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I've paried Lon'qu and Virion together, and it works out great against Wyvern Riders/Lords. First Lon'qu does 1X or 2X damage, and usually a Critical too with Killing Edge. Since most of the enemies in that class carry axes, this works out well. If the enemy still has HP left I use their wyvern's weakness with Virion to finish them off. I've been able to take out whole Wyvern Squads using just this combination. So, what are your combinations?

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I don't really ever pair specific people. I just pair up whoever can use a certain statistical boost with a class that provides it. (e.g. pegasus knights and armor knights- peg provides speed, mobility, and res for the armor knight, armor knight provides defense and strength)

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Pretty much any couple with an S support kills anything in their path.


For me, there are Lon'qu and Olivia, they dodge everything, Olivia always make a double attack or protects Lon'qu... and every attack of her is a critical blink.gif , they are like "my battle couple"

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Ever did an experiment only for the result to turn out gone horribly right? This is in my Lucas playthrough, and let me tell you the Ballad of Olivia and Frederick.

Wanting to get all my current characters at the same level (Level 5 promoted, promotion asap as they hit lvl 10), I decided to couple up poor Dancer Olivia with my Griffon Knight Frederick for assistance, resulting in a rather quick level 15. Wanting to make her stronger, I Second Classed her into a Myrmidon, then a Swordmaster, resulting in an S level with Fred.

Now? By pairing the two together, they're unstoppable, and they're stronger than my Lucas and Sumia together.

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Pretty much any couple with an S support kills anything in their path. Though in my specific case, Sumia double attacks and guards more than anyone else...

Not necessarily. I've tested it before by pairing two completely irrelevant people, and they didn't kill anything in their path. If you're telling the truth, then why would pairings matter?

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Avatar x Tharja

Chrom x Olivia

Cordelia x Stahl

Maribelle x Gregor (I did this one mostly for lols and fittingness of Brady)

Cherche x Henry

Panne x Gaius

Nowi x Donnel

Morgan x Inigo

Noire x Owain

Severa x Brady

"Marth" x Chambrey

Nah x Gerome.

Hmm I generally like these supports although Gaius and Cordelia is worth a note.

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