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Pokemon B/W2 Rumors


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'> 250px-Pok%C3%A9mon_Black_2_logo_JP.png250px-Pok%C3%A9mon_White_2_logo_JP.png

My connection to Nintendo is not limited to my name only, as I actually have connections inside the company due to my involvement with various Nintendo-sponsored publications, and actually have come across information regarding the upcoming Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, information that is quite surprising and possibly the biggest news involving the sequel. This information is planned to be published in the next CoroCoro as the “big scoop”, and I have received descriptions, but no pictures, of what this news entails. All this information will be revealed in CoroCoro, but other sources may perhaps reveal it beforehand, such as the Pokemon Smash program. I have not seen this information first-hand, but have been corresponding with friends in other parts of the franchise, including some who are involved with the Japanese side of the franchise, so the information I have is second-hand, so not everything will be entirely accurate as some details may have been skipped over. Furthermore, I cannot reveal concrete info such as actual names of new Pokemon and characters appearing in the sequel but can reveal basic descriptions and general information.

So, what is this big news? Well, it turns out that, since Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 is the franchise’s first official numerical sequel, just as Gold and Silver was originally planned as, it will, for the first time ever, be introducing completely brand new Pokemon to the franchise alongside the return of the Unova Pokemon. These Pokemon will apparently still be considered “Generation 5″ Pokemon, although they will not be compatible with Black and White, akin to how RBY and GSC could link, but the new Pokemon could not be transferred. There are ten Pokemon set to be revealed this month, including a new set of Starters, with more apparently on the way, although no exact number is known to any of my correspondents. Some of them speculate that it will be around 50 or so, but will not be as many as a full generation, so probably not over 100.

Furthermore, I have also obtained preliminary information pertaining to the plot, setting, and characters as well that will be featured in Black 2 and White 2. Here is a bullet-point summary of the general information CoroCoro is set to contain this month:

[spoiler=Pokemon] * A second set of Starter Pokemon will be making their debut in Black 2 and White, and will still be the traditional Grass/Fire/Water triad. The Grass Pokemon is a bird, pure Grass, like Piplup and Torchic. Resembles an owl with a flower on head, needle eyebrows, and cactus wings. Seems to be based off the owls that live in cacti. The Fire Pokemon is a little orange elephant, different body design from Phanpy, rounder. Flame pattern on inside of ears–reference to the use of ears to regulate heat? Holes where its tusk would be. I assume, like Chimchar, fire comes out when it battles. Water Pokemon is a platypus, very playful in its design. Beaver-tail is large and looks like a surf-board, with a v-cut at the end. Magazine makes a note about the Starter Pokemon being “imported”, not sure what it means by this. Related to the region, I speculate.

* Two new Pokemon related to Unova Pokemon are revealed. First is pre-evolution of Heatmor, Normal, lacks the mechanical features of the former. Resembles a tea-kettle. Learns Scald as a move its evolution does not. No info given on how it evolves, but hints at Durant being involved. Second is an evolution of Swoobat, seems to be a reference to Crobat, very-feminine appearance, succubus like. Same type as Swoobat. No evolution method given yet. Hints at other pre-evolutions and evolutions appearing, but seems to specify only Unova Pokemon receiving them.

* Two version-exclusive counterparts. Pure Steel Pokemon, Black 2 exclusive apparently, a knight wearing a thimble with tiny needle swords. Pure Rock Pokemon, White 2 exclusive, human-shaped Smoochum-looking. Has a crown and brooch made of rock. Knight and maiden-themed duo.

* Pure-Ghost, possibly a new Gastly like Timburr/Machop and Roggenrola/Geodude. Classic cartoon ghost wearing a sheet. Sheet is cut into giving it the appearance of a tuxedo. Very classy looking and cute with a little bow-tie. Dragon/Fighting Pokemon, very fierce looking. Possibly a final form. Bipedal. Obvious Game of Death reference. Bug/Dark Pokemon. Looks bigger than a first form, but not final either. A cockroach. Its shell looks like a leather-jacket. Punk-inspired, it seems, 50s greaser as opposed to Scraggy’s urban youth. Pose it’s in is classic “crouched down” gangster. Very intimidating looking.

* No exact word given, but magazine seems to hint that none of the pre-Gen V Pokemon will appear once more during the main game. New Pokemon seem to be appearing alongside the Black and White Pokemon in the new region. Seems to be a nod to Gold and Silver containing a mix of Gen 1 and Gen 2.

*Pictures confirm Pokemon following you is back, but isn’t elaborated on if there are any changes to it since HG/SS.

[spoiler=Region] * Completely new region, with an official artwork map shown. Seems to be a bit on the small side at a glance. There looks to be 10 towns. Mix of modern cities, lots of bridges once more, and old world castles. Looks classic Final Fantasy-inspired almost. Other notable features seen are a giant Gothic-building, possibly a church, an airport (flying to Unova?), an aboveground train-line featuring prominently on the map, a shipyard, and a giant castle sitting on an island, surrounded by sharp rocks and with a storm-cloud above it. There is also an ice island up in the far north. No word given, but the general shape of the region, the castles, and the theme of the Pokemon hints towards being inspired by the U.K., but seems like an amalgam of Western Europe.

* In-game screen-shots show the starting town, which is very classy and seems to feature a Pokemon academy. One screen-shot shows the player character standing at what appears to be a graduation ceremony in a large garden. Other screen shots show the player climbing the inside of a clock-tower, and little transparent sprites of the previously mentioned tuxedo-ghost are dancing around the screen, looks neat. The probably-church is also shown, with the player talking to a robed-man in front of it, as well as the shipyard, with the player walking around a puzzle created out of girders being hoisted by cranes (a Gym Puzzle?), and a shot of the player walking on the inside of the train, with the windows being open and showing off a pre-rendered grassy field.

* Region seems to be steeped in history, and said to be important to unlocking various mysteries of the Pokemon world and so-and-so. Strong connection to Unova is implied. Also hints at having more differences between versions when it comes to layout than Black and White did, but no examples given or noticeable on the map, perhaps there are two maps for each version and they just chose one for the magazine?

[spoiler=Characters] * Brand New Gym Leaders, four are shown, but not sure if they are in order. First Gym Leader is a repeat of the Straighton Trio, but female waitresses. Relation to them? They appear to use the original Unova Starters based on a screen-shot, like how the brothers used the monkeys. Second Gym Leader shown is a woman in a ringleader outfit, like a circus. No information given on type. Shows her in-game standing in a circus tent. Coloring on outfit, purple and yellow, seems like Psychic. Third Gym Leader resembles the cue-ball trainer class. Rides a motorcycle. Probably Poison, or perhaps first Dark Gym Leader? Fourth Gym Leader is a very classy looking young man holding a rapier. No clue what type he uses, Steel? Looks a bit like N, but with shorter hair. The magazine mentions the Unova Gym Leaders, and I think they’re once more hinting the G/S-nature of the game. Maybe we’ll fight them again?

* New Player Characters. Looks same age as Hilbert and Hilda. Blond boy, with newsboy cap. Ginger girl, with flapper hat. Both wear nice clothes, and the girl has jewelry, so they seem to be rich. One screen-shot shows them together (the graduation ceremony), so they both seem to factor into the plot. Rival Character is shown, also at the ceremony. He’s another character with green hair, probably related to the green-haired Gym Leader? Artwork shows him yawning, and he seems to fall asleep during the graduation. New Professor, fat, balding man, looks like the Penguin. Focuses on exploring the relationship between the development of human culture alongside Pokemon. Owns an academy for upcoming trainers, which is where the beginning of the game takes place.

* N is shown, and they are strongly hinting that he’ll definitely appear. Mentions the stinger ending of Black and White. The magazine also points out the green-hair trait of the rival and the Gym Leader, but doesn’t say anything else. One screen shows the player battling a Seven Sage (not sure if it was one of the ones from Black and White), and the magazine mentions how you never fought them in BW. The cloudy castle seen on the map is used in the background of the page focusing on N, and an in game screen-shot shows the player standing in an old room inside. A beautiful woman who has N’s hair is on a close-up of an old painting (very detailed) and there seems to be something extremely important about her.

* New Trainer Classes shown include a teenager in a black-white school uniform, a chic woman drinking coffee, and an actual mime trainer class. One sequence of screen-shots shows that even normal trainers have animated sprites, with the mime doing the “wall” motion with his hands.

That’s all the main info my sources told me. There may be more they left out because they didn’t think it was important, or their may be pages they have yet to see. All this info should be leaked any day now.

It's most likely fake, but we can still dream, can't we?

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Yeah, I know. But still! Why not discuss it?

Personally, I think that having a bunch of old castles and a Pokemon academy are awesome ideas.

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