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FE5 Or 4 Sprites/Mugs/all that stuff


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Ok Great and amazing hackers out there who kick ass by existing, I have a question on hacking the SNES non fe 3 games. The most ive done so far is mess with Nightmare, but i was wondering if i could do more? I would like to know if there are any "suggestions" to programs i can use to edit text, units, units faces, and battle sprites and maps and etc. Any and all advice will be accepted!

Preferably FE5

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There was a patch done by SpyroDi some years back for FE4 which gave it ASCII encoding for text. FE5, I'm betting all you really need is a table file and a hex editor to edit its text. FE3 the same.

There are a few basic editors on the binary uploader, as well as nightmare modules, for the three games. Map editors exist for FE3 and FE4, and even FE5, though I haven't been able to find that one as of yet. There's programs which will decompress and recompress edited graphics for you, but you need to insert them back into the game manually.

The games are pretty much completely editable with the stuff available. The only matter is you need to be able to actually edit things outside of clicking buttons in order to make use of them.

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