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Fire Emblem: Tale of the Tactician


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Now, if the description didn't tell you, I am writing this based on FETO battles I have. Not a great writer, but as this continues, it will get better. Use my feedback/request thread to request a battle for the story.

Fire Emblem: Tale of the Tactician

Prologue 1: Fort Satarconex

Mikhail, the Tactician of Sauren, and his men were fighting for control of the strategically valuable Fort Setarconex. Against them were the rebels under the standard of the Eclipse. Mikhail had chosen his best men to help him fight. Aaron, a heavily armored axemen, strong and virtuous, was the one assigned to defend Mikhail. Simeon, one of Sauren's Four Riders, famed for his bravery and for his knowledge of tactics, also wielded the axe. And Sheik the Templar wielded magic of the light, and was also the adviser to Mikhail. Mikhail called himself an Adept, using the powers of the elements for his own use.

The Rebels advanced into the fort after a day of travel, and established a position. The Rebels were on the opposite side, planning on holding the fort. "We cannot let them take this fort. We need to keep our supply line!" Simeon saw, south of the position, a chest. "Commander, I will head south, and grab the treasure." As Simeon flew off on his Wyvern, a Pegasus grabbed the treasure from the other side, and flew north to join her allies. The rebels established a defensive position on the northwest corner, with a cavalier, a Healer, a Shaman, and a monk. As they set up their own defense, the tactician training in Mikhail's head said to leave. But he needed to hold the fort. "Don't let them get to you. We can take them."

The rebels, 3 strong, were set on taking the fort. The fort was the only line of defense on the eastern side of the capital, due to the nearly vertical sheer cliffs. Only one path was there, and it was suited only for foot soldiers. But since the ones who advanced toward it were mages, they were foot soldiers. And a Pegasus flew in from above, making it a team of three. Once atop the cliffs, they got help from a cavalier, only known as "Eggplant," and advanced through the woods to the fort.

Little did they know that someone was already on their way to kill the king of Sauren…

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