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Yarne/Lucina is my OTP.


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I don't think anyone ever considered this pairing before. :awesome: *crowns myself king*

Now that I think about it, this is probably FFtF material. Oops. :<

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Their supports are very good, I already did that pairing in my game :lol:

Yarne: I love you, Lucina! You make me a better taguel, on the field and off.I want to be with you always...Lucina: ...I would like that very much, Yarne.Yarne: You would? Really?!Lucina: You've become so brave, so dedicated... It's true that when we firstmet, you were like as not to turn and run. But watching you conquer your fearhas been an inspiration to me.

That is very cute, and the bunnylords sounds good !

You are the one who made the confession in tumblr?

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Fire Emblem: Bunnylord Saga

It'd be my favorite FE for the sheer fact 'bunnylord' makes me laugh my ass off.

only if the resulting child who's the lord is a hot quarter-Taguel girl with blue hair

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ZM, this topic is full of SO MUCH WIN. XD

We need to get everyone to ship Yarne/Lucina, Vash!

Seriously, I like how Lucina's less popular pairings have some of my favorite supports in the game (Yarne, maybe Brady, Laurent).


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And from that day, Ylisee was never taken seriously ever again.

I started never taking it seriously the day I saw its localized name.

The same way people didn't take Valm seriously the day they saw its NoJ name... "Warm".

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So we're just making shit pairing threads just for the hell of it now?

lol ok

This started off as a shit pairing thread.

Until it turned into GOLD. I STRUCK A GOLD MINE ZERKER.

Would the bad guys be foxes, coyotes, and wolves?

Probably wolves.

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