. Hey Tashi, promise me something.

Tashi: What's that?

Hika: You need to win this game.


(Caulder Building)

Dude: Mission's over. Guess he's gonna make it for two weeks in a row.

Haven't had that in a long while.

Hanz: Hey.

Dude: ?

Oh you're the Game Master.

Hanz: And who are you? I don't see wings nor a players pin.

Dude: I'm what you would call an independent reaper.

I do more behind the scenes stuff than field work.

Hanz: Then what are you doing out here?

Dude: I'm meeting a friend.

Hanz: Whatever... carry on.

I think...


Dude: Hanz Foaly, harrier reaper 1st class.

Favorite psyche is lightning flash...

It's weird to have all that stuff memorized but I have nothing better to do all day.

MR: You need to get a life man.

Arc: Hey MR. I got that info you wanted.

But you gotta answer my question first.

MR: That's not part of the deal!

And besides! I didn't study!

Arc: Answer me this: Why do you want this info?


(Nevassa Gate)

Hanz: I should start planning for tommorow.


*he's knocked unconcious*



Day Five: Trust Your Partner


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Day Six


(Old Arena)

Tashi: Where...

The abandoned arena?

Hika: It's freaking night time...

Tashi: Hika, what did you mean yesterday?

Hika: Huh?



Hika: Nope. Hey Tashi, promise me something.

Tashi: What's that?

Hika: You need to win this game.



Tashi: What did you mean by it?

Hika: I want you to win the game. Simple.

Tashi: But you've played through it twice, don't you want to live again?

Hika: There's always other alternatives you know...

???: Ugh...

Tashi: There's other players over there...

*they get up and come over*

Def: Yo. I'm Def and that's Night.

Night: 'Sup?

You're the two who're clearing the missions for us right?

Def: Ignore the ape face.

I was thinking if we worked together, we'd all win.

Hika: Sure, but did you know only one player comes back to life?

Def: What!?

Night: Are you serious?

Hika: The game puts players up against Noise, Reapers, other players and... their partners too.

Def: That's harsh...

Hika: You'll need to take it up with the composer if you don't like it. It's his rule.

Tashi: That's another thing... what is the composer, and the conductor?

Hika: Alright.

The Composer is the big boss behind the Reaper's game. They control all aspects of it.

He has two subordinates, the Conductor who is in charge of the Reapers, and the-

*is cut off*

Def: Hey! It's her!

NTG: Attn players!

Night: That skank tried to trap us yesterday...

NTG: I have a message from the GM.

The mission today's a little different.

You see this display on the wall?

Tashi: What about it?

NTG: It goes down whenever a player's erased.

It needs to go down to 2 in order for the wall out to disappear.

You can have all the time you require.

Whoever reaches the Monument Path will win the mission.

Tashi: ...It says there are 4 right now.

NTG: Right. It needs to be 2 for it to vanish.


*she leaves*

Def: So... where does this leave us?

Hika: Ha... isn't it obvious? They want us to erase the other team.

Tashi: What?

Def: You're kidding me!

Hika: It's the only way to clear the wall. Two players must be erased.

Night: But... we can't just erase people!

Hika: Well you're gonna have to...

Cause I'm not holding anything back.

*he grins with a dark smile*


(Daein Tower)

MR: This is a hell of a weird mission...

Fox: And we're not allowed to interfere.

I smell something funny...

MR: Don't look at me, I took care of that before I left this morning.

Fox: Charming...

MR: Let's pay a visit to NTG. I feel like annoying somebody other than you.

Fox: The world has truly turned mad...

MR: We'll look for Hanz after...

*the fly off*



Arc: ...

*typing on computer*

???: Can I speak to you Arc?

Arc: Composer? What brings you here?

You should have called ahead... I'd have made more coffee.

???: I need something from you.

Arc: If it's in my database I can help you.

But you came in person... so it means it's something unusual, am I wrong?

???: Perceptive as ever...

I need you to do me a favor. It's concerning my sister.

Arc: I hope you're not asking me to do something that the higher plane would find distasteful...

???: I'll tell you what I want and you may choose what to do.

Is that okay with you?

Arc: I suppose so.

Start talking.


(Old Arena)

Hika: Tashi! Are you ready?

Tashi: Why do we have to do this?

Hika: I thought you wanted to come back to life.

Tashi: Not... not like this...

Def: We don't wanna fight either, but we have to...

Hika: See? Even the fuglies see the truth.

Night: What'd you say?

Hika: Bring it bitch!

*he dashes forward with his shockwave pin in hand*

Def: Ah!

Tashi: ...

Night: Sorry kid, nothing personal.

*he causes a tremor*

Hika: Ow!

Tashi! What the hell are you doing?

Night: Yah!

*he tries to make another*

Tashi: No!

*he flings a pillar at Night*

Night: ...


Def: You're gonna regret it when you're erased!

*he shoots flames up from the ground*

Tashi: Stop!

*flings rubble at Def, making the fire stop*

Hika: That's right Tashi! Keep hitting them and they can't retaliate!

Night: That's our strategy!

Hika: Please... I though of that way before you did.

*they continue to fight*

Night: Let's do that other thing!

Def: Gotcha!

*Def makes a wall of fire to protect them, and Def makes another quake*

Hika: Heh... they're smarter than they look.

*he runs up*

Tashi: No! They're gonna double team you!

*he flings a pillar into the flames and there's a huge crash noise*

Tashi: ...

*Someone emerges from the rubble*

Hika: Dude, you almost beaned me!

Tashi: What about them?

Hika: Look at the counter.

*it says 2*

Tashi: ...no...I killed them.

Hika: It was them or us, now come on!


(Monument Path)



MR: *blows raspberry*

Fox: Tell us where Hanz is...

NTG: Hanz is fine. He'll be up for tommorow, and I even helped set the stage for him.

Fox: I don't trust you any more than I trust this doofus in a china shop.

MR: Remember that time when

*she covers his mouth*

NTG: Whatever...




Arc: That's a tall order to fill...

???: You have until tommorow to decide...


Arc: Alright then.

*looks at monitor*

Huh? It seems someone's broken the rules again...



Day Six: Cruel Twist


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Day Seven


(Reaper HQ)

Vincent: NT.

NTG: Y-yes sir?

Vincent: I've been alerted that you've broken the composer's dictions twice now.

NTG: ...

Vincent: Do you like baseball?

NTG: Forgive me, but I don' see how that's relev-

Vincent: In baseball, three strikes and you're out.

If you break another rule, you will be erased.

NTG: But sir!

Vincent: I will play a game with you.

NTG: ?

Vincent: You must go the next work week following my exact commands.

If you fail you will be erased. If you win, then you'll be restored to honor.

NTG: I don't want to play...

Vincent: I'm not giving you a choice. I'll take your entry fee, you're perfect score.

NTG: Ow!

Vincent: A reaper lives forever... as long as they keep erasing players.

I've taken away enough of your reaper's score so that you only HAVE a week left to live.

This way you can't escape my game.

NTG: Well played sir...

Vincent: You're dismissed. You will not set foot in the game today.

NTG: Understood sir.



(Castle Square)

Hika: Wake up lazy butt.

Tashi: ...

Hika: I know you're awake...

Tashi: Why did we have to kill them?

Hika: This game is about survival. We've made it to day 7, we can't lose here.

Tashi: But today we go up against that reaper. Isn't he supposed to be really strong?

Hika: Yep. But we're not gonna win unless we erase him.


Tashi: Here's the mission...

"Meet me at the Caulder Building and defeat me. No time limit"

Tashi: Ow!

Hika: The Caulder Building is right there.

Tashi: I can't lose here. I won't.

Hika: That's the spirit. But are we ready?

Tashi: We're as ready as we'll ever be.

Hika: Well said. Let's move.


(Top of Caulder Building)


*eats popcorn*

Fox: How are you today little hareier? Ha! Rabbit joke!

MR: That's nowhere near funny... puns suck.

Fox: Ugh! Shut up and give me some popcorn.

MR: Hanz wants a fight. I want a show.

We all win.

Fox: You think they'll stand a chance?

MR: That Hika dude is on his second week. A player hasn't done this for a very long time...

Not since the composer anyway.

Fox: Huh?

MR: You never heard the story?

I heard it from a friend.

Fox: What does it have to do with the composer?

MR: Basically the last player to play through 21 straight days later became our current composer.

Fox: Are you serious?

MR: My friend wouldn't lie to me. He just has a bad habit of not telling me the whole story.

Fox: Well here they come. Shush.


(Caulder Building)

Hanz: Glad you could make it.

Hika: Like there was any doubt...

Tashi: We're gonna show you how strong we are!

Hanz: You wanna talk strength? Well perhaps I should let the Noise talk for me.

Prepare yourself!

*he takes out a pin and his reaper wings grow larger*

Tashi: What's he doing?

Hika: Reapers have a Noise form, and he's releasing his...

And he's strongest in this form.

Tashi: That's hardly encouraging.

Hika: Buck up, we'll get through it.

*Hanz changes into a bi-pedal Wolf Noise with huge wings*

Hanz: Die!

*he slashes at them*

Tashi: Gotta find something to levitate...

Hika: You do that...

*runs up and starts using shockwaves*

*Hanz smashes Hika back*

Tashi: Yah!

*flings a trash can*

*Hanz just paws it away*

Hika: We need something larger!

Tashi: Stall him!

Hika: Kay...

*Hanz spreads his wings and encircles the field*

Hika: What's he...

Tashi! Watch it!

*Hanz fires off a lightning bolt*

Tashi: !

*he pulls the can torward him to take the hit*

Hika: What can we use that's huge?

Tashi: ...!

*he's trying to pick up an old transport wagon*

Got it!

*he flings it at Hanz when he's flying in circles and it hits*

Hika: Perfect timing!

Now It's my turn!

*he runs up and slashes at his wings*



*he can't fly right now*

Hanz: Think you're clever?

Hika: Yah!

Hanz: Eat lightning!

*he fires off several rounds of bolts and hit them both*

Tashi: Ahh... our HP...

Hika: We can't afford to take more damage... nghh...

*just then a pin drops out of nowhere*

Tashi: What's this?

*picks it up*

It's blank...

Hika: Well use it... it's our last hope...

Tashi: !

*uses it*

*the partners glow with energy*

(Fusion Attack: In order to pull off a fusion, players need the pin. They must also be at full sync with their partner. Otherwise nothing will happen. The fusion deals heavy damage to the enemy and replenishes a small amount of HP)

Hika: Better not slow me up, newbie!

Tashi: Wouldn't dream of it!

*they both start hurling shockwaves at Hanz while he's powerless to stop the fusion*

*Hika uses a finisher*

Hanz: !

*his noise form got erased, and he's returning to normal*

Ah... I lost?

Tashi: Yeah!!!

Hika: That was awesome...

Hanz: Ha... I guess you win the game now...

I'm gonna feel this tommorow... good game...

Hika: There won't be a tommorow for you.

*he runs up to finish Hanz off when he's down*

Tashi: No!

*just then a flying bullet came from the sky and slammed Hika away from Hanz*

MR: No way! No freaking way!

Hika: What's you're deal freak?

MR: Your mission was to only defeat him. Not erase him.

You have nothing to gain by finishing off my friend!

But if you still wanna fight I'll be more than happy to-

Fox: Calm down MR. You know we're not allowed to fight them.

MR: ...

Hanz: I guess I owe ya one MR...

MR: No. You're my friend, and I take care of mine.

Fox: Dear goddess, are you actually making sense?

Hanz: Ha...

Tashi: I don't mean to interrupt, but what happens now?

*he and Hika are warped away someplace*

Fox: I guess that happens now...



Arc: ...

*the composer comes in again*

???: Have you made a decision?

Arc: ...

I've thought through the scenarios, and it doesn't look good.

Unless of course... we snuffed the rules a bit.

???: I can't. People are already signed up for the next game.

We can't change the rules now.

Arc: Well, then here's my proposal:

???: Does this mean you've accepted?

Arc: ...yes.

I'll do it for you.

???: Thank you.

Now what were you saying?

Arc: I'm gonna need...


(Reaper HQ)

Tashi: ?

Where are we?

Hika: I was here last week when we won too.

This is the Conductor's office.

Vincent: Hello again Mr. Kengal. And I don't believe I know you... but I've watched your progress throughout the week.

Tashi: So we both win... can we have our fees back?

Vincent: Of course.

Tashi: Ow!

*he regains his fee*

Tashi: My... memories...

They're back!

Hika: Memories? How come you haven't mentioned it?

Tashi: I... didn't want to be a burden, so I kinda kept it to myself.

But I missed them so bad. It was hard... I know this city and I couldn't remember it.

Vincent: It's evident that you've learned how hard it is to live without the thing you love most.

That's the true purpose behind the game. You've passed with flying colors.

Tashi: Yay!

...but who won?

Vincent: ...

*checks book*

It seems you have the highest amount of player points...


Hika: What? No!

Vincent: Sorry.

Hika: But! I don't want to...

I want-

Vincent: It doesn't matter what you want. You're going to be revived.

Your partner will stay.

Tashi: It's okay. I'll play another week!

I already know most there is to know anyway.

Hika: NO! I refuse!

I want to become a Reaper!

That's why I wanted to let him win!

So I could get left behind and become a Reaper!

Vincent: ...

Tashi: Hika! How can you say that after all the hell they put us through?!

Hika: Reapers are so powerful...

In my first playthrough I confronted a Reaper and tried to fight her alone.

She near tore me apart. She erased my partner in self defense.

And after that I was so captivated by their strength... I knew then what I wanted.

Tashi: But you said your partner won!

Hika: I tricked another reaper into erasing another player, so I could pact with their partner and we'd both be safe.

*he's got an evil grin now*

Tashi: That's horrible!!!

Hika: Make me a Reaper!

I'd kill to have the chance to slaughter those fresh little newbies that come in every week!

Vincent: ...Is that so?

Hika: Damn straight.

Vincent: Alright. By the authority of the Conductor, I welcome you to the Reapers.

Your first mission... is to erase him.

Tashi: ...huh?

Hika: No sweat!

Tashi: I can't believe this... you're going to erase me?

But... we're partners!

Hika: I don't need you!

Tashi: Please! Don't!

Hika: Gotta do what I gotta do!

*he slashes Tashi repeatedly*

Tashi: ...

*he fades away and tears roll down his cheek*

Hika: Ha...

Vincent: Very good. You start tommorow.



Arc: Everything's in order then?

???: That's right. First you'll need to go to the RG and...

Well you know the rest.

Arc: I'm not looking forward to that part...

???: Try not to dwell on it.

Arc: I'm leaving now...

???: Good luck.

Arc: I'm gonna need it...


-end of week-


Day Seven: Back Stabbed


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Day One


(Castle Square)

???: ...Am I awake? Am I even alive?

*there's a girl lying in the middle of the busy square*

???: Ugh...

*gets up*

Excuse me! Can you tell me how to-

Hey! I'm asking you a question!

Why are you ignoring me...


???: Ow!

*her hand is hurting*

There's writing?!

It says "Reach the Caulder Building. You have 1 hour."

I don't even know where that is...

*there's people yelling around her, players being attacked by Noise*

???: Monsters?! Here?

Dude: Hey! You formed a pact?

???: What?

Dude: I'll take that as a no.

Hurry up so we can take it to the noise.

*extends hand*

???: Get away from me!

*he backs up*

Dude: If you don't form a pact you're not going to survive!

???: I want out of this! What the hell is going on?

*A noise lunges at her*

Dude: Son of a-

*Just then the two of them glow, indicating they formed a pact*

Dude: Take this!

*He dashes at high speed and slams the noise away from her*

???: Huh?

Dude: Use one of those pins you have on you. See which ones you can use!

???: Pins? Are you high?! What will these do?

Dude: For the love of...

Just use them!

*he dashes again*

???: Um...

*she holds out the psychokinesis pin*

Dude: See if you can lift that lamp post with it.

*she fails*

Dude: ...

*the noise is gone*

You have to be able to use SOME psyche...

???: Can I use the one you have? You make it look so simple...

Dude: I doubt that you can use velocity tackle...

Try using those pins first.

???: ...

*he holds up one with an inscription of a bullet and it fires out a round of energy*

Dude: You can use force round pins. Cool.

???: Can you explain to me what's happening?

Dude: I sure will, but first we have to complete the mission.

*runs off torward the Caulder Building to the north*


*she runs after him*

Reaper: ...

Objective met, wall clear!

*the wall goes down*

Dude: C'mon!


(Caulder Building)

Dude: All done!

*timer dissappears*

???: So thanks...

What's your name?

Dude: You can call me Nick.

What about you?

???: I'm... Kiryn.

Nick: Lovely name.

Kiryn: So I guess this is where we say bye...

Nick: Not likely...

Kiryn: What are you trying to pull?

Nick: We have to make it through this week together, as partners.

Then we can be restored to life.

Kiryn: You're crazy!

Nick: Accept it...

You, me, all those other players are dead.

Kiryn: I don't believe you!

Nick: You noticed how all the people around you completely ignore you?

They aren't just trying to be mean. They can't see you. They can't hear you.

Kiryn: So we're ghosts?

Nick: No. We're all vibrating at a different frequency.

Kiryn: Now you lost me...

Nick: You know how you can't hear some frequencies? Well you can't see some either.

Kiryn: Okay...

???: Yo freshies!

I've got a hot cup of Noise for ya!

Nick: Dammit, not now...

(It's Reaper Hika)

Hika: Die!

*releases noise*

*then its destroyed*

Hika: The hell?!

Reaper: They already cleared the mission.

You can't attack them.

Hika: And who the hell are you?

Makarov: I'm Makarov, this week's Game Master.

And you seem to be a newbie reaper. Now droll.

Hika: Did you just badmouth me?!

I'll smash your face in!!

Makarov: Begone.

I've no time for insects.

Hika: You'll regret this...

*he flies away*

Makarov: I'm sure we will meet again, players.

Next time though I won't be so kind.



(Top of Daein Tower)

MR: Racked up alot of points today!

Hanz: I didn't get much, I'm still a tad sore from yesterday.

Fox: Why do we have to work 2 weeks in a row?

I mean last week was frustrating enough!

Hanz: What are you going to do about it?

Fox: Uhm...

Hanz: Thought so...

MR: You guys get a load of the freshie?

Fox: He's an ass.

Hanz: Who?

MR: The player who wanted you dead.

Hanz: He's a Reaper?

Goddess save us all...



Day One: Innocence and Insanity


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Day Two


(Caulder Building)

Kiryn: *Yawn*

Nick: Morning sleepy head.

Kiryn: You again?

Nick: What part of being "partners" don't you understand?

Kiryn: So... what do we do now?

Nick: We're waiting for them to give us a mission.

But while we wait, you look like you're going to burst if you don't ask questions.


Kiryn: Can you answer them?

Nick: To the best of my ability.

Kiryn: What is this place?

Nick: Physically, this is the Caulder Building behind us.

It was once used as a lab for all sorts of experiments, but when they found out tests were being done on captured Laguz...

Well it was shut down and is presumably empty.

But that's not what you wanted to know. This is Nevassa Underground. It's a parallel plane right on top of the Realground.

We are playing the Reapers Game, in which we have to survive missions, noise, and reapers in order to win.

The person with the highest score comes back to life.

Kiryn: That's a little more helpful.

Nick: Now I'm going to ask you a question-


Kiryn: Ow!

Nick: It says "Find the 13 pins. You will be notified when any are found. You have 10 hours."

Kiryn: How are we going to find them? We don't even know what they look like!

Nick: I suspect we'll find that out.


(Reaper HQ)

NTG: NT reporting sir.

Vincent: Good, now here's what I want for today.

I want you to look in the Caulder Building for a vial called SM-01.

I need it by the end of the day.

NTG: Forgive me, but that building is huge! How am I going to find it?

Vincent: It's not my problem now is it?

*she leaves and someone enters*

Makarov: You wanted to see me sir?

Vincent: Yes. I wanted to warn you about rule-breaking.

Makarov: I've never broken a rule nor shall I.

Vincent: I have no doubt about that, but I mean to say look out for ANYONE breaking the rules.

Makarov: I will, and I will report it to you if I do.

Vincent: Good man. You get back to your game.

*Makarov exits*


(Castle Square)

Kiryn: Where do we start?

Man: Get your souveineirs! Keychains! Dogs! Pins!

Nick: I'd start there...

Kiryn: We can't go inside the shop though...

Nick: Sure we can. See that mark in the side?

It means players can go into there and buy stuff.

*they go in*

Man: Hi there! What can I do for you?

Nick: Just looking.

*looks at pin collection*

None of them are marked with numbers...

Kiryn: Excuse me sir, but what's that on your shirt?

Man: This? I found this little pin by the garbage. What a waste.

*it has the number 8 on it*

Kiryn: How much for it?

Man: It's not for sale, it's an heirloom.

Nick: But you just said you found it by the trash can.

It would have been in your family's possesion for no more than a day.

Man: Uh...

Kiryn: We'll trade you these pins for it.

*shows pins she can't use*

Man: Those look awesome!



*They exit*

Nick: The timer says number 8 was found.

Someone else found 11...

Kiryn: Let's keep going!

I like a scavenger hunt!

*runs ahead to next area*

Nick: It'd be more fun if our lives weren't on the line...


(Monument Path)

MR: Hey kid, you want help with the mission?

Player: What's the catch?

MR: You have to beat this noise first.

Player: Alright!

MR: *summons dragon and slaughters the players*


*Kiryn and Nick enter*

MR: This just got interesting...

Hey dude! You there?

Nick: Me?


MR: You look familiar... have we met?

Nick: I don't know you...

Kiryn: Why would you?

MR: W'ever. Say, I have one of those number pins if you want to play a game for it.

Nick: Let's see it then!

MR: *flashes a pin that has the number 4 on it*

Nick: It looks legit...

What's your game?

MR: Erase this noise!

*summons Lion Noise*

Nick: Get ready Kiryn!

Kiryn: !

*the lion roars and charges at them*

*Nick dashes and aims at the legs to impede it*

Nick: I could use some help Kiryn!

Kiryn: *gulp*

*she holds up the pin and fires energy shots at it*

*the attacks barely scracth the noise*

Nick: Damn...

MR: I was expecting more from you two...

Bye bye!

Kiryn: No!

Nick: *takes out blank pin*

Kiryn! You want to win?

Kiryn: Of course!

Nick: Then trust me!

*Fusion attack*

Nick: You hit 'em high,

Kiryn: And you hit 'em low!

*There's rapid bursts of light around the field*

*The Noise was erased*

MR: No wai!

Nick: We won!

Kiryn: Give us the pin!

MR: Damn... I can't believe you had that kind of power.

But then again it makes things more interesting.

Alright, here's your booby prize.

*throws pin*

Kiryn: Another one down!


(Great Bazzar)

Kiryn: I'm gonna check this shop.

Nick: You do that... I need a breather.

Kiryn: Okay.


Nick: *sigh*

The game's harder this time around... I can't believe Hika won it twice.

Then again I haven't played it in 20 years. I don't even have all my strength.

Damn Jyo... you love her alot.



???: Have you made a decision?

Arc: ...

I've thought through the scenarios, and it doesn't look good.

Unless of course... we snuffed the rules a bit.

???: I can't. People are already signed up for the next game.

We can't change the rules now.

Arc: Well, then here's my proposal:

???: Does this mean you've accepted?

Arc: ...yes.

I'll do it for you.

???: Thank you.

Now what were you saying?

Arc: I'm gonna need my power returned to me.

???: That was your initial entry fee. You lost that game, and we both know I can't restore it.

Arc: Then... atleast rig it so she'll win if we both survive.

???: Again, I can't do that.

But I have another agent working for me.

They'll help to make sure she wins.

Arc: It's settled then.

I gotta know though...

Why go to such great lengths when you could just make her a reaper?

???: She's not a killer. She has no violent bone in her, and she wouldn't last a day as a reaper.

Arc: This is gonna be harder than it originally sounded...

???: But with you, I know she's in good hands.

Arc: I won't let you down.


(Great Bazaar)

Nick: ...

Kiryn: They didn't have anything.

Nick: We have 4 of them, and there are 2 left.

And we have 2 more hours...

Kiryn: Where should we look next?

Nick: We've gone everywhere they'll let us go.

We should backtrack.


(Caulder Labs)

NTG: Son of a bitch!

I'm only half way through the building and the day's almost over...

???: What are you doing here she-hag?

NTG: And who are you to call me that!?

Hika: Guess who.


NTG: Shouldn't you be erasing players?

Hika: Shouldn't you?

NTG: I'm doing important things for the Conductor!

Hika: So you don't mind if I tag along?

NTG: What are you planning?

(Wait... he might be able to help)

I mean, I don't mind.

Actually, I'm looking for something in particular...

If you can find it before I can I can make it worth your while.

Hika: I'm listening...


(Dirt Path)

Kiryn: I see one!

Nick: Where?

Kiryn: It's on the top of that clock!

Where is says 3 there's a pin!

Nick: That's kinda clever...

But how do they expect us to get all the way up there?

Kiryn: Maybe if you used your dash pin... you could climb the wall!

Nick: First off, you're nuts.

Second, that pin can only be used when there's noise to fight.

Third, I can't scale a wall unless I had superpowers...

Kiryn: Okay, okay!

Fox: Ha... you two are up the creek without a paddle here!

Kiryn: ...

Fox: C'mon! Don't you recognize a joke when you hear one?

Nick: ...!

Kiryn: But it wasn't funny...

Fox: *looks pissy*

Nick: That was awful, I mean forget the fact that you have the humor of a 6 year old,

But that was just plain bad!

Fox: WHAT?!

*she flies in, grabs him and throws him against the clock building*

*the shockwave made the pin fall down*

Fox: I'll kill you next chance I get! Lucky for you I need to be somewhere!


Nick: Got... it...

*hold pin*

Kiryn: That's all of them!

*the timer disappears*

Nick: My back hurts...


(Caulder Labs)

Hika: This is what you wanted, right?

*holds vial*

NTG: Yes! Give it!

Hika: What's in it for me?

NTG: I'll let you in on a big secret...

Hika: Spill it.


(A day earlier)

Vincent: If I can find...

I already have these. I need Shadow Matter.

I should check the Caulder Lab.

...Or I can just get NTG to get it for me.

*he's in his chair, and she's eavesdropping*



Hika: So this is for the Conductor...

Why would he want it?

NTG: It's not our place to ask.

Hika: Thanks. I'll go give it to him myself!

NTG: ...!

Alright, fine...

Hika: Sucker!


NTG: It doesn't matter who gets it to him.

You just saved me the trouble of going there now.

While I'm here though...

*she takes a couple of other things*

This will be useful...

*she holds up a piece of paper with a very weird design*



Day Two: Best Laid Plans


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Day Three


(Reapers HQ)

Vincent: Makarov!

Makarov: You rang?

Vincent: I'm skeptical about the mission today.

Makarov: What's wrong with it?

Vincent: Did you design it with 3 year olds in mind?

Makarov: It looks simple, but you're going to need to trust me on this, alright sir?

Vincent: Of course. I apoligize.

Makarov: Think nothing of it.


NTG: Sir!

Vincent: Yes, I have something for you today too NT.

Today I want you to directly observe a player.

NTG: So I get to do field work?

Vincent: Not exactly. I need you just to keep an eye on them.

Report in if you notice anything unusual. But DO NOT engage them.

NTG: I think I understand... okay.

Vincent: Begone.

*she leaves*

Vincent: Soon, after 20 years of living in your shadow, I will have my revenge.

Only less than a week now.


(Castle Square)


Nick: Mission's here.

"Reach Great Bazzar, no time limit".

Kiryn: But that's easy!

Nick: I doubt it Kiryn...

There's a saying that if it's too good to be true, it isn't.

Kiryn: Fine, I'll be careful.


Nick: You have that look about you again...

Ask away. We have time, even if it is a trap.

Kiryn: You've played the game before haven't you?

I notice you've mastered that speed pin on day one...

Nick: You're pretty observant.

Yeah... I did play before. I didn't win.

So I'm here now.

Kiryn: What happened?

Nick: I'll answer, but I wanna ask YOU something.

Kiryn: What?

Nick: What do you know about how you died?

Kiryn: ...

I don't want to talk about it...

Nick: When you're ready to talk, I'm ready to tell a story.

And believe me when I say it's a hell of a story.

For now let's just go that "Trap".



MR: Arc?

You home?

*reads note*

Note: I know you can't read my hand writing, so just read the message on the screen.

MR: Wazzit say?

I'll just read this message...

"Went to the RG for a little while, I'll be back".

MR: Damn... where else am I gonna get free coffee?

I'm broke over here!


His database is up...

Lesee... enter a name.

Let's try... Arc.

*Data Found*

Arc Gersh, Reaper Angel class.

Favorite pin: Velocity Tackle, Spin Attack.

Initial entry fee: Strength

Last known whereabouts: Here

MR: Let's try...


*Data Found*

Metal Rabbit, Reaper 1st class.

Favorite pin: Stellar fury, Vulcan Uppercut.

Initial entry fee: Restricted

Last known whereabouts: Nevassa UG

MR: That's weird...

Hey! It logged me out!

I don't know the damn password!

...Ah well. I'll go trick Fox into treating me to a cup.


(Dirt Path)

Nick: ...

Kiryn: ...


*she trips and something falls out her pocket*

Nick: You okay?

What's this a pic of?

Kiryn: Gimme that!

Nick: Touchy...

MR: Plz? Play with me?

Fox: No! I actually have work to do!

MR: You're no fun.


Fox: *looks mad*

Hey! It's you two again!

Nick: Crap...

Fox: I owe you this from yesterday!

*summons white dragon noise*

Nick: Watch it!

*it fires a magic beam*

Kiryn: Let's use that fusion thingy again!

Nick: As much as I'd like to, we aren't exactly in full sync with each other.

If we used it now it would be a dud.

*dragon attacks again*

Nick: It's the only way...

Super Jesus Beam!

Kiryn: Wut?

Nick: Kidding...

Now give me your firing pin.

*she gives*

Nick: ...

*mods the pin*

Try this!

*she aims and fires huge rounds at the dragon, stunning it*

*he dashes up to it, jumps and performs a spinning shockwave slash*

Fox: What?

How the hell do you know how to mod pins?

Nick: I played the game before. Back then it was the black market of all pin techniques.

Fox: There has to be some sort of rule against that!

Nick: Why don't you go ask someone about that?

Let's go Kiryn.

*they leave*

MR: Lol, they owned you.

Fox: ...

MR: Get me a cup of coffee and I'll tell you whether it's legal or not.

*they leave*

NTG: How was he able to mod pins?


Sir? I think we may have a problem...


(Great Bazzar)

Nick: Here we are...

Kiryn: Where's the trap?

Nick: ...Kiryn.

Kiryn: What?

Nick: The timer's still going.

Kiryn: What does that mean?

Nick: It means this isn't the Great Bazzar.

Makarov: Congratulations for being the first players to arrive!

Nick: So what does that mean?

Makarov: Most of them were erased before they had a chance.

Kiryn: But we got here... so why is the timer still going?!

Makarov: It's as your partner said. This isn't the place.

Nick: !

It's... a pseudogram.

Makarov: You're a technology buff?

Nick: You can say that...

Kiryn: Nick, what's he talking about?

Nick: A pseudogram is a hologram that exists in different frequencies.

I explained how we're at a higher frequency than the people in the RG.

It means only we can see this hologram. It's pretty advanced Reaper technology...

Kiryn: We were here yesterday though...

Nick: And we were fooled then too.

I haven't been down this way in a long time, and you haven't been down here much at all.

Makarov: And now I have a present!

Nick: Noise no doubt...

*He makes a giant Hawk Noise*

Kiryn: I feel sick...

*the Hawk gets erased*

Makarov: What?!

Kiryn: !

Nick: Run for it!

*they run into the next area to the real Bazaar, and they clear the mission*

Nick: Whew... close.

Kiryn: I don't even think you could have beat that noise Nick.

Nick: I think today's the first time you called me Nick.

Kiryn: Oh... I haven't noticed...


(Reaper HQ)

Vincent: Composer, I need to know if there's anything going on behind the scenes.


Because if anything interrupts the flow of this game, it's results will be nullified.



*hangs up*

Hika: If I may sir, why are you forcing haggy to work like a dog?

Vincent: If she cheats like a dog, she has to work like one.

Hika: That doesn't make sense...

Vincent: It doesn't have to. You shouldn't be here now anyway.

Hika: I want in.

Vincent: What now?

Hika: I looked it up, and that's Shadow Matter in that vial I brought you.

Why do you need shadow matter when you're the conductor of Nevassa?

Vincent: I've got my reasons...

Hika: I think I know why...

Vincent: Enlighten me...



Day Three: Shady Deals


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Day Four


(Caulder Labs)

NTG: It's you. Did you get it?

Hika: Hellz yeah.

*hands her a vial*

NTG: SM-02.

This will work fine.

Hika: I was thinking, why did they name the samples differently?

NTG: Probably because there's some minor difference between them.

Hika: Cool.

*she takes out a marker and draws something on the wall*

Hika: I'm waiting! Do it already!

NTG: I have to finish the diagram first.


NTG: Dammit... Master Vincent wants me again...

Hika: Dude, that sounded so wrong...

NTG: Make yourself useful and finish drawing the diagram exactly as it is on the paper.


Hika: Whatever.

*gets working*


(Nevassa Gates)

Kiryn: ...When's the mission getting here?

Nick: Any time now.

Kiryn: ...

Nick: So you want to answer my question?

Kiryn: ...

Nick: I promise I'll tell you my story. Uncut.

Kiryn: I-It's not that I don't trust you, it's that I don't want to relive it.

Nick: Was it really that bad?

Kiryn: ...

Nick: You tell me when you're ready then.


Nick: Mission time.

"Stop the chaos at the Rose Court. You have 3 hours."

Kiryn: Ow!

Nick, where's the Rose Court?

Nick: If I recall, it's the richer, upper area of Nevassa.

It's close to the Palace Entrance.

Kiryn: Well that's pretty far from here...

Nick: Which is why we should get cracking.


(Top of Daein Tower)

Fox: Hanz, you actually gonna work today?

Hanz: I figure I should. I heal pretty fast.

Fox: You know there's only 6 players left?

Hanz: I know, we should do something about that.

Fox: Ha...

Hanz: ...

MR: What's with the awkward silence?

Fox: ...

Hanz: ...

MR: I could feel the negative energy coming from the two of you the moment I opened my mouth.

Hanz: Fascinating.

MR: So what are you gonna do today?

Hanz: I'm going to get back to work.


Fox: Me too.


MR: ...

Was it something I said?

Makarov: Just the little reaper I wanted to see.

MR: You're the GM this week Mak?

Makarov: Stop calling me that. And yes.

Now I want you to go to Rose Court and start making Noise.

MR: You mean like singing? I'll need a microphone.

Makarov: No! Noise as in monsters!

Dear goddess, how did you ever become a reaper?!

MR: I was born a reaper!

Makarov: ...right.

Get going.

MR: Sure thing Mak!

*flies off*

Makarov: Born a reaper? Perhaps he was born to be one, but that's not possible.


(Reaper HQ)

NTG: I'm here sir.

Vincent: Today I want you to break a rule.

NTG: What?! But if I do that...

Vincent: Noone else knows it was you except me.

I will take the fallout should anything happen.

I don't care what you do, just break a rule.

NTG: ...I think I can manage that sir.

Vincent: Go on.


(Great Bazaar)

Nick: This is the fastest way there.

*the exit's blocked by a barrier*

Nick: Dammit...

Reaper: ...

Kiryn: I guess we have to get him to open it up...

Reaper: Want past this wall?

Kiryn: Um... yeah. We were standing right next to you when we said it.

Reaper: Like a bolt from the blue! It's Reaper Review!

Nick: *groan*

Kiryn, remember that these are multiple choice questions...

Reaper: Question 1!

What's the name of the Red Dragon Noise?

Kiryn: ...Red Dragon?

Reaper: Interesting...

Question 2!

What's in my pocket?

Kiryn: ...

Nick: The choices are "A bannana, A candy cane, and a Hentai Mag".


I'm gonna go with the Hentai...

Reaper: Are you sure?

Question 3!

Which question is this?

Kiryn: You're kidding me...

Nick: Hey! 3 isn't an option!

Reaper: Tough.

Fox: Oh dear goddess!

Do we have any generic reapers that AREN'T perverts?!

Reaper: Hey baby, how much?

Fox: ...

If I see you again hoodie, I'm going to kill you.

*reaper runs away*

Fox: Noone should have to suffer that. You go ahead.

Kiryn: Hey, thanks!

*the runs into the barrier*

What the hell?!

Fox: I never said I was gonna lift the barrier. Go around.


Nick: Ugh...


(Caulder Labs)

Hika: There!

*He's done copying the image*

NTG: You messed it up!

Hika: Did not!

NTG: You drew it upside down!

Hika: Oh...

NTG: Maybe it'll still work...

*she reads something from a tome*

Hika: How long does it take?

NTG: Be quiet!

*she adds the shadow matter to the markings*

Hika: I'll make some noise.

*summons noise and something comes out of the wall*

NTG: Taboo Noise...

Hika: That's so cool!

NTG: It's magnificent!

Hika: Hey... it's coming after us!

NTG: What?


(Caulder Building)

Kiryn: You sure we're going the right way?

Nick: Yeah...

I think.

*something falls out the building*

Kiryn: It's Noise!

Nick: Not just any noise! It's Taboo!

Kiryn: What's the difference?

Nick: These ones hit harder and you can't damage them unless you and you're partner are REALLY in sync.

We're closer than before, but we aren't quite there yet, you know?

We need to run for it!

*the Taboo wolves zoom in at unnatural speeds*

Nick: Hold on tight!

*she grabs him and he speeds past the wolves*


(Palace Entrance)

Nick: Damn, they got my leg...

Kiryn: Can you still fight?

Nick: Yeah...

There's Rose Court over there.

Hanz: I don't think so...

Nick: Not more of you...

Hanz: Why wouldn't there be?

You two are the only players left in the game!

Kiryn: No way!

Hanz: We got 4 more today, and we started with 6.

Nick: Well this certainly complicates the rest of the week for us...

Hanz: You don't get it...

You're not going to last the rest of the week!

Nick: We'll just have to see...

Hanz: Fine, erase this noise for me!

*he makes about a dozen noise to guard the entrance to the next area*

Kiryn: There's too many!

Nick: There's no such thing...

We can atleast damage these noise.

Kiryn: True...

*the assorted noise animals attack the pair*

*Nick speeds and tackles some up into the air, and Kiryn shoots them down*

Nick: Let's try this!

*he makes a shockwave that hit all around him*

Hanz: ...

Two specialties? This is more fun than I thought it'd be.

*the noise are gone*

Hanz: You better hurry up, the timer's almost out.

*they run ahead*

Hanz: I need to ask MR for info on that guy.


(Caulder Labs)

Hika: Son of a...

Those are tough little bastards.

NTG: I think I broke a nail...

Hika: They went out the window...

What does that mean for us?

NTG: Nothing. The objective today was break a rule.

Summoning Taboo Noise is... taboo.

Hika: Ah... good then.

So does the conductor know about it?

NTG: There's no need to tell him.


(Rose Court)

MR: Hey! I've been waiting for you two!

Nick: Why?

MR: Because of the mission!

Nick: We have to rid this area of chaos.

What about it?

MR: You see any noise around?

Kiryn: I don't see anything...

Nick: Exactly. He's the chaos.

MR: When Mak told me about it, it was kinda flattering that he called me chaos.

Kiryn: Reapers can't attack players directly though.

MR: I've got special clearance.

Now either get ready to fight or I'll make some noise to help me.

Nick: (I can't do this)


Kiryn: Nick, we have to win this!

MR: Quit being a pussy!

Nick: ...Where's your friend?

MR: What?

Nick: Where's Arc?

MR: Do you know where he is?

Nick: Saw him a few days ago. He got killed.

MR: WHAT?! But he was already dead!

Nick: If a reaper's killed in the RG, he's dead for good.

You should know that.

MR: How do you know all this stuff?!

Nick: Go to the coffee house over by the middle class area. There's stuff in the alleyway.

MR: ...

*he flies off at like a bolt of lightning*

Kiryn: Is there something I should know Nick?

Nick: ...Like I said, tell me how you died and I'll answer any question.

Kiryn: ...Fine.



Day Four: Taboo


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Day Five



Nick: ...

*Kiryn's still on the ground asleep*

Nick: I don't believe it. I just don't.

He'd never do that.



Nick: ...Like I said, tell me how you died and I'll answer any question.

Kiryn: ...Fine.

I was home alone...

Nick: What part of Daein?

Kiryn: Huh?

Nick: I've been under the assumption that you didn't grow up here in Nevassa.

Kiryn: Well, I kinda have. My house is over in Crimion.

It's that section of the town where all the immigrants tend to gather.

Nick: Go on.

Kiryn: It was night, and I was asleep.

I... felt something, like I percieved it.

I got up and looked around... and...

I got hit from behind.

Nick: With what?

Kiryn: I don't remember, I know I was attacked.

When I woke up, I was bleeding... and I could barely breathe.

Nick: ...

Who did it?

Kiryn: That's why I didn't want to think about it those times...

When I was awake for that breif time, I thought I saw my... brother.

Nick: ...!

Kiryn: But my brother's been gone fo 20 years...

Mama always said he would watch over me...

Nick: I don't think it was him.

Kiryn: Who else could it have been?



Nick: I think I know who. I just need an oppurtunity to hear it from their mouth.

*he walks up the path a bit*


(Old Arena)

Hika: Yo haggy!


Like you're one to talk needle head!

Hika: Chill. So what was the point of breaking the rule yesterday?

NTG: If I were to make a guess, it would be because the Producer's absent.

Hika: Sweet! So we can break rules and they won't call us on it?

I'm gonna go rough up the last players.

NTG: No. The Conductor said he doesn't want us directly interfering with them.

Hika: W'ever.

*starts to leave*

NTG: Where do you think you're going?

Hika: Out.


(Daein Tower)

Fox: Where's MR?

Hanz: I dunno.

Fox: You feel a bit guilty from yesterday?

Hanz: Yeah.

Makarov: Hello you two.

Hanz: Hi Makarov.

Fox: When are you going to assign the mission?

Makarov: I need to think of one first.

So... what do you all usually do in your down time?

Hanz: I've actually got a small buisness going on in the RG.

Fox: That's cool!

What do you sell?

Hanz: It's a technology firm.

Fox: Damn, I didn't know that.

Hanz: You never asked.

Makarov: What about you Fox?

Fox: Uh, I don't go to the RG much.

I have a small place though.

Makarov: I myself don't have anything going on outside the game.

Fox: Hey Makarov, the three of us were going to go to that concert by Crimion tonight.

Wanna tag along?

Makarov: That's it!

Hanz: What?

Makarov: I know what to do for the mission...




Kiryn: Nick?

Nick: ...

Kiryn: What'cha doing?

Nick: Thinking...

Kiryn: You haven't told me about how you died yet.


Kiryn: "Stop the noise at the Crimion Theater, you have 5 hours."


Nick: I promised I'd tell you. I will.

Now we need to finish off this mission.

Noone else is gonna do it for us, remember?


(Great Bazaar)

Hika: Let's make some noise!

*summons Taboo Noise*

Now go do... Noise... things!

*they wander around*

Hika: Dammit, if you're not going to cause trouble then what's the point of summoning you?

I'll make some regular noise...

*summons normal Noise*

There we go...

*the Taboo Noise start attacking the regular Noise*

Hika: Now THAT isn't something you see everyday!

I wonder why they're doing that...

*NTG comes in*

NTG: What the hell is that?

Hika: You'd be looking at evil, warped Noise attacking their cleaner kin.

You know why they're doing this?

NTG: The tome didn't say anything about mauling other Noise.

Hika: Wonder what caused this...


NTG: Vincent wants to see me...

Try not to drown in Taboo noise needlehead...

Hika: Later haggy!


(Dirt Path)

Nick: This is the way to Crimion?

Kiryn: I don't know, I've never left there before.

MR: Yo!

Kiryn: You again...

Let's run for it!

MR: ...

*erects a barrier*

Nick: What do you want?

MR: How did you know about what happened to my friend?

Nick: I was there when he got shot.

MR: How'd you die?

Nick: Shot by the same marksman who killed your friend.

MR: ...

*drops barrier and leaves*

Kiryn: Guess you don't have to explain it more...

Nick: It's not the entire truth.

But I was shot and killed at this coffee joint.

Same place his friend was killed.

Kiryn: How'd you know him?

Nick: We need to get going.

Kiryn: You're changing the subject.

Nick: You're trying to delay going back to the place you died.

Kiryn: The theater's nowhere near where I live!

Nick: How would you know?

Kiryn: Because I've played there before! Many times!

Nick: Lemme guess, you play the triangle!

Kiryn: I play the trumpet!

Of course you wouldn't care, seeing as how you're as cultured as a pig!

Nick: How is that stuff culture?

Classic music is for stiff rich people.

Rock, and even Rap are the music of the people!

Kiryn: You mean that new age crap?

All it is is shouting, and fast lyrics, and choppy music.

It's noise!

Nick: There's Noise right there!

Kiryn: You can't compare classical to-

Nick: No! There's Taboo Noise coming this way!

*they run torward Crimion, with the Noise in tow*



*they run torward the stage*

Kiryn: They're not coming!

*they stop*

Nick: They're...

Kiryn: Eating regular Noise...

Is that supposed to happen?

Nick: Nope.

Makarov: What the hell?

They're ruining the mission!

Kiryn: You mean there isn't supposed to be Taboo Noise here?

Makarov: They're "Taboo" for a reason.

*he leaves to find the culprit*

Kiryn: So where does that leave us?

Nick: Well the mission is to get rid of the noise...

And those are the only noise.

Kiryn: How are gonna fight them?

It didn't work out so well last time...

Nick: We need to be in sync.

Kiryn: How? We just had a fight not more than 5 minutes ago!

Nick: Eat!

Kiryn: What?

Nick: Eating food boosts your sync.

Now eat!

*they stuff their mouths*

Kiryn: Mfho!

*her mouth's full*

Nick: Chew!!!

*they swallow*

Kiryn: Ugh...

I can't fight on a full stomach...

Nick: Fight now! Stomachache later!

*they run up and engage the Noise*

*they do little damage*

Kiryn: I thought you said we'd be able to fight them!

Nick: Remember this?

*holds blank pin*

Kiryn: Alright!

*Fusion attack*

Nick: You hit 'em high,

Kiryn: And you hit 'em low!

*There's rapid bursts of light around the field*

*The noise become sluggish*

Nick: Finish them!

Kiryn: Yah!


Nick: Hah!


*the Taboo Noise fade*

Kiryn: Huff...

Is that it?

Nick: The timer's gone.

We won for today.

Kiryn: ...

Nick: There's supposed to be a concert here later.

You wanna stay for it?

Kiryn: ...

Nick: I'm sorry about what I said earlier.

You've got every right to enjoy whatever music you love.

No matter what anyone else thinks.

*she starts crying*

Nick: ...I said sorry...

Kiryn: It's not that!

...I don't wanna stay because I can't hear it anyway!

Nick: You can't hear... music?

Kiryn: I haven't been able to hear it since I came here.

Nick: ...You can hear people speaking, but not music playing...


It was your entry fee, wasn't it?

Kiryn: I think so...

I love music...

I have to win this game or I'll never hear it again!

Nick: That means I'll work twice as hard.

Living without music must be hell.


(During the fight, Dirt Path)

Makarov: I know it was you!

Hika: Prove it!

Makarov: You've got a Taboo pin right there!

Hika: Oh yeah...

*summons more*

Makarov: This is illegal beyond your average rulebreaker!

I have the authority to erase you now!

Hika: How so?

Makarov: Taboo Noise pose a threat to reapers as well as players.

By summoning them you put all of us in danger!

Hika: Cool...

Makarov: I hope you've said your prayers, because you'll be meeting the goddess soon!

Hika: I don't think so...

It's you who should be praying...

I'm gonna fufill my promise to get you back from Day one!

Now bring it cotton top!



Day Five: Ego


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Day Six


(Reaper HQ)

Vincent: ...

Hika: And that's how he got erased.

Vincent: My, you've grown strong since you joined up.

Makarov was a 1st class reaper.

Hika: He was a 1st class chump more like!

NTG: Smooth move needlehead.

Now who's going to be Game Master?

Vincent: It really doesn't matter now.

Hika: How come?

NTG: Because tommorow's when our plan goes into effect.

The Composer will fall.

Hika: Awesome.

Vincent: Just think! Now we'll be able to make all the necesary changes to make Nevassa great again.

MR: ...

*he's eavesdropping*

*he flies away*


(Castle Square)

Nick: ...

Kiryn: ...

So, is there gonna be a mission?

Nick: It's been an hour...

We should stay here in case though.

Kiryn: Alright.

How did you know that Reaper's friend?

Nick: You just jump right into it.

Kiryn: Well?

Nick: Fine. I was standing in line, and we sort of chatted.

He was kinda nervous because he said he had a big job to do.

Kiryn: Is that it?

Nick: We payed for the coffee and he went out the door.

Someone was waiting for him.

Kiryn: ...

Nick: I went out after, only to meet the same fate I guess...

Kiryn: Why isn't this guy playing our game?

Nick: Didn't you know? A reaper who gets killed in the RG stays gone forever.

They don't play the game. They're simply erased.

Kiryn: There's just one inconsistancy.

Nick: And what would that be?

Kiryn: The time.

Nick: ...

Kiryn: You said this was your second time playing, and yet you also say you were killed this week.

Nick: They're both true.

Kiryn: That doesn't add up though!

Nick: When we get through this, you'll know everything.

I swear.


(Dirt Path)

Fox: No mission yet?

Hanz: Not yet...

You worried?

Fox: I'm worried about a couple of other things, not including the mission.

We haven't seen MR for two days and Makarov never showed last night.

Hanz: Makarov might have been busy, but I can't explain MR...

I mean he always shows up to bug us on a daily basis.

Fox: ...

Hanz: Dare I say it, I miss his insane but cheery demeanor...


Fox: ...look.

Hanz: This is Makarov's head band...


Fox: We need to find MR.


(Monument Path)

MR: ...

*he's looking at the statues*

Arc... you deserve to be up here.

After all you've done for this hellhole of a city.

And noone knows it but me.


*heads to Castle Square*


(Castle Square)

Fox: ...

Nick: Reapers...

Hanz: Relax, we're looking for a friend of ours.

We're not in the mood for a fight.

Nick: Fair enough.

MR: Is there something going on here?

Fox: MR!

You're okay!

MR: Why wouldn't I be?

Hanz: Makarov's erased.

MR: Poor Mak...

Did you two do it to him?

Kiryn: No!

When we saw him yesterday at Crimion, he was leaving to find the source of Taboo Noise.

Hanz: What?

Fox: There's Taboo Noise?

Kiryn: Yeah, they started showing up around Day 4.

MR: You think the Taboo Noise did him in?

Hanz: Makarov wouldn't lose out to a bunch of Noise.

He just wouldn't.

Kiryn: There's no mission... I thought the next person up the chain of command would issue one.

MR: I doubt they care about this game.

Fox: What makes you say that?

MR: Because I think they're trying to overthrow the Composer.

Vincent, Haggy and Needlehead.

Hanz: Who?

MR: We all have nicknames, remember?

I'm small fry, you're tough guy.

Mak was cotton head, NT is haggy, new guy is needlehead...

Fox: What about me?

MR: I'd rather not say...

Fox: ...

Kiryn: So you're the only reapers in this city?

Fox: The only important ones.

Kiryn: Ah.

Fox: We need to go now, c'mon MR.

*she and Hanz leave*

Nick: Wait.

MR: What now?

Nick: ...chickenbook.

MR: What?

Nick: The password is chickenbook.

You need to find the Composer and warn him.

MR: ...

Nick: Go.

*MR flies off*

Nick: Like I said Kiryn, I'll explain everything.

*someone approaches*

Hika: Well if it isn't the losers...

Nick: I've heard better insults on the religious channel.

Hika: Nice comeback, was it on sale at the thrift store?

Kiryn: Both of you shut up! They're all just awful!

Nick: ...

Hika: ...

Anyway, I'm afraid our time here together's up.

I'm going to wipe you off the country!

*summons Taboo Dragon Noise*

Kiryn: ...

Nick: Crap...



MR: chickenbook.

I'm in!

*he's on the computer*

MR: Just type in Composer...


Profile data:

Jyosua Imosyne, Composer of Nevassa.

Favorite pin: Boomerang, Windfall.

Initial entry fee: Restricted

Last known whereabouts: Restricted

MR: Dammit!

What now?



Arc was talking to him on the phone!

*he presses the re-dial sequence*

MR: ...


???: Who is this?

MR: I'm calling on behalf of Arc.

???: Is there something wrong?

MR: Are you safe?

???: Who is this?

MR: The Conductor is trying to do away with you.

*he hangs up*

MR: Dammit!


(Castle Square)

Nick: Ah...

We can't even scratch it with our fusion...

Kiryn: Is this it?

Hika: Thanks for playing kiddies!

*the dragon delivers a powerful blast of breath, enveloping the two*



Day Six: Identity Found


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Day Seven



Hanz: Nice place...

MR: It's my friends. Don't touch anything...

Hanz: I'm just looking at his OS. It's pretty fancy.

MR: I don't understand much about it...

He says it has a huge processor or something...

Nick: No, it's not huge at all. It's actually tiny.

It's powerful though.

MR: Same thing...

Hanz: Not really.

Kiryn: ...



Nick: Ah...

We can't even scratch it with our fusion...

Kiryn: Is this it?

Hika: Thanks for playing kiddies!

*the dragon delivers a powerful blast of breath, enveloping the two*

(after the smoke clears)

Kiryn: !

*Fox is standing in front of them with a barrier*

Hanz: C'mon!

I'll get you out of here!

Hika: What? You traitors!

Fox: No way needlehead!

You're the traitor if anything!

Hika: The Conductor wants to fix this place.

What's so bad about that?

Fox: Are the ends justified by the means?

How many of the Composer's dictions HAVE you broken?!

Hika: You've got to chill.


I don't wanna have to erase a little girl...

Fox: !#@

*she loses it*

Hanz: Don't!

*holds her back*

Fox: Let me go!

MR: She can handle that jackass.

We need to get those two to safety now!

Hanz: Fine.

*everyone but Fox and Hika leave*

Hika: Ha! You really think you can take me?

I was the one who killed cottonhead!

Fox: That was you?!

Hika: He had a really nice necklace on too.

*flashes it*

Fox: This is it for you!

I'm going to do what I should have done 2 weeks ago!

Hika: Just like a woman, dredging up the past.

*she slams the ground and makes a pillar of fire blast Hika*

Hika: You've got moves...

I do too!

*he warps behind her and slashes her*

Fox: Nngh!


*covers the area in a stream of fire*

*Hika just warps past it*

Hika: Pathetic!

*slashes at her, but she blocks with a barrier*

Think you can hide forever behind your pwetty little wall?

Hide little girl! Hide!

*She goes berserk, and changes to Noise form*

Hika: Ha! You can't beat me fairly so you change into a Noise?

Well I'm not going to play that game. I'm a good fighter you see.

*She changes into a bi-pedal fox and takes a martial arts stance*

Fox: Burn!!!

*with a flash of her fist, a wave of fire sweeps Hika*

Hika: You cheated! I wasn't ready.

I'll cheat too...

*summons Taboo Noise*

Try that on for size!

*Fox uses a burning kick and erases the noise*

Hika: Ha... you must be PMSing.

*Fox torches Hika and he's stunned*

Fox: This ends now!

*she uses a meteor-kick and causes massive damage*

Hika: *gasp*

*fades away... erased*

*Fox returns to normal*

Fox: Ugh...




Kiryn: Does it really take out that much energy?

Fox: I was pretty pissed, so yeah...

Kiryn: Thanks...

Hanz: We didn't do it for you because we felt like it, it's because we had to.

Kiryn: Why was that?

MR: Because you're partnered with the Producer of the Reaper's Game.

He's crippled himself so bad that he can't fight half like he used to.

Nick: I didn't think you'd actually tell them.

MR: I can't do everything on my own.

Nick: True.

Were you able to contact the Composer?

MR: Yeah... but he hung up on me.

Nick: Awesome... so we don't know if they got to him by now.

Fox: Something's been bugging us though.

Nick: What would that be?

Fox: Why is the Composer in danger? Isn't he the strongest being in Nevassa?

Nick: About a week ago, a relative of his died.

He really loved this person and he watched over her.

He's been so distraught that he's much weaker.

Kiryn: That's weird... it sounds like you were talking about...

Nick: Heh. Yeah.

Kiryn: My brother's... the Composer?

Nick: Yeah. He asked me to make sure you won the game.

Of course then arose other complications...

Like we didn't know that the Conductor would choose now to strike.

Hanz: It makes sense now...

The Conductor's spent all week gathering power so he could overthrow the Composer.

He put Makarov in charge because he knew he'd be too busy with the game to interfere.

Fox: Why does that matter Hanz?

Hanz: He told me, that he was in the confidence of our Composer.

Nick: He's my subordinate, but I didn't know his identity till now.

Kiryn: I saw him... Jyosua before I died...

Nick: He loved you. He would never do that to you.

We just don't know who it was right now.

Kiryn: ...

Fox: So what's the next course of action?

Nick: We're going to cut them off.

MR... Fox... Hanz.

You guys have played your parts, so get to safety.

Me and Kiryn have a job to finish.

Hanz: Understood.

Fox: Okay.

MR: ...

*gives something to Nick*

Nick: Ha...

You really think I need it?

MR: Just come back this time, kay?

Nick: We'll see what happens...

Are you ready Kiryn?

Kiryn: I feel sick...

Nick: Good enough.

*they warp*


(Daein Tower)

Nick: Here we are...

Bet those guys didn't know that the composer was right beneath them the whole time...

Kiryn: ?

Nick: They come up here and hang out alot.

Kiryn: Oh...

*he unlocks a door and they go down a flight of stairs*

(Composer's Office)

*The office has dimmed windows that can see the entire city*

Nick: Jyo?

???: You made it.

Nick: This is really screwed up Jyo.

*he turns around*

Nick: !

No way...

Vincent: Suprised?

Nick: Where is he?

Vincent: Gone.

Kiryn: No!

He can't...

Vincent: Finished him off last night while everyone slept.

You see, that's the strength of Shadow Matter.

It gives an enormous amount of power to whoever uses it.

Nick: Don't lecture me.

Vincent: So why'd you come over here anyway?

To play the hero? To get your entry fee back?

I'll bet it was to impress her.

Nick: ...

Vincent: I'm the new composer.

NTG will be my conductor.

Nick: I know what you intend to do.

Vincent: I shall make that diction now.

I say that from this point on, reapers are allowed to attack people in the RG.

Nick: ...

Kiryn: What does this mean Nick?

Nick: It means he's trying to thin Daein's population.

Reapers can now kill people in the RG, and erase them for good in the UG.

Kiryn: You mean it was illegal before?

Nick: Since there was ever a Composer, that's been one of the most important laws.

Now... only more chaos awaits.

Vincent: You don't understand it still...

Less population means less chaos.

I believe you once said this city was a true hell hole.

Nick: It is. But I still wouldn't change a thing!

You have any idea what ramifications will happen?

The Angels aren't going to like it!

Vincent: What can they do? I'm stronger than they are now.

Nick: Not for long...

Kiryn: ?

Nick: ...

*takes out the pin MR gave him*

Kiryn: Nick? What...

Nick: Keep fighting Kiryn...

Never give in.

*he warps her away to safety*

Vincent: Are you really doing this?

Nick: You bet your ass.

Vincent: When I'm done with you I'm going after her.

Nick: Then I'll just have to kill you now.

*they both change into Noise form and begin an epic duel*



Day Seven: Conflicted Interests


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Day One


???: ...

Mmm. Castle Square?

Weird... Coulda sworn I was just near the palace.

Excuse me ma'am, what time-

*is ignored*


???: Hey, what's that on my hand?

"Arrive at the Caulder Building. You have 60 minutes."


Well... may as well play along. It's right there.

*he walks straight into the barrier*

???: The hell?

I can't get through...

Reaper: Of course not. You haven't formed a pact yet.

Aw crap, I wasn't supposed to tell you that...

Now she'll kill me...

???: W'ever...

*turns around and there's Noise waiting to maul him*

Nice... things...

*he runs and they chase him*


(Monument Path)

???: Dammit!

Boy: Wha?

???: There're monsters after me!

Boy: Crap!

???: You can understand me?

Boy: Yeah...

???: We need to pact then, like now!

Boy: Fine!

*they start glowing, indicating they've formed a pact*

Boy: ...what now?

???: I...

*someone nearby imprints something into his head*


We use the pins to fight!

Boy: Alright!

*one of them waves his arms and makes a shockwave, and the other makes a small tornado and controls its movement*

*they finish off the noise*

Boy: Woot!

Good job.

???: Thnx.

What's your name pal?

Mine's CG.

Boy: I'm Zephrion, but call me Zeph.

CG: Alright Zeph.

We need to get to the Caulder Building now.

Zeph: After you...


(Castle Square)

Girl: Come on Raven!

Raven: I was just looking around... jeez...

Chill Bianchi.

Bianchi: You act like you've never been in Nevassa before!

Raven: I just told you I don't live in Nevassa!

And for someone who says they've lived here all their life, you seem to be really good at getting us lost!

Bianchi: Hmph!

Zeph: Think they're players?

CG: Probably.

*they leave for the caulder building*

(Caulder Building)

Zeph: The timer's gone.

CG: Whoo... well this is goodbye I guess.

Hanz: Why? You have to last the rest of the week numbskull.

There's a new mission every day. In fact, they should get increasingly harder...



Zeph: ...

CG: Dammit...



NTG: Sir?

Vincent: Don't bother me now NT...


NTG: Are you still sore?

Vincent: That S.O.B. took alot out of me...

I just need rest...

Now go do your job.

NTG: Yes sir...


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Day Two


(Old Arena)

Hanz: I hate having to come here...

I really do.

MR: How come?

Hanz: Look for an article concerning this place about 6 years ago.

I supposed I'll just have to deal with it, since we can't go to our regular place.

Fox: ...

MR: What's eating you?

Fox: If you guys...

Well I need a favor...

Hanz: What is it?

Fox: ...just forget it!

*she storms off*

MR: Did I do something stupid again?

Hanz: I... don't know?

???: Hey! You two!

MR: Who's there?!

*two newbie reapers pop out*

Masu: What's up?

Lyle: Hi!

Hanz: ...

MR: Who the hell are you two?

Lyle: I'm Lyle and that's Masu.

Last week we signed up to be Reapers.

Masu: This is gonna be awesome!

MR: *laughs*

Hanz, take it.

Hanz: *ahem*

Being a Reaper isn't fun. You have to erase players or else YOU will be erased.

Since you're newbies, you not only have to answer to us but you're against us when we're hunting down players.

MR: Tell me, why did you become Reapers to begin with?

If you didn't get in for a good reason, you're not going to last.

Lyle: We joined cause... we didn't want to be erased...

MR: Let me warn you. There's been recent outbreaks of Taboo Noise.

Veterans like ourselves even have trouble with them, right Hanz?

Hanz: Barely.

MR: Point is, I give you a week tops.

You two don't have that desperation, that killer instinct.

Masu: Oh yeah? We'll show you!

MR: ...you want to fight?

Masu: Yeah! We're alot tougher now that we're Reapers!

MR: I'm not gonna waste my time with this.

I'm gonna go hunt players instead of chatting people up.

Later newbs.

*He and Hanz go off*


(Nevassa Gates)

CG: ...

Zeph: ...

CG: That's 3 in a row!

I win!

Zeph: How does anyone lose at tic tac toe...?

CG: It's okay to feel inadequate. Many do.


Zeph: It's the mission.

"Hit the switch in the water mill, you have 180 minutes"


CG: The water mill... we have to go up to the middle part and go to the refinery.

The water there is purified and the river flows through it and ends up just over there.

Zeph: You're actually pretty knowledgable.

CG: I like this place. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

Zeph: Cool. I'm actually not from here...

CG: Where are you from?

Zeph: I lived in Talrega.

This is all new to me, but I feel better knowing my partner's a true Nevassian...

If that's a word.

CG: You got me, I'm not known for brains.

*they go up to the castle square*

Reaper: Want past this wall?

Bring me cash, alot of it.

CG: ...

Zeph: We're freaking broke.

Where do we get that?

Reaper: Need a hint? Wild noise around here carry small change they pick up from people they erase.

Zeph: How encouraging...

CG: Right...

Let's summon noise...

*they call some noise to them and start hacking away*

CG: Whew... I didn't think they'd be so tough...

Zeph: I can use this pin...

*when he uses it, it refreshes both of them*

CG: You can heal? That's great.

Goddess knows we're gonna need that.

*they erase the noise and pick up gold pieces*

Reaper: Objective met. Wall cleared!

*wall disappears*

CG: Let's move!


(Middle Grounds)

Raven: Bianchi!

Bianchi: Wait a minute!

I'm trying on this top...

Raven: As sexy as that is, we need to clear the mission.

We should be thankful that we started so close to the refinery!

Bianchi: *comes out of dressing room*

Raven, clothes are important too.

Raven: How?

Bianchi: Clothes can give you abilities you wouldn't normally have.

Like this top I'm now wearing... and stealing since we don't have money...

I feel like my pins can do more damage with them on!

Raven: You're delusional...

Bianchi: You just don't understand the mechanics of fashion...

Raven: I actually don't care.

Bianchi: *scoffs*

Atleast wear this...

Raven: A keychain?

Bianchi: Your pin can make enemies weaker.

This keychain makes that happen more often.

Raven: I still think you're crazy...

Bianchi: Put it on or I'll make you eat soup!

Raven: ...what kind of threat is that?

I like soup...

Bianchi: I make mine REALLY hot!

Raven: ...somebody save me.


(Palace Entrance)

CG: Go!

*he and Zeph are running, and they run straight into a wall*

Zeph: Ack!

Lyle: You wanna get past this wall?

Zeph: Yes please...

Lyle: You have to... defeat this noise!

CG: You know, erasing noise is very repetitive... I hope we don't have to do it all week...

Lyle: You have a point...

Alright, go find my partner and I'll remove the wall!

He should be in Rose Court.

CG: Now that's more like it...

(They go to the Rose Court)

Zeph: There's more than one reaper here... who do you think is his partner?

Masu: I'm tough! I'll show you!

*he's shouting at other reapers who're just laughing at him*

CG: Just a guess, but I'd say him.

Yo! Whitey locks!

Masu: What?

What'd you call me?

CG: ...your hair is white.

I don't think I've seen a young person like that...

Masu: What's your point jerkwad?

CG: Your friend's looking for you.

Masu: I don't care! We had an argument.

Zeph: ...!

He said that you were right and he wanted to apoligize...

Masu: Really?


CG: Nice.

Zeph: I thought so...

(Palace Entrance)

Masu: What do you mean I'm a cheese head?

Lyle You are!

Masu: And you guys lied to me!!!

CG: Hey, he said to bring his friend back, so clear the wall.

Lyle: ...Damn.

*clears it*

Masu: We'll get you two if it's the last thing we do!!!

Lyle: What's with the "we" buisness?

Zeph: Let's move it!


(Inner Ghetto)

Fox: ...

MR: Hey.

Fox: ...what do you want?

MR: I think I know the favor you were gonna ask.

Thing is, I'm not gonna help unless you actually ask it.

Fox: How do you know?

MR: Don't forget I had partial access to everyone's personal data.

It seems you have a brother. A twin brother no less.

Fox: ...

MR: And he's playing the game.

So I assume you want us to do what we can to make sure he gets to the end.

Fox: Y-yeah...

Would you... do it?

MR: I can't make any promises but I certainly got your back.

Fox: Thanks...


(Middle Grounds)

Raven: Bianchi, now we'll never be able to show up in that store again...

Bianchi: So? They can't even see us, remember?

Raven: But don't you believe what goes around comes around?

Bianchi: You're getting a little too smart for me.

Raven: Nevermind, let's just get there. We only have 2 hours left.

CG: Are those two players?

Zeph: I think so...

CG: We should hurry.

Remember that reaper told us that we're graded on our performances...

We can't afford to let anyone steal our thunder.

Zeph: Agreed.

*they all go to the Refinery*


Bianchi: What does a switch look like?

Raven: It looks like all of these...

But which one's the right one?

Bianchi: Let's do this!

*she starts randomly pushing switches*

CG: Don't!

Raven: Huh?

CG: You don't know what those switches do!

For all you know you might destroy this place.

Raven: She doesn't know any better...

Zeph: Do we have any clues as to what the correct switch is?

Lyle: Ha! We're gonna erase you all here and earn major points!

Masu: And I just learned how to summon harder noise.

*they make noise and sic them on the four*

CG: Yo! You take that side and we take this one!

Raven: Sounds good to me.

*CG and Zeph take on a big tiger*

Zeph: I can't keep the tornado going...

*he's using his psych to hold off the noise*

CG: Hya!

*slashes away*

Bianchi: Take this!

*she forms a light ball and trains it to blast on the noise*

Raven: He's coming this way...

*he fires a huge energy blast, but he has to charge it before firing*

*their noise has less attack and defense because their pins caused power down*

Raven: I guess you were right about clothes...

They can make alot of difference...

Bianchi: Ok! Tomorrow we'll steal more clothes!

Raven: ...

CG: Ah...

We're stll having trouble...

Zeph: What can we do?

Our psychs don't cause power down status, and I can't heal anymore.

*a blank pin drops from the hole in the ceiling*

CG: What's this?

Zeph: I feel stronger...

CG: Me too.

*Fusion attack*

CG: You got my back?

Zeph: You know it!

*they cause a huge tornado to envelope the noise, causing massive damage*

Zeph: That was awesome!

CG: All that from one little pin...

Lyle: Why can't WE have that kind of synergy?

Masu: It's because you play with yourself at night...

Lyle: I'm gonna sic some noise on YOU you rat bastard!

*they leave in a storm*

Bianchi: Which switch is witch?

Hey! I rhymed!

Raven: Fanstastic...

*she hits a weird switch and everyone's timer disappears*

Bianchi: I did it!

Raven: WE did it...

Bianchi: We did?

Zeph: I don't know what stings more, that freakishly huge noise or losing out to those two...

CG: You said it...



NTG: Sir, the mission was successful.

Vincent: And the compound?

NTG: The compound was safely delivered.

Vincent: This is better than I expected... ha.

This is just the start...



Day Two: Optimistic


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Day Three


(Old Arena)

MR: Yo Hanz, I found that article you mentioned...

I have to say I was suprised.

Hanz: Yeah, well the old me died that day.

Since then I've been like this.

MR: To think that you once cared about other human beings.

That's actually funny, in a kinda sick way...

Hanz: Whatever...

MR: While I'm here, Fox wants our help

NTG: Are you two finished working?

MR: A reaper's work is never done. You know that Haggy.

NTG: Then you should get back to it Mr. Rabbit.

I actually need to borrow your friend here.

Hanz: And to what do I owe the privledge?

NTG: You don't like that I'm conductor?

Hanz: We never got along if you'll recall.

You'll forgive me if I'm not jumping at the oppurtunity to be your bitch boy.

NTG: Ouch.

I wasn't asking you to come.

I need you to do something for me.

Hanz: ...

MR: You go ahead man.

Hanz: Thank you for your permission...


*they leave*

MR: ...hm.

Now I'm alone...

*something moves behind him*

MR: The hell?

*it moves again*

MR: Whoever this is, you've got till the count of 5 to show yourself before I start putting my tiny fists up your throat.

One, four...



Zeph: ...Where are we now?

CG: This is that settlement the assembly made for all those foreigners.

They did it so they wouldn't feel guily bout treating them like crap for all those years.

Zeph: Did you know that I'm actually decended from a bunch of Begnion immigrants from over 300 years ago?

CG: So?

Zeph: Oops, I didn't say. My family has had a strong history of wyvern breeding.

I even tried it out... didn't work so well actually.


CG: You'll have to tell me about it some other time.

"Survive the day".


Zeph: Kind of ominous, isn't it?

CG: Well, I guess this means there's gonna be reapers and noise coming out our asses...

Zeph: ...so should we like move somewhere else?

CG: That's the thing. If we move to a wider place, we run the risk of being boxed in.

If we stay here, well I know a special shortcut we can take to get to safety.

The assemblymen showed me their hideouts when the public tries to kill them after a speech.

Zeph: Politics here is hard, isn't it?

CG: I don't really care. Fact is I'm lining myself up with those wrinkled old bastards because eventually...

I'm gonna do something to make this hellhole a better place.

Zeph: That's admirable of you.

CG: So you were saying you were raising wyverns?

Zeph: Yeah. It's actually how... I died though.

CG: Serious? Sorry I brought it up...

Zeph: It's okay. I was stupid that day.

I took a wyvern we traded for out for a ride unsupervised.

It went wild, and threw me off.

CG: Okay.

Zeph: 300 feet in the air.

CG: Oh... dammit.

Zeph: Wanna know the wierd thing though?

CG: What's that?

Zeph: When I was falling, and I knew I was doomed...

Time seemed to slow down. It's like all the things that made me happy were playing again in my head.

CG: ...

Zeph: So what's your story?



Raven: Wake up you moron!

Bianchi: That's not very nice...

Raven: You've been pretending to sleep all this time?

Bianchi: Well, you were yelling at me so yes.

Raven: Ugh...

*a couple of kids in the RG come and play in the river*

Bianchi: Aww...

Raven: ...

We need to move. If we stay here they'll find us.

Bianchi: I wanna play in the water too...

Raven: How old ARE you?

Bianchi: I liked being a kid.

I was the smartest little girl you knew.

Raven: So what happened to her?

Bianchi: I don't know.

I think she was murdered.

Raven: Whatever...

*they leave*

Boy: *cough*

*he coughs more violently*

Girl: Eeek!

*the boy thrashes around and drops dead into the water, the girl joins him a minute later*


(Old Arena)

MR: Son of a...

Taboo Noise?

I told those newbies to watch for 'em, but I didn't actually think they were still spawning...


Fox: MR! Are you okay?

MR: Damn Taboo got me from behind.

Fox: No kidding, there were some down by the church.

I was hunting down players and they just came up and stole my bounty.

I'm pissed...

MR: Yeah, I'm fine too.

Don't mind my wounds or anything.

Fox: We should go around and see if there's any more...


MR: ...

You're worried about him?

Fox: ...

MR: I dropped a fusion pin and they picked it up yesterday.

As long as they've got that they should be fine.

Fox: But what about Taboo Noise?

They won't stand a chance.

MR: I'll talk to Arc and see if he can cook anything up.

Fox: Thank you...


(Castle Square)

Lyle: Hey Masu! You get any yet?

Masu: Nope...

Hanz: Well if it isn't the newbie brothers....

Masu: Well if it isn't... um... tall muscular... guy!

Hanz: ...

Have you scored any points yet?

Masu: ...

Lyle: We're on it... jeez.

Hanz: You know, I think for today only, I'll give you permission to attack players directly.

See how you fare.

Lyle: You're kidding!

Hanz: NT made me Game Master for the day while she did a few things.

It's my call.

Masu: Awesome!

Let's begin with those guys from yesterday!

Lyle: I think they're by the Gates...

*they leave*

Hanz: ...Wonder what she's planning though.



Kiryn: ...


Arc: What's up now?

Kiryn: I was looking through some of your old notes...

Was that okay?

Arc: Kiryn, it's always important to arm yourself with knowledge.

So yeah, read whatever you want to.

Kiryn: It said that when a person dies, they're not actually souls.

But I couldn't read the writing after it.

Arc: It should say that when a person dies, their frequency (or in other words their vibrating speed)

Changes to a faster frequency, which is why people in the UG aren't seen by people in the RG.

But they never actually move on. If a player is erased, their frequency becomes so high that it changes them into nothing more than Noise.

Kiryn: ...

Arc: I'm sure your brother's fine. He was always strong.

Kiryn: I know, you told me.



CG: Wanna know?

Zeph: How else are we gonna get character development?

CG: Alright I guess...

So I guess it starts about 2 years ago. I had a sister, a twin in fact.

She got mixed up with some bad people and she... got killed.

Zeph: ...

CG: We were really close.

It's because of the gang activity that I want to change this place, that's what started it.

Zeph: It's a noble cause... but that's not why you're really doing it.

CG: How's that?

Zeph: You really just want revenge for your sister.

CG: Revenge... I guess you could say that's one of my motivators.

...You know how I died?

Zeph: ...

CG: Someone shot me from behind.

Weird thing was I managed to turn around as I fell, and I saw nobody behind me.

*someone's coming*

Lyle: There they are!

Masu: Prepare to face erasure bitch!

CG: ...Which one of us are you talking about?

Zeph: It's you, I'm not a bitch.

Masu: Shut up!

We get to fight you head on now!

Lyle: And there won't be any escaping!

*makes walls*

Zeph: Looks like we're in a tight spot...

CG: Whatever, we've got more hair on our peaches if you know what I mean.



NTG: ...It's working.

People are feeling the effects of the toxin.

The reapers will be busy next week.

Bianchi: I dropped my pin over here...

Raven: You can't even use it!

Why the hell does it matter?

Bianchi: I don't like forgetting stuff...


It's a reaper!

Raven: ...

NTG: Relax, I'm not out for blood.

Besides, I wouldn't erase the people responsible for that.

*she indicates the bodies floating in the water*

Raven: ...

Bianchi: We didn't do that!!!

NTG: Oh, but you did. That switch you hit yesterday released poison into the river.

Even a small amount of it can... well you see for yourself.

Bianchi: But! I...!

Raven: That was a dirty trick.

NTG: I'm the conductor, I can do what I want.

Besides, it needed to be done.

Bianchi: How can you say that!?

Don't you have any shread of humanity?!

How can you be so cold?

Raven: ...

NTG: It's not my job to care about the living.

If you want to talk about humanity, talk to your partner.

Now if you'll excuse me...


Bianchi: What did she mean?

Raven: Maybe it's because it was my entry fee.

Bianchi: What?

Raven: It's obvious that yours were your brains. It explains why you're so stupid.

Mine was my humanity. It's why I don't care that there are dead children floating in the river before me.

Bianchi: ...

Raven: It's not your fault. She tricked us into doing her work.

Besides, if we don't do the missions we get erased.

I might not be much of a caring person anymore, but I rather enjoy life.

Don't you?

Bianchi: I'm sure those children did too...

Raven: Ugh...

Bianchi: And what about all those people who take water from the river every day?

What happens to them?

Raven: Same thing.

But you need to calm down, your emotions are attracting noise...

Black Noise to be exact. That's weird...

Hanz: Get down!

*he strikes the area with lightning, eradicating the Taboo Noise*

Bianchi: !

Hanz: That'll do it...

You two, what direction did they come from?

Raven: That way is Castle Square, isn't it?

Hanz: Thanks...


Raven: ...

Bianchi: *cries a bit more*


(Castle Square)

Hanz: ...More of them.

MR: Hanz?

Hanz: You look like hell...

MR: I've been flying around taking out the Taboo...

Hanz: Me too.

MR: There've been sightings all over the city.

They've taken out players and reapers.

Point is they've been coming from the Caulder Building... or from IN it to be more precise.

Hanz: I can handle this. You shouldn't be fighting anymore.

*goes off*

MR: I need to find him...

Hope he's safe.



Lyle: Yah!

*he drops rocks from the air, and beans CG*

CG: Ow...

Lyle: Go meteors!

*drops more*

CG: Zeph! I could actually use some help over here ya know...

Zeph: I have problems of my own...

*he's dodging a flaming mace swung by Masu*

Masu: This is too easy!

CG: Zeph! We can't lose out to these two!

Zeph: You're right! C'mon!

*Fusion attack*

CG: You got my back?

Zeph: You know it!

*they cause a huge tornado to envelope the noise, causing massive damage*

Lyle: Son of a...

Masu: Bitch!

Lyle: Hey! We're in sync!

Masu: Let's trash them.

*fusion attack*

Lyle: Take that!

Masu: Lay down and die!

*they rain down the area with fire and rocks*

CG: Dammit...

*the walls around them are shattered by taboo noise*

Lyle: What the hell are those?

Masu: It's the noise that bunny was telling us about!

We can't stay here...

Lyle: We'll finish you off later! Don't you dare die!

*they flee*

Zeph: You know, if they don't want us to die, they'd have been better off not abandoning us.

CG: All reapers are douches.

MR: I resent that comment. Besides, not all reapers are the same.

CG: What do you want? You wanna finish us?

MR: On the contrary, I'm trying to save your lives.

Zeph: Why would you do that?

MR: Because you've got someone watching over you.

Now try out this pin and see if it works.


CG: It's shiny...

MR: It's a modded shockwave pin.

And here's a wind pin for you.

Zeph: How are they modded?

MR: They're configured so that if you're in sync, they can be as powerful as a fusion.

Perfect for fighting taboo noise.

CG: Let's give it a go Zeph...

Zeph: How can we trust that guy? He looks awfully suspicious...

MR: I always look like that. Mostly cuz I am... heh.

You can decide not to trust me, but remember that you can't beat Taboo Noise without those pins.

Your choice.

*Zeph summons a tornado and barely scratches them*

MR: Try hitting them at the same time.

*CG uses a slashing combo on the noise at the same time*

CG: Whoo!

Look at that!

MR: Cool.

Now finish the rest of them.


(Caulder Labs)

Hanz: That's a huge Taboo Noise symbol... no wonder they pop up so frequently.

???: Who's there?

Hanz: Hanz Foaly, reaper. Who is this?

???: Your worst nightmare!

*something HUGE comes screaming out of the symbol on the wall*

Hanz: !



CG: Done!

*lands a finished on the noise*

MR: Good.

Zeph: How come you didn't fight one for us?

MR: And risk being erased? You're crazy.


Anyway, CG is it?

I think you'll be able to use this pin.


CG: Thanks, I'll try it out next time.

Zeph: Whoa!

CG: I know, it's a nice design on it.

Zeph: No! Something shot out of that huge building!

MR: That can't be good...


(Daein Tower)

NTG: Hmm...

Soon enough the ghetto crawlers will be fighting over food.

Filthy vermin.

*she sees something happening at the Caulder building*

NTG: ...


(Castle Square)

Fox: The hell is that?

Hanz: It's a taboo noise... but it's almost human!

???: You just can't keep me down!

*the noise forms into a giant black bi-pedal hedgehog*

Fox... you did this to me! You're gonna pay!

Fox: ...No way!

Hanz: ?

Fox: It's Hika...

Hanz: What the hell happened to him?

*CG, Zeph, and MR come in, Fox runs away*

MR: It's needlehead...

Thought we got rid of him.

Hanz: I think I'm be the only one who CAN take him.

I've got this guys.

*he warps himself and Hika away*

MR: Good luck man...

Zeph: ...ugh.

CG: What's wrong?

Zeph: I think I'm feeling all the damage we took from the taboo noise...

CG: Well buck up, the day's not gonna last that much longer is it?

Zeph: You're right...

*Hanz's lightning bolt fires from long distance and straddles torward CG*



Day Three: Shaken to the Core


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Day Four


(Flashback to yesterday)

Zeph: I think I'm feeling all the damage we took from the taboo noise...

CG: Well buck up, the day's not gonna last that much longer is it?

Zeph: You're right...

*Hanz's lightning bolt fires from long distance and straddles torward CG*

MR: !

CG: ...

Zeph: ...

*Zeph's starting to fade away*

CG: Zeph... what the hell?


Zeph: You... have something to live for.

CG: You do too!

Zeph: No I don't. You... need to get a new partner I suppose.

CG: You freaking moron!


Zeph: I... gotta go.

*he fades away, erased*

CG: What the hell!?

MR: Dammit! The day's ending too!

CG: Huh?

MR: When you wake up tommorow, meet me at castle square and I'll have found you a new partner.

You have 7 minutes to get a new one before you get erased. So hurry.

CG: But Zeph...!

MR: Zeph is dead. He's not coming back.

You need to suck it up and get playing.

CG: What's the point now?

If I'm up against things like that taboo noise guy, how can I win?

MR: Because fate's on your side dimwit.

Haven't you noticed that by now?



CG: Dammit Zeph...

*he's in the cemetary, where noise are almost non-existant*

CG: I... gotta go to the square.

He gave his life for mine, I'm not gonna waste it!

*he runs to monument path*


CG: What? The mission...

"Quelm the storm at the inner ghetto, you have 300 minutes".

Easier said then done, considering I don't even have a partner...

Lyle: There you are!

CG: Son of a...

Lyle: You think you're gonna escape this time?

CG: Probably not...

Lyle: Well you're wrong!

...oh wait.

Masu: We can't fight you directly but we can still take you out with noise!

*summons noise*

CG: ...sorry Zeph.

I can't fight noise without a partner.

Lyle: This is it! We win!

*their noise are erased*

Masu: The hell?

CG: ...?

*there's a reaper standing behind CG*

CG: Who're you?

*Fox takes off her hoodie*

CG: !

Fox: ...

CG: Reg-

Fox: It's Fox now.

CG: ...


Fox: I've been watching over you... for 2 years.

CG: That little reaper dude...

Fox: He's my friend.

CG: Think you can get me to the square?

He said he has a partner for me.

Fox: You only have a minute left to live anyway.

It's not enough.

CG: ...

Lyle: You just gonna ignore us?

*makes more noise*

Fox: That's it. I'm not putting up with this game anymore!


CG: ...yeah?

Fox: We have to pact. NOW.

CG: Yeah!

*a light shines from the two of them, indicating a pact was formed*

CG: Let's take those two out!

Fox: Couldn't have said it better myself.

Lyle: Cool. That scary lady told us we could attack traitors directly!

Masu: You're a traitor!

Lyle: You really added alot to my last statement...

Masu: Shut up.

CG: Fox...

I want to crush them.

Fox: Had a feeling.

*Lyle drops meteor from the sky, CG dodged*

Masu: I don't care if you're a girl!

*swings flaming mace*

*Fox catches it*

Masu: ...

Fox: Burn!

*she raises a huge flame pillar under him*

Lyle: Masu!

CG: Let's try that pin he gave me...

*he takes a HUGEass sword, jumps and slashes Lyle*

CG: Whoa! That was a big sword!

Fox: You can use greatedges too.

That'll help against the bigger guys because of its insanely high damage rating.

Lyle: Ack...

Masu: We're getting owned...

CG: *takes out the blank pin*

Now to finish you!

*Fusion Attack*

Fox: Think you can handle it?

CG: Worry about yourself.

*They summon forth a hellfire, destroying everything on the field*

Lyle: ...eh.

Good to know ya Masu.

Masu: Like...wise.

*he and Masu fade into erasure*

CG: ...

Fox: Don't we have a mission to get done?

CG: Yeah.


(Castle Square)

MR: ...it's been more than 7 minutes.

If he didn't get a partner then he's gone.

Sorry Fox...


May as well see what happened with Hanz and Needlehead.

*he flies up to the top of the Caulder Building*



Bianchi: Why do we keep waking up here?!

Raven: Sounds like that witch is playing with your head.

Bianchi: Let's just go...

Raven: Sounds good to me.


(Inner Ghetto)

Fox: Quelm the storm...

What does it mean?

CG: Why are you asking me?

Fox: I haven't played the game in 2 years.

I'm a bit rusty.

CG: But you're in the game.

Fox: So? My job was to erase people.

It didn't actually require thinking.

CG: Is there even a storm here?

Man: Those are MY potatoes!

Other Man: Screw you!

CG: They're possessed by noise...

Fox: We should start here I guess.

*they start fighting the noise*

Bianchi: It's that player from before, and he's with a reaper!

Raven: He musta sold out to the reapers. Speaking of which, I haven't see tweedle dee or tweedle dumber today.

Let's get to work.



Hika: Yo! Your name is sexyback?

Fox: What did you say?!

Hika: That's what those reapers by the wall keep saying.

Fox: You promise never to repeat that again, I'll kill you quick.

Knife: Ha! Sexyback...

Fox: What did I say?

*she picks him up*

You think I was kidding?

Hika: Lay off of my partner!

*he attacks her*

Fox: Punks...

*she entraps Knife in a ring of fire*

Hika: Knife!

Knife: Help!

Hika: Let 'em go!

Fox: ...

*she erases him*

Hika: ...

Fox: I warned you.

Now you only have 7 minutes to live.


Hika: Gah! Dammit...

How can I win now?

NTG: A lone player?

Hika: ...!

You gotta help me!

There was this group of players came and erased my partner!

NTG: Oh well...

Hika: They warned me not to go to the witch lady or they'll kill me too!

NTG: Erasing other players is against the rules.

Hika: But it was them!

*points to one of the teams walking past*

NTG: I'll take care of it. An eye for an eye I suppose.

*she uses a giant noise and erases one of them*

Hika: ...heh.


Arc: ...

Kiryn: Nick?

Arc: Huh? What?

Kiryn: You seemed a little out of it...

Arc: I think I found a memory I was looking for...

I was viewing it.

Kiryn: Oh, okay.


(Inner Ghetto)

CG: All these people are possessed!

Fox: This is tedious...

Raven: What do you care? You're reapers.

Bianchi: Look! She... doesn't have wings!

CG: They're gone!

Fox: I didn't notice. Hm...

Bianchi: So are you a player now?

Fox: I guess, I mean I don't have a players pin or anything.

Bianchi: Do you know what the mission's about?

Fox: They don't tell reapers anything.

Raven: Where's the storm?

CG: We don't know.

Raven: Bianchi, let's stop chatting them up and figure this out already.

Bianchi: Okay...

*they go elsewhere*

Man: You don't wanna make me angry!

Woman: Why not!

Man: I was once a general of Daein!

I was once known as the storm!

Woman: Yeah, ONCE.

Man: Yahhh!!!

CG: I think we found the storm.

Fox: Mm.

*they call the noise to them, it forms into wolf*

...A wolf...

CG: Something wrong?

Fox: My friend can change into a Wolf...

I haven't seen him since yesterday.

CG: That big guy?

Fox: Yeah...

I hope we don't have to face him...

CG: Let's take out the noise.

*they do it, and the timer disappears*


(Reaper HQ)

NTG: What?!!

Reaper: I just said it... Fox betrayed us and partnered up with a lone player.

And they just killed two reapers.

NTG: I KNOW what you said!

Reaper: I'm confused...

Can I go now?


Vincent: Someone's angry...

NTG: Hello Composer. I'm not mad at the traitor, I'm mad about my mass murder plan being ruined.

Vincent: Ah yes, I heard there was a brawl on the Caulder Building yesterday.

NTG: Hanz Foaly was fighting a Taboo Noise, and he missed a shot, hit my machine and it bounced off.

Doesn't matter now though of course.


(Caulder Buliding Roof)

MR: ...

*he's holding Hanz's stopwatch*



Day Four: Reunited: The Children of Flame


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Day Five



Kiryn: Hey Nick, you know you never did tell me the truth about how you died.

Arc: ...You're absolutely right.

But you see, I've actually got 2 stories to tell you.

One story leads into the other...

So I'll start with how I originally died.

Kiryn: ...

Arc: It was 20 years ago, me and my best friend were walking back from spending our afternoon throwing things at people at the river.

Kiryn: Wut?

Arc: I know, we weren't that smart back then.

Kiryn: ...

Arc: Anyway, we were going back towards the Nevassa gates.

A soldier had come looking for him, and when he tried to attack...

I stepped in the way and tried to fend him off. He stabbed me.

I tried to save my friend, and I payed with my life.

I was on the ground losing conciousness and I heard him collapse next to me.

Kiryn: Why was that soldier looking for him?!

Arc: I didn't know it then, but he stole some important things from the assemblymen a day earlier.

Plus... he was a laguz. He was one of those rabbit laguz that were discovered near the serenes forest.

Kiryn: ...!

Arc: I know what you're thinking. Metal Rabbit is not him. Atleast, not anymore.

Kiryn: You really must have cared for your friend...

Arc: Hell yeah...

I'll tell you the other half later. I need to finish modding this pin.


(Palace Entrance)

CG: ...

Fox: ...

CG: You haven't said a word all morning.

What's on your mind?

Fox: I need to find MR or Hanz.

Not being a reaper means I'm left out of the loop.

I don't know about what's happened in the last 2 days...

CG: What do you mean?

Fox: You haven't been here that long, but... it feels like winds of change just hit Nevassa UG.

CG: How so?

Fox: ...I can feel it. It feels like there's more to come.

CG: ...

Fox: And I'll bet you anything the two of us will have a big role to play in the future of this place.

CG: Hey, don't go all deep on me...


Fox: Ignoring.

You know, I never would have made it this far without my friend Hanz.

CGV: You mean that big guy who took on that huge Taboo Noise?

Fox: Yeah...

*someone flies in*

MR: ...

Fox: Finally! Tell me what's been going on already!

MR: ...

*he throws Hanz's pocketwatch at Fox's feet*

Fox: ...

*picks it up*


MR: ...

*he looks real sad*

Fox: You're kidding me.

Tell me... this is a joke.

MR: ...



CG: What's... going on?

*Fox drops to her knees and glares at the ground*

CGV: Yo small fry, what happened?

MR: Hanz is gone...

CG: ...


CG: Mission time...

"Erase Metal Rabbit, no time limit"

You're freaking kidding me...

MR: ...that's weird.

You're not allowed to erase reapers.

Just like how we're not allowed to directly attack players.

*Fox is still on the ground in shock*

CG: Then why is this the mission?!

I don't want to kill you!

You've helped us the whole way!

MR: ...ah.

So that's why...

CG: You're not making sense man, speak!

MR: That's exactly why that's the mission.

When the UG is threatened, special rules are put in place to keep it safe.

If a reaper who was considered dangerous to others turned on other reapers, it wouldn't be illegal to erase them.

NTG: Correct.

*she comes out of the shadows*

MR: What flatters me most is that you really think I'm a threat...


NTG: Don't kid yourself. You're dangerous because you have connections with the producer, who's still at large.

He is the real threat. But that's not to say we are pleased with your disloyalty.

MR: I'm loyal to my friends. I've always been like that.

Course lately it seems like my friends are dropping like flies.

NTG: You won't need to worry about it anymore.

You want these two to progress far enough to take me on, and then the Composer.

MR: Oh no, you figured it out...[/sarcasm]

NTG: You'll probably lie down and face erasure.

MR: You're f-ing insane haggy.

I will never lie down and face fate.

I will fight till I can't breathe anymore.

NTG: ...

MR: You listen up CG! We're going to have a little duel.

You sure as hell better give it your all or you won't stand a chance against me.

I'm going to fight like it's my last day. If you get erased in the process...

It only proves that you aren't the one who can save this place.

CG: ...

Fox: ...no...

NTG: Oh, I almost forgot.

Fox, since you're a player again I have to give this to you.

*she drops a players pin by Fox*

I'll also need to take your entry fee!

*she takes Hanz's watch with the snap of a finger*

Fox: Give it back you bitch!

NTG: You need to win the game first, now don't you!

*warps away*

MR: I'll be waiting at the old arena.

Come prepared.

*flies away*

CG: This is so screwed up...

...Fox, why'd she take that item as your fee?

Fox: Because he meant alot to me...

And that was the only thing I have of his.

CG: So tell me more about this guy.


(River Side)

*Bianchi's crying*

Bianchi: WHY!?

Raven: ...

Bianchi: Every day! We start here!

Raven: Even I don't think you should be tortured like this.

And I'm the guy who's not supposed to give a crap.

Bianchi: *sniff*

Raven: Will you pull yourself together?!

Bianchi: Every day! People are dying because I poisoned the water!

And people who can't filter it are dying of thirst!

Have you ever killed so many people!?

Raven: No.

But you need to remember what I keep telling you!

It was not your fault! You were tricked!

Bianchi: I'd rather be erased than have this happen!

Raven: So you'd give yourself up to have those people live again...


Bianchi: What!? How dare you!

Raven: Listen and listen up good!

No matter what, all survivors live because of sacrifice!

It's always been that way! It always will be!

You still have at chance at life again!

You want to throw it away for corpses?


Raven: ...

"Erase Metal Rabbit, no time limit"

It's a perfect example, Bianchi.

We have to kill this guy to survive.

Let's go!



Arc: ...and done!

*he holds up a pin and examines it*

Pretty good, eh Kiryn?

Kiryn: I don't even know what you're doing...

Arc: You're just jealous...

Kiryn: Ha...

*MR comes in through the window*

Arc: You know you shouldn't be here.

What if they're keeping tabs on you and you lead them to us?

MR: I'm only here for a minute.

You hear today's mission?

Arc: ...yeah.

...I'm sorry MR.

MR: I know there's no other way to save Nevassa, but I can't go down without a fight.

Arc: I knew you'd say that. Besides, now that they've marked you for death, there's nothing you can do.

MR: Yeah...

Kiryn: ...Does he really have to be erased?

Arc: It's not whether or not he has to, it's when.

MR: So this is goodbye...

Arc: Looks like it...

Oh, and carry this on ya.

*hands MR the modded pin*

MR: What's this?

Arc: You're supposed to drop this when they finish you.

They need it if they stand any chance of fixing this mess.

MR: Got it.

See ya Arc!


Kiryn: ...Sorry for prying, but you didn't finish the story.

Arc: You're right. Where were we?

Kiryn: It was after you died.

Arc: Alright...

So after that we entered the game.

From the get-go we partnered up.

We actually made a great team too.

...We lasted till day 6. He got erased, trying to save me.

Kiryn: ...

Arc: There was another player who was erased.

I partnered up with that team's survivor.

Kiryn: Who were they?

Arc: You should already be able to guess.

I partnered up with a player who played 2 weeks before joining this one.

It was his third week, and he was desperate. He said he needed to win.

Of course... I was still in shock that my best friend was gone.

He told me my friend's sacrifice would mean nothing unless I partnered with him.

So I did.

Kiryn: And what happened on the last day?

Arc: That wasn't in the arrangement.

I'm only supposed to tell you how I died, and what became of my friend.

Kiryn: That's not fair leaving me to wonder...

So what happened to him?

Arc: I brought him back to life. Well sorta.

When people here are erased, their frequency changes into that of a common noise.

Kiryn: ...!

Arc: Yeah, the noise players fight are actually those who are erased.

When they turn into noise, they eventually become like animals.

They lose their minds and judgement. They thirst for negative emotions.

It happened to my friend. I found his noise, and I recreated him as a reaper.

Kiryn: And he became MR...

Arc: Afterwards he did. Like I was saying, he had lost his mind.

So as a way to try and make him normal again I fabricated a new mentality and put it in him.

He was my friend... and he wasn't my friend.

Kiryn: ...

Arc: Metal Rabbit was created from what remained of my friend Mike Renning.

He has no memory from before he was modded. He knows though that he always has a friend in me.

Hell, friends are the only things he knows. It's why he's in trouble right now.

But it seems old habits die hard. Mike was like that in real life.

I found out alot later that he stole that item because I needed cash to take this pretty girl to dinner.


Kiryn: I can't believe you.

You'd send him off to his death like this?

Arc: What would you have me do? It's his decision.

Besides, if the end results tilt in our favor, I might just be able to recreate him... again.

Kiryn: ...

*she leaves, kinda mad*

Arc: She still doesn't get how important these next 3 days are.

But then again I still don't get how important it is to let go of a friend...


I guess it'll work out for the two of us...


(Palace Entrance)

CG: ...Guess there's no other option.

Let's go Fox.

Fox: ...

CG: You listening?

Fox: I'm not going.

CG: You have to.

Fox: No I don't.

I don't have to kill my friend.

CG: Yes we do! If not then we won't win the game.

You need to do this with me!

Fox: Make me!

*she runs toward Rose Court*

CG: Dammit...

*noise starts forming on its own and tries to attack CG*

CG: !

If I don't have my partner with me, I can't fight...

Dammit Fox!

*he runs after her*


(Caulder Building)

Hika: I smell a little birdie...

Long time no see NT.

NTG: Your senses must be hightened in that state.

Hika: Hellz yeah. So why you stalking me?

NTG: I'm not stalking you.

How dare you accuse me of doing something so dirty...

Hika: And plotting against Vincent isn't dirty?

NTG: Hm?

Hika: Think about it. He's in a weakened state, and you have access to the same shadow matter that made him stronger.

Of course, you don't need me to tell you this, do you? You have a vial of the stuff in your pocket to use when the time's right.

NTG: You're annoying. But correct.

Hika: Ha... plus, you're nervous with me being around.

I'm a loose cannon that's just as strong as either of you.

NTG: Has the noise rotted your brain away?

You are no threat to either of us.

Hika: You keep telling yourself that...

NTG: Why are you here?

Hika: I've got two objectives: Get my revenge on Fox, and restore myself to my real form.

NTG: Hmm... well you should head to the old arena. She and her partner need to complete the current mission there.

Hika: She's a player again?

Hahaha!!! This is even better than I thought! Now she can't change into Noise form.

NTG: Well, time spent laughing like an insane person is time wasted.

Get going.

Hika: You should try it NT. It's fun.

Besides, you're not a true villain if you don't do it.

NTG: ...

*tries to do insane laughter and fails*

Hika: That's your laugh?!

*he laughs like a true villain*

NTG: ...


Hika: Later haggy!

I should get going too...


(Rose Court)

CG: Fox!

*he's running from the noise*

CG: Where are you?

Fox: ...

*she too is surrounded by noise*

CG: C'mon, we have to take it to them!

Fox: ...

CG: Fox...

Fox: I'm ready to die. For good this time.

CG: Huh?

Fox: I don't have a reason to stay here.

CG: What about this city? Don't you want to save it?

Fox: I don't care.

CG: ...Well what about me?

Without you I can't do anything.

Fox: ...

CG: Together, we're going to make this place better for all.

These people deserve better. Now are you going to fight with me?

*there's a flash and the noise surrounding them are gone*

CG: Did you do that?

Fox: No...

CG: That was weird. Now we need to defeat that reaper.

Fox: Alright.


(Old Arena)

MR: Finally... I was worried you'd chicken out.

*he's up on the pillars*

CG: So... let's get this over with, shall we?

MR: I hope you're ready!

*he flies into the air and makes a dive-bomb onto the field*

Yo Fox, I know you're going through a rough patch, but if you don't give it your all then you have no hope.

Fox: Heh, I know.

You were the most annoying being I ever met, but you're the strongest reaper.

MR: Damn straight.

Now bring it!

*he rushes up to CG and starts pounding him with rapid punches*

CG: I... can't... counter...

Fox: Yah!

*she releases a wall of fire between MR and CG*

MR: Missed!

Fox: No I didn't!

*she surrounds him in a circle of fire*

CG: Now finish him!

*Fox calls up a pillar in the circle that can't miss*

MR: ...

CG: Did we get him...?

Fox: Yeah...

MR: You think it's that easy?

*he brushes ash off of him*

CG: Um...

*MR uses an uppercut that sends CG flying*

MR: Yah!!!

*he attacks Fox, but she pulls up her barrier in time*

Fox: Not so easy is it?

MR: You tell me!

*she punches through the barrier and hits her away*

Fox: Ugh...

MR: If that's the best you got then this is gonna be a short fight...

Fox: I'm just getting warmed up!!!

*she releases flame pillars around the field*

MR: Ha... puns.

Fox: Now!

*CG jumps with his massive sword and slams MR with the blade*

MR: Ack...

Now that's more like it...

*CG rushes up to use shockwaves, but MR guards against the blows*

CG: Yo Fox!

Fox: Take that!

*she releases a stream from behind*

MR: Ow...

CG: I like this pin, I gotta thank you for giving it to me...

*he uses the massive hit pin again*

MR: Damn, hit twice by the same strategy. Now that's sad...

CG: It's time!

Fox: Ready?

CG: Yeah!

*takes out blank pin*

*Fusion Attack*

Fox: Think you can handle it?

CG: Worry about yourself.

*They summon forth a hellfire, destroying everything on the field*

MR: Pah...

*he's dizzy*

So much fire... you know smoke isn't good for ya Fox.

Fox: I'll manage!

*she hits him up into the air with another pillar*

*CG uses a shockwave combo in the air*

MR: ...

I guess I can't win... but that's not gonna stop me from trying!

Hika: No, but I will!

*Hika slashes MR heavily*

MR: !

Hika: If you kill my prey, then I don't have a reason to be here.

Fox: You're still sore about our last fight needlehead?

Hika: A little. Plus I'm a little sore from when your boyfriend tried to barbecue me on the Lab Building.

He wasn't successful obviously.

Fox: So it was you...

Hika: Yep.

Fox: Ha... that's sad Hanz...

You actually lost to this dilweed?

Hika: Hey!

MR: Back off bitch... this is still my fight...

Hika: ...

*he stabs MR with a lance*

MR: ...

*he throws something to CG*

Hika: See you in hell small fry!

MR: Likewise...

*MR fades away, erased*

Hika: Now for you!

*he rushes on all four legs for the siblings*



NTG: Composer sir, the Producer's pet is gone.

Vincent: Excellent. But do we know where the Producer is?

NTG: As idiotic as he was, he knew how to avoid our trace.

We know he went to meet with the Producer but we don't know where.

Vincent: All it'll take is 2 more days.

Then everything will be as they should be.



Day Five: Loyal to a Fault


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Day Six



Fox: ...

CG: Get much sleep?

Fox: Nope.

Been thinking about how fun it'll be to kill that rat bastard.

CG: Fox, we barely escaped with our lives yesterday, don't you remember?


Hika: Now for you!

*he rushes on all four legs for the siblings*

CG: Run!

*they run in opposite directions*

Hika: Aw c'mon! Stop being a bitch!

*fires needles at them*

Bianchi: We're here!

Raven: Wut?

What happened?

Bianchi: I don't see that tiny reaper...

Raven: Well duh, I was reffering to the giant black hedgehog chasing our rivals around.

Bianchi: Hey! What's going on?

Fox: Can't... talk... now!

Bianchi: Maybe he changed into that thing!

Raven: You thinking sneak attack?

Bianchi: Like there's any other kind.

*she shine a blast of light in Hika's face*

Hika: Dammit!

*he runs and crashes into the wall*

Fox: Get away from here!

Raven: And let you get all the glory?


Fox: Idiot! This isn't for glory!

This is for revenge! So step off!

*the day ends*


Fox: We could have taken him!

CG: Yeah right...

That's freaking suicide.

Fox: Well I fought my friend yesterday for you.

The least you can do is help me avenge my friends.

CG: You got me.



Raven: Atleast it isn't the riverside...

Bianchi: Like its any better! This is where it started...

I know! If I press more switches, maybe I can put a cleaner thingy in it!

Raven: Or you might just be putting even more toxins in the water.

Bianchi: ...


Raven: Okay, it says

"Reach the Palace Gates, no time limit"

That's simple enough. This won't take long.

Bianchi: Let's just get out of here...


(Caulder Building)

NTG: ...

*she's modifying the taboo noise sigal*

That moron... he destroyed the sigal.

...that should do it.

*she holds out a pin and summons something*

???: Gyahh!!!

What?! Where!?

NTG: What is your name? Or should I say names?

???: I'm Lyle,

No, I'm Masu...

*its a dragon with two heads*

NTG: Hmm... maybe I didn't repair it right...

Lyle: Where? Where is that bastard?

The one who killed me?

Masu: You mean us.

Lyle: If you weren't attached to this body, I'd smack you.

NTG: Ahem!

Masu: Hey hag lady. Do you know how to make us normal again?

NTG: I'll make you a deal. If you erase the remaining 4 players today then I'll split you two and return you to normal reaper form.

Masu: Cool.

Lyle: Alright, how do we fly?

Masu: I'm flapping my wing.

Lyle: No you idiot, that's my wing.

Masu: I think we have to control the others wings.

Lyle: That's crap.

*they clumsily fly out the hole in the roof, and hit the wall with their mace-tail as they left*

NTG: !

They destoyed the sigal!

*she screams*



Fox: The mission doesn't seem too hard... which means we're bound to face obstacles.

CG: Goody...

*they start walking torwards Rose Court*

CG: So... you were gonna tell me about your friend.

The big one I mean.

Fox: After I became a reaper, I only had a week to live without erasing players.

I couldn't controll my noise, and when it seemed hopeless he sat down beside me and we talked.

He showed my how to do everything. He even helped me erase a player.

We were friends ever since then.

CG: Two years...

Alot of things happened two years ago I guess.

Fox: That was when you started interning with the politicians.


CG: Yep. It was cause I wanted to rule this place one day.

Fox: I thought it was so you could have the authority to take out the gang that killed me...

CG: ...Why'd you do it Fox?

Fox: ...I really don't want to talk about it.

Plus two of my friends just died so no more upsetting questions.

CG: How are they upsetting?

Fox: They just are. How would you feel if I asked you how you died?

CG: Curious.

Fox: ?

CG: Because I'd like to know who did it.

When I come back to life, I'll find them and I'll return the favor.

Fox: If revenge is all you want, then it won't be worth coming back to life!

You idiot! Revenge only makes more of itself, and each time it destroys someone's life!

CG: You hypocrite! What about you and your lust for vengeance against that black porcupine?!

Fox: That's...

CG: No, that's not different!

On top of all this, while you were here for 2 years erasing people, I was living on my own and I had to suck up to those bastards!

I hated my life!

Fox: No you didn't.

CG: Why?

Fox: If you truly hated your life you wouldn't be here!

And guess what?! For those 2 years I was alone too!

Even... even with good friends I just couldn't rid of lonliness.

CG: Well you could have shown yourself to me or something!

Then we wouldn't had to have been... so alone.

Fox: I couldn't...

CG: Why not?

Fox: ...I've been afraid all this time that you'd be ashamed of me.

Especially after you changed your life.

CG: Ashamed of what?

Fox: CG... I-

*cut off*

Lyle: There you are!

CG: What the...?

Lyle: Why are you looking at me like that?

Masu: It's cause your face is so ugly now.

Lyle: So is yours!

CG: Are you two those newbie reapers?

What happened to you?

Fox: The same thing that happened to needlehead.

They were brought back in taboo noise form.

CG: So we gotta erase these guys?

Fox: Let's not bother honestly.

*she starts to walk away*

CG: You're right...

*they enter the Rose Courts*

Lyle: What just happened?

Masu: We'll get them later...

We can still take on those other two!

*they fly off*



Arc: ...

Kiryn: Will you stop pacing already? I'm gonna go nuts.

Arc: Alot of things can still go wrong.

I need to be at the Palace Entrance to pick them up or else...

Kiryn: You have to go soon?

Arc: Yeah.

Kiryn: Well please stop pacing!

Arc: I just need a way to ensure they survive today.

If I could convince someone else to help...

Kiryn: Just be careful...

Arc: W'ever.

*he leaves*


(Palace Entrance)

NTG: They'll be here soon.

I'll make sure they don't.

Hika: Yo haggy!

NTG: If it isn't our taboo vermin...

Hika: I thought about what you were saying about power struggles and I decided I want in!

NTG: I said nothing about power struggles! That was you!

Hika: Whatever. Anyway, prepare to die bitch!

*slashes at her*

NTG: You're a fool.

I'm the only one who can turn you back to normal!

Hika: Only if you become the composer. If I do it myself then I'll be able to.

NTG: You forget one thing though.

Hika: What's that?

NTG: It's not gonna happen!

*she flashes and changes into Noise form*


(Middle Grounds)

Raven: Keep up!

Bianchi: I don't get why we have to run all the time!

Raven: Because video game characters always run!

Bianchi: Wut?

Raven: Shut up...

Lyle: Can I still use my pins?

*he shoots a meteor out of his mouth*

Raven: !


Masu: Cool!

Hey help me turn around!

Lyle: Why?

Masu: Just do it!

*they turn around and Masu swings their mace-tail thing*

Raven: !

Bianch: No!

*she pushes him out of the way*

Bianchi: What's wrong with you?

Raven: I... I don't know...

We have to run! We can't take these guys now.

Bianchi: Wait for me!

*they leave*

Lyle: Dammit... we can't catch up to them!

Masu: We won't get our bodies back at this rate...

Arc: So you want your bodies back?

Lyle: Who are you?

Arc: If you help me, I'll restore you two without having to erase players.

Masu: What's the catch?

Arc: You betray haggy. Instead of erasing the players I want you to protect them.

At least just for today.

Masu: We can do that.

Lyle: Easy.

Arc: I hope so for your sakes...



(Palace Entrance)

CG: We're here!

Fox: ...but the timer's still here!

CG: Fox, look!

*a harpie-looking noise is fighting with taboo Hika*

Fox: No way...

It's NTG!

CG: You sure?

Fox: I never saw her noise form before, but who else would it be?

Hika: Flying away to avoid me isn't gonna help you!

*fires needles*

NTG: Ah!

*she zooms in and delivers a round house worthy of someone lesser than chuck norris*

*Hika's sent flying*

CG: The hell is going on here?

Bianchi: Hey the kitty's battling a harpie!

Raven: That's not a kitty you idiot.

*Lyle and Masu fly in*

Fox: You again?

Masu: Relax.

Lyle: We're here to protect you, not fight you.

CG: What if we don't trust you?

Lyle: Then don't.

NTG: *pant*

He's good...

*she notices the players around her*

You're all here! That's excellent!

Hika: Hell yeah!

*he gets her straight on with his lance*

NTG: !

Instead of killing each other, we should take them out.

Hika: You're just trying to distract me...

NTG: If they're all erased now, we won't have anyone in our way!

Hika: You raise a loud point...

Okayz, you're all dead!

*he slashes at the group*

Lyle: No wai!

Go Masu!

*Masu maces Hika in the face*

Hika: The hell?

NTG: What do you think you two are doing?

Lyle: Getting our payback you witch!

*fires meteor*

NTG: You morons! You could have had great powers if you allied yourself with us!

Masu: Wait, what?

Hika: There's a 3 way going on between me, haggy and the composer.

CG: ...wut?

NTG: He means a death match between the 3 of us.

Winner gets to be composer.

Fox: And... we're caught right in the middle of it...


NTG: Now be good children and die!

*she fires a chain at them*

Masu: Move!

*they get hit and are bound by the chains*

Lyle: Dammit... this actually hurts!

NTG: You're done!

*she divebombs through them*

Hika: Even I have to admit, that was a hardcore kill.

Lyle: Again?

Masu: It's all your fault!

*they fade away, erased*

Fox: Why isn't the day ending!?

We all reached here!

NTG: I'm the Conductor. I decide when the day ends after a mission is complete.

The fact that you managed to escape doom yesterday was pure luck. Now you won't be so lucky!

CG: There's walls blocking the exits...

Raven: Damn them!

Bianchi: What does this mean?

Raven: It means we have to fight them.

Fox: We can't take them, even if there're 4 of us.

CG: ...We're gonna have to though.

Fox: Are you high?

CG: It's the only way.

'Sides, we may just get lucky again.

Fox: That's the stupidest logic I've ever heard!

Raven: I concur...

Bianchi: We can kill the kitty by using catnip and luring it to the poisoned river!

CG: ...

Fox: I stand corrected...

Hika: I'm not a kitty!

Fox: Right, you're my target.

CG, let's go!

CG: Right behind ya!

Hika: Dimwits!

*she slashes at them*

Fox: I don't think so!

*she blocks while CG uses a massive hit*

CG: Bam!

Hika: That's no fair!

I didn't even see that coming!

Fox: You wanna talk about fair?

Then give me back my friends!

Hika: You want them back? I can make that happen if I'm the composer.

Help me kill her off!

NTG: Hey!

Fox: No, I've already marked YOU for death.

*she releases a huge jet of flames under the kitty, i mean hedgehog*

CG: Yah!

*he uses a shockwave combo*

NTG: Hmm... they might actually beat him.

CG: Fox, we need to try the pin that MR left us before he went!

Fox: ...Okay.

*Great-Fusion Attack*

CG: Hope you've said your prayers...

Fox: Cause you're about to meet the goddess!

*They jump into the air, and upon slamming into the ground erupted lava*

Hika: ...!

*he's erased*

NTG: Son of a...

They really did it...

Fox: That was from all the friends of mine you killed!

Hanz... MR... and even Makarov... you're avenged!

NTG: *claps*

That was entertaining. Of course now you've exhausted the energy required for sync.

CG: Ha... I am tired.

Fox: We can't pull that off again.

NTG: Should have waited to use it.

Of course you can't beat me though!

*before she dived in, a bolt of judgement hit her*

NTG: ...

*she falls and faces erasure on her way down*

Vincent: Hmph. She was getting to greedy.

I have to thank all of you for helping with their erasure.

It means I will be the Composer, and my plan to better this city will come to be.

CG: What are your plans?

Vincent: Hm? Surely you've already guessed.

It's happened to quite a number of people here already in the last week.

CG: ...I don't follow.

Vincent: Well, what happened to the river?

Fox: It was poisoned...


Vincent: My idea actually.

Bianchi: You!!!

You made me do it!

Vincent: What?

Bianchi: You made me press the switch to drop the poison!

Vincent: Ah, so you were the one. I have to thank you.

But you know it was not I who pressed it. That was you.

Raven: Shut up.

What do you have to gain by purging this city of people?

Vincent: I have nothing to gain. The city does though.

With less people means less chaos.

CG: ...You're wrong!!!

Vincent: What was that?

CG: You bastard! You really think you have the right to play with so many lives?!

Vincent: Aren't you the one who wants to come back to life and save this place?

What we want is the same thing. I too love this town.

CG: And you're killing these people!

Vincent: It is necesary.

Fox: When is killing ever necesary!?

Vincent: I think you can answer that yourself.

Fox: ...

CG: What does he mean Fox?

Fox: I...

Vincent: Don't be shy now.

Fox: I killed somebody.

When I was in that gang, I killed... an innocent person.

And then the gang leader killed me. I thought it was because he wanted to silence me.

CG: ...

Vincent: If I recall, you stabbed a little boy.

So CG, you want to purge this town of criminals.

What about your sister?

CG: That's... not fair.

You're a murderer and have no right to comment!

Vincent: I'll tell you something, for free of course.

The murders that took place in Crimion that night, both the boys and hers...

They were covered up, weren't they?

CG: ...

Vincent: Do you know who was behind that?

CG: ...

Vincent: It was the councilman you worked for CG!

But you already knew that. That's the real reason you wanted to work alongside him.

You wanted to take the oppurtunity and kill him for what he did to your sister!

So how are we so different?

CG: ...He's an evil man and I want him dead.

The people you killed aren't all evil!

Vincent: Don't you talk to me about good and evil.

It's rather unbecoming and cliched.

We are the same. That's the end of that.

CG: No... the difference between us is that only one of us is gonna rule.

One of us will triumph over the other.

Fox: ...You're not seriously considering...

CG: If you want to stay the composer then you'll have to erase me, because I'm coming for you.

Vincent: Ha! Absurd!

But if you want to enter this little game, I'll allow you.

*he summons another judgement bolt*

*someone takes the hit*

CG: !


*Arc's holding the beam off with his hands*

Arc: There's no time!

Everyone come with me!

*they all warp*



Kiryn: ...

*everyone warps there*

Kiryn: Nick?

Arc: We need to talk. Everyone take a knee!

Fox: You're Arc...

The Producer of the game.

CG: This is the guy who's been causing trouble for everyone?

Fox: Don't disrespect him. He does what he has to do.

Kiryn: That's still no excuse...

Arc: Kiryn... please not now.

Kiryn: ...

Arc: This is important so all of you listen up.

Tommorrow's the last window available to defeat Vincent.

Fox: How come?

Arc: The Composer sets rules. When he sets new ones, they don't become effective until the next week.

So next week, the rules he's made will make it very hard for anyone to erase him, while making it easier for others to erase eachother.

Raven: ...So players can attack each other?

Arc: Yes.

We can't let this happen though.

Bianchi: All the people who died this week, are they going to play next week?

Arc: Most of them. Vincent wants to kill all of them, and then erase any hope of them winning the game.

Raven: I don't see what's so wrong. If there's a huge amount of players like you're implying then why shouldn't he?

Arc: The reason behind the game... why there's an entry fee... why it's hard... it's all because of this one purpose.

It was made to show individuals what their lives would be like if they were missing the one thing they loved most.

Anyone who realised how precious life was, and whoever has learned from the game will be brought back to life for another chance.

Whereas anyone who won't learn... are always doomed to fail.

This game is to decide who is worth of a second chance.

The point is Vincent forgot that. He's mass murdering to try and save the town, but the fact is the opposite will happen.

Kiryn: Can I tell them?

Arc: You want to?

Kiryn: Yeah.

Fox: What?

Kiryn: People who are given a second shot at life, are given it in hopes that they will make their lives, and the lives of others better.

It can be through art... music... poetry... or anything really. With their contributions back to the community, they will inspire others.

And that rids of chaos.

CG: ...I get it. So what the Composer is doing is going to make this place worse.

Arc: Right.

So CG... and Fox.

CG: Yeah?

Arc: It's you two who have to take it to Vincent.

Raven: Why'd you bring us along?

Arc: You have your role to play too.

Raven: And that would be...

Arc: These two will be focusing on thier mission.

You two will focus on surviving tommorow.

As long as there are players, Vincent has no choice but to give his attention to the game.

This is because he's the only reaper-officer left now. He has no subordinates to use.

Bianchi: We'll do our best!

Raven: One thing though...

What happens if they succeed?

Do we still come back to life?

Arc: I daresay that will be up to the new Composer.



Day Six: Countdown


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Day Seven


(Caulder Building)

Vincent: ...

This place... I haven't been here for 50 years nearly.

It's decrepit. Someone even blew holes through the roof.



???: *gasp*

Just... kill me!

I can't sing... I can't fly...

Man: You'd like that wouldn't you halfbreed?

???: I will... kill you!

Man: Hm? Really?


Voice: Doctor? Are you in there?

Man: Can't let them know about you...

*he thrusts a dagger into the other's body*

???: *gasp*

*blood spills out of his mouth while his body slowly turns cold*

Man: Just need to get rid of the body...

(One week later)

Voice: Good night doctor!

Man: I'll see you tommorow then.

???: Long time no see doctor.

Man: !

???: Your face... you look like you've just seen a ghost.

*The man grabs a knife and slashes at the floating man, but he dissappeared*

???: That won't work on me again.

You see, once you survive a week in hell, there's very little that will phase you.

Man: !

*he drops the dagger*

???: I told you I would kill you... I intend to keep my promise.

*picks up the dagger*


Vincent: And what was left there was his body, and someone left research documents concerning enslaved laguz.

That is why you became so old, building. I know it was only one man doing it, but you know what they say...

One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.


(Castle Square)

Raven: ...We're here.

Bianchi: ...

*starts moving around restlessly*

Raven: What's your deal now?

Bianchi: It's just... I'm waiting...

I can't stay still...

Raven: ...Whatever.

...You think he'll keep his promise?

Bianchi: It's too late to turn back now.

All we can do is trust him.

Raven: Right...

Vincent: Good day players.

Raven: You... you're from yesterday.

Vincent: Indeed.

And it seems you two are the last players.

Bianchi: Does that mean we have to fight you?

I don't wanna...

Vincent: I am the Composer, you couldn't beat me if you tried.

So how would you like eternal life? It's far better than resurruction.

Raven: Sounds too good to be true.

Vincent: I'll give you all the life you can get, if you become reapers for me.

Bianchi: What?!

Raven: Reapers have done nothing but caused us trouble.

Bianchi: That one reaper made me a mass murderer!

Vincent: You have two options. You can attempt to fight me to win the game, or you can join me and live as long as you can erase.

Raven: Hm...

Bianchi: Raven? You're not actually...

Raven: Bianchi, the answer's simple.

Vincent: It is?

Raven: Of course.

I've had my mind set on this since yesterday.


(Palace Entrance)

CG: ...He's not here Fox.

Fox: Those two should be distracting him.

Let's get in.

*she uses a pin to get rid of a barrier*

CG: ...What?

Fox: What's wrong?

CG: You mean Reapers just use a pin to torture players with barriers?

Fox: It's called a keypin genius... what did you think we did?

CG: I thought you had superpowers...

Fox: *scoffs*

Hurry up.

*they enter the palace*

CG: Arc said the tower's this way.

*she goes up*

Fox: CG?

CG: ...

*he's staring at someone*

Fox: What is it now?

CG: Him.

Fox: That man in the robes?

CG: He killed me.

Fox: ...

CG: He will pay.

Fox: ...Don't you get it?

Revenge... doesn't solve anything.

CG: Funny hearing that from you.

Fox: I should be the one who knows you dolt!

...I got trapped in a circle of vengeance with needlehead.

Look where I am, I'm short two good friends, and I'm heading to my probable death.

CG: But didn't you feel the satisfaction when we erased the bastard?

Fox: I won't lie. I did.

But just remember what Arc said yesterday.

CG: ...

Let's go.



Arc: It's almost time, you ready?

Kiryn: Yeah.

Do you have what you need?

Arc: ...Yep.

You know, so many things can still go wrong now.

Kiryn: Just remember yesterday. I've been doing that all morning to keep sane.

Arc: Heh...


Arc: Right.

So CG... and Fox.

CG: Yeah?

Arc: It's you two who have to take it to Vincent.

Raven: Why'd you bring us along?

Arc: You have your role to play too.

Raven: And that would be...

Arc: These two will be focusing on their mission.

You two will focus on surviving tommorow.

As long as there are players, Vincent has no choice but to give his attention to the game.

This is because he's the only reaper-officer left now. He has no subordinates to use.

Bianchi: We'll do our best!

Raven: One thing though...

What happens if they succeed?

Do we still come back to life?

Arc: I daresay that will be up to the new Composer.

Bianchi: You'll do it, right?

CG: Of course. But you'll need to have learned your lessons first.

Otherwise there wouldn't be a point to this.

Fox: That's assuming we even have a shot.

Bianchi: I miss not being able to figure things out for myself...

I used to be so smart, and this whole week I've been depending on Raven.

I've... been a burden.

CG: Ack... please don't cry...

Raven: At least she can.

She may have been a total pain in the ass, but she's shed enough emotion for the both of us.

Right now I'd give anything to feel... again.

Arc: Ha... looks like we were right in picking you two.

CG: How strong is this guy... I mean Vincent.

Arc: Strong. He's always been like that, even before he threw a coup.

Not tougher than me though.

Fox: Arc... I have a question.

Arc: I'm listening.

Fox: If you were stronger, why didn't you beat him?

Arc: I did, and I gave him the wound that crippled him and caused all of this to happen.

His subordinates turning on him were part of the plan.

Fox: That's briliant...

Weren't you worried that the plan would fail?

Arc: Wasn't my plan.

CG: Then whose?

Arc: Jyosua's.

The former Composer.

It's mostly happened according to plan.

...What's with you now?

CG: ...It's the things he said to me that got to me.

We're alike. We both want the same thing in the end.

Fox: CG, that's a load of crap. You're not the same.

CG: I just want revenge.

Fox: But you want to help people!

CG: He does too.

Arc: Idiot! The difference is how far you're willing to go.

The Composer's alone. He's always been alone.

He's faced unimaginable hardships, and betrayal.

And that's made him the warped soul you're going to face.

What about you? You have friends, you have a future,

And you have faith in something that's always been broken: Humanity.

Listen up CG!

The world ends with us, not with one person.

It's not just your burden to carry. It's everyone's.

So don't go doing the impossible on your own.

The individual will always fail whereas the whole will win.

You get it?

CG: I don't know...

Arc: ...You will.

Now take this pin... think of it as my final gift to you.

Arc: I was practically yelling at him...

Kiryn: No! You were inspiring everyone in that room.

Arc: Hmm... I guess I was.

Kinda embarrassing...



CG: This is it...

Fox: The Composer's office.

CG: ...Arc said when the time was right, use the pin.

But what is it supposed to do?

Fox: No harm in finding out now, is there?

CG: Guess not.

*he uses it, and a sigil appears on the wall*

Fox: That looks like the sigils used for taboo noise...

CG: Why'd he give us this?

???: AHHH!!!

*energy is beaming from the wall*

CG: !

Zeph: I'm going to be a wyvern tamer! Just watch me!

Tashi: Where am I?

Masu: Hey Lyle? Lyle?

Lyle: I told you, if we become reapers we won't have to play.

Fox: What the hell is this?!

CG: They're ghosts... but we can see them.

MR: My butt feels all painy...

Hanz: I hate this Arena...

Fox: ...them...

CG: Hey, over here!

*the spirits flying around don't respond*

Voice: I want to go home...

Voice: Where am I?

Voice: I miss you...

CG: ...

Shut up!!!

*he slashes at the spirits*

CG: *breathes heavy*

Shut... up...

*all the spirits form together into a shining white humanoid form*

Fox: CG... it look like a person.

CG: ...

Vincent: I don't believe I invited you into my office, now did I?

CG: ...

Vincent: What are you staring at?

*he destroys the spirit-thing*

Fox: It ends now Vincent...

CG: Don't worry, we'll make it as painful as we can.

Vincent: So sorry, I don't think I'll be joining you this round.

CG: And why is that?

Vincent: Introducing two new reapers...

Fox: No freaking way...

*Raven and Bianchi are there, and they have reaper wings*

CG: I thought this might happen.

Fox, they're freshies so we can take 'em without trying.

Raven: Give us a little more credit than that...

Bianchi: Yeah, we're not as weak as you think!

Fox: You'd turn on us even after Arc's words?

Raven: Looks like it.

CG: Drop it Fox, it's not worth it.

Fox: You're right. We'll end you now.

Raven: I'd like to see you try!

Bianchi: *sticks tongue at them*

Vincent: I guess I'll just sit back...

Raven: You ready?!

CG: Let's bring it!

*CG and Raven attack Vincent and catch him off guard*

Vincent: Ah!

*he falls out of his chair*

Raven: Everyone! Hit 'em hard!

Vincent: You worthless...

You could have been a great Reaper.

And you will die here.

Raven: You're probably right on both accounts, but you took away my ability to give a damn, remember?

*fires off shot*

Vincent: The odds are against you... very much so.

Bianchi: I'm not good with math anymore. You made me like that.

So I don't care.

Fox: I think we're all in agreement. We're going to take you down.

CG: Talking won't get us there!

*he rushes in and gets in a few hits of shockwave*

Raven: That's my line!

*Fox summons a fire jet under Vincent, but he dodges*

Raven: Now!

*he fires a chain to catch hold of Vincent*

Bianchi, keep him stunned!

Bianchi: Yahh!!!

*she shines a focused ball of light on him*

Vincent: Fools!

*breaks free and shoots a judgement beam*

Bianchi: !

*Fox jumps in front and uses a barrier*

Fox! That was so cool!

Fox: Duh, it's me.

Raven: I like this new psyche!

*shoots another chain at Vincent*

Fox: Don't get carried away now...

*makes a trail of fire surround him*

Vincent: You still don't get it... these psyches are harmless to me!

*gets hit from behind by CG and his huge-ass sword*


CG: Harmless? I don't think so...

Vincent: ...whew.

I don't think I've had a battle like this in a while.

*uses judgement*

Raven: Grk...

Vincent: So sorry you have to leave us...

Raven: Suck it!

*fires an energy round right in his face*

Bianchi: Yay!

Vincent: What is it with you people and fighting dirty?

Have you no honor?

CG: Nope!

*smacks him away with another sword hit*

Fox: CG! Use it!

CG: Now?

Fox: Yeah!

Bianchi: No, let us use ours!

Fox: When'd you get a fusion pin?

Raven: Yesterday!

*Fusion Attack*

Raven: Let's lay down the hurt!

Bianchi: Don't think bad of us...

*they surround the field and fire shots of flame and light, which rebound everywhere*

Vincent: Pah...

*he's got blood coming out of his mouth*

Well played.

CG: It ends... now!

*charges his sword for a massive hit*

Vincent: I think it's time I stopped playing like this.

CG: Damn straight! Now die!

Vincent: Settle down.

*hits CG full on with a judgement*

CG: Ack!

Vincent: Not many know this, but I'm actually a laguz. Or rather I was.

Fox: What do you mean you were? You don't stop being a laguz.

Vincent: I did. I was captured, and experimented on some time ago.

That man... he took away my ability to change form, to sing, to fly.

Then I played the Reaper's game, and found my way to being a Reaper.

You see, that was the ultimate victory.

Bianchi: How's that better than being alive again?

Vincent: Because as a reaper, I could do everything I lost.

I could fly, I could transform... and I could fight for myself!

CG: What's with the story? Trying to give us an inspiration speech before you lose that arrogant head of yours?

Vincent: It's relevant... because up until now I have been fighting in human form. Now it's time for you to meet my noise!

*he folds his hands in a prayer-like fashion, and his reaper's wings grew and glowed a malevolent blue*


*he changes into a massive dark blue crane and spreads his wings*

Arc: So it's happened already?


Vincent: Why aren't you helping them if you've been sitting there all this time?

Arc: Noone asked me.

CG: Dude! Stop being a prick and fight with us!

Arc: Can't, sorry.

Fox: Why the hell not?!

Arc: Got my reasons.

Now you all continue. Go on, just imagine I'm not here.

Kiryn: Nick, I think you ARE being a prick...

Arc: Well said. But that's not gonna change my mind.

Vincent: This is giving me a headache... If I kill you all it'll go away, won't it?

CG: Here it comes!

*The crane sweeps the field with his claw-like wings*

Fox: Ow!

He's got range...

CG: No problem!

*rushes in*

Vincent: Sorry...

*he nearly impales CG with his beak*

CG: Dammit...

This hurts...

Raven: Get away from him!


Bianchi: Yeah!

*fires light*

Vincent: You two are so bothersome...

*rains judgement down on both of them*

Bianchi: ...

I feel sick Raven...

Raven: I... think we're done...

CG: Raven? Bianchi?

Hey, don't bail on us now!

Raven: Don't have much choice...

Bianchi: Are my shoes untied?

*the two of them fade, erased*

CG: Dammit...

Fox: ...

Vincent: Don't feel bad. It was bound to happen...

Now I'll ask you: Do you want to save Nevassa?

CG: We've been through this.

I will save Nevassa, and I'll do it my way.

And FYI that doesn't involve killing innocent people just to kill the bad ones!

Vincent: It's futile I guess.

What about you? I'm sure you'd love to see your friends again.

*he has hanz's watch in his beak*

Fox: !

Vincent: If you lay down and surrender, I can make that happen.

Fox: ...you take me for a fool?


My friends would be pissed at me if I made that sort of deal.

Know what you're talking before you say it!

Vincent: Looks like you've made up your mind too.

CG: Stop talking and fight!

Arc: Yeah, this is getting boring...

Fox: You be quiet!

Kiryn: *chuckles a bit*

You be quiet...

*CG charges in and Fox sends flames running after him*

CG: Now to try it...

*he slides under vincent's legs while the fire pursues him*

Vincent: Atleast in this form I don't have a crotch... otherwise that would hurt.

*he spins around and smacks the siblings around with his wings*

*he slashes them*

CG: Ow...

You just carved scratches in my back!

I was waiting to lose my virginity before anyone got to do that!

Fox: ...Too much info...

CG: Shut up...

Fox: I think now's the time!

CG: Right!

*holds out pin*

*Great-Fusion Attack*

CG: Hope you've said your prayers...

Fox: Cause you're about to meet the goddess!

*They jump into the air, and upon slamming into the ground erupted lava*

Fox: Not the pin I was talking about!

CG: *ignores*


*he jumps with his massive sword*

Vincent: Naughty...

*slams him out of the way*

Fox: Yah!

*unleashes a stream of fire*

Vincent: This is getting too repetitive!

*hits her with a judgement*

Fox: ...

eh... I can't take another hit CG...

CG: Bastard!

Fox: CG! Use it now!

CG: fine...

*uses the mysterious pin*


*nothing happens*

Arc you bastard!!!

Arc: Be patient...

*The crane is chasing CG around the room*

*The voices start to return, and spirits fill the room*

Vincent: Dammit! I can't see them!

Arc: You ready?

Kiryn: Yeps.

Arc: Hit it Kiryn!

Kiryn: *she starts playing her trumpet to the tune of a song sang by herons*

Vincent: Galdrar?!

Arc: You can't sing, so we thought we'd play you a little bit.

Fox: ...


CG: How the hell does that help us!?

Arc: I said be patient.

Now Vincent, what song is this?

Vincent: It's the song of release...

*he starts shaking and losing balance*

Arc: Observe the spirits now.

*the spirits start circling the room, and are now saying the same thing*

Voices: One alone is powerless, and the powerless together are invincible.

CG: ...I think I get it now Arc.

Arc: You do now?

CG: I'm not alone. If I fight like I am then I can't win.

So I need everyone's help now.

Arc: Atta boy, and Kiryn said you weren't that smart.

Kiryn: That was you that said it...

Arc: ...Oh yeah.

Well if you think you know the next step then do it.

CG: Right.

*takes out his massive sword and holds it above his head*

CG: One alone is powerless...

*the spirits fly into the sword, giving it game-breaking power*

CG: but together the powerless...

*it shines brigher while Vincent is helpless*

CG: are invincible!!!

*he leaps and uses a jump attack that slices right through the Composer*

Vincent: ...well done.


CG: ...is... that it?

Arc: What? You expected anything else?

CG: I kinda thought there'd be like a final final boss...

Arc: Not in this story. It's done man.

CG: Good... so what now?

Arc: Well you're going to have to take that up with the angels, now aren't you?

*Arc's white wings unfold and he takes Kiryn hand and they fly out the huge gaping hole in Daein Tower*

Fox: ...the hell?

CG: What'd he mean by angels?

*he vanishes in a puff of angel feathers*

Fox: Son of a bitch... now I'm all alone...

MR: Ha, you're lonely so you're talking to yourself.

Fox: You guys... you're still spirits.

Hanz: Technically we're noise, but we're visible to you.

Fox: Weird...

MR: Knowing Arc though, it's not so unusual.

Fox: ...I miss you both.

Hanz: We miss you too.

Fox: ...

Hanz: We're proud of ya though.

MR: Yeah really.

Fox: Thanks...

*she smiles*


(Castle Square)

So after all that, Nevassa was still a hellhole.

People constanly had quarrels, and bred more chaos.

But... atleast now with the return of some key players...

This hellhole will get better, even if it's slow to come.

Fox: ...Feels just right today.

It's beautiful out.

*she walks toward the fountain in the middle*

Lyle: Hey Fox!

*his mouth is stuffed*

Fox: Where's Masu?

Lyle: I'm eating him.

Fox: ...

Lyle: Kidding, this is just chicken.

I think he's off trying to get some chick's attention.

Fox: Poor girl...

Bianchi: Um... you have sauce on your shirt...

Masu: Ugh... how embarassing...

So you wanna do something later?

Bianchi: Can't. I have someone else to meet.

Raven: There she is.

Bianchi: You look better happy.

Raven: You look better smart.

Bianchi: Don't make fun.

*flicks him on the nose*

Masu: I think I just got rejected...

Lyle: Ha... loser.

So Fox, what are you doing later?

Fox: Not spending it with you.

Kiryn: Ouch...

Better luck next time pal.

Lyle: Whatever...

Kiryn: Is he coming?

What'd he say he was going to wear?

Fox: He said he'd be wearing nice clothes.

Kiryn: Hard to imagine him wearing that...

Hanz: Really now...

That hurts.

Fox: You going to miss being a Reaper?

Hanz: ...I don't think so.


Fox: ...Not if you don't.

Kiryn: I better get home...

See you tommorrow!

Fox: Bye!

(On top of the caulder building)

Arc: You know, this place is finally gonna be torn down.

???: Really? I didn't hear that.

Arc: Yep. Apparently the public doesn't like the fact that strange people who vanish instanly go there and do some weird stuff.

???: Who wouldn't like that?

Arc: I wouldn't mind.

???: But you're a lazy bastard so your opinion doesn't matter.

Arc: True... true.

How do you think he'll do?

???: As long as he has you, I think he'll have everything he needs.

Arc: He's gonna do great things... just watch.

???: I will.

Arc: Nice talking to you again...

???: Hey!

...Thanks for watching over her.

Can't tell you how happy it makes me to see her again.

Arc: You can hold your thanks. I'm not done yet.

Nor... will I ever be if you think about it.

???: Ha... alright.

Arc: I gotta get going. If she beats me back to her place I have to do laundry.

I'm the freaking producer and she makes me do her dirty work...

???: Goodbye Arc.

Arc: See ya Jyo.

*he spreads his wings and flies out to Crimion*


I know I've got some big shoes to fill, and fixing this place isn't going to be quick.

And it's certainly not gonna be easy. But I think I'll persevere.

I've got time. Let's go spy on Hanz and stop him from getting with my sister.

Ha... I love this town.



Day Seven: Our Wonderful World


This epic story is dedicated to my departed grandmother.

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