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Awakening Awesome Moments!


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Here's a bit of a sequel to my WTF moments thread. ;P

Any moments in the game that you found particularly awesome? Like one of the units did something standout-ish in battle? This just happened for me earlier.

*moves Frederick and Kelli to an event tile as she does at least every other battle*

Frederick: What are you carting around there, my love? Can I help you?

Kelli: Oh no, you saw it? ...Well, it's a gift. I was hoping to surprise you.

Today's Frederick's birthday! Kelli loves him so much. ^^

And right after that, actually, during a fight...

Frederick: *critical* Pick a god and pray!

My favorite Freddy line in the game! He once criticaled AND Luna'd for me while saying that line in the first battle I sent him in during a past play session too, actually. Any time Frederick says this is awesome for me though. x3

Also, any time Donny goes "YEEEHAW!" is awesome for me too. And this one time I sent him and Lissa into battle, each dealt two blows on the enemy, and they wouldn't have been able to defeat the guy otherwise. :D

Another awesome moment: succeeding in having Frederick squish Geoffrey in Smash Brethren 1 during every attempt I made on it. How can I not love to have one of my favorite knights beat up my least favorite knight? ;3

Oh, any time Stahl says "I love this part!" and Gaius goes "So long, sucker!" or "Like candy from a babe." lol

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If you're not using Olivia as a combat unit, you're doing it wrong. XD

I had just a moment like this myself, actually.

So Silvia and Lon'qu are friendshiping it up together on chapter 7. Silvia gets hit a few times, so her health is a bit, well, low, and I'm kind of worried.

Then this happens. As the guy's coming in to attack, he dual guards her. Then he moves away again, only to run up, critical, say "I'll make this quick", and murder the HELL out of the enemy barbarian.

And the best part? When I switch them out at the next turn, she then dual guards and criticals for HIM.

Just... my feels. XD

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i recruited the crimean royal knights and simulated Chapter 24 of fe9.

also julia critting julius with the book of naga.

I see stuff like that and raise you my Simulated Reverse! Battle of Belhalla. (Reverse as in, I'm Arvis.)

[spoiler=lol FE4 player Trigger Warning]




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I'm not 100% sure it happened this way, but it was sort of like this. Its been a while since it happened.

I remember going in the rouges and redeemers 1 dlc a little bit underleveled and I haven't done much skill tweaking. My sage avatar was in trouble for the first time in ages with all those hard hitting tome breaker wielding enemies. Still I had only 3 enemies remaining after a while

My avatar only had like 10 hp left when he activated vantage. It was a skill I got on him very early on the game thinking it might be usefull, but I can't remember a situation in the main game where that skill was useful.

Anyway Avatar activated vantage and killed 2 enemies (Alvis and Jullius I think) with a critical and he killed Petrine with an attack and a duel strike crit from Chrom.

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I was trying to recruit Priam and while I was setting everything up, Priam attacks my avatar. He would've died by the second blow (as he lost a bit of health) and the damage he dealt to Priam wouldn't be enough to kill him. Just when I thought it was game over, my avatar does lethality and kills Priam on the spot. Then, my Morgan just swept the rest of the 5-10 units or so with Galeforce. It was a great moment, especially when I realized that the lethality had about a 4% chance of activating. Hooray lethality, I wouldn't do it again.

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I've had a few awesome moments but here's a few of my favorites o.o

1.) These first two are from Chapter 6: Foreseer (The one where you have to protect Emmeryn and beat Validar). I had Lon'qu and Vaike stand side by side to block off the stairway to the right of the map. During the whole map these two BEASTED the troops trying to go through that side of the map. Lon'qu dodged almost everything, Vaike kept healing with Sol and the two crit-ed constantly. Needless to say they were the Heroes of the chapter XD

2.) On the far upper left I paired up Gaius and Panne. Panne was doing some work on the mooks coming through. However, I moved her too close in range to some of the other guys, causing a bunch of them to dog pile on her. And she was only hanging on with 4 HP due to the previous shmuck. She dodged almost every attack from at least 5 guys who would've killed her in one hit and on the last one Gaius saved her and pushed her out of the way. They are now happily married :D

3.) During Chapter 23 (The one where you get Basilio and Flavia) During the part where the magic wall blocked off my avatar Atticus and Chrom, I paired Morgan and Owain. I had them up to A support and the two are hilarious together :D. During the enemy phase a General goes up to them. Surprisingly he hits Morgan, which hurt a lot since she had low defense and she somehow missed her counter attack. Owain suddenly runs up activating Astra as he does his quote where he screams in anger and kills the General with Astra, crit-ing him 3 out of 5 hits. After that battle their S support was available and I was like "You have proven yourself, Owain. My daughter is in good hands ;A;" Their support was adorable and they make a cute couple :3

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In a shaky RAR3 run, where I got careless and accidentally attacked CounterLinus/Lloyd/whoeveritwas instead of the dude across from him and I ended up in deep shit because Counter brought me to 12 HP. D8 So on EP, Counter is about to kill me dead when my adorable baby Dread Fighter Ricken DUAL GUARDS me, and then I crit and kill Counter without worries. "Boku ga mamorunda!" (I think ahah //sweats nervously). Too cute indeed.

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The first time I saw an Astra get Dual Guarded, I didn't know that the Dual Guard was only rolled once, and it was amazing.

These others are repeatable, but...

Hitting Counter enemies in the face and one-shotting them with Vengeance, taking no damage. Never gets old.

Also R&R3, hitting Linus in the face to lose most of my health 1st turn, then destroying the rest of the map with VV.

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