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(FE5) Thracia 776 Draft

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Welcome to another season of the Thracia Drafting League. You probably know the usual rules according to Integrity's thread.

Elite mode, of course.

Undrafted units may not: Open doors, chests, etc, capture units, engage in combat, use staves, rescue drafted units, get captured, visit villages, dance, steal weapons.

Undrafted units may: Rescue NPC's, trade, escape maps, shop, visit storage houses, recruit characters, rescue undrafted units, steal items, acquire items through villages or conversations.

Free units for everyone : Leaf, Eyvel, Dagda and Tanya (8x only), Glade and his knights (13 only), Sety or Cyas.

During the Manster escape (4-7), two units free for everyone. Rivis may not be chosen if he is undrafted.

Recruitments are free (for instance, visiting Ronan's village using an undrafted unit)

Gaiden chapters are required, except 24x. A 20 turn penalty will be added for each missed gaiden chapter. Gaiden turns under 20 will be not counted.

Warp staff is banned until chapter 21, with 16B (The Dark Forest) as the only exception. Warp and Rescue on Leaf are always banned.

Please update frequently.

Players (Snake draft order) :

1. Sirius : Karin, Othin, Brighton, Saphy, Shiva, Marty, Dean, Sleuf, Amalda, Ralph, Galzus, Alva

2. Dio : Fin, Asvel, Dagda, Nanna, Parn, Salem, Eda, Glade, Selphina, Eyrios, Delmud, Kein

3. Psych : Fergus, Lara, Machua, Tanya, Mareeta, Linoan, Sara, Homeros, Miranda, Shanam, Trewd, Conomore

4. Ike-Mike : Rivis, Olwen, Halvan, Carrion, Dalsin, Tina, Fred, Misha, Hicks, Ronan, Roberto, Xavier



Chapter 1: Halvin (3), Othin (3), Fin (4), Dagda (5), Tania (2), Marty (3)

Chapter 2: Ronin (3)

Chapter 3: Lifis (4), Safy (4)

Chapter 4: Felgus (4), Brighton (5), Machua (4), Karin (4), Dalsin (3), Lara (4)

Chapter 4x: Asvel (3)

Chapter 5: Nanna (3)

Chapter 6: Karin (5), Hicks (4)

Chapter 7: Shiva (4), Fin (4), Safy (4)

Chapter 8: Carrion (3), Marty (3)

Chapter 9: Selphina (4), Alva (3), Kein (3), Robert (2)

Chapter 11x: Fred (4), Olwen (5)

Chapter 12: Mareeta (4)

Chapter 12x: Salem (4), Pahn (5), Trewd (3), Tina (4), If promoted to Dancer, Lara now has a 6 turn penalty per chapter.

Chapter 14: Eda (4), Dean (5), Homeros (4)

Chapter 14x: Linoan (5)

Chapter 15: Ralph (4)

Chapter 16A: Sleuf (5), Eyrios (4)

Chapter 16B: Shanam (5), Sara (5), Miranda (3)

Chapter 17A: Sara (5)

Chapter 18: Xavier (5)

Chapter 19: Amalda (6), Conomore (5)

Chapter 21: Delmud (6)

Chapter 24: Galzus (6)

Lowest turn count wins. Good luck and have fun.

Edited by Dio
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Sure, but I'm going to try and do some of the 8 draft.

Maybe ban Rewarp too. >_>

Alright, signups closed.

I'm still iffy on this one. They're more common but they definitely lose some edge without Rescue on Leaf.

Edited by Dio
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Alright, signups closed.

I'm still iffy on this one. They're more common but they definitely lose some edge without Rescue. Plus it makes recruiting some units near impossible.

Well, it makes some chapters harder like Cyas and Reinhardt and it places more importance on Fliers. Maybe 24, but other than 24x cause of the warping tiles it shouldn't really be a big deal. Xavier is a lost cause.

Plus now, Safy is just Hammerne.

I guess if 24x isn't mandatory, allow warping and things there. The warp tiles can really screw you up.

Edited by Psykitty
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Eh, Iunno it's up to you. If you do that though maybe do it after 15 so that the B route has some promise I suppose.

Warp only for 16B is ok in my book as long as Leaf isn't involved, but 16B only. 17B isn't really that bad and Xavier is always worthless anyway.

Anyway if we use the order we signed up as numbers on a random number generator, I get this :

3 1 4 2

Random numbers generated Jul 3 2011 at 16:6:55 by www.psychicscience.org

Free educational resources for parapsychology, psychical research & mind magic.

Therefore the draft order is Sirius > myself > Psych > Ike-Mike (takes 2) > Psych > myself > Sirius (takes 2), etc.

Edited by Dio
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