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For all those people who've put hours and hours into creating MUs with the sole purpose of making epicness in digitalized army form~ This is not only to help people to come up with new ideas for Avatars, but to brainstorm how to make MU teams all the more effective. Just saying it now, yes, counter/miracle and lethality teams are very strong, so suggesting that all characters be either a lethality monkey or counter/miracle unit or have limitbreaker or quickblade is kinda missing the point of the thread. These don't have to be so much "optimal" characters, but characters you're proud of and want to be recognized by others! Having created the thread, I'll start with a few of my own units that I've made.

Seto;; Swordmaster

weapon: Masamune (+13 mt, +42 crit)

Excalibur (+20 mt, +90 hit, +10 crit)

Tsurugi (+13 mt, +95 hit, eff: armor)

skills: Gamble, Wrath, Swordfaire, Vantage, Luna

He's just your average retrebution character. If the enemy doesn't kill him in one shot, they're doomed with his crit jumping from 76 to 96... the highest crit % I've seen on him was 80%. He luna'd off the same strike and crit for 150+ damage... so much overkill I just laughed at the epicness.

Cortana;; Sage

Weapon: Light (+18 mt, +22 crit, 1-2 rng)

Judgment (hit/avd +50 vs tomes, +18 mt, +27 crit)

Fortify (restores HP of all allies within a 26 tile burst)

Catharsis (Greatly restores allies HP within 26 tiles)

Skills: All stats +2, Demoiselle, Renewal, Miracle, Healtouch

The party healer-- who kicks the ass of any mage who comes within spitting distance compared to the range of her heal spells. If the computer were smart, it'd leave her at the other end of the map. I'd give her a rescue-- but I dunno if it'd use it to bring back an ally who then proceeds to kill any unit around her, otherwise I would. In the end, she's epic and a necessity on the team if she's played right.

Ghavor;; Swordmaster

Weapon: Masamune (see above stats)

Avalon (see above stats)

Master Sword (hit/avd +50 vs swords, +15 mt, +100 hit)

Godslayer (+15 mt, +95 hit, rng 1-2)

Skills: Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker, Lethality, Tantivy, Swordfaire

My other baby~ Actually i just got him on a streetpass today as a lvl 7 wyvern lord and knew straight away what to do with him. I'm pretty sure the other person expected him to be used as a mage-- but I couldn't hold off on making him into the untouchable. swords and lances are much more accurate than axes, so by giving him lancebreaker and swordbreaker, he finds them hardly a threat at all at touching his speed. Axes are weak vs swords (the only thing he uses) and finds dodging them to be a snap anyway. The only thing, then, is what to do against counter monkeys. Having 36 magic, I gave him Godslayer (a forged levin sword) and watched the magic work~. Swords, in all their entirety, have absolutely no effect on him whatsoever seeing as they have a -100 and he has a +100 when wielding the Master Sword-- this puts assassins to rest. (dunno if having a 0% hit chance similarly reduces the chance of a lethality-- but this character hasn't been lethalitied yet).

Ryne;; Grandmaster

Weapon: Light (see above)

Avalon (see above)

skills: Pavise, Aegis, Rally Spectrum, Ignis, Vengeance

Me. My unit for this run-through. I'd give him Rally Command, but I've seen the computer use commands... stupid. So, I opted out of that and gave him a boost in all his maxed out skills. This unit is more of a tank than anything else. He has a coin-flip chance of 1/2ing any damage done to him and returning it through vengeance. I've actually soloed teams with 230 rating avg with him... though he's currently at 297 rating. A great straight up unit when you aren't one of those counter/miracle or lethality monkey players.

Hotaru;; Assassin

Weapon: Masamune (see above)

Joyeuse (x2 attack, mt +10, crit +22)

Avalon (see above)

Gandiva (mt+14, crit +42, eff: pegasus, rng: 1-2)

Brahmastra (x2 attacks, mt +15, hit +85 eff: pegasus, rng: 1-2)

Skills: Acrobat, Swordfaire, Lethality, Pass, All Stats +2

Just wanna see how well this kinda unit does. the ability to move anywhere regularly and attack in most any capacity with a high chance of criting is invaluable, not to mention lethality chances galore. Ultimately more effective with swords, but bows like Brahmastra and Gandiva are just as epic.

All Legendary Weapons are Forged:

Masamune = Killing Edge

Avalon = Brave Blade

Godslayer = Levin Blade

Master Sword = Superior Edge

Tsurugi = Armorslayer

Excalibur = Alm's Blade

Joyeuse = Erika's Blade

Light = Thoron

Judgment = Superior Jolt

Gamdova = Killer Bow

Brahmastra = Brave Bow

Edited by Raine
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